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Synopsis: Four people try to scam an ancient scam artist.

Thank you to SpacegirlElle for her assistance, her ideas, her inspiration and her awesomeness.

Also thank you to Medusa Guardette SG-105/Robot GX-1 for her ideas and input.

Emma and the Ultimate Scam Artist

Part Seven

Day 30 of 30

Emma slept naked and shaved in the spare bedroom staring blankly at the ceiling. Sleeping with her eyes open her phone on the nightstand glowed green and flashed patterns on the ceiling Emma watched as she listened to the tones and beeps the phone made. On her sleeping face a goofy smile of contentment and arousal.

They were to meet Fausta at 0800 that morning but at 0500 her phone beeped with a message that simply said, “COME NOW. OBEY” Emma sat up and dressed quickly and took her phone and her purse and left a note for James.

James woke up at 0700 and saw the note and was puzzled? He had his orders from Mistress Jessica ‘Play along’ so he got dressed and met outside the mansion with Nadine and Vera.

“Where’s Emma James?” Nadine said, knowing the answer already.

“She left me a note she said she would meet us here?” James said.

“Well you all made it” Fausta said syndly.

“Where is Emma she was supposed to meet us here?”

Fausta ignored this and said, “So tell me did you have any problems keeping the contract James?”

“No” James said.

“Are you certain?” Fausta said.

“Yep I’m sure” James said.

“Let us begin shall we” A knowing gleam entered Fausta’s eye, and he pressed a button on his desk.

The intercom opened to sounds of slurping and ruffling as he said “Camilla drinks please for all”

“Where is Emma?” James said, this was after all their big day—either way they were going to get some money.

James and maybe the others is shocked to see that this time when Camilla entered, this time she was accompanied by Emma, both clad in her shiny black latex rubber Maid Uniforms, their hair pulled back into pony tails. With arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots and their shiny black Maid uniforms had a white rubber apron. They stared blankly ahead, no emotion in her face, each holding a tray with drinks on it for her Master.

Nadine and Vera seemed less shocked, but James was instructed to play the part of a grieving boyfriend.

James was at the moment in shock seeing his girlfriend dressed like Camilla.

Emma handed Fausta his drink, bending over fully exposing her bare ass saying, “Your drink Master” with a goofy almost sick blank face with a fake looking smile. Her eyes were fixed and vacant. She then stood at attention holding the tray next to her Master.

“Thank you Emma”, Fausta said smiling.

“Emma what the hell are you doing?” James said as Emma ignored him.

“Fausta what have you done to her!” James said.

“You violated the contract James. You lose” Fausta said smiling a devilish smile. James thought he looked like the Devil himself. And James knew it was HE who violated the contract, changing the rules all along.

“No I didn’t? Tell him Emma! Tell him!” James said.

“I did. I told Master everything” Emma said blankly.

“Master?! No!” James said.

“I told you not to lie to me. Get out James and if you cause any problems I will make your life hell” Fausta said smiling.

“Fine come on Emma” James said.

“Emma is staying, she works here now with Camilla, tell him my dear” Fausta said smiling.

“Yes I am staying James. I have been having sex with Camilla and the Master all along. I am happy for the first time in my life. I will stay here and work for the Master now.” Emma said.

“No you bastard I’ll kill you I’ll” James said as James moved to grab Fausta, Emma smashed the silver drink tray on James’s head knocking him out.

“Well done my dear” as Emma smiled slightly and stood at attention as Camilla stood by her. Fausta poured the alcohol on James’s unconscious head and presses another button and two burly amazon looking women walk in in latex and he said, “Throw this gentleman out” Fausta said smiling.

“Yes Master” the two women responded as they dragged James out.

* * *

Fausta was reading a paper as he read; MAN COMMITTED TO ASSYLYM FOR MURDER OF GIRFRIEND as Fausta had framed him and came up with a body to pose as Emma.

“Pity my dear James is in the Asylum for life I suppose” Fausta said laughing.

