The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Enshrined — Chapter 09

By Mythical Traveller

Simon awoke to a bright, sun-bathed apartment.

Without even needing to look around, he could feel that he was alone in the bed. He sighed in disappointment. Life was good all round, but there was nothing like waking up in bed with company.

As a matter of fact, he was surprised that Chaarvi hadn’t slept in this morning. He would’ve thought she’d need the rest, considering how vigorous she’d been in bed last night.

It was all thanks to a little pet theory Simon had decided to test out yesterday: that he may be able to use his mind control powers to manipulate Chaarvi on a purely subconscious level.

The experiment began early in the morning, with Simon issuing a simple command for Chaarvi to feel a little aroused. As per usual, she seemed completely unaware of him exercising any influence over her.

As the day progressed, he kept reinforcing the suggestion, making her hornier and hornier. Specifically, he teased her with suggestions that she felt empty downstairs, and how satisfying it would feel to fill her sex with a big, hard cock.

He could barely curb his delight in class, watching her squirm in her seat all through the lesson, as her pussy itched with furious lust. The heat rising in her body became too much for her, forcing her to strip off her jacket and release the collar button of her blouse. The poor Little Gray Mouse had no idea why she was so ridiculously horny today.

Watching her in such a noticeable state of arousal, Simon unexpectedly became more than a little turned-on, himself.

As soon as she got back to the apartment that evening, Chaarvi came on to Simon strongly, with flirtatious cues that he knew very well. But Simon firmly reined her in with his mind control powers, explaining that he was famished and he wanted to have dinner before they settled down for the night. In reality, that was simply a ruse to wind her up even more; to force her to sit through a tiresome meal, when all she could think about was having sex.

After they’d finished washing the dishes, Simon’s experiment came to a head. Not knowing precisely what to expect, he released all his mental constraints over her, essentially leaving Chaarvi to her own devices. In an instant, his Little Gray Mouse set upon him; making out with him with wild, passionate kisses that didn’t care overmuch about finding his lips, while simultaneously grinding her skirt against his crotch aggressively.

Before he knew what had happened, he found himself hurled down upon his mattress with a very determined Hindu demi-goddess straddling him, riding his manhood as if there were no tomorrow. She hadn’t even been bothered to fully remove her blouse, or unbind her hair as she normally did.

She brought him to one of the most mindblowing orgasms he’d ever had, before rolling off on to the mattress, where she babbled some of the sexiest dirty-talk Simon had ever heard.

“Damn, your dick rocks my world! Gets me so fucking wet and horny! Sometimes I just want to nail that door shut and just fuck that dick until I drop!”

He was astonished when, after she’d recuperated, Chaarvi climbed on top of him, pinned him down again, and began riding him with almost as much vigor as their previous round! No sweet nothings were exchanged; she just wanted hot, uncomplicated sex. And once that protracted session had run its course, the entire cycle repeated for a third round.

“Wow! Again? How are you not wrecked by now?” Simon asked in amazement, as she began assertively gyrating on his rod for the third time.

“I don’t know. I guess I’m just really in the mood,” she purred absently. “I’ve been thinking about this all day long—you have no idea.”

“Gee, I wonder why?” Simon teased. Chaarvi immediately understood.

“Ooooh! Master likes it when his servant’s excited, does he?” she mewed sweetly, pursing her lips into a playful smile. “Well, in that case, I guess I should thank you. This was totally worth the wait,” she sighed.

“Wow. You are seriously enjoying this, aren’t you?” Simon asked, as she continued her rhythmic thrusting. Her euphoria was written all over her face and within her body language.

“Mmm-hmm,” Chaarvi agreed. “Turns out you don’t need a crowd to have a party.”

Simon’s little experiment had succeeded beyond his wildest expectations. Chaarvi spent the night going off like a Fourth of July fireworks show. And although she had been an intense lover on many previous occasions, Simon had never before been ravaged so aggressively, nor so persistently.

He ended the night dazed, disoriented, and hopelessly spent. Frankly, he was relieved when Chaarvi finally ran out of steam, because by that point he had no chance of getting hard again for her. It had been one of the most thrilling nights of his life.

He had woken up feeling well-rested and extremely content. The memories of that wild night were still fresh in his mind, and he reveled in them.

