The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Enshrined — Chapter 05

By Mythical Traveller

Simon felt an uncanny sense of deja vu, as he ushered an overdressed Chaarvi in to his apartment. Her lips were once again sealed in a faux-timid silence. Her hands were entwined demurely in front of her heavy skirt.

Simon was thrilled. The last time he’d been in this situation, it had led to the best sex he’d ever had. His hand trembled as he closed the door behind them, overwhelmed with excitement over what was about to happen.

He turned to find Chaarvi staring back at him, smiling sweetly, and eagerly. It was a stirring sight. But Simon couldn’t ignore the fact that Chaarvi hadn’t come here entirely of her own free will.

“You’re sure you want to do this?” he checked, dreading the thought that her answer may be, ‘no!’

“It’s not a case of wanting it; I think I need it,” Chaarvi responded confidently, without any hint of reluctance.

“I need to have sex with you, master. Please, fuck me,” she gently pleaded.

The request made Simon giddy all over. Despite all the racy fantasies of his adolescence, he never believed that, one day, a woman this gorgeous might actually say those words to him.

Yet now, Chaarvi was here, in his apartment. She was all his. There was so much he was aching to do with her tonight; so many fantasies that needed to be played out. But before any of that, there was one desire he had to tend to right away.

He reached up and carefully lifted those ugly glasses off of Chaarvi’s face. Now, finally, he could gaze into those vivacious brown eyes properly. She was so beautiful! Easily the most beautiful woman on the planet!

He caressed her cheek, then leaned in to kiss her. The first kiss was gentle, the next was hungry, and the third one, hungrier still. Chaarvi reciprocated his passion completely, and very soon they were making out as if there were no tomorrow.

They cooperated to remove Chaarvi’s jacket, blouse, and bra. Simon cupped her impressive left breast in his hand, marveling in its weight, warmth, and suppleness. He impatiently kissed his way down her chest, before gorging upon as much of her breast as he could fit in his mouth.

Their first sexual encounter had been so rushed, Simon barely had a chance to enjoy Chaarvi’s magnificent tits. The memory of them had tormented him ever since. He had lain in bed for hours, pining for just one more opportunity to taste those lovely mounds, to fondle them, to press his face in and lose himself in them.

Now, that opportunity had finally come, and Simon wasn’t going to let it pass him by. His cock was already fully erect, and felt as if it was about to tear right out of his pants. But Simon was adamant that, this time, he would take his time with his gorgeous houseguest.

He took Chaarvi by the hand and led her over to his modest breakfast/dinner table. He pulled up a chair for himself and sat down, then drew Chaarvi over to sit across his lap.

There, he feasted blissfully upon her soft breasts, to his heart’s content. He massaged them. He suckled upon them. He probed and teased her tender, brown nipples with his tongue. When he got tired of suckling, he began adoring them with kisses, all over. And when he got tired of kissing, he would start suckling again.

It was the purest experience of femininity Simon had ever known. A woman’s body had never felt so wonderful; so perfect. And still, this was barely the beginning. The persistent ache in his pants reminded him of all the other pleasures Chaarvi would give him before the night was done.

“Baby, I am gonna love you until I’m too spent to even sit up,” Simon thought, as he happily nuzzled her bosom.

Chaarvi, for her part, kept running her fingers affectionately through Simon’s hair, while holding him close to her chest. Her breath was heavy, and Simon could feel her heart pounding beneath her hot breasts.

Simon spent untold minutes enjoying Chaarvi’s tits. Perhaps five minutes, perhaps thirty; he didn’t care to keep count.

Eventually, his other appetites took over. He lowered his hand down across her belly, with a mind to begin touching her pussy. But he found himself hampered by her cumbersome skirt. He spent a moment wondering how he could get around it, before he had a much better idea.

He mentally willed Chaarvi to stand up and remove her skirt, and she immediately obeyed. She released the zipper at the side of the skirt, and it plummeted to the floor.

Now wearing nothing but her underwear, Chaarvi began playfully modelling for Simon.

Her panties were practical, and a dreary monotonous shade of light gray. But the way they hugged her luscious figure was extremely sexy, nonetheless. Simon quickly noticed a sizable dark patch at the crotch. It pleased him to know that she was already wet. She must’ve been as anxious to screw him as he was to screw her.

All the same, he didn’t want to give in to temptation just yet.