“Yes Master” Emma said showing no emotion with the same goofy blank faced smile as she moved to his crotch and undid his pants. His massive cock sprung from his pants and Emma eagerly took it into her mouth. Fausta had an enormous Cock which was rigid and she took fully into her mouth.


“Ahhhhh yes my dear” she heard as the seed of Fausta shot down her throat and she eagerly swallowed. Fausta said, “Yes very nice my dear. Your obedience pleases me.” With the second ejaculation into her throat she swallowed, and Emma the resumed her duties as Fausta had sex next with Camilla.

He pressed a button on the desk and Nadine and Vera walked in;

Both were now dressed in shiny black latex with enormous 38DDD breasts tucked into a shiny black latex rubbery PVC bustier leotards with thong bottoms giving them both camel toes. Arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots which added 6″ to each woman’s height. Their faces emotionless and blank, but their eyelids and lips silverized. Their hair down, Nadine’s was short and black. They had dildos mounted on their crotches and had guns in their boot tops and other devices.

Both bowed fully to their Master saying, “WE ARE YOUR DILDO ROBOTS MASTER. YOU ARE OUR MASTER.”

Fausta said, “Yes very nice my dears ahhhhhhhh” as he shot his cum down Camilla’s throat and she eagerly swallowed, and Emma worked at preparing a drink for her Master.

“Yes and as I told you Nadine you would serve me FOREVER with Vera at your side” Fausta said smiling.


“Yes and as Dildo Robots your primary duty is to capture, recruit and robotize new Robots for me. You will target the females on my Desire List first” Fausta said.

“YES MASTER WE WILL OBEY” the robotized Nadine said.

“Yes……….pity James was so foolish. Since Samantha disappeared I was going to give him to you two as a fucktoy hahahaha. But he will be dead soon. Go and begin your work my Robots” Fausta said.

“YES MASTER” as both bowed fully and went out. Emma did not even seem to recognize them both.

That night Fausta enjoyed Emma as his and planned his next conquest.

* * *

The next day as Fausta sat in his office in his mansion and prepared for his next conquest, he pressed a button on his desk and Emma walked in and bowed fully saying, “You summoned me Master?”

“Yes Emma my dear, you have been here two weeks now you serve me VERY well. Are you happy?”

“Yes Master. I please you. I have purpose. You have shown me my true purpose is to serve you” Emma said.

“Excellent my dear. I reviewed the list of your friends you provided me. Several are good candidates for employment. Your friends Vera and Nadine are quite happy here as my Dildo Robots now” Fausta said smiling as he fondled Emma.

“Yes Master. How could they not be happy, serving you?” Emma said coldly.

“Hahahahaha excellent! And I see by your skin and your breasts you have been taking your ‘vitamins’ my dear.” Fausta said.

“Yes Master as you instructed” Emma said.

“Hahahaha excellent! You will find it not only helps preserve and strengthen your body, it firms and enhances your breasts and helps you obey” Fausta said.

“Yes Master I desire only to obey you” Emma said.

“Good girl Emma and if James ever gets free and tries to take you from me?” Fausta said.

“I will kill him Master. And dispose of his useless body” Emma said.

“Excellent” as Fausta held her face, “You are a very good Slave my Emma. You please me very much” Fausta said.

“May I service you while you work Master?” Emma said.

“Yes of course my dear” Fausta said.

Emma knelt under the desk and went to work on her Master’s cock.

“I knew when I first saw you my dear you were destined for this” Fausta said.


“Ahhhhh yes my dear” Fausta said he shot his load into her mouth she swallowed.

Emma then stood and said, “Is there anything else Master?” Seemingly unaffected by the sex, it was a duty for her.

“No thank you my dear, when your friends come here you and Camilla will serve refreshments and I will begin the next game” Fausta said.

“Yes Master” as Emma bowed and pivoted and went out savoring her Master’s taste in her mouth as she went to work cleaning with Camilla. The two kissed and Camilla said, “The Master is wonderful isn’t he?”

