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Synopsis: Four people try to scam an ancient scam artist.

Thank you to SpacegirlElle for her assistance, her ideas, her inspiration and her awesomeness.

Also thank you to Medusa Guardette SG-105/Robot GX-1 for her ideas and input.

Emma and the Ultimate Scam Artist

Part Nine

Emma was dusting her Master’s study as Camilla was dusting the library. Master was out looking for new Slaves and Robots.

Emma worked cleaning and serving her Master, dressed in her shiny black latex rubber Maid Uniform, her hair pulled back into a pony tail. With arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots and her shiny black Maid uniform had a white rubber apron. Her 34D breasts filled the uniform well. Her dildo panties—panties with a dildo in the anal opening and the vagina rewarded her for obeying.

Emma had been having flashes of memory so her Master gifted her with a shiny new collar. The collar ensured any stray thoughts or erroneous thinking Emma had would be corrected instantly.

As Emma cleaned, she saw a copy of the paper on the desk under a book and saw James on the front page. She paused and looked at the picture. (……James? I-I……..)[OBEY. RESUME DUTIES. YOU EXIST TO SERVE FAUSTA. OBEY SLAVE] “yes….obey” Emma acted as thought she had never seen the paper but her collar reported the event wirelessly.

Emma and the other Maid Slaves all had the new collars. The two Slaves took a break and fucked like they did everyday as both orgasmed wildly, squirting in each other’s mouths.


“Ahhhhh……..yes” as her Master shot his load into her mouth Emma swallowed and kept going pleasuring her absolute Master as he shot again and she swallowed and stood up, “Thank you Master for allowing me to service you” Emma said.

“Yes my pretty Slaves I am so pleased with both of you. Do you like your new collars?” Fausta asked.

“Oh yes Master thank you they are wonderful!” Emma said.

“Good. I know you have been thinking about ways to serve me” Fausta said.

“Yes Master………How did you? Oh Master you are so smart. You know everything” Emma said.

“Yes I do my dear (Thanks to your collar) I want you to serve me as you do but keep thinking about it if you want. I don’t want to risk losing you my dear, there are rivals out there who would steal you away from me. Female rivals who have their own Robots and Slaves” Fausta said.

“Master?” Emma said puzzled.

“I came across them before. They are small time but I leave them alone for now and watch them. And take occasional Slave girls and Robots from them. One of them has Robots with dark tanned skin and wears shiny PVC minidresses and 1960s style glasses. They are fascinating to me. Others are Porn stars who secretly have Slaves and Robots. I consider moving on them soon though” Fausta said.

“Yes Master. Wow. They should all serve you” Emma said.

“Yes they should my dear. And soon they will. I have Robots and Slaves working on building up my forces” Fausta said.

* * *


That night a black car sat on the street near the mansion. Inside were four women, oddly dark bronzed tanned, their hair in pony tails, wearing 1960s style black framed glasses and wearing shiny black PVC outfits. They wore shiny black minidresses with long sleeves, thong bottoms with camel toes and pantyhose under the bottoms with ankle high stiletto heeled boots, wrist length gloves, and their hair was pulled back into pony tails. Their breasts were big and firm 36D and their minidresses showed cleavage. Their skin was tanned like they had been in tanning booths or to Hawaii. They had butt plugs in their anuses and catheter’s in their urethras. They had IV devices in their left wrists. They wore black framed glasses 60s style, like the old military style glasses—BCGs—“Birth Control Glasses” Their eyes were fixed and unmoving.

Two blondes, two brunettes. They sat staring blankly ahead watching the mansion entrance and exit.

The first blonde was a 29 year old—looking woman as that was her age when she was robotized after being kidnapped in 1966. She was in fact 81 years old! She had not aged since being robotized fifty-two years ago. Her name had been María de los Dolores Ciga Rizo, an actress born Mara Laso on September 20, 1937 in Cartagena, Murcia, Spain. Her new name had been simply Robot #3 since 1966.

The brunette was a 25 year old—a woman taken in 1966 as well robotized fifty-two years earlier as well. Her name was Dina Loy an actress known as Robot #19. She had been Robot #1 but had been renumbered.

The third, a blonde, who seemingly was in charge of the other two was a blonde kidnapped in 1968 named Aida Grace Powers but for the last fifty years known as Robot #7.

