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Synopsis: Four people try to scam an ancient scam artist.

Thank you to SpacegirlElle for her assistance, her ideas, her inspiration and her awesomeness.

Also thank you to Medusa Guardette SG-105/Robot GX-1 for her ideas and input.

Emma and the Ultimate Scam Artist

Part Eight

Emma worked cleaning and serving her Master, dressed in her shiny black latex rubber Maid Uniform, her hair pulled back into a pony tail. With arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots and her shiny black Maid uniform had a white rubber apron. Her 34D breasts filled the uniform well. Her dildo panties—panties with a dildo in the anal opening and the vagina rewarded her for obeying. James was dead and she was trapped as a Maid Slave forever………...

* * *

Mistress Jessica sat on a throne like chair, smoking a cigarette with her right gloved hand which seemed to have no odor clad in a shiny black leather full length sleeveless Mistress Dress slit on the back, stiletto heeled shoes, arm length gloves, and she had a bracelet on her right glove and necklace as well as a ruby ring. She held a long black and red riding crop in her left gloved hand.

At her pussy her only Male Slave serviced her. Pleasuring her like a machine with his tongue, he was her fucktoy, her Slave, her minion. He was naked except for a pair of shiny black latex shorts, his penis encased in a latex sheath. It was James.

Jessica laughed saying, “I told you the fool thinks you are dead my Slave. His Slave bungled the attempt on you and my Slave there made it look like you were killed hahahaha. Now you are free to serve me forever” Jessica said.


“Mmmmm Mistress………..forever…..” SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP

“Yes hahahaha forever. That prick Fausta thinks he has won, but now we move to start taking his little empire apart” Jessica said as she came and he lapped it eagerly up.

Standing at her side was Samantha dressed in a shiny black PVC dress with stiletto heeled boots and she had a shiny black collar around her neck. Her eyes were lowered in submission and she stood at Jessica’s side, her face showed no emotion at all.

Also there was Mel Dedigama Jessica’s main female Slave and brainwashed lover. More than that, now called Mistress Mel, Mel was Jessica’s partner/Assistant.

* * *

Fausta received a phone call, “Master this is Controller Lisa at Fausta Robotics. A female is nosing around investigating her missing friend who was robotized five days ago. Her name is Melanie Johnson. She is applying for employment in the office area” a female monotone voice reported.

“Why call me with this, capture and robotize her” Fausta said.

“She has connections with the press. A television reporter Kimberly Guilfoyle Master” Lisa said.

“A yes a wise decision to call me. This could be an opportunity…………..allow the girl to nose around, we will robotize her there and she will lure her reporter friend as well then I will have a Propaganda Robot” Fausta said.

“Yes Master as you command” Lisa said.

“Who is her friend?” Fausta said.

“Tiffany Alexander Master” Lisa said.

“Ah yes the blonde Robot I saw in the weekly report……….I considered adding her to my personal staff. Program her to convert her friend if contacted and allow Ms. Johnson to join Fausta Industries Hahahaha” Fausta said.

“Yes Master” Lisa said.

Tiffany smiled as she got off the bus. It was a sunny summer morning and she already looked forward to a nice afternoon after work. Tiffany and the others went through the sliding glass doors and passed one of the always friendly white PVC clad nice looking girls at the information desk. Then some of them went through a door leading to the basement while Tiffany and the rest entered a large elevator that brought them to the second floor.

This was her first day at Fausta Robotics. She wanted to find out what happened to her sister who came here and disappeared days earlier. This company produced realistic Sex Dolls and Sex Robots and were branching into Domestic Robots for the future. Tiffany saw one of the Sex Robots or SexBots and they looked like her sister. She would find out what happened to her. Her best friend Melanie warned her not to do this but she did anyway. She would find proof about the evil Fausta. She knew anyone who crossed paths with him were changed forever.

Tiffany took the “EMPLOYEE” badges and she signed in, gave her fingerprint and then she said, “What is this thing?”

