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Enslaving The Self – Chapter Two

Eventually Sara experienced her third and final climax. The net released its captive, vibrating slightly as it massaged her limbs and encouraged her circulation. The gag was slowly reabsorbed, letting Sara work her jaw and ease the aching muscles. The vibrator also disappeared, finally leaving the woman feeling spent as she luxuriating in the afterglow.

She eased herself, shakily, from the bed. There would be time to play some more later, but for the moment she was parched and exhausted. The computer effectively allowed the rest of Sara’s day to run in fast forward. It only took the most gentle of urges to distract her, she was almost as eager as the computer to enjoy her new toy. The difference of course was that she was the toy with which the computer was playing.

Time slowed again for the pretty captive, and she flicked through the copious instruction manual. It went into so much detail that she found it difficult to know where to begin. Eventually she decided just to work her way down through the exercises, which had been thoughtfully included. She noticed at once that she had completed the two basic tests of Bondage Mode, it seemed that it was time to try out Captive Mode.

Sara scanned over the instructions once more, making sure that she understood what she needed to do. Then, a tiny surge of excitement running through her, she started the third test; “Activate: Captive Mode, Level One for One Minute. Confirm”.

Again her arms were drawn gently behind her, and her legs pressed together. She struggled against the net, but she could make no impression on its progress. Then, with out warning, she felt a strange cool sensation in her throat. The feeling spread quickly, seeming to roll down her body. Numbness followed, leaving her helpless to fight as she was bound. Finally, that numbness crawled up over her face, and into her brain, leaving her dazed and aroused.

It seemed that almost as soon as it had started, the experience was over. Sara felt cheated somehow; she had wanted the sensation to continue. Briefly she toyed with the idea of reactivating the same program, but she knew that this had merely been a test run. The next exercise would surely be much more exciting. Eagerly, she turned the pages, checking the next set of commands.

“Activate: Captive Mode, Level Two – Subliminal Level One, Hogtie, Ballgag and Single Vibrator, End on Fifth Orgasm. Confirm”.

Sara had a split second to release that she had no idea what subliminal messages the net might broadcast, before the program took control. The next moment she was once more face down on the bed, hogtied, gagged and being ruthlessly stimulated by the vibrator. She struggled fiercely, panic beginning to grip her, then, suddenly the numbing coolness flowed through her, more powerful than before. All the fight went out of her as her thoughts began increasingly sluggish and finally stilled.

The computer used its opportunity, feeding images into the young woman’s pliable mind. With its victim willingly exposing herself to the programming, it was so much easier to implant the subtle suggestions. Five climaxes later a somewhat more adventurous and acceptant girl woke from her drugged state. Again, the net massaged the blood back into her extremities and allowed her to recover gently. Although she was mildly curious about what subliminal messages she might have been exposed to, Sara found that she enjoyed the slight frisson of excitement that the idea of not knowing gave her. The thought of sneaky ideas stealthily entering her mind made her feel so warm and aroused.

The computer noted her arousal before fast-forwarding its captive through another humdrum day. Unaware of this manipulation, Sara pondered the next exercises. She saw that the section of the manual dedicated to Damsel-in-Distress Mode was the most detailed. A sense of reckless abandon gripped her, and she decided to throw caution to the wind. Her fingers flicked quickly to the exercise section and she obligingly called out the commands as listed.

“Activate: Damsel-in-Distress Mode, Level One for One Minute. Confirm”.

The familiar tugging sensation started straight away, and the girl let herself be bound. Drugs flowed into her, numbing her once more. The dosage seemed much less in this mode, although if she let her attention wander it was easy to sink into the now familiar state of dazed arousal. Abruptly she became aware of another sensation. Feather-like touches as something seemed to worm its way into her thoughts. It was oddly soothing, and pleasurable but Sara knew instinctively that she had to resist.

The struggle was brief, and the young woman felt a sense of elation when the net released her. She had managed to fight off the “attack” and as her mind cleared she realised how aroused the struggle had made her. As she turned her attention back to the instructions, she began to slowly stroke herself with her free hand, enjoying the stimulation. As she read further, she became more urgent in her movements, feeling her body respond.