The fourth, a brunette, who was a missing college student taken from the local university days only earlier named Susan Williams. She was now known as Robot #47.

She was called on a cell phone, “YES MISTRESS” in a monotone voice.

“Report Robot #7” the voice said.


“Excellent! The mansion of Fausta, one of the oldest and the world’s wealthiest man. I saw him sixty years ago and he looks the same now. He doesn’t age like me. I must find out if she uses the same method I do or if he is doing something else. Monitor all activity I do not want to risk alerting his forces so only one squad of Robots will stay in that area” the voice said.

“YES MASTER” Robot #7 said.

“Meanwhile I have fifty new captives to robotize” the voice said.

* * *

Melanie and Tiffany were summoned to the mansion. After they serviced their Master and ingested his seed they left and were followed by another squad of Robots. Again they were programmed to go to the house of the rival where they placed the devices. Inside the rival laid in her bed naked, staring blankly at the ceiling in her own mansion, a dildo in her vagina. Her cell phone next to her flashed green and the woman was moaning and mouthing words she was hearing in her mind.

The robots following Melanie and Tiffany reported their location and a third squad of the robots was sent out.

This rival was a woman named Mercedes Grabowski, one of the rivals Fausta told Emma about. She now laid on her bed being enslaved. Melanie and Tiffany went inside after Mercedes told her servant’s to allow them in before she laid down this time. Melanie and Tiffany were perfect Slave girls and assisted in Mercedes’ brainwashing/conversion. After this Mercedes was ready for the next phase.

Mercedes Grabowski was an outspoken rival of Fausta in that she was trying to warn others how dangerous he was and how her fellow models and porn stars were being taken by him. Mercedes herself was a model and porn star and went by the name August.

She exposed herself as Mercedes arrived at the mansion of Fausta and went inside.

Inside Mercedes stood before Fausta saying “Please forgive me sir for bad mouthing you. I was so wrong about you. I beg your forgiveness sir” and she bowed and lowered her head in submission.

At this point he said, “I forgive you my dear Mercedes. Here you will go by August and you will show me your sincerity and kneel and service me. Camilla and Emma will pleasure you while you pleasure me” Fausta said.

“Yes sir” August said, hypnotized and knelt and took Fausta’s Cock fully into her mouth.

Camilla and Emma pleasured August from behind as she sucked and took Fausta’s cock in a way she had never done before. Although skilled and a porn star this man was her new Master. She never swallowed. But now August mindlessly sucked Master Fausta’s cock she knew it was coming.


“Ahhhhh fuck…………Ahhhhh yes my dear” she heard as the seed of Fausta shot down her throat and she eagerly swallowed—which August did it and Fausta knew this girl was special. August would never refuse anything he told her to do. They continued and again he shot his load into her mouth she swallowed as Master Fausta said, “Yes very nice my dear. Your obedience pleases me” Then August stood up and said nothing.

With the second ejaculation into her throat she swallowed, her fate was sealed—she belonged to him now. Changes would start to happen. Not that she would get pregnant but that she would be turned into his Slave forever. Already brainwashed by the phone and the dildo she was his now.

“Now August tell me what you want to do?” Fausta said.

“I want to serve you Master as your Slave girl forever. All that I have, all that I am is yours Master” August said.

“Yes that’s what I want to hear!” Fausta said.

“Yes Master” August said.

“Now they are mine. Order all your forces to serve me. You will turn over all assets to me” Fausta said.

“Yes Master of course………………….it is done” August said.

“Excellent! Now my dear are you aware of why you now think differently about me?” Fausta said.

“Yes Master. The dildo I found in my Mansion. The cell phone………..helped me understand my place” August said.

“Yes excellent! Also my Slaves laced your odorless drug cigarettes with my drug so they made you susceptible to my will. You were very strong willed my dear, but now you are obedient. You will serve me for many years. My seed with preserve you my dear, you will no longer age as long as you serve me” Fausta said.

“Thank you Master” August said.

“Yes. Now your associates, friends. I want a list of the prettiest and wealthiest and those who have their own forces. They will be joining us too” Fausta said.

“Yes Master” August said.

