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Emerald I’ll

Her parents had picked her name out even before she was born so maybe it was pre-ordained or maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was just serendipity or happenstance or the right alignment of the stars but whatever it was, Emerald O’Shaughnessy had the greenest pair of eyes that anyone had ever seen.

At first, the young girl had wished that her eyes weren’t like they were. Why couldn’t they be brown or blue like her friends. She didn’t want to be different from the other kids. She wanted to be like them.

In time though, she found that the same green eyes that had set her apart also gave her power as well. The boys liked the green-eyed girl for the simple reason that she wasn’t like all the other girls and she liked having boys like her. She liked it a lot.

But sometimes, she thought, sometimes, it was more than that. Sometimes, it was almost as if her green eyes could actually make the boys do what she wanted them to do. Sometimes, if she just kind of looked at the boys just right, if she really looked at them, sometimes it was if they just couldn’t resist doing whatever she wanted them to do.

Of course it wasn’t like she was the only girl with that power. She was after all a pretty girl with a pretty body. At five foot four, she might not have have been as tall as some of the other girls but the boys didn’t seem to care about that. What they seemed to care about was that she had all the right curves in all the right places. What they seemed to care about was that she knew how to use her body and what they seemed to care about most was her green eyes.

Still, of all the boys that Emerald had her green eyes on, there was one that she wanted more than all the others. His name was Douglas MacLean and he was the captain of the football team and it wasn’t a surprise that Emerald had her eyes set on him. Most of the girls wanted him and the ones that said they didn’t were probably just lying anyway.

The cool thing about Douglas was that she had a couple of classes with him. It was perfect, Emerald thought. It was perfect for her to get a chance to talk to him. It was perfect to see what her eyes could really do.

“Hey,” she said one day after class.

As usual, Douglas was hanging out with his buddies but he smiled the easy smile that he seemed to always have. “Hey,” he said back.

“Tough class,” Emerald said.


“The class today,” Emerald said. “It was tough, right?”

“I guess,” the boy said uncertainly.

“I was talking about the term paper Mr. Flynn was talking about.”


It was time, Emerald thought. She focused her eyes on the boy. “I was thinking maybe we could help each other out.”

“You were?”

“Yeah. I was thinking maybe we could study together. You do want to help me out, don’t you?”


“You want to help me out?”

“I want to help you out.”

“You want to come to my house after school.”

“I want to come to your house after school.”

“Cool,” Emerald said. “Maybe you could meet me by my locker after classes are over.”

“I’ll be there,” Douglas said.

Emerald smiled even as she kept her eyes on the boy. “I know you will,” she said, “and I’m sure you won’t let me down.”

“I won’t let you down.”

Emerald kept her eyes on the boy for just a moment longer before she finally pulled her gaze back. She was still looking at him, of course. It was just that she wasn’t looking at him.

Douglas blinked his eyes. “Hey,” he said, “I got to go to my next class but I’ll see you after school, okay?”


“We’ll meet at your locker, right?”

“Sure. Sounds good to me.”

“Cool. I’ll see you then,” the boy said.

Emerald watched the boy walk away and she couldn’t help but smile to herself. If that wasn’t control, he told herself, she didn’t know what else to call it.

Later that day after school had come to an end, Emerald was standing at her locker when she heard someone come up behind her. “Hey,” she heard the someone say.

She turned around to see Douglas looking at her and Emerald couldn’t help but grin to herself. “Did you want something?” she asked.

The boy fidgeted. “I thought we were going to, to you know.”

“What did you think we were going to do?” Emerald asked.

“I, um, I thought we were going to study.”

Emerald focused her eyes on the boy. “Really?” she asked.

Douglas just looked back at her. “No, not really,” he finally said.

“What did you really think we were going to do then?”

“I thought we were going to go back you your house,” Douglas said.

“And then what?”

“I thought we were going to go back to your house and fuck.”

“Well, I guess it’s a good thing then,” Emerald said.

“A good thing?”

“Yeah. I guess it’s a good thing that my parents are out of town all this week.”

