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At first part 1 was supposed to be one short story. But in the course of writing some nice ideas entered my mind how the story might go on and so I decided that a second part will definitely follow, maybe a third... but only in case you liked the first one. Just consider it an appetizer (thus, there isn’t that much fetish in it as in my other stories, but there will definitely be a load of latex in the second part) and give me some feedback.

Any resemblance with any real persons, places, companies and events is purely coincidental. And please: This is adult content, non-science and pure fiction and does by no means reflect the author’s opinion on treating people in real life. So don’t try any of this! I’m looking forward to any comments, suggestions for linguistic improvement (due to the fact that English is not my native language), questions or maybe even fresh ideas: !

* * *

Entrapping Commodities

Part 1—Skiing Vacation

“This year,” Lisa proclaimed, “I’m gonna win! This year we will have our skiing holiday!”

Lisa went out of the living room and returned with a cardboard box. She put it in front of her boyfriend Tim and sat down next to him. By just seeing Lisa and Tim, one would say they were the perfect couple. Both were in their late twenties. Lisa, a tall blonde with bright green eyes and buxom curves was a network administrator in a large company that developed all kinds of useful electronics to ease everyday life. Tom, a tall, black-haired and muscular owner of a local gym, was also very succesful and about to open several branches throughout the country. However, they also had their difficulties, mostly due to their characters: Lisa loved parties and was rather extrovert, adventuresome and slightly bisexual. Tim was no couch potatoe, but he was precautious and planning—in business as well as in private matters. He liked sports and exercised a lot, but he also hated skiing. As a kid he had had a skiing accident and since then he had never done it again. Thus every autumn he and Lisa, who was a great skiing fan, argued about their winter vacation. Same this year.

“What’s that?” Tim asked and looked at Lisa expecting another fight.

“This is one of my company’s latest inventions. These ski boots will take away your fear via electronic stimulation. You just put them on and press a button. They won’t teach you how to ski, but you won’t be blocked anymore... and these are two non-refundable tickets to my favourite skiing resort,” Lisa replied and looked at her partner bright-eyed.

“Oh, honey... not again. You know how I fell about skiing!”

“Yes, I know, but please... just this once. These boots will work. A colleague of mine has already tried them out together with his wife. And they are thrilled. He gave these two pairs to me to ... to make this final attempt. Please, let’s try it just this time. And if it doesn’t help, I’ll never ever bother you again. Please, Tim,” Lisa begged.

Three months later Tim stood at the start of a ski slope for beginners. He swallowed, put the glasses over his eyes and said to Lisa who was waiting right next to him: “I hope this’ll work.”

“Come on, darling,” Lisa answered, “you did great at skiing school. And we now have five days left for skiing on our own ... and be honest: how do you feel? I mean, I wasn’t afraid of skiing in the first place, but these boots make me feel good.”

“OK, I don’t know how these boots work but I do in fact feel confident.”

“Right ... and thus you can concentrate on your moves and have fun. Then let’s do it, OK?” Lisa encouraged him and Tim just nodded, took his ski sticks and jumped forward. It was great. Tim really enjoyed the ride. He even took a more challenging slope at the end of the day. Tim was happy and couldn’t wait up to the next morning to get out there again. After some drinks at one of the après-ski parties, Lisa and Tim returned to their vacation home, a nice log cabin with a snug fireplace. Tim took a shower and went to bed right away while Lisa checked the internet for a firmware update for their boots. But her company’s service website was down so that she searched some forums. Finally she found a firmware download. She connected Tim’s boots via USB to her notebook and downloaded the firmware. During the download she read the forum entry:

‘Check out this modified firmware. I added some features to it. Now the boots will not only suppress the bearer’s fear. You will be able to instruct the bearer to do things he or she normally wouldn’t do. Just try it out by using the voice input of the included remote control. But only use it with the bearer’s consent.’

