The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Enshrined — Chapter 08

By Mythical Traveller

Concentrating in class had become much easier for Simon, since he began his sexual relationship with Chaarvi. Repressing all those desires had been driving him crazy. But now, he finally felt like he was able to properly focus on his schoolwork again.

Nonetheless, there were still moments when he found himself hopelessly captivated by the phenomenal babe sitting on the opposite side of the lecture hall.

Little Gray Mouse. That was his private pet name for Chaarvi’s retiring alter-ego, since her fashion scheme was predominantly gray, and her persona was so mousy.

She was still the most beautiful girl on campus, as far as Simon was concerned. But he couldn’t ignore the fact that she was going to pains to make herself less attractive.

“Why?” he pondered, as he gazed at her dreamily. “Why do you hide yourself away like that?”

Chaarvi was a strong, fiercely intelligent, charming woman. She was gorgeous inside and out. Simon couldn’t fathom why she was so determined to hide all that from the world. And she was clearly very determined.

“Those glasses are fake, aren’t they?” he speculated.

She never wore her glasses when they were alone together in his apartment, and he’d never noticed the slightest hint of any vision problems from her.

“If those glasses are fake, adjust them,” he mentally commanded her.

Sure enough, Chaarvi reached up and nonchalantly readjusted her glasses. As with many of his commands, she didn’tseem to realize the impulse came from Simon.

“I knew it!” Simon gently congratulated himself. “You only wear them to make yourself look ugly.


This wasn’t the first time he had mulled over the motives behind Chaarvi’s frumpy disguise. Ever since he discovered her true nature, all those weeks ago, he had often wondered why she worked so hard to make herself unattractive.

Over this past week, he’d been so preoccupied with the mind-blowing sex, he hadn’t given the matter much thought. But this morning, it had been brought back to the forefront of his mind.

Just before dawn, after a lazy, early morning round of lovemaking, Simon watched as Chaarvi buttoned herself up in that outfit. She was eager to get back to her own dorm before the rest of the town woke up.

He’d already witnessed this routine three times over the past week. But this morning, Simon was struck by its uncomfortable similarities to a “walk of shame.” It completely sank the post-orgasmic buzz he’d been enjoying.

Chaarvi had explained how sacred he was to her, being her shrine. So Simon was convinced that she wasn’t actually ashamed of being his lover. So how come she seemed so anxious to prevent anybody else from finding out about them? The question troubled him greatly.

Once she’d gotten dressed, she paused ominously in place, before turning her head and gazing up at him with gentle, expectant eyes that seemed to beg, “What do you want from me, master?”

Simon quickly realized that the reason she hadn’t left was because he wasn’t allowing her to leave. He didn’t want to see his beautiful lover to creeping out of his apartment in the small hours of the morning, like a criminal; hence, she was compelled to stay.

Although he was eager to understand her behavior, Simon realized that, with Chaarvi so clearly in a hurry to get home, it wasn’t the right time for them to have that conversation. He forced himself to release the mental restraint he had imposed upon her, and allowed her to leave freely. Chaarvi thanked him with a tender smile, before briskly disappearing out his front door.

Sitting over his breakfast table all alone that morning, Simon continued to ponder the mysterious relationship between the real Chaarvi, and the Little Gray Mouse who had just fled his apartment. Why did that gorgeous, confident woman, who had greeted him in that sexy chemise the previous evening, feel the need to hide herself away in public?

Even now, sitting in class, Simon couldn’t help but feel disappointed, gazing at Chaarvi from across the room.

Why wasn’t she sitting beside him? Aren’t boyfriends and girlfriends supposed to sit together, when they share a class? Why were they putting on this charade that they didn’t even know one another?

The random dude sitting beside him was such a poor substitute for the warm company of the girl of his dreams.

But even though he missed being close to her, Simon was able to control his thoughts well enough that he didn’t accidentally summon Chaarvi over to his side. He contented himself that he would get to spend plenty of time with her again that evening.

In fact, Simon had hardly given any accidental commands to Chaarvi since they established their sexual relationship a week ago.