August was now like Camilla and Emma—a Slave to Fausta. She was his now and she liked it like the others.

August was with her friend fellow porn star big chested Angela White. As the two shared a drink she poured the Master’s drug into her drink as instructed.

Within a few minutes Angela was laying down and August was at her pussy. She was then hypnotizing Angela as she used a strap on dildo given to her by her Master Fausta. A copy of his cock. With August’s skill as a porn star and lover she was the perfect Mistress Slave girl to enslave others………….

After several “recruitments” Fausta wanted August to remain in the mansion so he faked her death with a clone of her he created. No one would look for her now. August was dressed in a shiny pink minidress with matching arm length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots. She was now Fausta’s Valet Slave and would maintain his clothes and help him dress and undress. Angela White was dressed similarly as his second Valet Slave.

* * *

That night as Emma slept in her small Slave Quarters, naked on her bed staring blankly at the ceiling. In her vagina was the strap-on made from her Master’s cock. It was connected to a computer which made it move and fuck her. It made her dream she was fucking her Master all night. Sleeping with her eyes open her phone on the nightstand glowed green and flashed patterns on the ceiling Emma watched as she listened to the tones and beeps the phone made. On her sleeping face a goofy smile of contentment and arousal.

As Emma received her nightly programming and re-enforcement programming no longer even thought of James and her past. She existed only to serve her Master.

Outside was the sedan with the four Robotized women. The black car sat on the street near the mansion and inside were the four oddly dark bronzed tanned women, their hair in pony tails, wearing 1960s style black framed glasses and wearing shiny black PVC. Two blondes, two brunettes. They sat staring blankly ahead watching the mansion entrance and exit.

A jogger made the mistake of approaching the car and two robots quickly grabbed her and pulled her into the car in the back seat. As she struggled they injected her in the neck with a hypo and she went limp, staring blankly ahead.

“YOU WILL OBEY” Robot #7 said.

“I will obey……….” The jogger replied, a beautiful redhead.

“DO YOU JOG HERE OFTEN?” Robot #7 said.

“No…….too dangerous……….women have disappeared in this area……….but lovely area so I came anyway” the Jogger said.


“yes…….I will become one of you” the Jogger said.

Another sedan of robots picked up the redhead and in the morning, the redhead sat in a sedan watching the house of Melanie Johnson and Tiffany Alexander. The redhead now had her hair pulled back into a pony tail and her fair skin was dark bronze tanned. She wore 1960s style black framed glasses and wearing shiny black PVC. The shiny black PVC outfits consisted of wrist length gloves, ankle high stiletto heeled boots, panties over pantyhose, and a minidress with long sleeves. In the pockets were hypos, spare glasses and a gun with silencer. She stared blankly ahead now one of the robots like the women who abducted her.

* * *

In the mansion.

Emma slept and at 0600 AM her re-enforcement programming finished and the phone turned off. Emma laid with the dildo fucking her for a few minutes more then she heard a new sound—a bell.

Emma was suddenly wide awake as she sat up removing the dildo she quickly got dressed in her PVC Maid uniform. She was programmed to respond to that bell. That bell was her Master summoning her to his bedroom. The bell sounded again. She hurried as she knew she must not let the bell ring three times.

She ran into her Master’s bedroom and slid to the foot of the bed on her PVC booted knees. Emma was dressed in her shiny black PVC French maid’s outfit, She wore platform stiletto heeled boots and her collar.

“Ah my dear a new record, you beat Camilla by twenty seconds Hahahaha” Fausta said.

“You summoned me Master?” Emma said.

“Yes my dear I woke up needing to be serviced you see I dreamed of new Slaves and Robots all night and I dreamed of you and Camilla serving me well. I am very pleased with you” Fausta said.

“Master” as Emma shuddered in orgasm at these words.

He simply pointed and Emma lunged forward to suck her Master’s cock.

Fausta laughed and was very pleased. Pleased that he had taken a faithful wife and turned her into his obedient Slave who no longer thought of her previous life.

Emma serviced her Master and she tried harder this time to please him. She loved him too. He was no longer just her Master she now loved him completely. Her mind had been changed turning her love for James into nothing then replacing it with this.


