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Chapter 2: Casting Off

In heels the sidewalk rendered the exact satisfying clicks that I was craving. It was the middle of the day, and I was hardly the only one on the sidewalk. I might have been the only one wearing a black dress and matching sensible heels, but no one paid me any mind. I didn’t wear sunglasses. That would have screamed trying to hide.

If one wants to hide you can’t even let a whisper escape.

So instead the faintest gasps of my hiding were drowned out by my clicking heels. An effective tactic if there ever was one. If you’re screaming at the top of your lungs no one can hear your heart race.

The building that I approached was in the middle of the city. It wasn’t the city I’d been staying in for years, but it didn’t take me very long to arrive. I was still rolling the taste of Shisho’s conversation around my mouth. The answer to the question “did I sate my lusts for all of the wonders of the distant observer after giving her what she came for?” should be obvious.

It is so.

Women stood guard in front of the entrance. Subtle is the last thing I would call them. They were dressed like corporate security. Dark glasses. Obvious headsets. Suits. Their guns were hidden, but only enough that I had to try to smell their nauseating presence.

I’ve never cared for something designed to make things impersonal and easy. At least with a bow there’s artistry to it. More of a personal connection. Point and pull is so pedestrian.

Maybe they think I belong here. Maybe they wonder who would be daring or stupid enough to walk in unexpected. They don’t see me as I walk past them. They continue to be unaware of my presence as I push open the door and let it fall shut behind me.

It isn’t a lie to say that I’d employed so many mundane methods to stay under the radar over the years. It would be to imply I limited my methods to the mundane. Even as I diluted my presence to such a gray unsaturated dullness I never let the taste of the fantastic drift too far from my grasp. The women guarding the lobby noticed me as much as the women in front of the building even as I pressed my finger to the elevator’s call button.

My nail glowed a dull yellow to aid me in surpassing the need for whatever technological protections usually kept the visitors resigned to where they belonged. I was hardly feeling the patience to take the stairs. My legs didn’t need the work out.

Shisho might have just floated her way up, but as I said before her gift for levitation is not one that we share.

Some women might have placed themselves at the top of their empire to look down over what they knew was theirs. Not this one. The woman that I was off to see now was not so easily snared by such obvious tyrannical delights. My finger indented the middle floor, and I waited in silence as it rose.

Unlike those women so confident in their superiority, she would be at the heart of her demesne. Her majordomo would be at the top to play the role of the empress. The women watching the building with their crude tools of death would imagine themselves beholden to her. Perhaps in some small way they were. Perhaps some of them knew then the ruse. I wasn’t spending my wait pondering any of that.

I was licking my lips and savoring the taste of adrift disinterest that flavored Shisho’s snatch.

When the doors opened I followed my feet. That close I could feel her as though she were right in front of me. A sorceress can only grow so powerful before another sorceress can taste her magic in the air.

Unless, of course, they’ve spent over twenty years making their magic silent and bland.

I wondered what my encroachment would feel like. Surely she wouldn’t be expecting me. Not after twenty years. She was probably still holding a grudge, but she couldn’t still be expecting me to show up any time. Shisho had refused to confirm or deny just how alive she thought I was. After a time, she’d found my asking amusing.

Watching her eyes flutter as she came had almost made up for the secrets she kept from me. Anyone who knows as much as Shisho knows has secrets. Likely very dangerous ones.

My feet stopped me in front of a blank barren wall. My lips quirked up into a smirk. Most people would have wondered why the entirely ordinary woman stopped in the middle of the hall and reached out to grasp thin air like a door knob. Then they’d lose sight of me as I opened the wall.

A clever illusion, but too powerfully placed to work on anyone touched by the slightest hint of arcane spark. She may as well have painted a bull’s eye on the wall. For me, anyway.

There she was on the other side of her little illusion. She sat atop a fancy throne made of gold. Gaudy, but ornate. Points for her she hadn’t had the thing covered in precious stones. Her ottoman was a redhead with beautifully full breasts and a nice round ass. Her skin was immaculate and pale. Not a tan line or blemish to be found.

I was instantly sure that she had ‘customized’ the woman personally. She’d done a good job, but when you make something too perfect it loses a crucial verisimilitude.

From the two identical nude women at either side offering her grapes and fanning her I doubted she minded.

“Bridgette. And here I was sure you’d stay ‘dead’ for another ten years at least.” That answered that question. I was almost impressed. “But you spent all that time… gone… just to walk your way to me?”