There was a refreshing tranquility in his feelings towards Chaarvi now, and a willingness to be patient. Waiting a few hours to be with her was far easier to cope with than knowing that he could never be with her, ever.

* * *

Simon let out a deep, contented sigh.

Chaarvi was draped lazily over his right-hand side, padding soft kisses upon his cheek, jaw and shoulder. Her womanhood was well filled with a fresh load of his seed, once again.

With his left hand, he began to gently caress the hair flowing back from around her temple. In moments like this, Simon could scarcely believe that this was his life; it was more like he’d died and gone to heaven.

“You’re so beautiful,” he gently mused.

He’d said those exact same words to her dozens of times over the past week, mostly while kissing her naked body all over, in a frenzy of lust; or while thrusting inside her, on the verge of orgasm. But it deserved repeating, outside of all that hormonal anarchy, so that Chaarvi would know he was sincere, and so that Simon could truly appreciate how fortunate he was.

Chaarvi grinned broadly, closed her eyes, and turned away in a brief moment of shyness, hiding her face against Simon’s shoulder.

She was beautiful! So beautiful... And as Simon reflected upon that, he was reminded of the many questions that had plagued his mind that morning, about why she insisted on hiding her beauty from the rest of the world.

“Can I ask you a question?” he said, with an air of seriousness.

Chaarvi smiled cheerfully and shrugged.

Simon paused for a long moment, as he tried to figure out the most diplomatic way of asking Chaarvi why she always wore such butt-ugly clothes.

“Why do you dress... so... conservatively?” he managed to ask.

Chaarvi chuckled briefly. “You mean, ‘Why do I wear such butt-ugly clothes?’” she replied in good humor.

“Whoa! ‘Butt-ugly clothes?’” Simon thought, amazed by her choice of words, “That’s exactly what I was thinking! Great minds... Oh, right! The mental link!” he suddenly realized. Because of his power, Chaarvi was compelled to answer the question he really wanted to ask her; not the question he actually asked.

Chaarvi sighed deeply and rested her head upon his shoulder. She wasn’t upset, but the question had definitely sobered them out of their post-coital haze.

“You remember, that first morning, I told you how the Kundalini you give me stabilizes my soul, and prevents me from inflicting mental trauma on other people?” she reminded him.

“Hmm. Vaguely,” Simon acknowledged.

She’d given him a lot to digest that first morning. Being told that she was a Hindu demi-goddess, and that he had complete mental control over her were the two key points that had stuck.

“Yeah, well, that’s really only half the story,” Chaarvi continued.

“See, I have a partially-divine soul, but wrapped in a regular mortal body, and walking around the mortal world. This environment was never meant to handle such intense energy. When I’m out in the world, I’m like a tornado barreling down Main Street.

“Most people’s souls can’t withstand it. They go mad—lose all awareness of who they are, or where they are. They can lose all train of rational thought. Suffer intense, uncontrollable emotions. Any of the above, or even all of the above.

“It’s possible my energy could even tear a soul right out of its body; kill someone...” she lamented.

“The Kundalini is a stabilizing force. It smooths the turbulence out of my energy and makes it much less destructive; which means I won’t inadvertently harm the people around me... Unless... they start paying attention to me.

“See, I’m harmless enough when I’m just floating around in the background. But when you start to notice me... when you wonder about me... when you interact with me... you’re allowing me to affect you. You’re opening your own soul to the energy of mine. It’s sort of like the difference between seeing the world in daylight, and staring directly into the sun. One’s okay; the other will do you real damage.

“So, I can’t afford to have people notice me. I have to be that unattractive, boring loser that everybody just wants to ignore.

That’s why I wear such butt-ugly clothes, master. That’s why I avoid everybody and keep to myself. I can’t afford to be interesting. People would get hurt.

Simon laid beneath her in silence, contemplating what she’d just told him with extreme skepticism. Of course, he knew Chaarvi would never knowingly lie to him. But he simply couldn’t accept that she was the public menace she had just described herself as. She was lovely!

“But... that doesn’t make any sense,” he protested. “I’ve been paying attention to you for weeks. We’ve spent every night together for the last seven days... and I’m fine! I feel amazing, as a matter of fact.”

