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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Four people try to scam an ancient scam artist.

Thank you to SpacegirlElle for her assistance, her ideas, her inspiration and her awesomeness.

Also thank you to Medusa Guardette SG-105/Robot GX-1 for her ideas and input.

Emma and the Ultimate Scam Artist

Part Four

Day 2 of 30

As for Nadine and Vera, Nadine had gone to see if Camilla was indeed her friend Virginia. But that day all Nadine remembered was going to the mansion and then finding herself home in bed eight hours later.

She could not remember what happened, nor if she talked to Camilla.

She and Vera worked to keep the contract and not have sex. But it was very hard for them. VERY hard.

Nadine couldn’t remember, but she had talked to Camilla and then her Master for some length about everything.

Day 16 of 30

Nadine and Vera had done well. No sex of any kind and not cheating even though it had been hard. Fausta was aware of this since unknown to Nadine, she had given regular reports every two days via her Cell phone reporting directly to Fausta. Like Emma, her cell phone had the app on it and it “guided” Nadine to carry out certain instructions, although unlike Emma, she was much a Slave, not yet at least.

Nadine and Vera had done well. No sex of any kind and not cheating even though it had been hard (except for Nadine’s forced sex as a Slave). But Fausta did not say that there would not be tests or temptations. If the couples did not break their contract by the 20th day, he would throw in a few tests or complications to see if they were truly deserving of his money.

Nadine was fascinated with the idea of women being turned into human Robots as a fantasy. Fausta had learned this as he questioned Nadine earlier;

Nadine knocked on the door, and Camilla opened the door still dressed in a shiny black latex rubber Maid Uniform, her hair pulled back into a pony tail. With arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots and her shiny black Maid uniform had a white rubber apron. She bowed slightly saying, “Welcome. Are you here to see the Master?”

“Virginia it’s me, it’s Nadine? I came here to see you, to talk to you!”

“I’m sorry you must have me confused with someone else” she said coldly, “My name is Camilla” as she led her inside. Camilla pressed a small button on a table as she led her to the massive study and she told Nadine, “Have a seat please. I will get the Master. May I get you a drink?”

“Virginia? Why can’t you remember me? We were close? You and I…..” Nadine said as another Maid, dressed identically to Camilla walked in and she saw this one was a new one. A blonde girl she had seen in the paper missing. “Virginia what the fuck…………..” Nadine said as the blonde sprayed an aerosol in her face and Nadine fell instantly asleep, her pussy squirting as she came at the same time.

Their Master Fausta walked in and they both bowed fully to him. He said, “Yes you did well Camilla my Slave to alert me, this one knows you, but she will now forget. I want to enslave her like Emma, but I want her to have a chance in the wager…………….perhaps I will test her first” Fausta said smiling.

He watched as Nadine was given an injection by Camilla, and he motioned and like a puppet she got up and knelt before him. Her conscious mind was still asleep as she carried out instructions like a sleep walker. She unzipped Fausta’s pants and his massive cock sprung from his pants and Nadine eagerly took it into her mouth. Fausta Von Herr had an enormous Cock which was rigid and she took fully into her mouth. Nadine was a lesbian but was skilled in all types of sex including oral sex with men.


“Ahhhhh yes my dear” she heard as the seed of Fausta Von Herr shot down her throat and she eagerly swallowed. They continued and again he shot his load into her mouth she swallowed as Master Fausta said, “Yes Nadine very nice” and with the second ejaculation into her throat she swallowed, her fate was sealed—she belonged to him now. Like Emma changes would start to happen. Not that she would get pregnant but that she would be turned into his Slave forever. And with his words being pleased she came in her panties.

“Master?” Camilla said to Faust as he looked as though he had a question for her.

“Excellent! Yes my dear, you sensed my thoughts, my whim, join Nadine here and put on a show for me” Fausta said smiling.

“Yes Master” Camilla said as the Maid took Nadine and the two performed for their Master. Camilla stayed in her Maid uniform, clad in her shiny black latex rubber Maid Uniform, her red hair pulled back into a pony tail. With arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots and her shiny black Maid uniform had a white rubber apron. Nadine was soon naked and at Camilla’s pussy. Camilla was at Nadine’s pussy as she lapped up the remnants of her Master’s cum from her pussy and then went to work on her pussy lips.


Fausta enjoyed the show as the blonde Maid Slave went to work on his cock to relieve the desire he had from enslaving Nadine.

Afterward Nadine knelt before her new Master as he questioned her about her life and her desires. Camilla knelt beside her and now awake Nadine looked at him the way Emma and the other Slaves did.

“Now Nadine my Slave, eventually you will enslave Vera for me but for now we will let the game play out. You will report to me daily via cell phone. You will obey any command given to you by me or one of my Slaves or Robots. And as you fantasize about human robot women, you shall become one of mine. When this is over you and Vera will become two of my Robot Guard” Fausta said.