“A facial recognition Scanner put your face in here and look straight ahead” the PVC clad woman said.

“Okay?” Tiffany said and as she did the woman pressed a button and Tiffany shuddered as everything went blank.

Tiffany was then led to “NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION” by one of the PVC clad women.

She was given several injections and undressed. Her pussy was shaved and she was sat in a chair in a room where there were five other naked women. They all stared blankly ahead as a white PVC clad woman at a podium pressed a button and

A screen came on as all the women stared at it. A hypno spiral formed as the woman said, “YOU WILL ALL WATCH AND OBEY. WATCH AND LEARN”

“yessss” Tiffany and the others mumbled, “obey…………”

Then two holes opened in the chairs and high lubed dildos raised up and began buzzing inside Tiffany’s anus and vagina as the same happened to the other four women.

Then they saw him, Fausta appeared on the screen, “Welcome Slaves. You belong to me now, I am your Master Fausta Von Herr. You are now my Slaves forever. Once brainwashed you then be robotized and will serve here as my workers forever helping others find the joys of serving me” as the screen changed to women being enslaved, Robotized, women in S&M. Women in latex, leather and PVC. Women being forcibly taken by other women with dildos. Women being brainwashed. Women being turned into Sex Dolls. Women being turned into Statues. The women were shown their purpose was to serve Fausta in any way he desired.

As they watched they were fully brainwashed. After three hours of this, the chairs reclined, the dildos still inside them and as they went low, white PVC clad women

Stood over each woman’s head and their bodysuits were open in the crotch. Each lowered onto the new Slaves and each began licking and pleasuring the women. Tiffany and the others were not lesbians but they were instructed how to pleasure a woman. Then they stopped and the seats went back up as the women mounted strap on dildos and each Slave was instructed to pleasure a male as images of their Master Fausta filled the screen and their minds.

After two hours of this the dildos retract and the five were led to the dressing area and dressed only in shiny white PVC arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots.

They were then each sent to the Robotizing area as each were brainwashed Slaves for Fausta now. All five were to serve as new workers in Fausta Robotics so they had to be partially robotized as the exposure to chemicals and radiation would harm Slaves.

The five were walked into the robotization chamber via conveyor belt.

Controller Lisa arrived clad in shiny black PVC platform stiletto heeled boots with 8″ heels, adding 6″ to her height, a collar which glowed “EMPLOYEE” and she wore a shiny black minidress over her shaved pussy. She said, “Report?” to the woman in white PVC at the console.


“Excellent. The Master will be pleased” she said as inside the machine, the five were being processed. The five existed the machine, fully clad in the white PVC outfit of the Worker Units—shiny white PVC arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots with white PVC low cut corset with dildos in the anus and vagina of each woman. A belt with devices and control collar. Each woman had silvered eyelids, lips and areole. The five Robotized women then went to work in the Robot creation area where captured women were turned into new Robots for sale and use by Fausta Robotics and Fausta Industries.

Melanie Johnson went to the building where Tiffany worked using a badge she had stolen.

Once inside stolen badge triggered a silent alarm. One of the robotized women reported, “INTRUDER USING STOLEN BADGE” But the Slave Controller said, “Yes this is Controller Lisa I have spoken to the Master directly. Do nothing. We will monitor her actions for now” “YES CONTROLLER” the robotized woman said as she resumed her work.

As Melanie Johnson moved through the building, but Melanie had no idea she was on several monitors in the Robot Control room and in the mansion of Fausta.

“Yes she is magnificent Hahahaha” Master Fausta said as Emma was sucking on his cock for her daily dose of cum. SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP

“Ahhhhh yes my dear” she heard as the seed of Fausta shot down her throat and she eagerly swallowed and she continued as she had not been told to stop. They continued and again he shot his load into her mouth she swallowed. They continued this time as Fausta watched Melanie Johnson. “Yes I must have that one Ahhhhh” as he filled her throat again and she swallowed and continued. With each squirt in her throat she had her own squirt as she orgasmed as she knew she was pleasing her absolute Master.

