The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Enshrined — Chapter 10

By Mythical Traveller

With their picnic lunch all but finished, Simon and Chaarvi leaned back to enjoy the view in a pleasant silence. Chaarvi’s head rested comfortably upon Simon’s shoulder. In one hand, they each held a wine glass, half-filled from a $30 bottle of affordable red that Simon asked one of his work friends to buy for him. Not bad for a couple of dirt-poor college kids.

A thousand glimmers of sunlight danced upon the ripples of the picturesque pond.

Simon was glad they’d done this. Carrying the picnic gear all this way had been a chore, but it had been well worth the effort.

Yet despite the tranquil ambience, Simon’s heart refused to settle down. There was no mystery as to why; there was something important he needed to do. No sense in putting it off any longer.

“Chaarvi?” he gently prompted her, through their psychic link.

“Mmm?” she responded.

“You know I love you, right?” he declared.

How he had longed to say those words. He’d known how he truly felt about Chaarvi for several weeks now. But he’d been determined to wait for the right moment to tell her. If he’d blurted it out impatiently in the midst of their lovemaking, as he had come close to doing on many occasions, Chaarvi would have easily dismissed it as just some thoughtless expression of lust. But here, over a quiet picnic lunch, she could have no doubts about his sincerity.

Chaarvi turned, and looked at him with an elated smile.

“I know,” she replied warmly. “You mightn’t always say what’s on your mind, master, but I seem to get the message, all the same.

“I love you, too.”

“Really?” Simon asked coyly.

“Really,” Chaarvi nodded. “With all my heart and soul.”

Broad grins washed over both their faces, as they leaned in to share a long, tender kiss.

When they parted, Simon stared into the deep brown eyes of his beloved Apsara and felt a sudden rush of heat within his body. His heart, which had been restless even before he made his big announcement, was now pounding wildly. He couldn’t remember a more perfect moment in his life. He was filled with bliss beyond words.

However, the joy was short-lived.

As he gazed into the Chaarvi’s doting eyes, he was shaken by a troubling thought: Chaarvi was his slave. She had to love him, because that’s what he wanted her to do. She was completely helpless to defy his will.

Over these past months, Simon had become quite adept at subduing his mind control power over Chaarvi. He was able to have a thirst for coffee without worrying that Chaarvi was going to drop everything and go running off to Starbucks to fetch him a mocha, for instance. Even in the bedroom, he was able to give her a lot free rein to make love however she wanted. But his deeper desires couldn’t be repressed so easily, and ultimately, Chaarvi was compelled to serve them.

“I love you, too,” was the only possible response she could have given. Simon’s mind would never allow her to even consider a different answer. It would’ve destroyed him if she didn’t reciprocate his feelings.

It didn’t matter how much of a conscious effort he made to give Chaarvi freedom to decide her own true feelings. The heart wants what it wants; and Simon’s heart desperately wanted Chaarvi’s love. There was no way for him to genuinely repress that desire; just as there had been no way to stop himself from wanting to have sex with her, all those months ago.

Yet still, those concerns did little to dampen Simon’s mood. Staring into the eyes of his beloved, he knew that she loved him dearly. That was a wonderful thought.

He realized that it would probably vex him for the rest of his life, wondering where that love came from. Was it a natural feeling that had grown from within Chaarvi’s own heart? Or was it a foreign attitude that he had ‘written in’ to Chaarvi’s personality? If they were just two ordinary people, not having to wrangle with mind control or the side-effects of a magical heritage, would Chaarvi have fallen for him? Or would she have walked the other way? Simon suspected he would never know.

Either way, he could tell that Chaarvi’s happiness was genuine. Perhaps it didn’t matter how they got here, only that they were here: together and deeply in love.

Simon’s smile faltered for a brief instant while he lamented Chaarvi’s mental captivity. Chaarvi noticed, and realized that something had upset her master. It took her only a second to deduce what it was.

