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Synopsis: Four people try to scam an ancient scam artist.

Thank you to SpacegirlElle for her assistance, her ideas, her inspiration and her awesomeness.

Also thank you to Medusa Guardette SG-105/Robot GX-1 for her ideas and input.

Emma and the Ultimate Scam Artist

Part Five

Day 17 of 30

Emma spent the night with her Master Fausta. Emma moaned loudly as her Master came inside her again. Emma moaned as her Master’s massive cock filled her with his cum, her eyes rolling back in orgasm. No thoughts of her injured boyfriend.

Not that any of this was her fault.

Emma like so many before her was enslaved to a powerful trickster. Enslaved by drugs given her. Enslaved by his hypnotic powers. Enslaved by his massive cock. Enslaved by his cum. Emma was his now. She would do ANYTHING for her Master, even kill.

Emma held her Master as he told her, “You are special to me Emma and my plans. Your position and access, your intelligence. You will serve me well for many decades and centuries”

“Centuries Master?”

“Yes my pet………you will understand soon……….the others many have served me for decades. Their beauty preserved as my Slaves, Robots, Dolls, and Toys. You will be preserved like them, your mind and body existing only to serve me”

“Yes Master! Yes!” Emma said as he kissed and fucked her again……………

Standing at the side of the bed were Camilla and a new brunette each dressed in a shiny black latex rubber Maid Uniform, their hair pulled back into pony tails. Each with arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots and shiny black Maid uniforms with white rubber aprons. Each held trays with drinks on one and sex toys on the other. They stared blankly ahead as their Master fucked the newest Slave.

James was trying to think, trying to realize what was happening. He tried to remember what happened at home. And where was Emma? Why wasn’t she there with him? But then a beautiful Nurse walked in named Samantha. She was dressed in white and very beautiful with long brown wavy hair and brown eyes. As she came close to him James heard a buzzing sound. A buzzing coming from the girl’s crotch.

“I am Samantha your Nurse. You have a concussion and we are watching you for the night”

“Where is my girlfriend?” James asked.

“I don’t know where Emma is James” Samantha said as she was preparing a shot.

“I never said her name was Emma? How did you…………..?” James asked as she put a drug in his IV.

“What is that?” James said puzzled, “What are you putting in there?”

“Something to help you sleep James and relax” Samantha said, her eyes calming, her face beautiful, but the same look………….the same look at the Maids in the mansion. The same look Emma had? As she patted his shoulder and gave a fake smile.

“Relax? Sleep? Someone with a concussion you are not supposed to……….” James managed as he fell asleep.

“Yes true James. The Master said I am to help you forget and obey Emma……..” as she stroked his penis which became erect. Samantha then stroked him and got close to his face and said, “Now listen to my voice James, only to my voice and feel me stroking you………you must forget what you saw. You must forget Emma and what you saw her do. She belongs to the Master now as do I James. But the Master is not cruel, he will allow you to live and find another if you forget and obey. Forget and continue the wager. There are others you desire like that Nadine woman. You will desire other women now and Emma will fade in your memory” Samantha said as she gave him a second IV drug and he grunted as he came to her stroking and he opened his eyes looking at her his conscious mind asleep and said, “yesssss.”

“Good boy………” Samantha said as she got interrupted by one of her fellow nurses.

“Samantha what are you doing in here?” as she looked shocked and the nurse moved back toward the door to alert her supervisor but Samantha moved more quickly and pinned her at the wall and she covered her mouth and quickly jammed a hypodermic into her arm and pushed in the contents. The nurse immediately stopped resisting and went limp, her eyes glazing over and she stared blankly ahead.

Samantha said, “Welcome to the service of the Master, Fausta Von Herr your new purpose in life. Tell the supervisor you don’t feel well and report to the parking garage, I will have one of the Master’s servants pick you up for processing Jennifer. I must remain here and deal with this male and I will join you later. You must obey me.”

“yes Samantha of course. I must obey you” the nurse said her eyes unblinking as she obeyed and went out to report as ordered.

Samantha smiled slightly and returned to her task. But the interruption allowed James to regain himself slightly. He tried to resist but Samantha resumed her “work” and stroked him and kissed him and said, “Obey me. I will help you obey” as she resumed stroking his penis. He tried to resist but then she kissed him again and he was hers. “You will do as I have told you. You will obey me” she said into his ears.

Day 18 of 30

The next morning, Emma went home and showered then went to pick up James.

He was dazed, but did not remember anything.

He was supposed to stay home for two days from work so Emma went to “run errands”

Home alone, James received a phone call, “Hello this is the hospital checking on you Mr. Johnson. How are you feeling?”

“Okay. I can’t seem to remember much from the last few days?” James said as he recognized the woman’s voice on the phone.