“Yes I feel so complete serving him. I will serve him forever” Emma said.

“Yes as will I” Camilla said.

Camilla had been serving Fausta since the 1960s, and thanks to the water and other mysteries had not aged one day since Fausta enslaved her.

There were many others but Camilla and Emma were his favorites for now.

As they cleaned the two Maid Slaves kissed and played with each other.

It was good to serve the Master.

* * *

As Camilla and Emma cleaned the office of Fausta, the television was on and there was a story about James and he was on TV pleading with reporters as he was transferred from a court hearing, “I’m innocent! I loved my girlfriend Emma! It was him! It was Fausta!”

“James?” Emma said as Fausta motioned and Camilla turned off the TV and Fausta said, “Emma! Attend and service me” Fausta said.

Emma obeyed but her face had a puzzled look. But as she knelt and serviced her Master. Emma was puzzled but she obeyed.


“Ahhhhh yes my dear” as her Master shot his load into her mouth she swallowed then Emma kept going and by the time he shot again Emma’s eyes again were vacant and controlled. She then stood and said, “Is there anything else Master?” Seemingly unaffected by the sex, and she had forgotten about James again. Daily sex and ingesting his cum ensured Emma was his forever.

“No thank you my dear, resume cleaning with Camilla” Fausta said.

Emma bowed fully saying, “Yes Master” as she resumed her work.

* * *

A Police cruiser arrived at the mansion of Fausta. The Policewoman was a redhead wearing sunglasses in her uniform. Underneath she wore shiny black latex rubber dildo panties with a copy of Fausta cock inside her. So every time she walked it fucked her.

The Policewoman walked in to the office of Fausta and bowed fully saying, “You summoned me Master?”

“Yes Officer Elise, you did well with planting that evidence to lockup James” Fausta said.

“Thank you Master. I simply did as you instructed” Elise said.

“Have you converted any of your associates?” Fausta said.

“Two are undergoing initial brainwashing Master. One is resisting. She may need to be robotized” Elise said.

“Yes that happens sometimes. Bring her here and we will robotize her” Fausta said.

“Yes Master” Elise said.

“You have done very well Elise I am pleased with your performance” The Policewoman shuddered. “Ensure James has an accident before he returns from the County Jail to the asylum” Fausta said.

“Yes Master. Do you have a preference?” Elise said.

”No. Just kill him and ensure it looks like an accident like you did with my Chauffer’s husband” Fausta said.

“Yes Master. He will have an accident today” Elise said.

“Excellent! That is all continue to use your phone” Fausta said.

“Yes Master I always keep it near me” Elise said.

“That is all Elise………..or is there something else?” Fausta said.

“May I service you Master?” Elise said.

“Hahaha yes of course my dear, proceed” Fausta said.


“Ahhhhh yes my dear” as her Master shot his load into her mouth she swallowed then Elise stood and said, “Is there anything else Master?”

“No my pretty Elise, return to your duties and help me convert three or four more Policewomen. We will robotize any troublesome ones” Fausta said.

“Yes Master as you command” and Elise bowed fully and went to leave. She then drove back to the Police station.

* * *

Fausta received a phone call, “Yes Elise? Excellent! Well done. Resume your other duties…………Ahhhhh……….” Fausta said as he came in Camilla’s mouth as she pleasured him.

He dismissed her then Fausta pressed a button on his desk and Emma walked in and bowed fully saying, “You summoned me Master?” Emma said.

“Yes Emma my dear, I must tell you the man you saw on the TV earlier is dead. He died in some sort of accident” Fausta said smiling.

“Master? James?” Emma said.

“Yes Emma, James your former boyfriend” Fausta said.

“Yes Master. Is he is dead?” Emma said.

“Yes my dear. The way you reacted to seeing him earlier I thought you would want to know” Fausta said.

“Yes Master Thank you. He meant nothing to me. I was momentarily confused Master but servicing you and tasting your seed eliminated my confusion. Please forgive me I exist to serve you Master. To please you. To obey you. That is my purpose” Emma said.