“Yeah,” Douglas said. “That is a good thing.”

The teen let the boy take her home and then she let him take her to her bedroom where she once more turned the power of her eyes on him. “I’ll bet you want me to suck your cock,” she said.

“Yeah,” the boy said. “I want you to suck my cock.”

“And after that, I’ll bet you want to fuck my pussy.”

“Yeah. I want to fuck your pussy.”

“And when we’re done, what you really want to do is to fill me up with your cum.”

“Yeah. I really want to cum in your pussy.”

Once more, Emerald’s pretty, green eyes released their hold on the boy and Douglas blinked as his will once more reasserted itself. “You know what?” he said.


“I think you should take my cock out of my pants,” he said.

“Why would I want to do that?” Emerald teased.

“Because that’s what all the girls want to do.”

“All the girls?”

“Well most of them at least.”

“So you think I’m like most of the girls.”

“I don’t know. I suppose that remains to be seen.”

“Remains to be seen on what?”

“Remains to be seen on whether or not you want to see my cock.”

“Well, I suppose if I said I didn’t want to see it, I’d always be wondering just what the heck it was I was missing.”

“That’s the ticket,” the boy said.

“So I guess you better show me your cock.”

Douglas MacLean didn’t say anything to that. Instead, he just opened his belt and he unzipped his pants and then he was pushing his pants down his legs and moments later, as his underwear followed the pants, his cock sprang into view.

“Wow,” Emerald gushed. “You’re so big.”

“You think so?”

“Heck yeah. You know what?”


“I want to suck your cock,” Emerald said. “Do you think I can? Do you think I can suck your cock?”

Douglas grinned to himself. This was even easier than he’d thought it would be because he wanted the girl to suck his cock and here she was, wanting to do what he wanted her to do and he didn’t have to do a thing to convince her to do what he wanted.

Somewhere along the way, Emerald had figured it out that it wasn’t enough to get a person to do what she wanted unless they also got something that they wanted too. She wasn’t sure how it worked but it almost seemed that if a person got something that he wanted, it just made it all that easier to accept whatever else was being fed to him. That was why she was sucking Douglas’s cock.

“Fuck,” the boy groaned.

Fuck was right, Emerald thought as she took his cock in long, slow strokes. He certainly was getting what he wanted or at least he was getting part of it. The rest of it would come later.

“Fuck,” the boy groaned again.

If she wasn’t careful, Emerald told herself, she was going to end up with a mouth full of cum. Of course, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, from what she heard, some boys liked cumming in a girl’s mouth.

“Oh fuck,” the boy groaned once more and this time, oh geez, this time, he was actually doing it. This time, he was cumming in her mouth.

Emerald swallowed every last drop of the boy’s load and even as she held him in her mouth, she could feel him getting hard again. She pulled her mouth free and she looked up at the boy. “Let me guess,” she said. “You want to cum in my pussy, too.”

“Yeah. Can I?”

“Can you what?”

“Can I cum in your pussy?”

“Well, I guess,” Emerald allowed.

“You’d have to show me your pussy first.”

“What? You mean like this?” Emerald asked and she removed her top and then her skirt. She knew she had Douglas’s attention as she undid her bra and then finally as she pushed her panties down past her hips. “You mean like this?” she asked again.

The boy licked his lips. “Yeah,” he said. “I mean like that.”

“Cool. I was hoping you meant that,” Emerald said and it wasn’t long before Douglas was pushing her onto her back and sliding his cock in between her legs.

“Damn,” the boy groaned. “Such ... a ... tight ... tight ... fuck, pussy.”

“I take it you like it.”


“I like it, too,” Emerald said.

The boy just groaned as his cock fucked her pussy.

“Are you going to cum in my pussy?” Emerald asked.

Still, the boy said nothing.

“I want you to. I want you to cum in my pussy.”

Still nothing except for the pounding of his cock in her pussy.

“Please,” Emerald begged. “I want you to. I want you to cum in my pussy.”