Since the day he became her master, he had always shown a very sweet level of concern for her free will. So once she started professing her love, it was only natural that he would start to worry about where those feelings originally came from.

Figuring out what was troubling him was easy enough. But Chaarvi was at a loss as to how she could put his mind at ease. She offered him a comforting smile, but she knew it wasn’t enough.

With a distracted sigh, she turned her head forward, and rested it gently upon Simon’s shoulder once more. Taking another small sip of her wine, she gazed out upon the shimmering pond, and allowed her thoughts to settle.

“You know...” she began, aloud.

For Simon, it felt weird hearing her voice again with his ears. They barely ever used their mouths to communicate these days, now that they had their telepathic link. Nonetheless, it was a fondly familiar sensation; like hearing the theme song to a beloved TV show from his childhood, for the first time in years.

“...That first afternoon, after that conversation in the stairwell; when we went back to your place and had sex?” Chaarvi continued, “I thought that this was just going to be some temporary thing.

“I figured that you just had some unfinished business from that first time we did it; that you just needed to get it out of your system. Then, after a while, the novelty would wear off. You’d lose interest, and set your sights on some other girl. Even if you didn’t get bored in a hurry, I figured that the whole ‘menace to public sanity’ thing would eventually turn you off.

“Maybe I’d get the occasional telepathic booty call, but basically, we’d go our separate ways, and I could get back to life as normal.

“Then, after a while, I started to worry that you weren’t going to lose interest... Then, I became terrified that you would.”

Simon could hear the remnant anguish in Chaarvi’s voice. He had no idea she’d been so worried about the prospect of him breaking up with her!

He recalled a couple of odd incidents some time ago, where he’d woken up in the middle of the night to find Chaarvi standing at the kitchenette window, staring off into the blackness, as if she had a lot on her mind. When he got up to see if she was okay, she deflected his question by seducing him. Simon never pressed the issue. Now he wished he had.

“And... now?” he prompted her, gazing over at her with concern. Chaarvi turned to face him, with a radiant smile.

“I realize that we belong together,” she warmly replied. Simon was relieved by her confidence.

“See, the whole point of the Kundalini stream I draw from you is to stabilize my spiritual energy; and that’s exactly what it’s been doing. Except, it’s not a pure Kundalini stream, is it? It’s marked with all your thoughts, your feelings, your desires...

“Normally, you’d expect that to be a disaster! Having a stranger’s mind stuck inside my head? Having him push me around in all sorts of crazy directions? Filling me with all sorts of confusing thoughts that aren’t my own? That contaminated Kundalini should be wreaking turmoil upon my soul, not stabilizing it! I should be causing devastation around campus like you wouldn’t believe!

“But I’m not. Everything has been perfectly peaceful. In fact, I’ve felt more at peace these past three months than I think I’ve ever felt in my entire life.

“There can’t be more than one in ten billion people who could step inside the mind of someone like me, and bring her into harmony, instead of causing her to unravel.

“I can’t believe it was some random accident that you just happened to end up on that roof just as I was finishing my Kumbhabhishekham ceremony, master. I think we were always destined to find one another.

“I think we’re soulmates.”

“Soulmates...” Simon repeated thoughtfully, his heart filling with joy. “Yeah. I’d buy that.”

They shared another kiss, slower and longer than the last, before they both turned back to admire the scenic pond as they finished the remainder of their wine.

Simon knew Chaarvi was right. Everything about their relationship indicated that, even if he didn’t have control over her mind, Chaarvi would’ve fallen in love with him anyway. Ergo, there was nothing counterfeit about their relationship. They belonged together.

He felt light as a feather. All his worries had been carried off, like leaves on the breeze.

There was still some wine left in the bottle, but Chaarvi was already pleasantly buzzed and didn’t want to spoil the afternoon by overdoing it, so Simon recorked the bottle. They packed up their picnic gear together, and began the lengthy hike back to their rental cottage.

The journey gave Simon another chance to admire Chaarvi in her sporty, new outdoors apparel. He thought she looked stunning in her tight violet polo shirt and jeans, both of which flattered her sumptuous figure, without being immodest at all.