I nodded. I almost thought of borrowing Shisho’s line, but thought better of it. I wanted to keep the observer out of Alana’s thoughts for as long as possible. Even certain the silver haired minx was watching us I wanted to keep that card close to my chest as I could. My favorite voyeur would loathe the interference her gaze would have on Alana. An audience hardly ever got in my way, but it might get in hers.

I snuck my tongue out to wet my lips, and grinned. She was expecting me to say more. Watching her face fall was priceless.

“You walked… right in. My women didn’t even blink as you passed by, did they?” I shook my head. “It figures. I make myself a veritable fortress and surround it by the best women that magic could make those trollops into, and you walk right through them like they were blind infants. You know how embarrassing that is, I hope.”

I nodded. Her patience was thinning. Even with a grape lowered into her pouty pink lips she was terribly unamused. Try as I might my own amusement was painted all over my face. That amused her even less.

“Do say something Bridgette! Twenty years. Not a sorceress heard a peep from you. Not a word. Not a sighting. One day you were… well… at my mercy. I offered my ultimatum. The next thing anyone knew you never existed!” Alana snapped her fingers, and the woman fanning her stopped. I wondered how many women she’d made a perfect copy of that redhead.


I was pushing my luck. On purpose. This was what Shisho knew I was to do, but even if she’d seen the future I wanted to make sure the show I put on was impressive. When a girl has an audience they need to play to it. You have to be quite exotic to surprise a woman who knows everything.

Alana frowned, and grabbed away the grapes before shoving several into her mouth. It was an incredibly ungraceful gesture. I would have been impressed if she wasn’t pouting.

Alana was a beautiful woman. She always was. She wore her hair short and feathered in the most gold shade of brown. Her eyes were blue like the sea at night is blue. Not black as Shisho’s—too blue by far for that. Her skin was tan, even if I was sure that she hadn’t been under the sun without her clothes in a lifetime she lacked tan lines just as her furniture. The height of hedonism, she didn’t even feel the need to be dressed at a quarter past noon.

She trusted her majordomo with more than I ever would have one of my own.

So I let my eyes linger on the delicate curves of her breasts. Nowhere near as ample as the pets she kept at either side but perky as a woman a quarter her age. More, for the lack of naturally occurring gravity. Magic can do so much for the vain.

“Your voice is every bit as lovely as it was when you were at my feet moaning through clenched teeth. Do you remember how quickly you had begun to yield? All I’d done was tap into that legendary libido of yours, and laced the faintest hints of my dominance through your mind. At the promise of my tongue on your pussy your mind was ready to kneel at my feet. It nearly did.” She moans, but I don’t meet her eyes.

Instead I let my gaze slide down to her shaven mound. Flush. Glistening.

“I do remember how we last met, in case you were worried that reports of my death came with amnesia. They did not. I actually rented a flat somewhat near this building for a time five years ago, just to see if you’d notice.” She flinches. Something in her eye quivers.

My gaze slides up to meet hers. Everything about my eyes is daring her to call my bluff. It wasn’t one, but I was sure that she couldn’t be. It’s the kind of thing I would say either way.

Sometimes the key to being a good liar is to lie just enough that people are afraid to take the risk of believing or disbelieving you. The indecision on her face was almost as erotic as her scent on the air.

“Then… If you were so well hidden… Why come here now? Why ruin your act after so long just to taunt me? I’ve hardly rested on my laurels. You weren’t the only sorceress I had to contend with. I’ve had time to become more cunning. More ruthless. I won’t give you the chance to slip away again.” Her legs pulled off of the woman’s back before she slowly rose. “You aren’t leaving this room.”

“I have no intention of going anywhere.” My heels echoed through the room loudly with each step I took. It was a small chamber, big enough for her, her pets, a bed, and a minibar. A large television. Crude mundane toys.

Alana raised a golden brow and slowly stepped around her foot rest. “Then you’ve come to yield like I offered you so many years ago? I told you then, and I’ll tell you now. I will have you, Bridgette. I will chase you anywhere you go. I will find you, and I will make you kneel at my feet.”

With a lazy smile I stepped closer to her. For a moment she flinched as if struck, but when I kneeled at her feet she could only stare. Her words had been swimming in my head for years and yet she was unable to comprehend the sight.

She’d told me to disappear, or I would be hers. Now that I’d stopped being disappeared, didn’t she only leave me one other choice? I continued to smile, and she continued to stare.

“You make this victory feel… anything but pleasing, Bridgette. I’ll need to make you pay for it. Here, on your knees. Not yet, of course. You know I’m not about to have your tongue on my twat until I have you wrapped around my finger like the sorry little slut you are.” Alana’s alliteration makes me smile. I even wiggle on my knees. Her eyes drift down my dress, distracted by the red bra.