“Fuck,” the boy groaned and this time, there was no doubting what was going to happen because this time, he was cumming in Emerald’s pussy and even as he did, Emerald knew that he was finally hers.

* * *

In the weeks that followed, Emerald continued to strengthen her hold over the boy as every time he fucked her made him more and more devoted to her. In fact, as far as Emerald was concerned, everything was going just fine until SHE showed up.

She was a middle-aged woman maybe 35 or 40 years Emerald thought. She was a small woman and she was blond and she was stylishly dressed but the most important thing was that this woman had come looking for her. She caught up with Emerald at her home when Emerald was alone.

“You’re Emerald O’Shaughnessy,” the woman said after Emerald had opened the door.

Emerald was suddenly wary and she wasn’t sure why. “That’s me,” she said, “and you are?”

“I’m Eileen MacLean,” the woman said and when it was clear that that didn’t mean anything to Emerald, she added, “I’m Douglas’s mother.”


“Yes, oh. I understand you’ve been hanging out with my son.”

“We’ve got a couple of classes together,” Emerald said.

“Oh I think you’re being far too modest,” the other woman said. “I think it’s more than just that.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

Eileen MacLean didn’t bother to answer Emerald’s question. “My son is going places,” she said instead, “and while it might be fun for you to do what you’re doing, I think you might be hindering his chances.”

“Hindering his chances how?”

“If you don’t mind my saying it, you lack a certain, hmm, how should I say it delicately. Let’s just say you lack influence.”


“Yes, influence. You know. Power. Wealth. Fame. Influence.”

“I don’t see what—”

“My son is going to marry a person with influence and whatever your intentions with him might be, you just don’t have the requisite influence that is required.”

Emerald was getting mad now. “I don’t see how that has anything to do with you,” she said hotly. “If Douglas wants to hang around with me, that’s his choice.”

“Ah, but that’s just the point, isn’t it?”

“What is?”

“It’s not really his choice.”

“What isn’t his choice?”

“Who he hangs around with. That isn’t his choice, is it?”

“I think he’d disagree with you.”

“Of course he would and that’s just the way I want it. I’d never want him to know that his mother was pulling his strings even if that is in fact what I’m doing.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Cunning maybe but not crazy but that leads us back to you.”

“What does?”

“I can’t have you hanging around with my son anymore.”

“I don’t see as how you can do anything about it.”

“Oh but I can. You see what I need to do is to take you out of the picture and the best way to do that is to make you so busy that you won’t have time to as you put it, hang around with my son.”

“Yeah, and how are you going to do that?”

“Actually, I’m not going to do anything. You’re going to do the work all by yourself.”

“Oh really? And what do you think I’m going to do?

“I think you’re going to be fucking. In fact, I think you’re going to be fucking a lot. In fact, I think you’re going to be so busy fucking that you won’t have time to think about my son.”

“I think you got me all wrong,” Emerald said.

“Oh, I don’t think I’ve got you at all wrong,” the other woman said. “In fact, I think you’re going to be so busy saying ‘I will’ to any boy that wants to fuck you that you won’t have time for my son.”

“Yeah right.”

“Oh, it is right. Just listen to your body.”

The woman was crazy, Emerald thought. Okay, maybe she did want to get fucked but that didn’t mean she was going to say yes to every boy who came around and wanted to stick his dick inside her. She shook her head. “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said.

“Well I suppose we’ll see about that,” the other woman said, “but for now, I think I’ll be going.”

Tom Colson was the first beneficiary of Emerald’s suddenly new outlook on life.

It was the day after Eileen MacLean’s visit and Emerald was feeling particularly horny.

Actually, she’d woken up feeling horny and while masturbating had helped her take the edge off, the need to get fucked was still there.

By the time she’d come down to breakfast, her need was back in full effect. Her mother had noticed it or at least she thought she’d noticed it. “Emerald,” her mom said, “would you stop fidgeting.”


“You’re acting like you’re eight years old, not eighteen,” her mom said. “Stop fidgeting.”

“Sorry, mom,” Emerald said even as she tried to bring her body under control.