“That is expected. Afterall you must obey me” the voice said.

“Obey yo?..........yes obey you Samantha” he said as his eyes glazed over and his penis became fully erect.

“Good boy. Now listen to me. This is what you will do………………” she said as her words filled his ears and images of her beauty filled his head. He ejaculated at the conclusion of her words as he thought only of obeying her words.

As Emma was “running errands” James was getting stronger and Samantha came over to “personally check” on him. Soon she was on top of him and the two were fucking hard. The two came at the same time and Samantha said, “The Master is not cruel. He said you can be with me as my Slave if you forget Emma. I will use you as my Love Slave and my servant. I will still belong to him but you will serve me. Disobey and you will end up killed James” Samantha said as they came again together. “You will think only of me and forget Emma” she added, “You will obey.”

She then got cleaned up and left, taking her cell phone with her which she had placed on the dresser and filmed the two having sex in Emma ’s bed. This was to ensure he would lose the wager. Not that is was fair—Fausta Von Herr was not fair—he hated to lose at anything.

Emma returned from “running errands” and took a shower as she had been with Fausta again in the limousine. James did not care he was thinking of Samantha.

The two said barely a word and went to sleep for the night.

Day 19 of 30

Emma was “running errands” again, and James met Vera for lunch.

“Thank you for meeting me James, I wanted to talk to you about this wager we are in” Vera said.

“Sure Vera, where is Nadine?” James said.

“She is running errands” Vera said.

“Haha so is Emma, how funny” James said.

“No Nadine is acting funny. Cold. I think she is seeing someone else” Vera said almost crying.

“No. You two seemed so happy?” James said.

“And what about you and Emma?” Vera asked.

“She is fine. A little distant. But I must……….I must……….” James said as he drank the wine with lunch, and the wine seemed to affect him more than usual. “I fell and hit my head. I was in the hospital. The nurse……………..wait a minute……….the nurse……….she……….” James said.

“James?” Vera said.

“The nurse she seduced me……….I remember now………….my head is clearing………more wine please!” James said as he drank more wine. He remembered Emma told him he fell last time drinking—he hadn’t drank for years.

“Emma is acting funny too. Ever since we went to the mansion” James said.

“Yes Nadine too. What do you think it is?” Vera said.

“The nurse………’s a little vague but she kept saying the Master…….like the Maids in the mansion” James said.

“The nurse, what did she………” Vera said as she was interrupted.

“She seduced me, she wanted me to forget Emma……….she gave me something………..oh shit! She was trying to make me do what she wanted…….the wine did something, broke the hold………it must interfere with the drug she gave me……….Vera we need to be careful and figure out what is happening to our lovers?”

“Yes James we do” Vera said.

* * *

Emma was with Fausta in the limousine sitting next to him, kissing him, as Nadine had his massive cock in her mouth sucking.


“Ahhhhh yes my dear” as the seed of Fausta Von Herr shot down her throat and Nadine eagerly swallowed. They continued and again he shot his load into her mouth she swallowed as Master Fausta said, “Yes Nadine very nice” as Emma joined Nadine and the two shared their Master’s cock, kissing in between sharing his cum. Fausta laughed as he enjoyed the Slaves. He then said, “Eleven more days and you will both be with me all the time hahahaha as well as Vera. And James will have a new girlfriend and Mistress. And I will keep my money and I will win everything hahahaha” Fausta gloated unaware James was breaking free of his Slave Samantha’s control and now working with Vera against him.

* * *

“Vera we need to keep this on the down low, if we show we know what is going on I think I will mysteriously hit my head again or something, and you may start liking men” James said.

“Yes I agree…………partner” Vera said.

Nadine and Emma returned home “from running errands” and showered and went to bed.

Vera and James slept and now chatted on a secure program what they were going to do.

* * *

Day 20 of 30—10 days to go.

James went to leave for work, even though he had called in sick and planned to spy on Emma and Nadine with Vera today, but as he was leaving, Samantha was there, standing in shiny black latex rubber.

“W-what are you doing here? I-I………..” James said as he was interrupted.

“Is that any way to treat me…………..Slave?” as she held out her hand to him.

The word “Slave” triggered something in him and he lowered his head in submission and reached out kissing her hand bowing to her fully. She smiled and he got up and opened the car door for her and she got in and he closed it. He then walked around and got in and she said, “Drive Slave.”

“Yes Mistress” James said as he obeyed in a trance.

Emma watched from the window and felt nothing. She picked up her cell phone and dialed, “Master…………….yes she just picked him up………….Yes Master I will be ready in one hour. I will obey” Emma said as she hung up and she began her task to get ready for her Master.

In the car, Samantha smiled and said, “See you belong to me now. The Master has given you to me and I will not allow you to get yourself killed. Tell me Slave what WERE you going to do today?”