Not so distracted that she doesn’t notice my hands moving to pull down the shoulders of my dress. “Like you said. I’m not leaving this room, right? So you’ll have plenty of time to make me how you want me. I’m tired of being bland to hide from you, Alana. I’m tired of hiding myself so I can feel safe. So I came to you. To change that.”

My nipples were poking out loud and demanding against my bra. My panties felt so tight and slick. Only some of it was from my interlude with Shisho. Most of it was from my time there with Alana.

With no reason to question her she was sure all of it was because of her.

“You finally came to your senses then. I’m glad. We did used to be friends, didn’t we? You and I. Friends. If either of us ever had friends, it was each other. Not to the end, obviously, but to the end of how long I could tolerate treating you as something vaguely equal. False equality is such a tiresome thing, isn’t it? Expecting to be treated as you would have yourself be. A quaint thought.” Alana slid her nails through my hair, and I could taste her magic probing me.

It felt like rays of the sun stroking along my scalp like it were ice cream. My eyes fluttered on their own and I groaned at how pleasantly soothing it felt. Nothing feels like magic.

Much like masturbation and sex, nothing feels like someone else’s magic, either.

“Mmmm yess… Friends… Mmmm I remember when we used to play… You and I… Mmm… Friends…” I looked up to her eyes for only a moment before I focused back down on the glistening wetness between her thighs all over again. That’s where I wanted my eyes right then as that heat burned and melted through me.

She still remembered the path that she took into my mind. Even after twenty years I could still remember it, and it felt just like that. Her magic was sliding between the folds of my mind like a tongue between my legs. My eyes rolled up into my head and I groaned.

Her scent grew stronger, and I groaned again.

Alana snickered, and grasped my hair. It hurt when she pulled, but her magic traveled down every strand just as easily as it melted hotly over my scalp. Feeling so many tiny points of warm heat didn’t make it any easier to resist. But I didn’t go there to resist. I went there because I was tired of struggling.

When she couldn’t feel her magic encountering any of my defenses, she moaned. This time it was even easier for her to slip inside of me. My body and mind were parting for her. I wanted this.

We wanted this.

She pulled my face so close that if I had moved my tongue past my lips it would so quickly brush hers. I didn’t, but I was so tempted. She pulled my hair tighter, and I screamed as her warm heat burned its way deeper into my mind.

It was so hard to keep my eyes open. My whole body was sweating, dripping, pouring in a sauna of surrender and lust. My only struggles were like an eager lover’s bucking hips.


Her laugh was like crashing waves on a scorching beach. They couldn’t soothe me, but I arched towards them anyway. I moaned as if to call out to them. They gave me nothing in return, but that was just what I wanted. All of what she gave me was exactly what I was wanting. “You really came here to kneel at my feet. I didn’t believe it. I really didn’t believe it. Once I let you get away after I had you at my mercy I was sure I’d never get the chance again…”

I moaned, but the sound was muffled with drool and my own trembling. I couldn’t fight how good it felt to have her magic curling through my libido again. It was all of the sex that I’d ever wanted, ever would want, ever could want, all being burned white hot.

Alana had found my weakness before, and she’d spent so many long years pondering how she would use it again. They hadn’t been years put to waste. It was only moments before I was thrashing in her hold and soaking through my panties. Again, she had me at her mercy. All but thoughtless.

If I craved anything, it was more of her.

Then she pulled my face flush with her pussy, and I didn’t even think. I suckled, nibbled, licked like I had never wanted anything more than her. In that moment, I never had. Alana was my sun, my stars. All the best lust slick parts of the milky way.

She pulled harder, and I sucked harder. She moved her hips faster and groaned, and my tongue flicked harder. My eyes crossed, and my vision blurred as her magic squeezed me tight.

It was impossible to think or experience anything but her. I didn’t want to. I just wanted her. Alana. My powerful conqueror who had made me abandon everything for this freedom.

Alana, the beautiful sorceress who had snuck into my room as I slept and slid her hand between her legs as the other grasped my hair and forced so much heat into me from both ends at once.

For twenty years every time I came it was imagining her. Even knowing what it meant to rub the memory of her dominance into my clit, nothing got me hotter.

The last thing I remember is screaming her name into her cunt as we came together, and then her magic melted even the afterglow away into warm senseless bliss. I drifted in the grip of her heat, and didn’t worry about how vulnerable I was. She had me. I’d accepted the condition to stop running. She had me now.

All I had to do was just let it happen and I could finally stop being so forgettable that only one woman still thought about me after so many long years.

“It’s almost hard to believe that you’re the older twin, Bridgette.”