“That’s better,” her mom said.

Maybe for her mom, Emerald wanted to say but at least before with her so-called fidgeting, at least then, she’d been able to get some pressure on her pussy, but now ...



“I told you to stop fidgeting.”

“I wasn’t,” the girl protested.

“It certainly doesn’t look that way to me,” her mother told her daughter.

“May I be excused,” the girl said.

“What? You haven’t eaten anything.”

“I’m not really hungry,” the girl said. That wasn’t exactly true but what she had was a different kind of hunger that Emerald was sure her mother wouldn’t understand.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” her mother reminded her.

“I know, mom.”

“And you still want to go?”

“Yes, mom.”

“All right, but I don’t want you snacking on any junk food during the day.”

“I won’t, mom.”

“Okay then, you can go.”

Emerald had fled from the table and back to her room and in no time at she had her skirt pulled up and then her fingers were pressing her panties against her wet, little pussy. Mmm, she loved that. She loved the fact that her pussy was so wet.

Rubbing her pussy from outside her panties was one thing. Rubbing her pussy from inside her panties was a whole lot better thing and Emerald couldn’t help but moan as she slid a finger up inside her. Oh fuck, that was good. It would have been better, of course, if it was a dick, but it was definitely better than nothing.

With a start, Emerald realized what the time was. Oh my God, the girl told herself. Oh my God. She was going to be late.

The warning bell had already sounded by the time the girl made it on campus. As much as she’d raced to get here on time, she suddenly found she didn’t have any desire to go to class. About the only good thing about going to class was that there would be boys there. The only problem was she’d be in class and she couldn’t very well pick a boy out and make him fuck her right there in class.

Although come to think of it, that would be fun.

Did she have enough time to get to her locker before classes started. That was the question.

She decided she did have enough time. It would be close but she had enough time.

She was wrong.

The final bell sounded just as she got her locker open.

Damn. She should have known better. She was going to be late. She shoved her back pack into her locker and she slammed the locker shut.

And no one was around.

Well that wasn’t exactly true. There was still Tom Colson. The school janitor was leaning on his mop waiting for the students to clear out before he got started with the next part of his day. “You’re late,” the man said, almost as if Emerald’s lateness was a personal affront to him.

“I know.”

“Don’t you think you should be moving along then?”

She certainly should be, Emerald told herself. After all, she wasn’t getting any less late standing around here talking, only ...

“Well?” the man demanded.

Emerald was walking towards him and then she was turning the full attention of her eyes onto the man. “Do you think I should go?” she asked.

“I ... I,” the man stammered.

“Come on. It’s not that hard of a question. Do you want me to go or do you want me to stay?”


“Did you know I’m so horny right now?”

Tom shook his head.

“But I’ll bet that turns you on, doesn’t it? I’ll bet it makes you want to fuck me, doesn’t it?”


Emerald’s eyes released their hold on the man and Tom blinked as he once more gained control of himself. “You were saying?” Emerald asked.

Tom looked at the girl. “I was saying you were going to be late but I can take care of that.”

That was hardly what Emerald had expected to hear the man say. “What?” she asked again.

“Come on. We have to get you out of sight before someone comes along and sees you out of class.”

“O-okay,” a still bewildered Emerald said. This wasn’t going exactly the way she’d thought it would go.

The janitor led her down the hall and then he pointed to a door that bore a sign that read, “Maintenance only. No admittance.” Tom pulled out a big ring of keys and he used one to open the door. “Get in there,” he told the girl.

The narrow room was filled with junk or at least that’s the way it looked to Emerald.

“Go on,” the man said again.

Now that she was stepping into the room, Emerald could see that there was a path around the junk.

“Keep going,” the man said and as Emerald walked around the stuff, she could see it opened up to a small area with a modest desk in the back.

“What is this place?” she asked.

“It’s my office,” the janitor said. “You like it?”

Emerald shrugged noncommittally.