“Well yeah, sure, you’re my shrine,” Chaarvi quickly countered. “I could never harm you. You’re protected by the Kundalini channel that runs through you.

“Structurally reinforced to withstand extreme spiritual events,” she added with a facetious smirk.

“Oh? I didn’t know Bechtel had branched out into religion?” Simon responded, deadpan.

“Oh yeah!” Chaarvi replied, “Anywhere there’s a profit to be had.”

They both chuckled softly, as Simon absently caressed Chaarvi’s upper back. He was more convinced than ever: she couldn’t possibly be as harmful as she had made herself out to be. Any woman with such a bubbly sense of humor had to be a gift to the people who knew her, not a curse. So why did Chaarvi believe such horrible things about herself?

“I’m not making this up,” she asserted in a gentle, yet serious tone. It was almost as if she could feel Simon’s skepticism and felt compelled to justify her claims. She lifted her head, to make eye contact with him. Simon could see how serious she was.

“You remember how Henderson held me back after class last Tuesday?” Chaarvi asked with some hesitation.

Simon nodded.

“And did you notice we had a substitute for the rest of the week?” she prompted.

“Hmm. I guess,” Simon answered with a shrug. “To be honest, I was sort of zoned out for those last couple days. I had other things on my mind,” he told her warmly, while caressing the side of her face.

Chaarvi tried to maintain her serious expression, but Simon managed to draw a coy smirk from her lips with his flirting.

“Then I guess you didn’t pick up any of the gossip around campus about what happened on Tuesday afternoon?” she asked.

“No,” Simon shook his head curiously.

“Well, apparently, at the end of the day, Henderson walks over to his car,” Chaarvi began, “tries to unlock the door. He struggles with the key for a couple seconds—no big deal, you know? And then all of a sudden he just starts beating the living shit out of the car!”

Simon’s eyebrows peaked in amazement. He wondered for a second if he’d misheard her.

“He’s punching the doors and the frame, kicking them, smashing them with his briefcase,” Chaarvi continued, “He shatters one of the rear windows and sets off the alarm. Cracks the rear windscreen. Puts more dents in the body than anyone can count. All the while, yelling like a psycho.

“Campus security show up, and he’s so out of control, they’re afraid to approach him. So they just stand back until he looks like he’s starting to calm down.

“By the time they finally manage to get him under control, he’s red as a tomato, he’s sweating, his hair looks like Doc Brown’s. His glasses are gone: they fell off his face while he was beating up his car; he’s trampled on them without even noticing...

“A couple of juniors who saw him less than a minute before it all started reckon he was fine. He smiled at them and said, ‘Good Afternoon.’ But then, all of a sudden, he snaps! Just because he has a little trouble opening his door.”

Simon listened intently, staring at his ceiling in wide-eyed silence. It was a disturbing story. He liked Professor Henderson. But he liked Chaarvi a whole lot more. It was deeply unsettling to think that she might have played some unwilling role in Henderson’s outburst.

“Anyway, the dean came out to see what the hell was going on. Henderson, apparently, looked as confused as everybody else. Even he has no idea why he’s just beaten the shit out of his own car.

“The dean put him on sick leave for the rest of the week and told him to go home and get some rest,” Chaarvi concluded with a shrug.

“No shit,” Simon muttered tensely.

“Oh wait, it gets worse!” Chaarvi told him. “He goes home. Then later that night, his neighbors hear screams coming from his house. They call 911. The cops show up, hear the screams, and break the door down!”

Simon lifted his head and gazed down at Chaarvi in astonishment.

“Well, it turned out it was Henderson’s wife screaming, but... they weren’t unhappy screams,” she said with a smirk.

“Are you fucking serious?” Simon asked.

“Yep,” Chaarvi nodded. The mirthful grin spreading across her face instantly lifted Simon’s spirits.

“Gianni Stronzo’s cousin’s a cop. He reckons it’s the best call-out story anyone in the station can remember.”

Simon never hung out with Gianni Stronzo. But he knew him by reputation. He was the last guy on campus you’d want to know about your personal business. If Gianni knew something on Tuesday, the entire college would know about it by Wednesday.