“To meet with Vera and discuss Emma and Nadine……….” She interrupted him.


“To discuss them serving Fausta” he said coldly.

“You know? Both of you do? The Master will not be pleased………..listen to me James……….you must forget this. Forget you know this. Obey me.”

“Yes Mistress…………..I will forget this” James said coldly.

“Good Slave, now drive to my house……………..” Samantha said as he obeyed.

Nadine had gone to “Work” so Vera was waiting for James’ phone call. But he didn’t call. So she called him.

But at this moment, James was in Samantha’s bed and cumming inside Samantha his Mistress. The two came at the same time and Samantha said, “Yes Slave yes……….you belong to me and we will serve the Master forever” as she came again at this thought—serving her Master Fausta. “You are my Love Slave and my servant. You belong to me now.”

“Yes Mistress. I belong to you now” as they continued fucking hard.

Samantha heard the phone and saw the number and she commanded “Ignore it.”

“Yes Mistress” he said as he came again inside her.

* * *

Vera meanwhile was worried—she should be. They were now known and Fausta would have to deal with her too. And he would deal with her with Nadine. Vera proceeded with their plan even as Nadine went to the mansion of her Master Fausta and met Emma there. As they arrived they said nothing to each other and went to the massive door. Nadine knocked and Camilla answered dressed in a shiny black latex rubber Maid Uniform, her hair pulled back into a pony tail. With arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots and her shiny black Maid uniform had a white rubber apron. She bowed slightly saying, “Welcome. Our Master is expecting you” there was no emotion in her face. Now she said “Our Master” and the two walked in. Vera was parked outside the perimeter watching them go in.

As they went in and bowed, Fausta smiled and said, “Welcome my pretty Slaves” and they knelt before him. The phone rang and he said, “Yes?”

“Master this is Samantha, I must report………………” Samantha said as she looked over at a sleeping and exhausted—but “happy” James.

“Hmmmmm that is troubling………….but not unexpected. Well done my Slave, continue using and brainwashing him he is yours as promised, but he must not interfere or I will have to eliminate him like I did John”

“Yes Master I understand” Samantha coldly said and hung up.

John was her ex-boyfriend who Fausta had her kill for him to eliminate him.

Samantha thought of John for a second then quickly forgot him as she was programmed to do. She then went back to James.

“So Emma and Nadine……….it seems your partners are aware of your change of hearts………….this is troubling to me but not ENTIRELY unexpected” Fausta said displeased.

The tension in the room was unmistakable. Camilla looked stressed and Emma and Nadine said, “Master?” Have we failed you?”

“I am not happy…………” Fausta said and it was like their closest friend or parent had died. Both women were about to cry. They failed their Master. Failed him…….They were useless………..They were clearly disturbed by this.

But Fausta saw this and said, “This is not your fault, you have not failed me, I am pleased with your obedience, both of you.”

“Thank you Master!” Both Nadine and Emma said as they smiled and were so happy now. Joy filled their hearts and their brainwashed and enslaved minds. Their Master was pleased! Nothing else mattered. Their lives were now nothing but serving their Master Fausta.

Camilla also resumed her normal facial expression and posture. The entire household—revolved around their Master Fausta.

* * *

James returned home with orders to get cleaned up himself and sleep and forget Emma, and his former life. But unlike Emma and the women, the processes and devices were designed to affect the female brain. So he was able to resist—somewhat. But he knew he could not resist her for long as the constant sex and brainwashing was slowly making him want to obey her. He knew he needed to find help. He tried calling Vera but Vera ignored his call.

That was because at this moment, Vera was moaning loudly as Nadine was fucking her with a massive black strap on in the mansion of Fausta Von Herr. Vera had been captured and brought inside. She was trying to resist becoming one of Fausta’s little puppets so Fausta used Nadine to break her. Vera looked at her lover Nadine and began to five in and forget what she and James had talked about. Fausta watched as he kissed Emma and she stroked his cock. He knew she was going to join Nadine and Emma.

James researched and there were a few outspoken rivals and opponents of Fausta Von Herr. He contacted them—all of them and asked for a meeting. Three of them refused him and two agreed to meet with him.

Emma arrived home with no sign of James. She called her Master, “Master he is not here as expected? Yes Master” Emma said as she carried out her orders.

Vera was now kneeling before Fausta with Nadine. Vera was like Nadine now, a Slave and soon both would be robotized to serve Fausta forever.

But where had James gone to?

There were still 10 days to go but it looked like a strict interpretation of the wager meant they all were getting the consolation prize. But they were all going to get much more as they would belong to Fausta as he cheated and changed the rules. Unless James could stop him, free Emma and Nadine and the rest of them.

To be Continued

* * *

Part Six

Day 21 of 30