The man just barked out an answer. “I already know the answer,” he said. “I see girls like you every single day. I know what you girls think. You think you’re better than me but you’re not, you know, and now I’m going to prove it to you.”


“Girls like you, you pass me by every day but now, you need my help so now, you’re going to do what I tell you to do so first things first, take off that top and that skirt.”

Emerald quickly removed her top and her skirt.

“Now the bra,” the man said, and suddenly, that was gone, too.

“And I think you know what comes next.”

Emerald certainly did and she wasn’t even waiting for the Mr. Colson to tell her to take off her panties.

“There you go,” the man said as he took a seat in his chair. “Now come here.”

Emerald couldn’t help but notice Tom’s cock as she took the few steps that closed the distance between her and the man.

Tom waved his cock at her. “I think you know what to do with this,” he said.

For a moment, Emerald moved to kneel again but Tom stopped her. “What are you doing?” he asked.

“I thought you wanted me to suck—”

“I wanted you to ride it,” Tom corrected her.

“Oh-h-h,” Emerald said and yes, she thought, now that he’d said it, she knew she wanted to ride it, too.

Oh my God, she thought as she straddled his lap. Oh my God, she couldn’t believe she was doing this but there was his cock and there was her pussy and there she was pushing her pussy down onto his cock.

“Oh my God,” she moaned.

“Yeah,” the man groaned even as his hands gripped her ass. “Yeah, that’s it. Ride my cock.”

Emerald couldn’t help but like it. The more she rode that cock, the more she knew she liked it. It didn’t matter that she knew it was wrong. What mattered was that it felt so right.

“Oh fuck,” the man groaned. “Oh fuck. You’re going to make me cum.”

Oh God, she wanted it. She wanted it so bad. She wanted him to cum in her pussy.

“Oh fuck,” the man groaned.

Oh fuck was right, Emerald thought. She could feel it happening. She could feel him cumming in her pussy and she just couldn’t help herself. As soon as she’d felt it, as soon as she’d felt Tom start to cum in her pussy, as soon as that had happened, her pussy had clamped down on the cock inside her and it almost seemed as if she never wanted to let Tom go.

But eventually to Emerald’s chagrin, her pussy had released its hold on Tom’s cock.

She’d been happy, Emerald told herself. She’d been happy as soon as Tom had cum inside her. Contented even. She’d been fucked and that was good so all was right with the world.

He’d picked up a pad from his work bench and he’d scribbled something on the pad and when he was done, he’d torn off the page and he’d handed it to Emerald. “I don’t want you to think that I can do this for you all the time,” he said, “but this should at least get you back into class okay.”

Emerald had looked at the page. It said simply that Emerald had been helping Tom with an emergency problem with the pipes and that she was to be excused for being late into class.

Emerald had even smiled when she’d read the note. It actually wasn’t entirely false. They had been working on pipes of a sort.

“Now get out of here,” Tom had said.

So Emerald had left and when she’d left, she’d felt contented and that contented feeling lasted right up until the time that she entered her classroom.

There were boys here, she realized, and more than that, her teacher, Mr. Wallace was a boy, too. Well a man really, but what did that matter. Almost as soon as she was back in the presence of boys, her pussy turned on again and it turned on again hard. She needed to be fucked and that’s all there was to it.

“Ms. O’Shaughnessy,” her teacher had said, “I take it you have a good reason for why you showed up here late.”

Emerald handed her teacher Tom’s note.

“What’s this,” Dick Wallace had said and then he’d read the note and then he’d read it again. “Yes well, we’ll talk about this later, after class,” he said finally. “Go ahead and take your seat.”

Emerald took her seat but unfortunately, that put her right next to Derek McCoy and as hard as she tried to concentrate on what it was that Mr. Wallace was trying to teach them, the only thing she could truly think of was how great it would be if Derek McCoy just fucked her instead.

“All right, class,” Mr. Wallace was saying, “I want you to read Chapter 22 by Monday and this time, I want you to come to class prepared to talk about it, okay?”

There were some grumblings at that.

“And Ms. O’Shaughnessy,” her teacher continued, “I’d like you to stay after class for a few minutes if you please.”