She had been positively glowing, all day long. She had fully embraced this fantasy where, for 48 hours, she got to be just an ordinary 19-year-old woman, out on a romantic weekend getaway with her boyfriend. No need to seal herself away inside a lonely little box, or to worry about posing a threat to society at large. Simon had never quite seen her like this before. It was very attractive, seeing her with the freedom to be herself.

It was still early in the afternoon when they returned to their cottage to drop off the picnic gear. They decided to go off on a hike in the opposite direction, where their phones indicated they would find a decent overlook.

The hike was difficult, as they were unable to find a proper trail to follow. However, the view that awaited them at the end of their journey was well worth the bother.

After a mutual utterance of, “Oh wow!” they gazed together in awed silence across a hazy, lush valley that seemed to go on and on forever. It was almost like a vision out of one of their dreams. For a brief moment, they felt as if the whole world before them was theirs.

Yet Simon was quick to remember that his sense of freedom came not from the scenic expanse laid out before him, but from the beloved woman by his side.

He had beheld amazing views before. He had been to the Grand Canyon. But he had always felt empty and uninspired, because he never had anyone to share that world with, in any meaningful sense.

Staring out across the valley, Simon was filled with a renewed sense of confidence. He came to feel that, even though Chaarvi’s divine energy might make it difficult for them to live a normal life, together they would always find a way to overcome their challenges, and fulfill their aspirations.

As they left the overlook, they were able to find a distinct walking trail, which made the return journey considerably easier than the journey there. After only fifteen minutes or so, the trail emptied them out on to the same dirt road they’d driven in on the previous evening, to reach the cottage.

By the time they returned to the cottage again, it was late in the day, though still much too early to be thinking about dinner. They had a superficial conversation about how they should spend the remainder of the afternoon. But in truth, they both already understood what was going to happen.

At the start of the vacation, they’d made a private pact to “behave themselves” on this trip—at least during the daylight hours. After all, they were able to have all the sex they wanted back home in Simon’s apartment. But the freedom to get out and about like an everyday couple? That was a rare luxury.

Nonetheless, there had been an undeniable electricity between them ever since they finished their picnic lunch. They had both tried to rein it in, in order to uphold their vow. But by the time they finished their hike, they had lost all interest in suppressing their desires.

Chaarvi began to saunter around the cottage with a body language that Simon knew all too well. Rather than advance towards him, she stood meekly at some distance and postured in a way that called attention to her hips, legs and bust, while her eyes stared at him longingly. It was a silent invitation for him to take full control of her, and use her however he might please.

Simon had grown quite accustomed to accepting such offerings from Chaarvi. Over time, he had shed all his inhibitions about taking advantage of her, even for making her perform completely selfish sex acts for his benefit.

It took him only a moment to decide how he would make use of her this afternoon. Those two eye-catching bulges in her tight polo shirt had been teasing him all day long. It was high time he had some fun with them.

He willed Chaarvi to strip above the waist and she immediately obeyed. A smirk of excitement sprung upon her face. She was delighted to have an opportunity to please her master.

After peeling off her top and tossing it aside, Chaarvi reached behind her back and effortlessly unclasped her lacy, black bra. She lowered her arms in front of her, allowing the bra to fall down them freely. At the same time, she had also responded to her master’s mental summons, and was now standing within arm’s reach of him.

Simon lifted his hand on to her right breast and gently fondled it. Even after all these weeks, her tits still amazed him. They were so big, so full, so warm, so soft, so supple; as if the happiest of his adolescent wet dreams had been made a reality.

His first instinct was to play with them some more: to fondle them in his hands, and rub his face all over them; to taste her delicious nipples. But he knew that once he started playing with Chaarvi’s tits, he would have a raging hard-on in no time. He didn’t want to rush the experience like that. He wanted Chaarvi to bring him to erection, herself. It was a much more satisfying way of getting hard.