“Ahhhhh fuck yes my dear…………..better than ever Hahahaha” she heard her Master say as his seed shot down her throat and she eagerly swallowed. She continued and as her Master shot his load five more times into her mouth she swallowed then Emma was asked to stop. She stood up her eyes vacant and controlled.

“Oh my dear that was phenomenal. Better than I have ever had I have to say thank you” Fausta said.

Again Emma shuddered in orgasm. She lowered her head in submission saying, “Thank you Master” Emma said.

“So what got into you this morning my dear?” Fausta said.

“Nothing Master. I just wanted to please you. I love you Master” Emma said.

“Ah there it is excellent! I knew that would come. You and Camilla are the closest to me and she feels as you do my dear” Fausta said.

Of course Fausta knew this was response to programming but the love was real though artificially created. She was programmed to be the perfect lover, attentive and adoring and obedient.

Then the Robotized Nadine and Vera walked in and bowed to Fausta. She stared blankly ahead.

“Yes what is it my Robot?” he said.

Emma saw her and knew she was her friend Nadine. She blinked and started to remember but the collar corrected her thinking and sent this information wirelessly.


“Have they passed into my property?” Fausta said.


“Send an aerial drone to photograph them” Fausta said.


“No. Send a Robot. Send one of those Slavers I have that I haven’t used yet, I want to test them” Fausta said.

“YES MASTER” Nadine said and then the robotized Nadine and Vera bowed fully then went out without acknowledging Emma at all.

“Yes Emma I saw a puzzled look. That was Nadine, she and Vera serve me now” Fausta said.

“Good Master. They were lost. They needed you” Emma said.

“Hahahaha excellent! Why because they were lesbians?” Fausta said.

“Yes Master and they needed your guidance, to know the truth as I do”

“Excellent my Emma” Fausta said.

“Master the Slavers?” Emma said.

“Ah yes Drones—human Robots created with special flying jet packs. I stole the first one from an alien ship that passed the Earth a few years ago and pre-programmed her to obey me then copied the design. Anyway I have six of these Slavers. They stand in Standby most of the time so this is a chance to test one of them” Fausta said.

“Yes Master” Emma said.

Soon the Slaver flew overhead and got clear images of the sedans and the tanned women inside. She also flew to Melanie and Tiffany’s and other Slave girls houses and photographed similar women.

The Slaver then returned to her Master to give report teleporting into the Library where Camilla and Emma were servicing their Master’s cock.

“Ah Robot report what did you see?” Fausta said.


“Dark bronze tanned? You have images?” Fausta said.

“OF COURSE MASTER” as the robot transmitted the images to his computer and said, “I CAN PROJECT THEM IF DESIRED MASTER?”

“Yes proceed my Robot.” As soon as Fausta saw the images he pushed a button on the desk, “All Robots to Security Alert One. Controllers contact all Slaves within 100 miles be alert for women with dark tans and PVC outfits” Fausta said.


Emma was puzzled, “Master are you in danger?”

“Excellent! You didn’t ask if you were in danger, yes but it is manageable. These women are robots serving a woman in France/Spain. I have dealt with her before…………….She will try to take Slaves and robotize them to serve her” Fausta said.

“Yes Master” Emma said as she looked at the Slaver Robot.

“So Emma what do you think of my Slaver Robot?” Fausta said.

“She is sexy and powerful Master” Emma said.

“Yes she is immensely powerful but difficult to recreate without that alien ship. She can robotize women with rays but they exhaust great amounts of power. Power we humans cannot easily replicate. So I limit their use” Fausta said.

“A wise precaution Master. You are so smart” Emma said.

“Hahahaha yes my dear. Slaver #1 resume patrol but do not be detected. Record what you see but do not capture without orders” Fausta said.


As she teleported out they looked at the photos with their Master. Emma and Camilla massaged him and kissed each other as they did. Fausta was pleased with his loyal slaves.

“This woman is the one these Robots serve. She looks good for a woman born in 1933 eh?” Fausta said.

“Master? She doesn’t age?” Emma said.

“No. She was born on January 29, 1933 in Paris, France. She extracts something from her Robots after robotizing them that not only keeps them young, but keeps herself young and beautiful. She is seemingly frozen at age 33” Fausta said.

“Master? If you could use her process you could stop aging”

“Yes I have thought of that. It won’t make me younger but it will stop the appearance of aging at least. Such a smart girl my Emma” Fausta said.