Emerald nodded. She would have much rather gone off to find a boy to fuck but really, what was she going to do so as the other students filed out of the room, she hung back and waited. “You wanted to see me,” she said after the last student had left.

“Yes, I did,” her teacher said. “I don’t know where Mr. Colson is coming from when he thinks he can send you to class with a note like this but I’m telling you right now that this is not acceptable.”

Emerald nodded her understanding even as she was thinking that what she really needed was to go find a boy to fuck.

“There can’t be any problem that Mr. Colson faced that was so critical that it required him to keep him out of my class.”

Damn, she needed to fuck.

“Are you listening to me?”

Yes, she was listening to him. In fact, now she was turning her magical green eyes on him. “Yes, I’m listening to you,” she said, “but are you listening to me.”


“What’s that, Mr. Wallace? I couldn’t hear you. Are you listening to me?”


Emerald knew she wasn’t supposed to be doing things like this. After all, Mr. Wallace was her teacher and you weren’t supposed to be doing things like she was doing to her teacher.

But she needed it, Emerald told herself. She needed to be fucked so bad. It might not have excused what she’d done but the fact was she did need it.

“I’ve been such a bad girl,” Emerald told her teacher. Mr. Wallace wasn’t saying anything but Emerald was sure he believed every word she said.

“I’ve been such a bad girl,” Emerald said again. “It really shouldn’t matter how much I need to be fucked or how horny I know you now are because I’ve been such a bad girl.

“I really deserve to be punished,” Emerald said. “I really need you to tell me what to do.

“I need to tell you what to do,” Mr. Wallace parrotted.

“You need to make me do what you want me to do,” Emerald said.

Emerald’s eyes finally released their hold on the man and Mr. Wallace blinked as he looked back at his student. “Did you really expect me to believe that cock and bull story?” he asked. “I thought you were smarter than that but that story of yours, that’s pathetic.”

Emerald wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say.

“I have to wonder if Mr. Colson even knows you came in here with this so-called note of his. I have to wonder if he even wrote it.”

“He wrote it,” Emerald protested.

“Shut up. I don’t want to hear any more of your lies.”

“I’m not lying,” Emerald protested.

“Maybe you are and maybe you aren’t but I suppose there’s one way that we can keep you from lying. Open my pants and take them down.”

Emerald did as she was told to do.

“And the underwear, too. Hurry up. We haven’t got all day you know.”

Emerald pulled down her teacher’s underwear to reveal his rock hard cock.

“There you go,” Mr. Wallace said. “Go ahead and suck on that.”

Emerald sucked on her teacher’s cock.

“Mmm yeah,” the man groaned as his student’s ravenous mouth went to work on his cock. “Mmm yeah, that’s it. That’s how we can keep you from lying. If your mouth’s so full of something else, it can’t be full of lies.”

Emerald might have objected to the Mr. Wallace’s characterization of her except that she knew somewhere in the back of her mind that whatever her teacher was saying just wasn’t all that relevant anyway and besides, she liked sucking his cock.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you?”

Emerald finally pulled her mouth back and she looked up at her teacher. “I love it,” she said.

“Yeah, I’ll bet I have something else you’ll really love.”

“What’s that?”

Mr. Wallace wasn’t even bothering to answer her. He just pulled her to her feet and then almost in the same instant, he was turning her around and he was pushing her down over his desk. Emerald felt her her teacher pull up her skirt. “Where are your panties?” he asked.

“Mr. Colson has them.”


“Mr. Colson had them. He said I should let him keep them.”

“I knew it,” Mr. Wallace said. “You are a slut.”

“I am not,” Emerald cried but her cries fell on deaf ears because almost in the same instant, she felt her teacher bury his cock in her pussy. “Oh fuck,” she gasped.

Mr. Wallace didn’t bother to say anything or maybe it was just that he didn’t have to say anything because he was letting his cock say everything that needed to be said.

“Oh fuck,” the girl gasped again.