“What the ...?” Lisa asked herself. What had she done? She was downloading a completely new firmware, and even a hacked one. And there was no way to restore the default firmware. Lisa sat back and thought about what to do now. She looked at the progress bar, then at the text again. “Things he or she normally wouldn’t do...” she mumbled to herself. And then she smiled viciously.

The next morning Tim got up early. After breakfast he and Lisa got dressed and put on their ski boots. They left the cabin, took their things and went towards the ski lift. Tim decided to take the medium levelled slope right away. He felt very confident again and no limit to his ambition. Lisa smiled and joined him; obviously there’d be another skiing vacation the following year.

In the afternoon Lisa stood next to Tim and said: “Honey, you’re doing really great. Let’s take the difficult slope. What do you think?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe later. OK?” Tim just answered.

“Well then, let’s give it a try ...” Lisa frowned and took the tiny remote control provided together with the boots worn by her boyfriend and pushed the red button on its top. Instantly Tim felt how the tickle increased and went through his whole body. He choked, trembled for a second and looked at Lisa who just said: “I want to have fun. So let’s take the difficult slope!”

Tim blinked once, then smiled and jumped towards the difficult slope. Lisa put the remote control back into her pocket and tried to follow Tim. But her boyfriend was already on the schuss. Lisa only approached him slowly. After they had past about half the slope there was a hump with a thick coniferous forest behind it. Somehow Tim didn’t recognize the hump soon enough, accidentally jumped over it and crashed into the trees. Lisa stopped immediately behind the hump, put off her skis and ran towards Tim into the forest.

“Honey! Are you hurt? Oh my god ... I didn’t ... I just” Lisa shouted, but then she found Tim lying in the snow smiling towards her.

“I’m alright. No problem.”

Lisa sat down next to him, put his glasses away and kissed him. She laughed and lay down in the snow as well. She cuddled up to Tim and kissed him again. Then she put away her gloves and opened his ski suit at his crotch. She put one of her hands into the suit and forced its way through the different layers of underwear until she finally grabbed Tim’s cock.

“Hey, what are you doing? What if someone sees us like this?” Tim protested.

“Come on, honey. No one will see us in here. Just relax...” Lisa whispered into Tim’s ear.

“No... at home, honey. Please, not here.”

Lisa sighed and wanted to stand up. But then she took the tiny remote control again and said: “But I want to be fucked by you. Right here, right now!”

Tim blinked once and kissed Lisa back frantically. He also put away his gloves and opened her suit. The cold entered Lisa’s suit and chilled her as it went up to her breasts. But Tim then stroke them and kissed Lisa so that she quickly forgot to think about the cold. Lisa massaged Tim’s cock that quickly grew and went harder and harder. Finally, Tim bend over towards Lisa who guided the cock’s way to her dripping wet and warm pussy. Tim entered her with his throbbing member and fucked her until she came right there in the snow.

Lisa loved those boots and that tiny remote control. When she and Tim returned to their cabin, Lisa undressed to take a shower while Tim’s first action was to light up the fireplace. As the wood crackled, Tim turned around and looked at his all-over naked girlfriend. She looked great in the flickering light. Tim wanted to undress as well to join her in the bathroom, but Lisa held the remote control in her hand. She pushed the button.

“What—” Tim tried to ask, but there was this tickle again that made him fall silent.

“Undress completely except for your boots. Then approach me, kiss me, fuck me right here. After my orgasm, you will hold your cock upright in your right hand and you will stand here without moving an inch until I tell you otherwise!” Lisa ordered and Tim did as he was told. He put away his clothes, walked over towards her, grabbed her by her ass cheeks and lifted her up. Lisa wound her long legs around her boyfriend and put her hands behind his neck. They french-kissed each other and then Tim effortlessly let Lisa’s again wet pussy slowly slide around his erect cock. Still standing, he moved his hip back and forth and lifted Lisa up and down. With increasing speed he fucked Lisa standing right in the middle of the cabin until she came shouting heavily. He let her down instantly, grabbed his cock with his right hand and didn’t move another inch. He just looked straight ahead.