He took her by the hand and led her off to the bedroom. Then he mentally commanded her to relieve him of his pants and underwear. With an eager smile and unflinching eye contact, she unfastened the button on his beltline and calmly opened his fly. Her fingers were so light he barely even felt them at work.

She showed equal care in removing his briefs. His cock was already fat with anticipation.

After stepping out of the discarded garments, Simon laid down upon the bed. Meanwhile, Chaarvi stepped away to fetch a box of tissues, which she placed upon the mattress beside her master. She knew she’d be needing them soon enough.

At Simon’s mental command, Chaarvi climbed on top of him. She propped herself up above his abdomen, then lowered herself until her hanging breast made contact with his penis. She stroked the length of it with her nipple, then descended even further, until his cock was completely smothered in the mass of her boob.

The silky-soft skin and supple flesh were sheer paradise upon his erogenous member. It rapidly throbbed into a rock-hard column. Simon could already feel his juices beginning to race within his loins.

As his cock rose to its ultimate upright position, it easily hefted her heavy breast out of its way. The effort was very enjoyable.

Chaarvi continued to lightly tease his rod, brushing against it with her tits. Then she shook her torso, causing them to swing wildly from side to side and slap Simon’s cock around. He lifted his gaze long enough to see, from the feisty smirk on Chaarvi’s face, that he wasn’t the only one having fun with this game.

When the lighthearted foreplay was over, Chaarvi gently grabbed the hilt of Simon’s cock and guided his cockhead all over the surface of both her tits. She cupped them together to give herself an impressive cleavage and helped him plow through it, over and over.

For most guys, titfucking meant fucking cleavage. But Simon’s true kink was probing the tits themselves with his cock. So he allowed her to service him with her cleavage only for a brief while, before he directed her to give him the experience he truly yearned for.

Chaarvi once again held his rod steady, and pressed her right breast firmly against his cockhead. She moved around slowly, allowing his dick to completely explore the suppleness of her boob. It was sheer bliss, especially when she drew her silky areola across his tip.

She periodically alternated breasts, stimulating her master’s cock constantly in that fashion, until his dick had tasted every last corner of her ample bust.

Simon restrained himself desperately for as long as he was able; for no reason other than that he wanted to build up the biggest load he could possibly stockpile. He had a primal yearning to cum ten ounces upon those lovely melons; he wanted to completely drench her chest in his hot, lusty seed.

When he knew he was about to explode, he willed Chaarvi to bury his cockhead deeply in to her left nipple. There, in that sensual utopia, he blew his remarkably abundant load. Much of the center of Chaarvi’s left breast was covered in the slick, pearly mess. But the majority of it splattered back into Simon’s own curly tuft of pubic hair.

The orgasm was so profound, Simon practically blacked out before it was over.

Chaarvi waited until well after the final, weak tremblings of ejaculation had passed, before she released his penis, and sat up to wipe the mess off her chest with the Kleenex she’d wisely placed nearby earlier.

Simon was too exhausted and apathetic to even open his eyes and appreciate his own handiwork: the sight of Chaarvi’s tit covered in his jizz.

Titfucks always gave him the most intense climaxes. For Simon, they were the supreme heterosexual experience. Perhaps it was all that time spent staring at big breasts online, during his sexual formative years; all that frustrated yearning to experience the softness of a woman’s bosom. Nothing aroused him more that the feeling of a voluptuous tit pressed against his cock.

He loved the intimacy of cumming in Chaarvi’s vagina; especially when they did it missionary and were locked in a tight embrace. But from time to time, he couldn’t resist his hedonistic desires to cum upon her lovely nipples.

After Chaarvi had cleaned herself up, she leaned over her master once again, and lowered her left boob on to his spent cock, which was lying flat on his belly. Then, slowly and tenderly, she massaged his cock and balls with her yielding breast. Simon was so lethargic, he barely noticed, although he thoroughly enjoyed the sensation.