Nonetheless, he missed his girlfriend.

Curious about where she had gotten to, he turned his head and peered across the room. The bathroom door was slightly ajar, and steam was wafting out through the gap.

“You’re up early,” he thought. He didn’t care to check the time, but judging by the light, he guessed it was around 7am.

“Yes, master. I wanted to get an early start,” Chaarvi’s voice responded, in his mind. “I’m hoping I can make some serious headway on that assignment this morning. That way, I should be completely free for the weekend.”

Almost three months had passed since that fateful conversation in the college stairwell—the moment they chose to begin an ongoing sexual relationship. It had been three amazing months of frantic passion; realized fantasies; and wondrous, unguarded intimacy.

Every time they made love, the magical bond between them grew stronger. By now, it was so powerful that they were able to communicate telepathically, without ever opening their mouths.

The first indication that their mental link was growing stronger came a few weeks into their relationship, when they realized they’d begun sharing the exact same dreams at night. They’d been sharing dreams ever since. They’d had some amazing adventures together.

Then, one Saturday morning, as Chaarvi laid curled up in Simon’s arms, he began to hear the sound of her voice in his head. At first, he couldn’t discern what she was ‘saying’; but soon enough, they were communicating quite clearly with one another, completely telepathically.

Initially, they could only communicate this way when they were in physical contact. But before the week was out, they were able to converse clearly from across the room.

Now, they were able to communicate freely from across town! Chaarvi theorized that, ultimately, they would be able to travel anywhere on Earth without ever losing contact with one another.

This new line of communication had proven to be a wonderful gift.

Although Simon still needed to maintain a physical separation from his ‘Little Gray Mouse’ out in public, he always felt Chaarvi by his side.

In their lectures, they shared thoughts, observations and jokes from opposite ends of the hall, without anybody noticing. One of Simon’s favorite tricks was tickling Chaarvi’s sense of humor during class, and watching her lips contort in to all sorts of strange positions as she struggled not to laugh.

They could sit down to eat lunch in completely different parts of the college, yet have a lively conversation throughout, as if they were sitting across a table from one another.

Simon finally had the close romantic relationship he’d always dreamed of, in all but the most superficial sense. He and his girlfriend were always together, even if they were rarely literally together, during the day.

All the same, they both often lamented the fact that they weren’t able to go on dates, the way a normal couple could. They loved being together, but being cooped up in Simon’s small apartment every night and weekend had become a bit frustrating.

They were able to see movies together, so long as they arrived separately and found adjacent seats in the darkened cinema. But even those carefully-orchestrated little outings weren’t foolproof. A couple of times, Simon had been accosted by his friends when he arrived and, much to his chagrin, he wasn’t able to sit with Chaarvi.

Otherwise, they could never risk being spotted out in public together. Chaarvi’s condition just made it too dangerous for Simon’s friends, or even casual strangers who might be captivated by the sight of two young lovers enjoying one another’s company.

That was why they were both looking forward to the coming weekend so much.

They had rented a modest cottage deep in the woods. Miles from civilization, surrounded by acres and acres of little-known, yet apparently quite picturesque, wilderness. Finally, they would be able to get out and about together, without having to worry about encountering other people. Two whole days of being a regular couple!

Simon admired Chaarvi’s plan to get ahead of her schoolwork beforehand. The weekend would be far more pleasant without looming deadlines weighing on their minds.

“That’s smart,” he praised her telepathically, as he rolled out of bed. “You want me to give you a hand?”

They had been collaborating on their assignments frequently over these past months. Working together, they had concocted numerous innovative new perspectives on the course material. Both their grades had improved, and Simon’s passion for engineering had been rekindled stronger than ever. Simon likewise noticed a fresh spark of life in Chaarvi. He could tell she was much more engaged in the work now than when they’d first met.

“No, I’ll be okay, master,” Chaarvi politely declined. “I think today’s just mostly going to be the boring number crunching. You know, grunt work?”

“Oh, you lucky dog!” Simon sarcastically replied. “You want to keep all that fun to yourself?”

“Hmph. I think it’s more like diving on the grenade,” Chaarvi responded.