“Awesome!” Lisa shouted like a little girl. She stroke back her hair and enjoyed the orgasm’s afterglow by rubbing her body against her boyfriend’s and resting her chin on one of his muscular shoulders. Then she inhaled deeply, kissed her frozen boyfriend and went to the bathroom. She took a long shower and thought about things she could do with her new toy. First there were some changes to be made and he was to be put under control permanently, at least for their holiday. Well, for her holiday. This was definitely her holiday! And those boots had to be charged right away. So Lisa put on a bathrobe and went back to the main room. Tim still stood there and held his cock. Lisa ordered him to go to the bathroom, to purge his bladder and to clean his member.

As Tim returned, Lisa had already started her notebook. She connected Tim / the boots to it to start the charging process. Then she opened a window and edited the firmware. She programmed Tim to be under permanent control as long as he wore those boots. She also instructed him not to call her Lisa, darling or honey any longer in case no one else was present. He was now “Slave” and she was “Mistress”. Then Lisa entered some other data and saved the new firmware. After another hour she disconnected her re-programmed slave from the notebook.

“Who are you?” she asked him.

“I am Slave, your slave, Mistress,” he replied instantly.

“And what is your duty, Slave?”

“To obey your every command, Mistress.”

“Then put these on!” she ordered and handed him a pair of tight hipster-shorts made from black latex. Slave did not hesitate. He grabbed them, pulled them over his boots and upwards until they fit perfectly. His tightly clad penis instantly grew a bit, but Lisa was tired and so she decided to go to bed. She ordered Slave to cuddle up to her all night long like spoons and to fall asleep right after she had.

The next morning Slave opened his eyes. A thought went through his head.

Get up!

He got up carefully not to wake his mistress and stood in front of the bed.

Light up the fireplace.

Slave turned around and put new paper and wood into the fireplace. He lighted up the paper and blew until the wood had caught fire. Then he got up again and stood in front of the fireplace not moving at all. He waited for further instructions. After about five minutes the programme Lisa had installed the night before provided him with them:

Walk into the kitchen. Make Mistress breakfast: toast, scrambled eggs, café au lait, croissant with strawberry jam, fresh orange juice. Take the breakfast to the bed.

Slave turned around and went into the kitchen. Several minutes later he returned to the bed and stood in front of it.

Put the breakfast next to the bed. Wake up Mistress. Do it gently by using your tongue!

He put the tray on his bedside and went around to Lisa’s. Then he slowly lifted up the bed sheet that covered her. He moved his head towards her crotch, struck out his tongue and started to lick her labia forcing his tongue gently towards her clit. He went on and on and Lisa slowly woke up, moaning deeply and burrying her head in her cushion.

“Hmmmm, yessssss” she moaned. This was her vacation. This was just great...

After breakfast Lisa called her colleague back at the company who had given the boots to her. She did not mention the altered firmware, but she told her everything about the boots’ effect on Tim and that his fears had vanished completely.

“OK Sarah, I have to go now or there’ll be too many other guys on the slope. But I was wondering if you could also fit this technology into something else, something less eye-catching than skiing boots.”

“You mean sneakers or something you wear under your clothes?” Sarah asked.

“Yes, exactly. Could you? Please?” Lisa begged her colleague.

“Well, I might have some time for that later. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try.”

“Thank you very much. Call you when I’m back home. Bye,” Lisa said enthusiasticly and hung up.

After another day of skiing, Lisa fancied going to a big après-ski party in one of the local clubs. Normally Tim did not like these parties as much as Lisa did. And in case Lisa went to one of them, Tim would only accompany her out of politeness.