“Apparently, it took her a full thirty seconds to realize there were a couple of speechless cops standing in her bedroom doorway, watching them ‘get busy’. And even then, she couldn’t get him to stop until he’d completely finished...”

Simon and Chaarvi both laughed their way through the uncomfortable mental imagery of the story.

“Holy fuck,” Simon whimpered, lost for any other words.

Chaarvi sighed. “But see, master, that’s what I do to people. I unhinge them, damage them, make them lose themselves. More often than not, the results are pretty gruesome.

“Henderson spent less than five minutes staring into me, grilling me about some stupid assignment; and it completely overwhelmed him. I turned his mind into anarchy. And he was lucky! If he’d been exposed to me much more, he could’ve had a major psychotic break, which he might never have fully recovered from!”

A somber silence descended upon the room. Chaarvi had given Simon more to digest than he’d bargained for.

He no longer doubted Chaarvi’s claims about the danger she posed to others. It was a troubling discovery, for sure. And yet, as he laid comfortably beneath her naked body, basking in her sublime warmth and softness, Simon was greatly reassured to realize that his feelings towards her hadn’t changed at all. She was still profoundly beautiful; the girl of his dreams. There was nowhere else he would’ve rather been than in bed with her.

But his concept of their situation had been shaken up severely. Suddenly, being Chaarvi’s ‘master’ seemed much more daunting than he’d previously assumed. He wasn’t worried about his own safety. But if Chaarvi was indeed so dangerous to others, that meant he needed to be extra careful in how he wielded his control over her.

“But... if I’m immune to all that stuff, why do I get the feeling that you’re avoiding me all the time?” Simon asked cautiously. “Like, how come you sit all the way over the other side of the hall during class?” Strangely, he felt as if the answer was practically within his grasp; he just needed a little nudge to get there.

“Because I may be an invisible nobody, master, but you aren’t,” Chaarvi explained. “You have friends. And if they notice that there’s something going on between you and me, they’re gonna get curious. They’re gonna want to know who I am and find out more about me.”

“Shit! That’s right!” Simon agreed.

It was yet another proviso he hadn’t anticipated. Apparently, he would need to keep his relationship with Chaarvi a complete secret, in order to spare his other friends from harm. It was an uncomfortable revelation. Simon suddenly felt lost; as if he’d just discovered he was in a very different position to where he’d believed himself to be.

All these constraints on their relationship were beginning to feel unfair.

“So... I guess there’s no chance of me bringing my gorgeous ‘shrine girl’ home for Thanksgiving?” he mused sarcastically.

Chaarvi lifted her head and stared at him intently. The question had clearly taken her by surprise. She studied him for a moment, trying to discern whether he was joking, or being serious.

“Um... Not unless you want your family driven to literal insanity, master,” she replied, without trying to hide her curiosity.

“Eh. With my sister, that wouldn’t be a long trip, anyway,” Simon shrugged.

Chaarvi smiled, as she laid her head back down on his chest. Simon resumed slowly stroking her hair.

“So... is this how it’s always been for you? Having to avoid everyone, I mean?” he asked after a long pause.

“Not always,” Chaarvi answered softly. “I wasn’t dangerous when I was in grade school.

“It’s not like I had any close friends, or anything. But I could still talk to people; play with the other kids; go to birthday parties, sleepovers...

“Things started to get weird in junior high. Other kids, and even the teachers, started acting really paranoid and moody—like, well beyond typical teenage crap. Straight-A students suddenly started getting D’s and F’s. We had some perfectly literate kids that would just randomly lose the ability to read for a few hours. Shit like that.

“By the time I started high school, it was really bad. Kids were getting charged with crimes left, right and center. And we were just some small town, not some rough inner-city school! They’d never seen anything like this before!

“Some kids would just go psycho in the middle of class. The percentage of kids on antidepressants was six times the national average at my school. It was fifteen times the national average for antipsychotics, and nearly four times the national average for suicide attempts. I know, because there was a major investigation by the health department, trying to figure out why there was suddenly such a high demand for psychiatric care around my school.”