Simon willed Chaarvi to do a slow 360 spin, so that he could admire her from all angles. He hadn’t gotten a chance to see her from behind, the last time she was naked in his apartment. Even beneath her panties, it was obvious that her ass had excellent form.

She turned around to face him, then gracefully peeled her panties off to reveal that thick, black landing strip he had been so captivated by during her last visit. Chaarvi had such a beautiful crotch. Simon could hardly wait to get reacquainted with it.

She teased him with it; pivoting her hips to hold his attention, and flexing her thighs to enhance the creases of her pubic vee. Then she spun around to give him a proper view of her behind.

Simon gasped in awe. Chaarvi’s ass was stunning! Petite, yet round and superbly toned! He couldn’t resist reaching out to caress her right buttock and test its suppleness with his thumb. Sheer heaven!

Chaarvi was that mythic breed of woman who hit the trifecta: perfect face, perfect tits, and perfect ass. And she was completely under his control. He almost shed tears of joy.

Chaarvi pivoted her hips again, to give Simon a demonstration of her buttocks flexing. Then she bent over to give him his most tantalizing view yet. By the time she sprang upright again, she had undone the bun in her hair, and her long, raven locks tumbled elegantly down the flawless skin of her back.

She turned to face him once more; her hands upon her hips, a subdued smirk upon her lips. She gazed at him intently, in a way that seemed to demand, “Well, now that you have me here, what are you going to do with me?”

Simon smiled. “Why don’t you go over to the bed, and make yourself comfortable?” he asked her in a measured voice.

“As you please, master,” Chaarvi agreed, cheerfully.

She sashayed provocatively over to the side of Simon’s double bed and laid down, swinging her long legs on to the mattress in an agile maneuver that seemed like a deliberate effort to show them off. According to Simon’s research, Chaarvi’s grandmother was a heavenly court dancer for the gods, and everything about the way Chaarvi moved bore out that claim.

She settled her head into a comfortable position upon his pillows and smiled at him, expectantly. A couple seconds later, she parted her legs, to offer him a clear view of her glistening pussy.

“Now, get yourself off!” Simon ordered.

He noticed a brief flicker of disappointment upon Chaarvi’s face. Nonetheless, her right hand immediately snaked its way down her belly and on to her sex, seemingly beyond her control.

Her fingers traversed the length of her labia, up and down, several times, before settling upon her clitoris for a while.

“Take your time. Enjoy yourself,” Simon warmly commanded, having noticed that Chaarvi’s gestures seemed a little impatient.

Chaarvi sighed, allowing the weight of her head to settle in to the pillow. Simon noticed an immediate change in her masturbation. The movements of her fingers now appeared much more intuitive.

Simon’s smile broadened, as he watched Chaarvi zone out into a state of deep arousal.

During their conversation in the stairwell, she confessed that she had been spending her nights in bed, masturbating to fantasies of screwing him. The mental image of Chaarvi in that position had been driving Simon wild all afternoon. Now that he had her all to himself, he found it very satisfying to have her give him a live demonstration.

But voyeurism was only part of Simon’s interest in watching Chaarvi play with herself; he was also eager to learn.

He watched her fingers diligently; paying close attention to how she liked to touch the various regions of her sex, the favorite spots she kept coming back to, and the rhythm of motion that gave her the most excitement. He wanted to know precisely how to blow this babe’s mind.

Chaarvi began to make little noises; timid little happy whimpers. Her hips and legs became restless.

So did Simon.

He got undressed, without taking his eyes off Chaarvi’s mesmerizing performance for even a split second. His cock stood at full attention, red and hungry, as he finally peeled off his stifling briefs.

Chaarvi was so preoccupied, she didn’t seem to notice Simon approaching, until he was standing right over her. Her eyes widened at the sight of his engorged, stiff cock, and her lips pursed into a mischievous smirk. She wanted his dick to do things to her. She’d been craving it madly, ever since the last time she’d been in this apartment.

“All in good time, baby,” Simon thought.

He leaned over her and slipped his hand on to her crotch, gently pushing her own hand out of the way. He picked up exactly where Chaarvi left off, masturbating her diligently, according to the same motions and rhythms he had been observing.

Chaarvi was such a randy fox, Simon’s hand was completely drenched in her juices immediately. He could scarcely belief that he was holding this spectacular beauty in the palm of his hand.