But with Slave, this was different. Lisa ordered him to have fun with her. She liked to dance, flirt, meet other people and have some drinks together with him. But while being at the club he had to behave like Tim. Slave assured her that they’d have fun that night and both of them entered the club. Inside there was a large crowd on the dancefloor, chatting and drinking. There was a long bar on one side and some couches on the other. In the middle of the dancefloor there was a small elevated stage with a pole and a cage on which some go-go dancers fired the crowd up. It was extremely hot inside so that Lisa unzipped the upper part of her skiing overall, took it off and drooped it behind her back. Underneath she wore skin-tight functional underwear made of shiny lycra. Slave wore the same and also took off his overall’s upper part.

Some hours and drinks later, both of them had met new and interesting people. Lisa had danced a lot together with Slave who turned out to be a great dancer. But now she needed some rest. She ordered Slave to get them new drinks and to meet her on one of the couches. When Slave joined her there with two cocktails, Lisa wanted to make out and so she pulled Slave towards her, french-kissed him and even let her hands slide inside his overall and under his shirt. Slave reacted automatically and fondled Mistress, too. After some minutes, Lisa leaned back and enjoyed the evening. Yes, this was indeed her vacation.

While sipping at her drink she let her eyes wander across the dancefloor. She eyeballed some good-looking guys as well as some hot girls. Alcohol and delight had activated her bisexual streak. She smiled at some of them ... but then she spotted one of the go-go dancers. The dancer had been announced earlier as one of the club’s owners. Lisa had not really payed attention then but now she observed the young red-haired woman very carefully. The dancer wore silver hotpants, silver boots and a silver bra. She had grabbed the pole and moved her body to the music, shook her firm breasts and her long hair. Lisa licked her lips and a new plan to have some fun crossed her mind.

The go-go dancer went backstage after she had finished her turn. In her dressing room she sat down, unzipped her boots and took them off. Then she calmed down and sipped on her glass of water. As she wanted to take off her bra someone knocked on the door.

“I’ll be with you in a minute, Frank. Just let me catch my breath,” she said. But it wasn’t Frank, the co-owner. Slowly the door opened and Lisa and Slave entered the room. As the dancer spotted them she rolled her eyes: “Oh, what is it now? Restrooms are down the corridor...”

“Sorry, but we’re not looking for the restrooms. We’re looking for you. I saw you dancing out there and was wondering if I could buy you a drink? Have a little chat. Because I liked the way you moved up there,” Lisa tried to break the ice, but the woman was too stressed out for something like that.

“Maybe another time? Look, I’m really flattered, but it has been a tough night for me. I just want to have a quick look at the bar and kitchen and then I’m on my way home.”

“Well,” Lisa smiled at her, “I’m afraid I can’t accept that as an excuse.”

“What?” the woman became angry and stood up right in front of Lisa, “Don’t bullshit on me, honey. Either you and your friend leave right now or you’ll be banned from this place for ever.” But that did not impress Lisa. She just locked the door and bend down to open up her ski boots. Then she straightened up again and just said to Slave: “Seize her. But do it quietly.”

Slave instantly stepped forward and grabbed the red-haired woman who, of course, tried to fight him and tried to scream. But Slave put one of his big hands on her mouth, pulled her back against his chest and lifted her up so that she did not have a chance after all. Lisa had already taken off her boots and now tried to put the woman’s feet into them. After some moments she succeeded and closed the clips. Then she moved some steps back and took two remote controls out of her overall, looked at them carefully and put one back into her pocket. She pressed the button on the other remote control just like some days ago when she activated Tim’s boots the first time. Instantly the woman struggled less and calmed down a bit. Slave put her back on the ground.

“Now,” Lisa said to her, “what do you think about going to my place to have some conversation? Just working here and going to bed isn’t the best way to spend a nice evening. Don’t you think? We can have a little chat, drink some wine, just to meet new people and to ... relax.”

The dancer mulled over, but then she smiled: “On second thought, that might be a good idea.”

