The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Enshrined — Chapter 07

By Mythical Traveller

The following Monday was quite tedious for Simon. He didn’t share any classes with Chaarvi that day. Of course, he had seen her before she left his apartment, in the early hours of the morning. But he missed her during the day, all the same.

He was looking forward to seeing her again, that evening. Chaarvi assured him that she would be able to come over, though she was unsure about the timing. She told him she had some errands to run after college.

Before she left that morning, Simon gave her a spare set of keys for his apartment. He didn’t expect her to finish her errands before he got home, but he anticipated that she’d be spending a lot of time there from now on, and he wanted her to be able to come and go as she pleased.

Chaarvi’s face lit up with joy in response to that simple gesture. The memory of that expression gave Simon a rush of warmth several times during the day.

After a scheduled (and seemingly endless) shift at his part-time job, Simon arrived home just after sunset. He was hoping he would have time to freshen up a little before his date for the evening came calling. But much to his surprise, he didn’t come home to an empty apartment.

As he stepped inside, an unfamiliar figure glided silently over to the kitchenette. For a second, Simon thought he’d accidentally entered the wrong apartment; until he realized he recognized the woman, after all. It was Chaarvi—but unlike he had ever seen her before.

She was wearing a lemon satin chemise that just barely extended low enough to hide her crotch. Her long, black hair seemed to flow behind her with more volume than ever.

She looked like an image from the world’s raciest lingerie catalog. The color of her garment enhanced her flawless, brown complexion splendidly—especially around her bust and thighs.

She lifted one hand, and lightly tugged at one of its spaghetti-thin shoulder straps, teasing Simon with the prospect that she might slip it off completely to reveal her boob; though ultimately, she didn’t.

Simon had seen her stark naked countless times, and she had always been the sexiest woman he had ever laid eyes upon. But now that she was actually making an effort to be seductive, her hotness was off the chart! After only a quick glance, Simon could feel his cock growing rapidly inside his pants.

From the moment he entered the room, she had been staring at him intently, with predatory eyes that actually intimidated him a little bit.

“Umm... Hi!” he sheepishly greeted her.

Chaarvi responded with nothing more than a parting of her lips into a snarl-like expression.

She floated over to the modest breakfast table and turned around. Then, bracing herself upon the table, she slowly bent over, revealing her scrumptious little ass and, eventually, her glistening pussy, as well. Clearly, she’d been manually keeping herself on the boil until Simon arrived.

There was nothing ambiguous about the gesture: she was ‘presenting’, like a wild animal in heat.

Simon froze in awe.

Chaarvi peered over her shoulder and glared at him with those same ferocious eyes. Her mouth hung open, as if she were letting out some inaudible mating call.

She hadn’t spoken a word since he arrived. Simon tried to imagine what she would say, if she was in a talkative mood. Judging by the expression on her face, whatever message she had for him would’ve been crude, and to-the-point. “Me horny. Need man. Fuck me, now!”—or something along those lines.

It was an invitation Simon could hardly refuse, and it would’ve been rude to keep the lovely lady waiting.

With a gleeful smirk, he sauntered leisurely over to his guest and placed two fingers upon her vulva. It was completely covered in her slick juices. His fingers slid effortlessly across her inner lips. The heat coming off of her privates could’ve fried an egg. She definitely needed to screw! Simon found that exhilarating.

From her heavy breathing, he could tell that she enjoyed him touching her down there!

He continued to slowly stroke her pussy with his left hand, while his right worked hastily to remove his pants. It was obvious that Chaarvi wanted to be penetrated, but he refused to probe her with his fingers. He didn’t want to spoil her appetite before the main course.

Once he had opened his pants, Simon pulled his briefs down just enough to comfortably expose his fully-erect cock. He took position directly behind Chaarvi and maneuvered his cockhead to take over from his fingers, smoothly caressing the length of her labia, up and down. Chaarvi felt the difference immediately and let out a sultry little moan. She couldn’t wait to feel that big, thick rod deep inside her!

By that point, Simon was more than happy to oblige. He’d been staring at that irresistible ass and pussy for a good minute or so, and his hard-on was driving him crazy. He needed this just as badly as she did!

He pushed his cock all the way inside her sex, while his fingers dug firmly into the yielding flesh of her buttocks. Then he got a secure grasp of her hips, and began thrusting, soon building up to a vigorous rhythm.

Almost immediately, he noticed Chaarvi was making some familiar sounds, like dainty little happy grunts. For some reason, she only made those noises when he was doing her from behind; like prone, spoons, or doggy-style sex. He never heard her making them during missionary or cowgirl sex, or any other activity they got up to. It was an adorable little sexual foible, which made Simon smile.

Chaarvi’s pussy felt so good, Simon just wanted to pump her as hard and heavy as he was able. Normally, he delighted in taking his time with her. But this afternoon, he didn’t feel like restraining himself. He just wanted to go off in one quick, spectacular burst..