She could feel his hands squeeze her cheeks even as her cock continued to fuck her.

“Oh fuck.”

“Yeah you like this.”


“Me, too,” her teacher groaned and then in the next few moments, he was cumming inside Emerald’s willing pussy.

Emerald had no idea why it was she was doing what she was doing. Mr. Colson and Mr. Wallace had only been the first of a long list of cocks that she’d allowed inside her pussy and almost always, it was always the same. It seemed as if she were always horny and it seemed as if one way or the other, there was always a guy who wanted to fuck her and when there was a guy who wanted to fuck her, she was always ready to let him do exactly that.

She couldn’t help herself, she told herself. She loved it when guys told her what to do and more than that, she loved it when she did exactly what it was that guys wanted her to do.

And the worst part and the best part about it was that here she was, horny all over again but at least this time she was lucky, or was it unlucky, because at least this time she was home alone so at least this time, there wasn’t a guy to fuck.

There was a knock at the door to her house.

Or maybe there was a guy to fuck.

Leave it alone, the girl told herself. You don’t need to answer that door.

But maybe it’s a guy, she answered back.

And maybe that’s why you shouldn’t answer the door.

But as much as Emerald knew she probably shouldn’t do it, she knew she was going to answer that door so she went to the door and she pulled it open and she let out a sigh of relief. “Harry,” she said. “What are you doing here?”

Harry Philbin was her next door neighbor and he had been for as long as Emerald could remember. They’d grown up together and if there was one guy that Emerald knew she didn’t want to fuck, it was Harry Philbin. Heck, fucking Harry would almost be like fucking your brother, that is if she had a brother, Emerald told herself.

“I came over here to see you,” Harry said. “Do you know what they’re saying about you at school?”

Emerald’s face clouded over. “I can imagine,” she said.

“So is it true?”

“Is what true?”

“That you let Bo Pryce and Luke Canley drag you in the boys locker room so they could fuck you? That you sucked on Jeff Jefferson’s cock until he came in your mouth? That you let Mr. Zimmerman fuck you in the ass?”

“Eww gross.”

“So it’s not true.”

“The first two are,” Emerald admitted, “but I’d never let Mr. Zimmerman do that.” Well not unless he asked me, the girl thought and her she couldn’t help but feel her pussy jump at that thought. That was gross, only ... only maybe if he asked her.

“So why are you doing all that?” Harry asked.

“Why am I doing what?”

“Why are you being such a slut?”



“What do you mean what? What you just called me. That’s what?”

“Hey, I’m just calling them like I see them.”

“That’s mean. I didn’t know you had it in you. You were always so nice.”

“I am nice.”

“Yeah, well ...”

“Let me ask you something.”


“If I asked you if you wanted to fuck me, what would you say to that?”

Emerald just looked at her neighbor. If she’d thought about it, she would have realized that she hadn’t even had to use her eyes on him. He’d said what he’d said all by himself.

“Well,” Harry demanded. “What would you say?”

“I’d say yes,” she said.

“Well, I want to do it. I want to fuck you.”

There were so many other things she could have done, Emerald would have told herself if she’d bothered to think about it, but of all the things she could have done, what she did instead was the most logical. She just said one word. “Okay,” she said.


Emerald nodded. “Okay,” she said again.

It wasn’t long before the two teenagers found themselves in Emerald’s bedroom, both of them just as naked as the days they were born. “So you say you’re not a slut,” Harry asked and Emerald nodded.

“Well, why don’t you get on that bed of yours and show me what a not-slut like you does when she wants to show off her not-slut ass.”

She wasn’t a slut, Emerald wanted to say, and yet it was so hot to perch herself on her bed just like Harry had told her to do and it made her so wet to have him there looking at her butt.

She could tell Harry’d moved up on the bed behind her and then she felt one of his hands on one of her cheeks and she just couldn’t help herself. She was just so wet.

And then she could feel his cock pressed up against her wet, little pussy. “I guess you’re right,” he taunted her, “you must not be a slut because a slut would have already thrown her pussy onto my cock by this time.”