It took him only a few seconds to bring her to climax. She came with a sharp gasp. Simon, with his finger curled deep into her vagina, felt the tender flesh of her sex spasm hard.

He began petting her labia more firmly, paying special attention to massage her clit with the base of his middle finger. Chaarvi was soon making a series of pathetic whimpers, which escalated into urgent yelps. Only when Simon noticed her hand lurching weakly towards her crotch did he finally stop tormenting her. He toned down his activity, rubbing her pussy with a much gentler, slower touch, as she coasted down from the heights of orgasm. She was trembling in his hand.

Simon gave Chaarvi a moment to calm down; but only a moment. Before the dreamy smile upon her face had time to fade, he had climbed upon the mattress and was crawling up between her legs.

He began by French kissing the insides of her smooth thighs; coursing his teeth gently across the fleshier parts in a harmless tease. But he wasted little time in arriving at her privates. Finally, after weeks of hopeless daydreaming, Simon was exactly where he so desperately wanted to be: lost in Chaarvi’s womanhood.

As he teased her clitoris with his tongue, he breathed deeply the air around her crotch. It was humid, hot and wild, like the air of some unspoiled jungle. For Simon, it was a stirring reminder that he and Chaarvi were really just a couple of animals, male and female, doing what came naturally.

He sucked on her clit, massaged it firmly with his lips, and tickled her tangy insides with the tip of his tongue. Chaarvi began to pant loudly, and then moan. Simon felt her thighs closing around his head. She was completely at his mercy, and Simon relished it!

He continued tormenting her until she came once more. Her thighs grasped him tightly, her breathing became ragged, and the sweet noises she made became frantic.

Simon waited for her body to relax. But he gave her no time to catch her breath before he climbed on top of her and kissed her on the lips. Then he guided his cockhead on to her opening and pushed himself inside. He had waited for this long enough! It was time for him to have his way with her!

He savored the tight embrace of her hot snatch for a moment, before he began thrusting in earnest. Much to his surprise, Chaarvi sprang up and kissed him passionately on the lips! A second ago, Simon would’ve bet diamonds that she was too exhausted to do anything more than lay still. Yet the kisses kept coming.

She tenderly grabbed his head and pulled him down with her, to maintain their kissing as she rested her head back on the pillow. Meanwhile, Simon felt her legs wrapping around behind him. Being inside Chaarvi felt wonderful, but what truly made the experience exquisite were all these signals as to how badly she wanted it—more specifically, how badly she wanted him.

Simon wasn’t able to hold out very long; Chaarvi was just too exciting, and he had been yearning for this moment for weeks. His loins began to rumble, while the rest of his body began to tingle with numbness. His lips drifted away from hers as he struggled to catch his breath for the massive exertion that was about to come. Chaarvi lingered on the pillow, making dainty, wanton moans.

Simon’s hips ran away without him, until he succumbed to orgasm. He instinctively pushed himself as deep inside Chaarvi’s snatch as he was able, and held that position with adamant resolve.

He spilled more ropes than he cared to count, becoming progressively more lightheaded and frail with each one. Eventually he could no longer support his own weight and collapsed on top of her. He vaguely registered the sensation of arms wrapping around his back, and squeezing him close.

Two red-hot, sweat drenched bodies laid on the mattress for some time, virtually motionless, aside from their violently heaving torsos, struggling to catch their breaths.

Then Chaarvi began to lavish a series of adoring kisses upon Simon. He tried to reciprocate, but he simply didn’t have the energy. Every movement was a chore.

He summoned up what little strength he had remaining to roll off of his magnificent lover. To his surprise, Chaarvi anchored herself to him by clutching his head to her own, and tightening the embrace of her legs around his hips. She helped him roll, by shifting her own body weight, until their positions were inverted: with Chaarvi on top. Their kiss had not been broken, and Simon’s expended cock was still nestled cozily within her sex.

Chaarvi wasn’t remotely deterred by the fact that Simon was hopelessly exhausted. She laid there, patiently, persistently making out with him, with far more tenderness than passion. Every now and then, he would feel her hips shifting ever so slightly, in what he suspected were strategic gestures to remind him how conveniently close her pussy was.

“It can’t get much better than this,” Simon blissfully mused.

“I’m all yours, master,” Chaarvi purred between kisses. “Do whatever you want with me.”

Even in his tired state, those words sent a tingle of excitement through Simon’s body.

“Okay, that’s it. This moment is officially perfect,” he decided.