Camilla joined in and lapped Emma’s pussy. Emma was truly lost as she orgasmed hard as her master came yet again and she eagerly swallowed. Emma belonged to him completely like so many others. Worldwide Fausta had hundreds of Slaves and thousands of Robots—all women. Males were used and killed by their converted females.

Emma kept sucking and pleasuring him as Camilla and Emma then were directed to swap places. Emma liked having sex with Camilla but it was nothing like pleasuring the Master. James was no longer even a memory in her mind. His name would never be spoken by her again.

As Camilla took his cum “Ahhhhh Emma stop and look at this woman” Fausta said.

“Yes Master” Emma said.

“Look this nosey woman will soon be one of my new Robots like her friend” Fausta said.

“Yes Master. She is very pretty. She could be one of us Master? A Slave. Sorry Master is it wrong to ask that?” Emma said.

“Hahahaha no my dear, it means you desire to please me, she would make a better Slave then Robot. Yes we will free her friend as well and bring them here. Thank you my Slave Emma. Such a good Slave” Fausta said.

“Thank you Master” as with this Fausta heard Emma’s squirtgasm as she orgasmed that her Master was pleased with her.

“Hahahahaha you are special my dear……….Ahhhhh Camilla……” as he squirted in her mouth again.

Melanie saw Tiffany and her black expression and screamed as she was grabbed and taken to be processed.

After some time she called her reporter friend, “YES EVERYTHING IS FINE NOW. I HAVE FOUND MY FRIEND. SHE TOLD ME FAUSTA IS DOING ALL SORTS OF THINGS, YOU WERE RIGHT. YOU SHOULD CONTRONT HIM ON CAMERA. TIFFANY AND I WILL MEET YOU AT HIS MANSION AS CONFRONT HIM ON CAMERA WITH YOU” Melanie said coldly, as she hung up and reported to her Controller as she was robotized and a worker at Fausta Robotics now.

“Yes we will have him! I will be there with a camerawoman! See you tomorrow” Kimberly said thinking she had the scoop she wanted.

The next day Melanie sat in her car with Tiffany Alexander outside the mansion of Fausta. The two were silent staring blankly ahead waiting for Kimberly to arrive. The two were dressed normally except they had new Smart watches linked to their cell phones.

Kimberly Guilfoyle arrived with a camera girl and Melanie simply said, “Master she is here” into her watch and said, “Yes we will obey.”

The two got out of the car and Kimberly saw Tiffany and said, “Are you sure you are alright? “

“Yes Kimberly thank you. Melanie rescued me.” Tiffany said coldly.

“Okay fine, you will be safe Tiffany, that asshole won’t try anything with a camera in his face. And not with four witnesses” Kimberly said.

“Yes four” Melanie said as they moved to the mansion front door. Melanie quickly injected the camerawoman with a hypo of liquid she had and the camera girl almost stopped walking. Melanie whispered “Ensure this is off” and the camerawoman turned off the broadcast portion of the camera. The lights were on so it looked like it was recording.

The four arrived at the door and were let in by Maid Emma dressed in her shiny black Maid outfit, “Please come in the Master Fausta will see you in a few minutes he is expecting you” Emma said coldly.

Kimberly said, “Master? Does he force you to dress like that?”

“No of course not. The Master let me choose.” Emma said.

Kimberly said, “You look familiar?” (The news report the woman murdered by her husband? Well this girl was clearly alive? What was this?)

“Would you like some refreshments?” Emma asked.

“No thank you” Kimberly said.

Melanie said, “Yes please” and Emma prepared three drinks, which all had the Master’s drug in it—which helped women to obey, making it easier to hypnotize them.

The same thing the camerawoman was injected with by Melanie.

The three drank their waters as Fausta entered and instantly Emma bowed fully saying, “Welcome Master. I offered them refreshments as you requested.”