“Thank you Master” Emma said even as she began again sucking her Master’s cock.

* * *

Mistress Jessica sat on a throne like chair, smoking a cigarette with her right gloved hand which seemed to have no odor clad in a shiny black leather full length sleeveless Mistress Dress slit on the back, stiletto heeled shoes, arm length gloves, and she had a bracelet on her right glove and necklace as well as a ruby ring. She held a long black and red riding crop in her left gloved hand.

At her pussy her only Male Slave serviced her. He was naked except for a pair of shiny black latex shorts, his penis encased in a latex sheath. It was James.

Jessica laughed saying, “Oh my Slave……………Fausta is slowly converting his rivals into his Slaves. He will come after me soon, I need to increase my power before he does. We have been taking women here and there from Fausta to avoid detection, but now it’s time to start really hurting him. You will see Stella again and this time you will tell her you are there to seek her help as I failed you. When she attempts to enslave you will snap one of my collars around her neck and have her pleasure you. Your cum will enslave any woman to me. Those supplements I feed you, make your cum enslave women to my will and help make you my Slave forever” Jessica said.


“Mmmmm Yes Mistress………..forever…..” SLURP SLURP SLURP SLURP

“Yes hahahaha forever. Enslave her to me and my assets and power will quadruple my Slave. No go and bring her to me………..dress appropriately”

“Yes Mistress” he said as he went to obey.

After he left, Jessica had sex with Mel Dedigama, Jessica’s main female Slave and brainwashed lover/partner/Assistant.

* * *

As Emma was still serving her Master, a woman arrived in her own limousine. A gray haired elderly woman in her 80s. She was taken inside the Mansion to see Fausta who stopped Emma and had her stand next to him.

The woman told her driver to wait for her so the limousine waited outside.

“Fausta I am Elizabeth Wilson, the owner of Wilson cosmetics and the lone heir to my families’ fortune. I met you over fifty years ago. I know you have not aged and I also know you take women and turn them into servants like these two here” she said.

Fausta smiled and said, “Ms. Wilson if you are attempting to threaten me……….”

“No sir you misunderstand. I am an old woman, and I have been told I have weeks to live. I want to offer my fortune in exchange for eternal youth and beauty like them” she said humbly.

“Hmmmmm I see. Do you understand the price? I mean besides your money?” Fausta said.

“Of course, I smell the sex. I understand” she said, “I give myself to you willingly in exchange for youth and beauty and life” she said.

“Excellent. I accept your request my dear, transfer all assets to me in a will and I will facilitate your death with a cloned body. You will be here with them”

“Yes yes thank you Fausta” she said as he have her a look and she corrected herself, “Master.”

Ms. Wilson had her will already prepared expecting this action and she signed it and was led to a room deep within the mansion.

Ms. Wilson, or who appeared to be Ms. Wilson returned to the limousine and it drove off. Back at her own mansion, she died of a heart attack. The will was executed and the entire company and all assets became part of Fausta’s assets.

And he newest Maid Slave Elizabeth worked with Emma and Camilla, clad in her shiny black latex rubber Maid Uniform, her red hair pulled back into a pony tail. With arm length gloves, thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots and her shiny black Maid uniform had a white rubber apron. She had a shiny collar and her 36D breasts filled the uniform well. Her dildo panties—panties with a dildo in the anal opening and the vagina rewarded her for obeying.

Elizabeth had no memory of her former life but was blissfully happy being a Slave for the Master. She would never grow old and she was now permanently 22 years old.

“Ahhhhh……..yes Elizabeth yes!” as her Master shot his load into her mouth Elizabeth eagerly swallowed and kept going pleasuring her absolute Master as he shot again and she swallowed and stood up, “Thank you Master for allowing me to service you” Elizabeth said bowing.

“Yes my pretty Slave Elizabeth, I am so pleased with you” Fausta said as she resumed her cleaning duties.

Emma walked up and said, “Oh Master thank you she is so happy as one of us.”

“Yes my Emma she is a wonderful addition” Fausta said.

“Yes Master………I love you Master” Emma said.

“Yes my Slave of course you do………….resume your duties” Fausta said.

To be Continued