“Fine!” Lisa smiled and had already taken off her overall. She handed it over to the woman who was nearly her size. “Why don’t you put on my overall? It matches those boots.” The woman just nodded and started putting on the overall. In the meantime, Lisa put on a pair of jeans, black leather boots and a winter jacket belonging to the woman. She was really happy her plan worked out and that she had brought two pairs of those boots. You never know when you’re in need of another one. Then she addressed the dancer again: “What’s your name?”


“OK, Julie. We’ll now leave this place. But first you’ll say goodbye to your colleague. What was his name? Frank? Then you will follow us. But right now I want you to ... well ...” Lisa said, approached Julie and kissed her on her lips. Julie kissed her back and put her hands on Lisa’s hips. But Lisa stepped back, licked her lips and smiled at Julie: “OK, let’s go.”

About half an hour later the three entered the cabin. Lisa ordered Slave to take off all his clothes. And with a little help from the remote control / the boots she convinced Julie that it was the right thing to undress as well. When both of them stood completely naked in front of Lisa just wearing the ski boots, Lisa also undressed and sat down on the couch. She looked at them carefully for quite a while.

“Julie, why don’t you kiss him?”

“Because...” said Julie, who blinked and looked down at herself and then at the two other naked people, quite sceptically, “because I barely know this guy? And why am I ...” But she couldn’t go on because Lisa had already grabbed the two remote controls from the table in front of her and had pushed the appropriate button. Julie smiled again, just nodded and went over to Slave to kiss him intimately. Lisa leaned back, watched the hot go-go dancer kissing her boyfriend and started to fondle herself.

After some minutes she asked Julie to bend down and spread her legs so that Slave could fuck her from the behind as long as it took her to prepare the new firmware for Julie’s boots. But Julie didn’t react. She just stopped kissing Slave, frowned and looked again at her naked body and those boots with a sign of disbelief.

“Julie!?” Lisa raised her voice: “Something wrong?”

Julie looked over at Lisa pushing the button on the remote control again. She felt this strange tingle at her ankles again.

“Bend over so that Slave can fuck you from the behind, Julie, please,” Lisa repeated. Julie looked at the remote control again, gulped and then she bent over. Slave instantly forced his erect cock into her. Julie moaned and and put her hands on her knees.

“Fine,” Lisa said contentedly, put the remote control on the table right next to Slave’s and went over to her notebook, “but I think it’s time for your re-programming.” But Julie didn’t really listen to her. She was kind of busy being fucked by that stranger. This was crazy. She’d never done something like this before, but it felt great. That guy at least knew how to take a woman. Julie somehow enjoyed the big cock being thrust inside and pulled out over and over again. She then put her hands on the little table, moaned louder and finally came shivering all over. She then let her arms hand down loosely and shook her head. But Slave didn’t stop. He held her at her hip so that she almost hung in his hands being still fucked or rather being drawn over his erect cock over and over again. Crazy. This was totally crazy, she thought again. When she’d come for the second time, Slave finally came as well and let her slowly slide on the floor. Julie gasped for air, buried her hands in the flokati rug and still shivered all over. Finally Lisa returned and sat down on the couch again. She ordered Slave to clean his member in the bathroom. Then she took the USB cable and connected it to the notebook.

“Julie,” she said to the sweaty redhead on the floor, “could you please join me on the couch so that I can start your re-programming.” Julie stood up slowly. She shook her head and giggled. Then the giggle became laughter and Julie looked at the slightly puzzled Lisa: “Crazy... This is totally crazy. I don’t even know you guys, but I stand here and get fucked by your boyfriend in front of you. That’s so fucking crazy.”

“Shut up!” Lisa’s smile vanished. The grabbed the remote control and pushed the button again. But nothing changed.

“Oh,” Julie said triumphantly, “that won’t work. Your gadgets have run out of power shortly before you ordered him to fuck me. I just played along gathering some time and, well, being properly fucked.”