Although her voice remained steady and articulate, Simon could hear Chaarvi’s mood sinking lower with every sentence. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tightly. She continued as if she hadn’t even noticed.

“That year, our JV football team was on a hot streak. They were all set to go to the state championships. The whole school was super excited about it. But then one day, this fight just randomly broke out between them in the gym, and they just completely beat the shit out of one another.”

“I think I saw that!” Simon exclaimed in surprise.

“I’m not surprised,” Chaarvi replied, deadpan. “The video went viral.”

Simon distinctly remembered watching that video clip. He remembered being frightened by the brutality of it. It was far worse than your run-of-the-mill schoolyard brawl; those kids almost looked as if they were trying to kill one another! He remembered wondering what on Earth could have filled a bunch of kids his own age with so much violent rage.

“Half the team was hospitalized,” Chaarvi continued, “and the school association disqualified the team from the championship, for their misconduct.

“You know, I wasn’t even in the gym at the time,” she mused. “I just needed to be at the school, and...

“Well, after that, I couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t understand what was happening, but somehow I just sensed that all these terrible incidents were my fault.

“I tried asking my mom for help, but she... I guess she just thought I was telling crazy stories to get her attention, or something...”

Simon felt his blood beginning to boil at the mention of Chaarvi’s mother, already knowing how she mistreated Chaarvi during her youth.

“But after the fight in the gym, I needed to make it all stop,” Chaarvi continued, “so I just kept begging her for help, until she took me to the city, to see a senior pandit at a Hindu temple. He recognized that my energy was causing all the problems, and he helped me. He taught me exercises, and he taught me how to use a shrine to open a Kundalini channel, to stabilize my energy.

“And it worked! The violence and madness at school stopped practically overnight.

“But whenever anyone interacted with me directly, it was still... weird; like they were on something, you know? They’d have trouble keeping a train of thought, or they’d just be really wound up. It was subtle at first, but it just kept getting worse and worse, until eventually, the ‘incidents’ started up all over again.

“Kids were freaking out, losing their minds; and it didn’t take the school long to notice that I was always as the center of these incidents. Some of the kids even had the presence of mind to blame me for driving them crazy; though they could never explain how I did it.

“And Mom... Well, she just loved getting called in to the school over and over again to be told that her daughter had been involved in another disruptive outburst,” Chaarvi remarked with cold sarcasm.

Simon figured that the most grueling aspect of those hard years for Chaarvi was probably the verbal abuse she received from her mother, after they’d returned home from those meetings. He imagined what one of those encounters would’ve looked like, and a sense of anxiety settled within his stomach. The hairs on his arms stood on end, and he suddenly felt the brisk apartment air upon his naked skin. When had it gotten so chilly in here?

Again, he was left aghast by Chaarvi’s mother’s appalling cruelty. Chaarvi was undoubtedly confused, lost, and terrified by the strange powers she had developed. How could her mother compound that suffering by lashing out at her? Chaarvi hadn’t asked for an overpowered soul that was dangerous to her schoolmates! She couldn’t just ‘switch her dangerous energy off’! She was helpless! It wasn’t her fault!

She needed understanding, reassurance, and help! Not senseless criticism and abuse.

“So eventually,” Chaarvi continued her story, “she got me transferred to a new school, where I show up on day one as this quiet shrinking violet who nobody was ever going to notice. Because when nobody notices me, nobody gets hurt.”

Simon had no words to offer in response to Chaarvi’s heartbreaking tale.

Oddly enough, the awkward silence that descended upon the room actually came as a bit of a relief, because it meant that the story was over. Simon could feel the tension releasing in Chaarvi’s body, very gradually, as her painful trip down memory lane came to its end.

She propped herself, resting her head in her hand, and gazed down at him with gentle eyes.

“I’m dangerous goods, master,” she declared in a calm, matter-of-fact tone. “That’s just the way it is,” she shrugged. There was no self-pity in her voice, nor any uncertainty; only a stoic acceptance of her fate. Simon could tell that, in years gone past, Chaarvi had felt immense grief, as she came to understand that she was unlikely to have any meaningful human contact for the duration of her life. But over time, those wounds had turned into painless calluses.