Chaarvi’s patience never faltered, as she rocked to and fro for countless minutes, until finally, Simon’s manhood recovered its vigor. He had been teetering on the verge of unconsciousness throughout the massage. But once he started to get hard again, he was well and truly awake.

His cock struggled to rise once again, but Chaarvi deliberately tormented him by holding it down, beneath her breast. Despite its bullheaded effort to push her off, it secretly relished its captivity.

Eventually, Chaarvi allowed it to stand and, holding it still with her gentle hand, she proceeded to trace it all over the flesh of her tits, just as she had done before.

Simon opened his eyes and was met with an adoring smile from his busty girlfriend. It only now occurred to him that he hadn’t given her any mental commands since that amazing orgasm; he’d been too tired! So all the erotic attention he’d been receiving in the meantime, including this second titfuck, had come entirely of Chaarvi’s own volition. He’d never blown his load into her lovelies twice in succession before. It felt like more luxury than he deserved.

It took a little longer this time, but inevitably, Simon came again, hard. Not quite as profusely or powerfully as he had before, but still enough to thoroughly rock his world. It was Chaarvi’s right breast that bore the brunt of his eruption this time. As far as Simon was concerned, it was an equally ravishing sex icon as its sister.

“I always wanted to have a threesome with pair of hot twins,” was Simon’s last coherent thought, before he collapsed into a near-comatose wreck.

Chaarvi once again enthusiastically massaged his dick and scrotum with her breast until she was convinced that her master’s climax was well and truly complete.

“I love you so much, master,” she cooed softly.

Simon weakly lifted his right hand and stroked the side of her face. It was as much of an acknowledgement as he had the strength for. Chaarvi laid down and padded several soft kisses upon his chest, before resting her head quietly upon his shoulder. His arms gathered her up in a frail embrace. Though his flesh was weary, his mind was consumed with limitless affection and gratitude for this wonderful, warm babe lying atop him. Chaarvi felt all that powerful emotion through their psychic link and found it more touching than any amount of romantic sweet nothings.

She laid with him for several serene minutes, until she grew uncomfortable with the tacky wetness all over her boobs. She slipped away, facing no particular resistance from her lover, and left the room.

Simon emerged from his drowsiness to hear the sound of the shower running. He momentarily contemplated joining his girl in there. But he quickly decided against it. He was still too tired to be interested in fooling around again, and in any event, it felt like a good idea for both of them to recharge their batteries for later.

Nonetheless, he couldn’t help but give her a friendly goose when she removed her towel, after exiting the bathroom. Chaarvi responded with a delicious giggle.

Shortly afterward, they set about preparing dinner together, before sitting down at the quaint little dinner table, which looked like something that belonged in a grandma’s house.

The meal was initially complimented with some superficial telepathic conversation, but toward the end, the conversation had dwindled off. They both understood that they didn’t need to have anything to say, in order to enjoy one another’s company.

Between bites, Simon stared across the table at his captivating date, and mused on the incredible day they had shared. From the sound of those sweet words upon the picnic blanket, “I love you, too,” echoing within his mind like a world-class choir, to their exhilarating session in the bedroom earlier.

At the time, it had felt like a guilty little lapse in self-control. After all, no more than 24 hours previously, they had pledged to abstain from having sex during the day, in order to make the most of their vacation. But now in hindsight, Simon realized it was a very appropriate way to celebrate their relationship.

That dominant-servile sexual dynamic was an intrinsic part of their relationship. It was one of the many things that made their relationship so special and unique; and they both loved it. Simon obviously delighted in having a gorgeous girlfriend who would immediately obey a mental summons to remove her top and rub her perfect tits all over his cock. And Chaarvi drew sincere happiness from pleasing her beloved master. She liked being controlled by him.

This was their relationship. This was how they lived. This was how they loved.

It wasn’t conventional by any means, and it would’ve been an unpalatable way of life for many others. But that didn’t matter. It suited them both to a tea. For Simon, it really drove home Chaarvi’s earlier comment that they belonged together. He was so grateful that they had found one another. As he met Chaarvi’s smitten gaze across the table, he knew she was thinking the exact same thing.