The climax shocked her by its intensity. She had no way of knowing that the net was still affecting her. She cried out, stifling the sound by biting on her lip. Her body trashed, as she arched and shook. Eventually the aftershocks past, and she was left feeling slightly shaky but somehow full of energy and not quite sated.

Sara turned back to the manual, not quite ready to take the plunge and try out the second Damsel-in-Distress exercise, at least until she had a better understanding of what it really involved.

“Damsel-in-Distress Mode allows the user to engage in a game of forfeits with the Bondage Net”, the section began, “A parameter can be suggested when activated, which the Net will then attempt to drain from the user (default parameter is Willpower). Should this drain reach the target threshold (default threshold is 50%) then the Net will compel the user to undergo a forfeit which can also be specified at activation (default forfeit randomly selected from example list ft001.level)”.

The instructions continued in a similar vein, expanding on each section. Sara felt that she had a good enough grasp of the concept that she could proceed. Again, the feeling of recklessness pushed her and she quickly read out the text of the next exercise.

“Activate: Damsel-in-Distress Mode, Level Two – Parameter Resistance, Threshold 25%, Forfeit Freeze-Play, Subliminal Level Two, Hogtie, Ballgag, Single Vibrator for Ten Minutes. Confirm”.

The net surged into action, quickly trapping her in an inescapable hogtie. The now-familiar ball-gag was wedged between her lips and once more the vibrator hummed between her thighs. Sara realised belatedly that she might have given herself too many distractions. But then, this was exactly what the manual had suggested, and she did want to make sure everything was working okay. Without warning all other thoughts were driven from her mind as it filled with chilling numbness.

The computer chose another set of images, flashing them into her brain while she tried to focus her attention on not letting her resistance drain away. It continued to monitor her progress, noting with grim digital satisfaction how readily she accepted what was in the manual.

It was all too much for the captive girl, everything was stronger than last time, except her. Too late she realised that the last exercise might have drained her will, even if it hadn’t reached the threshold. This combined with the relentless attentions of the vibrator really left the outcome in no doubt. She struggled valiantly, but slowly and surely she could feel herself losing. Her only hope was to outlast the countdown, but in the end, ten minutes was about 5 minutes too long.

The net released its prisoner and performed the usual, post-bondage warm down. Sara felt an incredible sense of helplessness, she had battled the net and on such a relatively low level. Yet it had beaten her so completely. The thought sent a thrill of excitement through her, after all, it was all just a game and a very sexy one at that. Nice to be challenged, sometimes even nicer to lose, especially when you can struggle as much as you want before hand.

She was shocked from her reverie, when without warning she found herself standing. It was as if the net had taken control of her body, briefly she fought it, but realisation dawned quickly, she had lost and now she was utterly helpless to stop it from doing what ever it wanted with her. That thought was so amazingly arousing, she almost came there and then.

Sara’s body paused, she found herself standing stiffly at attention. Then suddenly, she felt as though sensual liquid were flowing over her thoughts. For what seemed like an instant she knew nothing but bliss, and then she found herself back in her bedroom. Her body still refused to obey her commands, instead lowering her to the ground in kneeling posture. Once more warmth and pleasure seeped into her mind and she was lost in ecstasy.

The net continued to administer her forfeit, moving her into increasingly suggestive and provocative poses before freezing her in place. By the time she had completed the entire repertoire, Sara’s realisation of her own helplessness was complete. She couldn’t believe it, never in her life had she imagined feeling so weak and yet so aroused.

The computer paused the program, allowing his captive time to recover and recuperate. Her mind was effectively held in stasis, for her no time would pass and so the work they had accomplished to date would not be undone. Yet her body needed to rest, before more drugs to be administered and the conditioning process allowed to continue. The next exercises would be the most important, Sara was progressing nicely, but would she actually take part in her own enslavement?

* * *