“Excellent Emma! I am pleased at hearing that. Come I want to show you this entire mansion, you have only seen part of it and I want to check a few things” Fausta said.

“Yes Master” Emma said.

Fausta then rode in a four seat luxury golf cart driven by Lyria his Chauffer and with a redheaded ponytailed Security Drone in the front with him and Emma in back.

They rounded the back of the mansion and there were hundreds of stone statues—women and men, naked, posed as though terrified or surprised. “This is my Stone Garden my dear. This is where those who betray me are punished and displayed forever as erotic statues. I thought of James joining them but he is dead now. Some of these statues are hundreds of years old” Fausta said.

“Yes Master. The Garden is beautiful.” Emma said.

“Yes Hahahaha” Fausta said as her fondled his new Maid Slave and they had sex in the Stone Garden.

* * *

That night as Emma slept in her small Slave Quarters, naked on her bed staring blankly at the ceiling. In her vagina was the strap-on made from her Master’s cock. It was connected to a computer which made it move and fuck her. It made her dream she was fucking her Master all night. Sleeping with her eyes open her phone on the nightstand glowed green and flashed patterns on the ceiling Emma watched as she listened to the tones and beeps the phone made. On her sleeping face a goofy smile of contentment and arousal.

As Emma received her nightly programming and re-enforcement programming she remembered seeing James and then serving her Master;

As Emma serviced her Master she had a puzzled look and was afraid but she obeyed.


“Ahhhhh yes my dear” she heard her Master say as his seed shot down her throat and she eagerly. Each time she took his seed she became more his. That’s why two ejaculations eliminated James from her mind. As her Master shot his load into her mouth she swallowed then Emma kept going and by the time he shot again Emma’s eyes again were vacant and controlled.

She was confused but Master helped her. She loved Master. He was everything to her now.

As she slept the Slave thought of the day with her Master. He shared things with her he had only shared with Camilla. Like who Fausta really was;

“Master you are so smart, so wise, so handsome” Emma said lovingly staring at her Master, “Why did you choose me Master?”

“Because you are special my dear like Camilla” Fausta said, “I knew the first time I saw you in my office I must have you.”

Emma didn’t think she was special, but if Master said she was then she must be.

“I have others all over the world who serve me, and supply me with things I want, things I need” Fausta said. “Some are Slaves many are Robots. Many are Slaves and they don’t know it. I turn then on and off with commands unlike the Robots who are always online serving my will”

“Robots Master?” Emma said.

“Yes women robotized into automatons who exist only to serve my will. Over the years I learned processes to turn women into human Robots. It not only preserves them—their beauty and their knowledge, but also makes them obedient servants forever. Many missing people’s cases are actually women taken and robotized to serve me. I prefer Slaves as they require less control and guidance, Robots require orders and monitoring so I have many Slaves as Robot Controllers as well. I have many processes and many types of human Robots, some more robotic then others. Some taken from women who created them and now they are mine” Fausta said.

“I have no use for male Slaves or Robots so they are killed by the robotized women and reduced to raw materials—molecules for use as outfits. Ironic isn’t it hahahahaha I take their women and turn them into their shiny new latex or PVC outfit hahahahaha. I thought of doing this to James, but I just wanted him where he could never try to take you from me my dear” Fausta said.

“Yes Master I understand. James was a threat to you and our happiness. He had to die” Emma said.

“Excellent my dear Emma you are thinking correctly” Fausta said.

“Thank you Master”

“Camilla has taught you well as well as the programming. I will tell you something I have only told Camilla my Emma” Fausta said.

“Yes Master?” Emma said puzzled why she was so special. “Master? Why have some Slaves you turn on and off so they don’t know they serve you like I do all the time?” Emma said.

“Ah yes my dear. To infiltrate and I use them when I want them. They attract less attention that way as well. A Slave like you or Camilla would attract undue attention. For example I have Slaves who I use to get to other women. I have several key Slave girls you will meet them Emma as Camilla has. Camilla has been serving me since I enslaved her in the 1960s. She became my favorite until you my dear. She resisted me at first as you did” Fausta said.