After dinner, they sat down together in front of the TV and indulged Chaarvi’s penchant for cheesy vintage sci-fi films; Fantastic Voyage, followed by the original Journey To The Center Of The Earth. They simultaneously erupted into a raucous a cappella of the Indiana Jones theme, upon the scene where the movie’s protagonists were chased down the cavern by a rolling boulder. They stifled their laughter together, while sharing facetious observations about how special effects ‘clearly peaked’ in 1959, when the film clumsily attempted to pass off poorly-disguised iguanas as fearsome dinosaurs. When the protagonists’ cute little pet duck/mascot was killed, Chaarvi leaned solemnly into Simon’s shoulder, and he squeezed her firmly.

Then, after the movies, they eagerly retired to bed.

After a little bit of aimless rolling about, making out, they eventually ended up in the lotus position. Chaarvi tenderly pulled Simon to her breasts, knowing how much he loved to smother himself within them and suckle upon her.

As he feasted upon her tits, Simon was reminded of that first afternoon that marked the beginning of their sexual relationship. Under his mental command, Chaarvi had sauntered over to him, sat upon his lap, and likewise presented her glorious breasts to him, for him to adore to his heart’s content. It had been the hottest moment of his life, up till that point. Yet it was framed within the context of two anxious strangers, stumbling in to an abnormal and unpredictable sexual affair, which neither of them felt entirely comfortable with.

They had come so far since then.

Now Chaarvi offered her breasts to him, not out of magical compulsion, but of her own free will. She welcomed the sweet, familiar sensation of her beloved master’s teeth and tongue dancing across her erogenous nipples. Her whole body settled in to his cozy embrace, with a natural sense of safety and belonging. On that first afternoon, she could barely look at him without him compelling her to do so. Now, whenever their eyes met, she felt a sense of loss when their eye contact broke.

As for Simon, he was no longer holding some random, smoking-hot bombshell who had just happened to fall completely under his mental enslavement. He was holding Chaarvi, the girl of his dreams; the love of his life. His arms had been made to embrace her, just as she had been made to fill them. The boundless love that radiated from her breasts tonight tasted infinitely better than the shallow release he experienced on that first afternoon, when they finally succumbed to the longstanding sexual tension between them.

Chaarvi heaved patiently and consistently upon Simon’s cock. Neither of them were in any particular rush to get to their ultimate destination. They were enjoying the journey well enough as it was.

Simon raised his head to drink tender, loving kisses from Chaarvi’s lips. He gazed into her eyes, which shimmered in the ambient moonlight with tears of happiness. Simon understood, without her needing to say a word.

The kisses continued for several minutes, steadily escalating in passion. Chaarvi’s hips likewise grew more and more insistent.

When the arousal between them had reached a fever pitch, they fell back upon the bed, with Chaarvi on top. The kisses kept growing hungrier, as did Chaarvi’s hips. The old, wooden bedframe began to creak, and the still night air was disturbed by sighs and moans of wanton excitement.

As they neared their mutual climax, Simon tightly embraced Chaarvi’s waist, constraining her movement. But her hips still had enough freedom to pump away at him furiously, and so they did. Chaarvi was typically an enthusiastic lover, but Simon was surprised by just how cock-hungry she seemed to be tonight. He figured she must still be experiencing some residual effect from his little mind control experiment earlier in the week.

Simon surrendered to Chaarvi’s tenacious efforts with roaring blasts of semen. Her tender snatch squeezed him tightly, as she mercilessly milked him for every last drop. Their hips trembled as they struggled vainly to keep the cycle of penetration going. Their heavy breaths shivered with animalistic rapture.

When the rush had passed, their mouths found one another once again. No words passed between them through their psychic channel of communication; only a single inarticulate, yet unambiguous emotion: “I love you”, which swirled around them both like a magical blanket. They sealed the sentiment with countless light, lazy kisses, until they drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.