Simon lumbered over to the bathroom and opened the door. Behind the fogged-up glass of the shower stood the statuesque form of his girlfriend. Even though it was a blurry image, that long sea of naked, light brown skin, shaped by a set of comely curves, was more than enough to stir the beginnings of an erection in his cock.

As he opened the shower door, Chaarvi turned and shone him one of those trademark grins that always took his breath away.

He stepped inside to join her, his rod already growing, and beginning to rise. Chaarvi threw her arms over his shoulders and Simon reciprocated the embrace by placing his hands upon her waist.

“You were incredible last night,” Simon thought, as they greeted one another with a kiss.

“So were you, master,” Chaarvi complimented.

“Have enough time for an early morning workout, before you leave?” he asked suggestively. He would’ve fully understood if she answered, ‘no.’ In that case, he would content himself with merely helping Chaarvi wash herself. He’d rein in his friskier ambitions until they got back home that evening.

“Of course,” Chaarvi replied cheerfully, gazing at him with bedroom eyes and a devious smile.

They leaned in to kiss once more, far more passionately than before. Simon’s cock immediately became a full, raging erection, lifting itself firmly against Chaarvi’s labia as it strained to rise to its full height.

Chaarvi retreated a few inches, until her back was pressed against the cool tiles of the shower wall. Simon broke the kiss and kneeled down to begin fondling and suckling upon her breasts. Conventional wisdom held that cold pizza and warm beer was the breakfast of champions; but as far as Simon was concerned, there was no better way to start the day than with the taste of Chaarvi’s nipples upon his tongue.

He teased her crotch with his hand, never quite dipping low enough to brush her clitoris. But soon enough, he shifted his attention away from her boobs, affectionately nuzzling her belly as he descended all the way down to her pussy.

He buried his face against her bush, while his tongue quickly found her clit. He worked efficiently to get her excited.

When she was ready, he mentally willed her to turn around. As her tight little ass came into view, Simon couldn’t resist sinking his teeth into her right buttock. Chaarvi never failed to make Simon wild for whatever part of her anatomy she was flaunting at him. She moaned abruptly in response to his playful love-bite; she liked it.

Simon stood and positioned himself behind her, as she braced herself against the wall and stuck out her butt to give him better access to her pussy. He guided the tip of his cock on to the very center of her opening and pushed himself inside. Chaarvi moved her hips even closer to him, relishing the sensation of being filled.

“You like that, baby?” Simon prompted her, as he began thrusting at a moderate pace.

“Yes, master!” Chaarvi cooed with lust.

Simon’s hands slid down her slender waist and settled upon her hips momentarily. Then one hand slithered down the crease of her crotch and began to massage her clitoris.

“You like being my sex-slave? You like it when I control you?” he asked, as he kissed her shoulder.

“Yes master!” she repeated, more decisively than before. “It’s so exciting.”


“Mmm... You make me feel so sexy, so alive...” she elaborated.

“You are sexy,” Simon telepathically growled with a particularly eager thrust that unsettled Chaarvi’s steady footing. Her soft buttocks cushioned his groin as he pressed against her. “Goddamn perfection!”

Her body was a sensual paradise. He could hardly wait to cum inside her.

“Thank you, master,” Chaarvi absently responded. “You bring it out in me... my wild side. You get me so fucking horny! I never felt like this before. I love the things you do to me!” she moaned.

“Hmm. I guess it’s fun having a shrine that can worship you for a change, then?” Simon mused playfully.

His hand redoubled its efforts to stimulate her privates. While his palm rhythmically rubbed her tender mons, his fingertips began to switch up their tempo as they traced circles upon her clit.

“It’s wonderful, master,” Chaarvi replied. “I’m so lucky... I’m yours. All yours... so lucky...”

“Are you still glad I crashed your shrine ceremony?” Simon teased.

“I can’t thank you enough, master,” she whimpered, with heartfelt sincerity.

By this point, they were both much too excited to maintain a conversation. Simon sealed the sentiment by nuzzling through her hair and planting a gentle kiss upon the side of her neck.

His hips worked her with broad, powerful strokes, driving her closer and closer toward a dizzying climax.