He could tell that Chaarvi was enjoying this especially passionate session, too.

Sure enough, he soon came inside her. He held her hips tightly against his crotch, while making mad, gasping moans. His load was abundant, and his loins did not stop convulsing until well after it was all gone. It seemed like their day apart had done Simon a world of good; he hadn’t cum so much for several days now, and it made for a mind-blowing orgasm.

When it was all over, he was weak as a kitten. He barely had the energy to lift his arms. It was a miracle he was still standing. He had given Chaarvi everything he had.

Numb and giddy with exhaustion, he gazed down at sight before him: a thick, messy mane of shiny black hair; draped over luxurious yellow satin; draped over flawless, soft skin. He fondly caressed her buttocks, which were still pressed firmly against his groin. He wanted to praise Chaarvi, to tell her what an exciting and beautiful lover she was. But he couldn’t think of any words that would do her justice.

His limp cock flopped out of her opening as he staggered backwards. His hands lingered upon her ass for a second, before they too dropped to his sides.

He was about to look around for a seat, where he could sit down and recuperate for a while, when he noticed that Chaarvi was still holding that same position, with her ass stuck out suggestively.

He could tell from her body language that she was spent. She seemed to have difficulty holding her head up, and there was an unsteadiness in how she supported her weight on her arms and legs. Yet despite the fact that they were obviously finished, Chaarvi showed no sign that she was about to relax.

It was curious behavior, but Simon couldn’t deny that it made for a wonderful view, seeing her in that position. And that’s when he understood what Chaarvi was doing: she was making a point!

She was demonstrating how deeply committed she was to satisfying all his sexual desires. Despite her exhaustion from the sex she’d just had, Chaarvi was still offering herself to him. It was a message: she was completely at his disposal. Whenever he wanted, whatever he wanted, she would always oblige. Even when her body was exhausted, her dedication to serving him would never waver.

Simon reflected upon a conversation they’d had on Saturday, about him being her shrine, and what that meant to her. At the time, Simon hadn’t understood much of what Chaarvi tried to explain to him. In particular, he struggled to accept her claims that she was comfortable with her mental enslavement.

But actions speak much louder than words. Now, bearing witness to her confidence and resolve as she offered her privates to him, he finally understood.

Chaarvi took genuine pleasure and pride in being his servant; particularly in being his sexual servant. It was a solemn duty. And for her, duty wasn’t a burden; quite the opposite, in fact. She enjoyed her newfound role. Nothing was more important to her than pleasing her master. Nothing made her happier, either.

At last, Simon was beginning to understand some of the more elusive truths about what it meant to be Chaarvi’s shrine. It was okay for him to use his mind control powers to play out his sexual fantasies with her. He wasn’t taking advantage of Chaarvi; he was helping her to find some sort of spiritual fulfillment.

It may have been unusual, but it was a healthy arrangement, and Chaarvi enjoyed it. Simon had nothing to feel guilty about.

He reached out with his left hand once again and stroked the slick, pink threshold of her sex with his fingertip. Chaarvi sighed softly.

Regrettably, Simon was far too spent to go another round with her—even just using his fingers. But he wanted to share a ‘close’ moment with her, all the same.

He stepped around to her side and took her gently by the hand. Chaarvi stood upright and turned to face him, with a warm, confident smile upon her face. Her beauty floored him, every time he laid eyes upon her. With a sigh of joy, he reached up to brush a long tendril of her messy, post-coital hair away from her left eye.

“I think I get it,” he informed her with a pensive nod, indicating that he had understood the underlying message of her provocative display.

Chaarvi’s eyes sparkled with absolute devotion as she held his gaze. She wrapped her arms around his head, pursed her lips, and leaned in, seemingly to kiss him. Simon leaned in to meet her. Just as their lips made contact, she spoke:

“...And you can get it whenever you want,” she whispered sensuously, just to drive the point home, “master.”

It was the sort of remark that would make any man’s heart race, even a man still recuperating from an epic climax.

She quit teasing him and gave him the tender kiss he was waiting for.

That word, “master,” echoed awkwardly once again through Simon’s mind. It would certainly take some getting used to. It still felt strange, but it was also exciting; like he was venturing out of his comfort zone, and in to some delicious fantasy which he’d long been conditioned to conceal in shame.

As they made out, Chaarvi backed up until the edge of the table was pressed into her thighs. Simon reached down behind her and began to fondle her buttocks. Chaarvi drew him closer, until his limp cock was pressed against her moist snatch. Those two bits were practically best friends by now.

Simon always relished holding Chaarvi’s tender body in his arms. But this afternoon, it was a different experience. This girl in his arms wasn’t just some gorgeous girl he happened to have complete control over. Now, he understood: she was his girl.

He was a lucky, lucky man.