“I was a fool Master. I was holding back, I didn’t know the truth. I saw you and I was unaware of your superiority to us Master. Until you helped me understand Master and shared your seed with me” Emma said.

“Yes my dear, and James?” Fausta said.

“Means nothing to me Master. He had to die” Emma said.

“Excellent! Camilla was resistant too. She was a waitress at a restaurant I frequented. I had asked her to have dinner with me but she refused my advances. So on two different occasions I contaminated her drinking water with a sample of my cum. The first time she still rejected me. But the second time she drank the water she looked at me differently and she waited for me after work and got into my limousine saying. “Thank you for helping me understand Master” then she serviced me. From that day on she has been with me as my #1 Maid Slave, and thanks to the water and other mysteries had not aged one day since I enslaved her” Fausta said.

“The drugs master like the ones made from your cum?” Emma said.

“Yes my dear exactly. You are a smart one Hahahaha. Yes that and other things my alchemy helped me develop and acquire” Fausta said.

“I understand Master, you are a genius” Emma said.

“Hahahahaha yes, I want to tell you about myself my dear. I was born in Atlantis 70,000 years ago. I have gone by many names over thousands of years, Saint Germain, St. Alban, Proclus, Roger Bacon and Sir Francis Bacon, Merlin, Draven, DaVinci, Newton, Plato, Methuselah and many others my dear. In the beginning I was elevated to the Ruler of a Golden Age civilization centered in a city called “The City of the Sun” 70,000 years ago located in the then lush and verdant area that is now the Sahara Desert, originally a colony sent out from Atlantis. I gained power after I learned my seed could turn women into my Slaves. I worked on science and alchemy and hypnosis. I perfected my skills and my processes. When Atlantis was destroyed I was not killed like the others but injured and was in a type of stasis for thousands of years as I healed and when I was found by women 57,000 years later, I was revived and enslaved them. I created a new Atlantis colony as their ruler and High priest in 13,000 years ago, serving in the Temple of Purification. That colony was destroyed by a volcanic explosion and I moved on to the Mediterranean” Fausta said.

“Over many years I was known as

And as Fausta told Emma all these facts, her eyes glazed over as she came over and over as she stared at him in owe. He was truly perfect and her true Master. She was so honored to be chosen by him……………

“As Sir Francis Bacon I faked my death as I had many times as not to attract attention for being immortal, on Easter Sunday, 9 April 1626, and even attended my own funeral in disguise Hahahaha” Fausta said.

“I moved secretly to Transylvania (then part of Hungary, now part of Romania) to the Rakoczy Mansion of the royal family of Hungary” Fausta said.

“Finally on 1 May 1684 through alchemy in addition to immortality and eternal youth I gained more power, and adopted the name Saint Germain. But the cost of the additional power meant I slowly age and begin to show age. My eternal youth was gone but I could then enslave women with my mind and hypnosis as I did with you that first night my dear Emma” Fausta said.

“Yes Master I remember” Emma said.

“Welcome to my home, I am Fausta Von Herr, your host. Thank you for coming. I had invited a few others but they missed out on this opportunity I guess.”

Emma was staring at him as she remembered the dreams. Fausta kissed the hands of the women and shook hands with James. When he got to Emma, he kissed her hand and said, “Welcome my dear. I am pleased you have found your way here. I have been waiting for you” he stopped himself and said, “I have been waiting for all of you. Shall we begin” as he sat down in a massive chair.

Emma never took her eyes off of him as she remembered the dream “I am your Master……….” his voice. Even his voice was the same as the dream. Emma looked at Lisa and Camilla, the way they waited on him, on them and she wondered ‘Is this my destiny too?’

“You showed me my purpose Master. And now that you have told me about you how could I be anything but your Slave forever” Emma said.

“Hahahahaha excellent my dear Emma. Excellent” Fausta said.

To be Continued