Oh but geez, she wanted to so bad.

“Yeah,” he said even as the head of his cock continued to taunt her pussy. “A slut would have taken that cock by now,” he said.

Oh geez. He was right there. He was pressing his cock up against her sopping wet pussy. Barely enough to slide the head between her lips but not enough to really push himself inside her. Oh geez. She wanted it so bad.

“Yeah, we know what you want.”

Emerald couldn’t help but gasp as Harry pushed his cock inside her. “Oh my God,” she moaned.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t you,” Harry taunted her, “but that doesn’t make you a slut.”

No, she tried to tell herself. No. It didn’t make her a slut.

Except ...

Except it did feel so good to have his cock inside her. Oh my God.

“A slut would tell me she’d want me to keep on going.”

Oh my God.

“A slut would tell me she didn’t want me to stop.”

Oh my God. She didn’t want him to stop.

“What are you?”

Oh my God.

“What are you?” he asked again.

Oh my God. “I’m a slut,” she moaned even as Harry’s cock continued to fuck her.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”


“Feels good to admit the truth.”

“Yeah,” she moaned.

“You know what else feels good?”


“This,” Harry said and Emerald couldn’t help but moan as her pussy clamped down on his cock even as he came inside her tight, little cunt.

* * *

Emerald had barely gotten home from school when there came a knock at her door. The girl sighed because she already had her afternoon planned. First, she was going to get her pussy off on her own and then she was going to go out and find a guy who could show it how it was really supposed to be done.

But there was that knocking again. She supposed she could have just left it alone and just gone on about her business but what if it was a guy.

What if it was a cute guy with a big dick. Now that was certainly something to open her door for.

But what if it wasn’t a guy?

And even as she pondered her options, the knocking came again.

Fine, she told herself. She’d answer the door if for no other reason than if she didn’t answer the door, whoever it was might keep knocking and quite frankly, she didn’t want that so she answered the door.

It wasn’t a guy.

“Emerald,” said the woman at the door, “how have you been doing?”

“I’m doing fine, Mrs. MacLean.”

“That’s not what I’ve been hearing. From what my son’s been saying, you’re quite the slut around school.”

Emerald couldn’t help but be ashamed. She did know what the other kids were saying about her but it was just like she just couldn’t help herself. She had to get herself fucked.

“I could help you,” Eileen said with a smirk.

“Help me with what?”

“I could help you with your reputation problem.”


“I could help you be able to say no to every boy that came along.”

Yeah right, Emerald thought. She didn’t want to say no. She wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck and when she was done with that, she wanted to fuck again. It was just that she knew how it looked and she knew what people were saying but they just didn’t understand. She needed to get fucked so bad.

Of course, if there was just one boy, one boy who could give her what she wanted whenever she wanted it ...

“What do you say?” Eileen asked with a smirk. “Do you want me to help you?”

Actually, there was one boy. Out of all the boys she’d fucked of recent, there still was one boy that she liked the best ... and that was Eileen’s son Douglas.

Emerald focused her attention on the woman in front of her. “Do you think you could?” she asked.

Eileen stared into the younger woman’s eyes and suddenly, she seemed to lose her focus. “I ... I,” she stammered.

“Do you think you could help me?” Emerald asked again.

“Yes,” Eileen said flatly as she stared into Emerald’s mesmerizing eyes. “I think I can help you.”

“I need sex,” Emerald said. “I need it all the time.”

“Yes. You need it all the time.”

“Douglas would be perfect for giving me what I need.”

“Yes,” Eileen agreed. “My son Douglas would be perfect,” she said and then she blinked her eyes and she blinked once again.

“You understand what I need,” Emerald said.

The other woman nodded. “I understand exactly what you need,” she said. “In fact, my son would be perfect for that.”

“Really? Do you think so? I thought you said he was going to be going places.”

“You leave that to me,” his mother said. “The only place my Douglas should be going is between your legs.”

“I’ll leave it to you then,” Emerald said. “I’ll let you do what you think is best.