“Thank you Emma…….Oh three of them, very well” Fausta said.

Emma then stood at Fausta’s side as Tiffany and Melanie stared at Fausta and he said, “Please sit.”

Tiffany and Melanie sat quickly and then so did the camerawoman.

Kimberly saw this and was puzzled and worried. “How old are you Fausta?”

“Hahahaha excellent! Direct! To the hard questions. Very old” Fausta said.

“What are you doing to women to make them obey you? They act like Robots or Slaves. How is this possible?” Kimberly asked.

“Again direct……….brave……….bold………I don’t make women obey me they want to obey me. I found many years ago I have a talent that aroused and enslave women to my will” Fausta said.

“How many years ago?” Kimberly said.

“Hahahaha you wouldn’t believe me. Let’s just say I have been called many names including Don Juan and Saint Germain” Fausta said.

“You turn woman into Slaves and Robots?” Kimberly said.

“Yes. And more. I am an alchemist. Scientist. Magician. Sorcerer. More…..” as he pressed a button and Camilla came in with more drinks.

“Well your days are over! With this interview you are finished!” Kimberly said.

“Oh really? Am I?” Fausta said.

“Yes tell him Tiffany, Melanie. Tell him on camera in front of the whole world” Kimberly said, “Melanie? Tiffany?”

“Hahahahaha tell her Melanie” Fausta said.

“Yes Master. We lured you here. The Master wants to make you one of us—his Slave forever”

“No! Melanie!? Tiffany!? At least we have all this on camera…………….” As Kimberly saw the camerawoman had the same goofy look. “The drinks………….” Kimberly said.

“Hahahaha excellent! Yes that’s part of it. Melanie and Tiffany were here earlier as I enslaved them permanently to my will” Fausta said.

“How did you do that?” Kimberly said.

“Like this, Emma attend me” Emma quickly knelt and took her Master’s cock in her mouth.


“Ahhhhh yes my dear” as her Master shot his load into her mouth she swallowed then Emma kept going and he shot again and Emma got up and said, “Is there anything else Master?”

“No thank you my dear, resume position” Fausta said.

Emma bowed fully saying, “Yes Master.”

“You enslave woman by cumming in their mouths?! You monster! I’ll never submit to you! Never! You’ll have to kill me!” Kimberly said.

“Hahahahaha I think not Kimberly. Melanie and Tiffany……..” Fausta said.

As both women went to Kimberly and began removing her clothes. Melanie ripped off Kimberly’s underwear and went to work on her pussy. Tiffany went to work on her from behind as the camerawoman was led out of the room by a Robot.

Kimberly tried to resist but she loved Melanie. “No Melanie………please………….” Kimberly said.


As the formerly homophobic Melanie licked and lapped her pussy. Kimberly begged as she came and Melanie lapped it up.

Melanie and Tiffany lowered her to the couch as they pleasured her. Fausta was being pleasured by both Emma and Camilla. Kimberly was losing herself. Kimberly looked up to see Fausta with his cock in front of her mouth she took him with the taste of Camilla and Emma on his cock she took him deeply as she orgasmed wildly and began sucking and stroking his cock as SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP

“Ahhhhh yes my dear” she heard as the seed of Fausta then shot down her throat and she was surprised and swallowed and this triggered the wildest orgasm of her life. She continued as she had not been told to stop. They continued and again he shot his load into her mouth she swallowed and at that moment in her mind she thought only one word—MASTER.

He withdrew and she said, “Please Master more” Kimberly said.

“Hahahaha excellent!” As he resumed and “Ahhhhh” as he filled her throat again and she swallowed and continued. With each squirt in her throat she had her own squirt as she orgasmed as she knew she was pleasing her absolute Master.

* * *

“This is Kimberly Guilfoyle I welcome everyone as I want to give the first of five reports on a great man who is vilified and who is truly a great man—Fausta. The Master………” as Kimberly gave a report which glorified her Master and would help attract new Slaves.