Simon reached up to brush the hair away from her right temple. He hoped the gesture would comfort her, but it seemed so inadequate.

He studied her bright-eyed, neutral expression. Her young, strikingly beautiful face never failed to captivate him. But for the first time, Simon noticed the lifetime’s worth of emotional weariness resting behind that charming facade. It made him sad; yet at the same time, he couldn’t help but be impressed by Chaarvi’s integrity.

Despite all the hardship and mistreatment she had suffered, she had still grown into a gentle, selfless woman with a warm heart. It would have been so easy for Chaarvi to have been left embittered and resentful by the unfairness of her life. But she never allowed her trials to snuff out her inner light. For Simon, that only reaffirmed his impressions of how wonderful she truly was.

Chaarvi sighed softly, as her lips curled up into an unguarded frown that lasted no more than a split second.

“Can I... Can I ask a favor?” she asked with hesitation.

“Anything,” Simon replied.

“Can we stop talking now, and just have sex?” she asked plainly. Her tone was mild, but there was desperation in her eyes. She had no further appetite for heavy pillow talk, nor for reliving the ugly memories of her teenage years. She wanted to go somewhere happier, somewhere warm and easy.

“Sounds good to me,” Simon smiled.

Chaarvi smiled, too, and they both leaned in for a long, tender kiss.

Their arms coiled around each other as the first leisurely kiss became another, and another. Neither of them was in any particular hurry to take things to the next level.

Simon’s hand reacquainted itself with Chaarvi’s body, firmly caressing her waist, hip, and ass cheek. He shifted his weight and rolled on top of her, where they continued sharing long, slow kisses for some time. Eventually, Simon broke away, and began slowly kissing his way down Chaarvi’s delicious body.

He settled upon her breasts for a while, kissing their fleshy surface, before sealing his lips around her nipple, and kissing, suckling, and tongue-tickling it extensively. Even once her nipple was completely erect, Simon kept tormenting it for some time, until he was confident that it was buzzing with erogenous pleasure. Once he had brought her right boob to the heights of pleasure, he moved on to the left, and gave it the same meticulous attention.

When he was finished with her tits, Simon stuck his tongue out, and licked a trail from Chaarvi’s nipple, to her sternum, and then slithering downwards to her belly. When he arrived at her mons, his tongue danced across it from side-to-side. He had always been ticklish in that area of his own body, and he got the distinct impression that Chaarvi was, too.

He gave the skin of her crotch two passionate kisses, one on either side of her lush landing strip, before tickling the top of her mons one last time with his tongue. He wanted to prolong her anticipation of the main event. But soon enough, he sunk down and began playing with her clit.

Every time they had been together so far, Simon had paid attention to the way Chaarvi responded to the various attentions he gave her nether regions. By now, he fancied himself something of an expert on what her pussy liked. He knew where to stroke her, what rhythms to use, and when to go in hard with the frenzied teasing.

His lips and tongue went to town on her pussy, in a way she could never have braced herself for.

Chaarvi was generally not a noisy girl when she was enjoying herself. But Simon could still tell when she came, by the tension in her body. Reading her body, her intermittent spasms, her choked whimpers; Simon knew that this climax was something exceptional for Chaarvi—perhaps the most powerful she had ever known.

“Excellent!” he thought to himself. He wanted to give her the ride of a lifetime. After learning about her history, he figured she deserved it. She deserved all the happiness in the world.

Only once he had taken her to the verge of passing out did Simon relent. He puckered his lips and pressed them against her clit, in a long, motionless kiss. That way, she could still feel him connecting with her as she came down, but without any movement to torment her hyper-erogenous bud.

Her pubes tickled his nose. God, he loved that sexy little bush of hers!

Chaarvi’s trembling hands landed upon his head. What he first assumed were clumsy attempts to caress him turned out to actually be a summons to come back up and kiss her some more. Simon happily obliged, pulling himself up until he was lying face to face with her.

They settled in to a long, continuous kiss, that seemed to go on and on for ages. Even though Chaarvi was completely exhausted, her tender, patient lips still expressed an insatiable desire for him. It was the kiss of two lovers who couldn’t get enough of each other.