“Yes Master” Nadine said obediently.

Nadine returned to Vera and the game continued.

* * *

Day 16 of 30

Yesterday, James found some slinky shiny clothes in the laundry. He looked closer at them and they smelled of sex, and he thought there was even a semen stain.

He now thought Emma having an affair, but with who?

He got up and the laundry was bring washed and the shiny clothes were gone. He didn’t say anything but at breakfast with Emma he asked, “So what are you doing today honey?”

“Of maybe run to the grocery store and swing by work to pick up some files, nothing much” Emma said.

James went to work—at least he acted as though he did, but he took the day off. He drove around the block and parked. When he saw Emma leave for the grocery store he followed her. She went inside and he sat in the car feeling like a jerk a slime ball. ‘What am I doing?’ he asked himself. But then he saw the limousine drive up with the license plates “FAUSTA1” and then he saw it. In disbelief he saw it.

He saw Emma walked out of the grocery store, the same weird look on her face that he had seen on the Maids at Fausta’s mansion. Emma was dressed in a shiny black knee length black PVC dress with arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots. The limousine door was opened by a redhead wearing an erotic parody of a chauffeur’s outfit—It was shiny red and black latex, with a jacket that highlighted her enormous breasts with a small hat and miniskirt, wrist length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots.

Emma got in and the redhead got in as well and closed the door. The limo then drove on.

“What the fuck?!” James said as he followed but not too close, he had seen the movies and TV shows.

The limousine went to a club which belonged to Fausta Von Herr.

He saw Emma walk in with Fausta, followed by four latex clad women. James went inside with the premise to get lunch.

Inside he saw the club full of shiny latex, PVC and leather clad women. Then he saw her dancing with Fausta in an erotic way and they were kissing. He was watching them intently as a woman clad in latex walked over and said, “Can I join you? You seem lonely?”

“I er no………….I am fine thank you, I am not interested……..” James said as he continued to watch them and was getting upset.

“You are watching them dance? She is lovely, his latest conquest. If you are interested in her she is already his. But I can offer you some companionship? I am Lisa, you are?” she said.

“Married. I am married” James said.

“Nice to meet you married, silly boy most men who come here are married. I don’t care?” Lisa said.

“I do…….” James said watching them.

Lisa said, “Ah she is your wife………..sorry………..but you should just give up on her. Look at her face. She is his now. Besides how can you compete with him, his power, and his money? Move on. Save your self-lots of pain. I can ease your pain?”

“Why are you doing this? You and these women act like he is god? Are you married Lisa?” James said.

“I was, before I met him. I was his conquest six months ago. Now I work here to serve the customers and him. He owns us, all of us” Lisa as she started to slip something into his drink but he ran out and neither Fausta nor Emma had seem him. Not that is mattered. After this Emma and Fausta then basically publically fucked her on the dance floor in front of the women he owned. Lisa did not report this as she just moved on to another customer.

James went home and was upset, angry, and ready to confront Emma.

Emma returned home just before James was set to get home and she walked in still wearing the shiny black knee length black PVC dress with arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots and she smelled like sex.


“Surprised to see me aren’t you?”

“What are you doing?”

“What am I DOING? What are you doing Emma? Dressed like that? And you smell like sex Emma and don’t bother to make up a story, I KNOW where have you been Emma! I followed you to the store and then just as I was about to leave I saw you get in Fausta’s limousine! Then I followed you to the club and inside, I fucking saw everything!”

“You followed me?” Emma said coldly, then again she reached into her small purse and Emma pulled a small pepper spray looking device her Master had given her for such emergencies from her purse and sprayed James in the face.

James immediately passed out, falling to the floor, this time hitting his head on a counter. Not that Emma cared. Emma coldly went in and showered and masturbated to thoughts of her master as her loving husband laid on the floor unconscious, bleeding. After showering she came out and called her Master,

“Master James followed me. He saw us together at the club. He was angry. Yes Master I sprayed him again, and he hit his head. Yes Master I will obey” Emma said as she reached into her purse and took out something her Master gave her. It was in case something like this happened. It was a pocket pussy looking device connected to visor-like sunglasses.

She unzipped his pants and put it on his penis and put the visor over his eyes. She activated it and James opened his eyes and he moaned as she said, “Listen you will forget the last twenty-four hours. You will trust me completely. You will never doubt Emma loves you. You will never question her about her actions. You will obey these commands. It feels good when you obey me. You MUST obey me.”

James came in the device and said softly “I…….will……….obey………”

Emma then removed the device, washed it out and put it away. She then called 911 and acted like a loving girlfriend, “Oh no my boyfriend fell and hit his head, come quick!” her face cold and unemotional.

After a trip the hospital, James was kept overnight.

Emma used this time to go spend the night with her Master.

To be Continued

* * *

Part Five

Day 17 of 30