Soon Kimberly helped enslave her fellow female reporters Abby Huntsman and others. Kimberly returned to the mansion several times for her “reward”.

Her news channel was purchased and became part of Fausta Industries.

Melanie Johnson and Tiffany Alexander had been so successful at enslaving Kimberly Guilfoyle and gaining Propaganda Slaves and Robots for him he rewarded both Robots. He altered them into his Roboslaves—Slaves more Robot then Slave. He had plans for them……………….

As Emma and Camilla stood by at attention, Melanie knelt and took her Master’s cock in her mouth.


“Ahhhhh yes my dear” as her Master shot his load into her mouth Melanie eagerly swallowed and Melanie kept going pleasuring her absolute Master as he shot again and Melanie swallowed and stood up, “Thank you Master for giving me your seed. Is there anything else Master?”

“No thank you my dear, Tiffany” Fausta said.

Melanie stood at attention as Tiffany knelt and took her Master’s cock in her mouth.


“Ahhhhh” as her Master shot his load into her mouth Tiffany swallowed and kept going pleasuring her absolute Master as he shot again and she swallowed and stood up, “Thank you Master for allowing me to service you” Tiffany said.

“Yes my pretty Slaves I am so pleased with both of you. I want you to lead my main Sleeper Slaves as one of them. My Slaves Kate, Claire, Nikki and many others require an intelligent Slave to lead them for me, so both of you will do this. You will be my RoboSlaves but you will think you are free women when not in service to me” Fausta said.

“Yes Master” Tiffany said.

* * *

The next day Melanie woke up in bed well rested. In bed with her, her best friend Tiffany Alexander. Tiffany woke up then two as their Cell phones went from green to off. The two French kissed as the heterosexual women were now lovers as programmed by their Master Fausta. The two kissed and Melanie said, “Good morning baby” as Melanie and Tiffany went pussy to face as they pleasured each other. Both orgasmed and squirted into their lover’s faces and they lapped it up. Then Melanie pulled out a strap on—a strap on which was of course a copy of Master Fausta’s cock. Melanie fucked her lover Tiffany with the strap on and kissed her. “I love you” Melanie said to Tiffany and Tiffany replied “I love you too Mel”.

Tiffany was fucked until she orgasmed then Tiffany returned the favor and fucked Melanie until she orgasmed.

“I love this strap on it is the perfect cock” Tiffany said.

“Yes perfect……..” Melanie said as she almost finished the sentence with the Masters cock. Then she blinked and that thought was gone.

Both women showered together going down on each other again and once out of the shower put on their new smart watches.

They ate breakfast and both women planned on going to look for jobs. PLANNED because Melanie’s phone rang and she saw the number was UNKNOWN, so she thought it was a telemarketer she tapped the phone and held it to her ear. “Look, I-I—“

“Are you ready to serve?”

She had no answer.

“Are you alone or is Tiffany there?”

She knew the answer to that one. “Yes she is here……….I am ready for instruction.”

“Hand her the phone”

“What is it Mel? Hello?”

“Are you ready to serve?”

“…….yes I am ready Controller”


Melanie sat in her car with Tiffany Alexander outside the house of a rival of Fausta, a wealthy socialite who called Fausta “a monster” and was trying to have him investigated using her powerful friends.

The two were silent staring blankly ahead. The two were dressed normally except they had new Smart watches linked to their cell phones.

The two went inside and placed devices in the empty house. Devices designed to monitor and enslave the woman.

They hid cameras and microphones in key places and once outside Melanie dialed a number in her mind;

“RoboSlaves did you succeed?”

“Yes Controller, the devices were planted as directed” Melanie said.

“Excellent, the Master will be pleased RoboSlaves.”

“Yes Controller” Melanie said as cum drizzled from her pussy and that of Tiffany.

“Once you hang up you will only remember programmed events.”

“Yes, I Obey” both women said as Melanie placed the phone into her purse.

Both women blinked and they drove off unable to remember what they were just doing.

To be Continued