Chaarvi wrapped her arms around him, and her legs followed suit soon after. Simon knew that, if her limbs had any strength left in them, the embrace would’ve been inescapable. He reciprocated by wrapping his arms around her and squeezing her passionately.

Eventually, Chaarvi broke away from the kiss. Simon opened his eyes and found himself staring into her adoring gaze.

“Come inside me, master,” she panted softly. “Please, I want to have you inside me.”

Simon could tell, from the pleading look in her eyes, that she wasn’t just being cute; she was crazy-horny for some penetration.

“Your wish is my command, milady,” Simon grinned.

They simultaneously aligned their groins, as Simon dove in for yet another long, luxurious kiss. He guided his cockhead to her moist opening, and then patiently pushed himself inside her, deeper and deeper, until he was pressing her hips into the mattress with all his might. Chaarvi moaned sweetly in to their kiss as she finally felt her master filling the insufferable emptiness in her crotch. It was music to Simon’s ears.

Simon began thrusting, but only very gently and very slowly. He was in no rush to finish; in fact, he wished this moment could last forever. He’d had sex with Chaarvi countless times over the past week, but her pussy had never felt so good before. He wanted to savor it for as long as he could.

But the more he moved inside her, the more his cock ached to reach its climax. Simon couldn’t resist quickening his pace a little. Chaarvi responded with a series of happy moans. Simon could swear she was getting tighter and tighter with every passing moment.

Although it was deliberately a slow, luxurious round of sex, when Simon was ready to cum, he didn’t fight to prolong the inevitable, as he normally would. This time he let go, and lost himself in the myriad of pleasures: Chaarvi’s tender kisses; her hands coursing all over his back in a wild, serene dance of lust; the hot, buoyant softness of her breasts, cushioning his own abs; the flesh of her ass cheek yielding to his grasp; and, of course, the sublime hospitality of her pussy. Being with Chaarvi was like paradise.

In fact, Simon was enjoying himself so thoroughly that he didn’t immediately notice when his semen began to spill into her womanhood. It was just one more ecstasy in overwhelming chorus of ecstasies. It was a relatively mild orgasm, neither strenuous nor jarring. Nonetheless, it was hearty load, and Simon felt as if it took many more ejaculations than normal to deplete himself.

The climax scarcely exhausted Simon, leaving him with ample energy to continue making out with Chaarvi enthusiastically for several more minutes afterwards. But a few seconds after he stopped cumming, a wave of warmth spread through his whole body, leaving him with a sense of unparalleled satisfaction. As mild as it had been, it still ranked as one of the best orgasms he’d ever had.

When the moment had run its course, their lips finally parted. Simon opened his eyes again, for the first time in ages, and looked down at his gorgeous lover. She was flushed and, much like himself, slightly out of breath. He deduced that she had probably had another mild orgasm, perhaps around the same time he’d had his own.

She gazed at him with dreamy eyes, and smiled broadly.

“Thank you, master,” she cooed happily, “that was wonderful.”

Simon couldn’t immediately think of anything to say that seemed to do the moment justice, so he merely responded with a gentle kiss to her cheek.

He gazed upon her lovely face, and once again found himself completely smitten. Even sweaty, flushed, exhausted and messy as she was in the wake of her orgasm, her beauty had no compare. For the hundredth time, he thanked his lucky stars that this amazing woman was his lover.

“I have no idea what sort of effects you have on other people, Chaarvi,” Simon remarked with a gentle shake of his head. His voice was scarcely more than a whisper. “But I can tell you one thing for certain: you are by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

At first, a blank look settled upon Chaarvi’s face. It was as if his words had bewildered her, and she needed a few seconds to process them. Then, her lips curled up into a broad grin, and soon after began to quiver. Simon noticed the beginnings of tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

Without a word, she pulled him close and tightened her arms around his back. He reciprocated by squeezing her as tightly as he was able. His face settled into the space beside her head, and he nuzzled the side of her neck.

There wasn’t a force in heaven or Earth that could’ve pried them apart.