More by reflex than design, his left hand inched up her waist, until it was soon enough cupped around her breast. Once again, Simon was struck with the sense that Chaarvi’s boobs were larger than what he could hold in his hand. She was more woman than he knew what to do with.

That thought was enough to finish him. His cock began gushing with heavy ejaculations. He pushed himself all the way inside and held her hips firmly against his crotch, as he filled her inviting snatch with his seed. Chaarvi came as well, in an electrifying orgasm that rendered her as weak as a kitten. Her head came to rest against the shower wall; her cheek flush against the cool, wet tiles, while she burbled soft, dainty moans of ecstasy.

Steamy water rained down upon their motionless bodies, while they rode out the thrill of their shared climax.

As they began to calm down, Simon’s hand began to gently wander around Chaarvi’s mons. She slipped her own hand over the top of his, and clasped it firmly, entwining their fingers. Simon could feel her immense affection for him just as surely as he felt the tangible warmth of her body. He squeezed her fingers in return and kissed her shoulder softly. The remarkable connection they shared had once again grown stronger.

It was a delightful moment. But Chaarvi was mindful that the hot water would not last forever; and she had a long day ahead of her, as well. Despite her frustration, she broke their serene pose and turned around to face her lover. She laid her arms upon his shoulders once again and leaned in to kiss him passionately several times.

“Thank you, master,” she telepathically sighed. “Such a wonderful way to start the day!

“I suppose I should get going,” she lamented, after another kiss.

Simon reluctantly agreed.

Chaarvi gave her body a brisk, final once-over with soap and cleaned her privates. As Simon helped rub her down, he was reminded of how confined the shower was. He had banged his elbows on the glass wall numerous times just now, while making love to Chaarvi, and that same chilly glass had brushed against his buttocks repeatedly as he thrust against her. It was a meager little cubicle, not at all designed for a young couple to shower together, let alone to fool around in.

Indeed, the apartment itself was hardly fit for a couple. Chaarvi had been spending virtually every night there, and Simon had done his best to make her feel at home. But realistically, there was not enough space for two people, and Chaarvi often needed to return to her own dorm to study.

That was why they had decided to pool their resources and rent a bigger apartment together. Though they weren’t going to worry about that until after finals.

Of course, moving in together presented a whole slew of new problems. Once they shared a legal address, it would be exponentially more difficult to conceal their relationship. But even so, they were determined to start living together as a proper couple. Besides, they were engineers; finding solutions for tricky problems was what they did best.

Chaarvi stepped out of the shower, leaving it all to Simon, who began leisurely washing himself. He watched her with fascination through the glass door as she toweled herself down. He mentally willed her to turn slightly to her left. Chaarvi obeyed, without any apparent awareness of his command.

Simon sighed with heady bliss as he admired Chaarvi’s form from this new angle. He still had a perfect view of her sexy little ass and long athletic legs, but now he could also see the sumptuous bulge of her left breast. It jiggled about merrily as she briskly rubbed her towel over her body, flaunting its remarkable suppleness and mass.

Simon couldn’t imagine a more perfect vision of the female form; and she was all his. Life couldn’t get any better than this.

When she finished drying herself, Chaarvi slipped quietly out of the bathroom.

By the time Simon had finished his own shower and left the bathroom, Chaarvi was fully dressed in her ‘Little Gray Mouse’ outfit and looked as if she was ready to leave. As she picked up her satchel, she looked up at Simon and smiled.

“Hey,” she greeted him. “I poured you some cereal, and the toast should be just about ready.”

“Thanks,” Simon replied.

“Okay, I’m off,” Chaarvi declared. She strode over and planted a proper good-bye kiss on his lips, before turning and leaving with an adoring, beauty-queen grin.

When she was gone, Simon’s gaze lingered happily on the apartment door. It was a sobering sight, seeing Chaarvi in her Little Gray Mouse disguise, but not even trying to hide her true, sweet demeanor. He realized that nobody else ever got to see that sparkle of life in that girl’s eyes, or that heartwarming smile. He marveled at what a unique privilege it was to be Chaarvi’s shrine; to be able to see the remarkable beauty in the ‘frumpy’ girl everybody else just ignored.

An unpleasant odor tickled his nose.

“Shit!” Simon cursed, as he realized where it was coming from. The toast was burning.