Lisa sighed. She’d only charged Slave’s boots earlier. Of course. But then she smiled again and pushed another button: “But this emergency stop has a separate battery.” Julie freezed at once looking straight ahead. Lisa chuckled and stood up. She moved over to Julie and stroke Julie’s big firm breasts. Then she re-arranged her own hair and kissed Julie. “You can’t fool me, bitch!” Lisa said right to her face celebrating her triumph and gave her a clap on her ass.

But Julie just blinked and laughed again: “Oh yes, I can!” She held up the other remote control. “I didn’t know that emergency function, but so much the better ... you just deactivated your guy in the bathroom ... bitch.” The next thing Lisa saw was Julie stroking out. Then everything went black.

When Lisa opened her eyes again it was already the next morning. She lay on her bed, spread-eagled and being tied up to the posts on her wirsts and ankles. Lisa lifted her head up a bit and spotted the ski boots on her feet. Then she looked over to the left and saw Julie sitting next to the bed. She wore a bathrobe and typed something into Lisa’s notebook. Lisa sighed and let her head fall back on the pillow.

“Soooo,” Julie mumbled, “you’re awake. Just in time to witness your re-programming. Luckily you prepared everything yourself: the programme, the instructions in the internet forum, everything. Very interesting stuff.”

“OK, let’s call it even. You can erase the programming or you can keep the boots if you like. We’ll go home tomorrow evening anyway. So untie me and I’ll explain everything to you,” Lisa tried to conciliate.

“Hmmm ... no, thanks. I prefer having some fun with the both of you,” Julie answered pertly.

“Both of us?”

“Oh yes ... I already re-programmed your boyfriend. He’s such a great lover. Maybe I’ll keep him. Slave!” Two seconds later Slave moved next to the bed. He looked straight at Julie and didn’t really notice Lisa: “Yes, Mistress?”

“Who do you obey?” Julie asked.

“Just you, Mistress,” he answered instantly.

“Give me a kiss and then resume your tasks!” Julie ordered and Slave kissed her passionately and went back into the kitchen afterwards. Lisa wanted to protest and scream at Julie, but Julie had already started the re-programming. Before Lisa could utter just a word her whole body clenched and she formed a hollow back. Lisa gasped for air as the intense tingle spread from her ankles through her whole body. When it reached her head, she rolled her eyes and fell back onto the bed. Lisa just stared at the ceiling and inhaled deeply. Then she heard a strange sound, then some whispering, then something like spoken words. It grew louder and became more understandable: “You will obey ... you will obey to Julie’s every word. You will obey. She is now your Mistress. You are her slave. You will obey. You are not Lisa anymore. You are her slave, you will obey, obey. Forget everything that happened in the last few hours. It doesn’t matter. You are just here to obey. And you will obey. Forget what you have planned for the future. Mistress will lead the way. You don’t have to make plans. You don’t have to think. You just have to obey. Obey!” a strange voice hissed.

“Yes ... I ... will ... No, I won’t ... I ... I just ... no ... but I will ... " Lisa mumbled and moved her head from left to right. But the voice went on and repeated those words over and over again. Lisa gasped for air.

“I will ... yes ... I will obey ...” Lisa mumbled again. After several minutes she jerked the fetters once again and then everything stopped. Julie disconnected the boots and untied Lisa.

“Stand up and report status!” Julie ordered and Lisa instantly took position in front of the bed.

“My name is Bitch. I am your slave and I will obey, Mistress,” Lisa said calmly.

“OK ... Bitch! Then go down on your knees and serve your Mistress!” Julie ordered, opened the bathrobe and stood in front of Bitch with slightly spread legs. Bitch knelt down, struck out her tongue and licked through Julie’s labia. Julie stroke Bitch’s head like a pet’s and sighed contentedly.

36 hours later Lisa and Tim entered the plane and took their seats. They didn’t speak a word because both of them couldn’t remember the recent incidents. But in village everyone remembered last night’s go-go dancers who did a great and sexy show on stage, just wearing skiing-boots and g-strings...