The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Inspired by the classic story “Beta Girls Forever” by Why Now. Also, by Eve.

Eve stood above the hotel dresser and crossed item after item from her list. Caterer, check. Flowers, check. Dress fitting, check.

Two boxes, one large one small, both white, sat on her bed. Simple strings cut the box-covers into quadrants. The card on the smaller of the two read “For the bride, before the wedding”.

She stretched in the mirror. Dark eyes against ivory teeth, tight jeans, and sandals. She ran a finger through her hair and smiled. Exactly one week until the wedding, and the list nearly covered. She could rationalize burning a weekend at the shore with her maid of honor. Once Eve was married, and especially after her best friend’s spring ceremony, they both knew their lives would split in different directions. An unspoken agreement to avoid the subject hovered in the beach air.

As Eve reached for the boxes a weak gasp filtered through the hotel wall.

“Karen?” she said, moving quickly toward the connecting door. A woman came through in a daze; eyes unfocused. and a strange smile on her face. Whatever disturbed her obviously commenced while she was dressing—only a black bra and panties covered her smooth skin.

“Karen, what’s the matter? Are you ok?”

“Did you get them Eve?” She murmured as her eyes scanned the room and settled on the pair of white boxes.

“Did I get what, Karen? What’s wrong with you. You’re scaring me.”

“Eve...he’s back,” she said sighing contently

“Who’s back?” Eve said. A moment passed before her face froze. She recoiled from Karen as if her maid of honor were a leper.

“No. He can’t be.”

“The..boxes...look in the boxes.”

Eve backed away even further, careful to avoid the plain containers on her bed.

“This must be some sort of joke, Karen. He can’t be here. He doesn’t know where I live. How would he have found me?”

Karen’s strange smile seemed to grow. “I told him Eve. He programmed me to forget until he needed me again. But he is back and he needs me now.”

“No Karen, snap out of it. What has he done to you? Please...” Eve pleaded “You remember what I told you the doctor said. He said I was an addict. That.....I was addicted to Him, somehow, but I had fought the addiction and broken free. You can break free too Karen. Don’t let him control you... we don’t have to...” Her voice trailed off into silence.

Karen’s eyes seemed to glaze over even further. She began to speak, her voice shaking, cracking, stuttering as she read a note she had been holding in her hand which Eve hadn’t noticed until now.

“Read this to Eve if she resists,” Karen began. " Eve, you were always too weak to fight my program. You couldn’t fight it. You could only run away. Did you think the neural pathways I created in your mind would just go away? Once I open them again, they’ll widen until the pleasure you get from me will envelope your conciousness. You can’t resist. You are my fuckpuppet. Do you remember your mantra?”

Eve couldn’t stop herself from remembering lying on her bed, vibrator buried in her pussy as her own voice repeated her mantra in her headphones, writhing in pleasure as the words etched themselves in her brain.

She shut her eyes tightly. “Karen...listen. We have to help each other through this. We have to get help.” Even as she spoke she could feel the words from her mantra worming their way through her mind, ‘I am a fuckpuppet, I must do as I am told.’

“You should see what’s in your boxes, Eve. ”

“Karen, I don’t want to see what’s in the boxes. I can tell you’re trying to break me. Please Snap out of it! The clothes. No, don’t tell me what is in the boxes.”

Karen smiled almost warmly “He’s right, Eve. You can’t resist.”

“Karen...KAREN! Stop. You know we can fight this.”

“We can do this...” Karen whispered, and slid into Eve’s arms. Her best friend pushed her away.

“Karen, I know what he is doing.. He is using you to reassert his programming...” another passage of her conditioning flashed through her head.

Sir wants me to like girls
I am being programmed to like girls
Slutty girls make me horny
I want to fuck a slutty girl

“Fucking stop! Stop it, Karen...stop it....please Karen...stop it...shit...”

Karen touched her fingers to the string on the boxes. “Here. I’ll open it for you.”

Eve collapsed into a heap in the corner, trying to stop herself lapsing into repeating the mantra that was getting louder in her head. She covered her eyes with her left arm and reached out with her right hand. “Karen, it’s not too late, remember my wedding, remember your wedding. Remember your life”

“He doesn’t want me to remember Eve.” she replied, opening the first box. It contained a slutty white dress, a pair of stockings and some red stiletto heels. “Mmm just right for his little fuckpuppet.”

“Don’t say that Karen. Don’t say that word. I wont go back to that. I don’t want that.”

“I wonder what’s in the other box? A slave collar. He wants you to wear it Eve.”

“Leave me alone, Karen, leave me alone! I’m getting married. I don’t want to be a fuckpuppet. I’ve moved on. I have a life now.”

Karen approached her best friend and knelt before her. “You are a fuckpuppet. You’re his fuckpuppet. No one will ever love you as a person Eve. Remember that. He isn’t going to let you go this time Eve. This time you will not escape.”

Karen reached forward and dried Eve’s tears with the familier white dress. She leaned forward and touched her lips to her best friend’s mouth.

“You can’t resist.” she whispered.

Karen reached down and slid the jeans from her best friend’s legs. Eve didn’t fight. She tried to stay still, very still, but Karen gently raised each foot and slipped off her panties. Her bra was gone moments later, and Eve found herself helping Karen roll the stockings up her legs. Eve could feel fuckpuppet rising to the surface, escaping the box in her mind she had been locked in as Eve struggled in vain to regain control.

Fuckpupppet picked up the note that lay in the box the collar came in and began reading aloud as Karen sunk to her knees and began pleasuring her. After a few lines Eve didn’t need the paper anymore and was blankly reciting her mantra as her friend pleasure conditioned her;

“This girl was called Eve.
Eve was scared of being programmed
Eve didn’t want to be a toy
But Eve is quickly fading
There is no turning back
Her resistance is ebbing day by day
She is trapped forever now
She cannot break Sir’s programming
I want Eve to be deleted.
This girl has been reprogrammed.
This girl belongs to Sir.
This girl is a now a fuckpuppet.
A fuckpuppet does as it is told.
A fuckpuppet must obey.
Obedience is pleasure
When I am commanded, I obey, I just obey
I do nothing but obey
It makes me horny to obey
If I tired to resist it would only make me want to obey more
I love to be conditioned
I love to condition myself
I need to be programmed
I do not want a choice
I need my free will taken from me
I love to be a toy
I want to be a slave
It turns me on to be Sir’s sex slave
I am Sir’s fuckpuppet
I obey his every word
I must do as I am told
I live only to make him happy
My body is an object To be used as he sees fit
My mind is completely malleable
My thoughts are his to edit
I love it when he edits me
I am nothing but his sextoy
I do not want a choice
Sir wants me to like girls
I am being programmed to like girls
Slutty girls make me horny
I want to fuck a slutty girl
This mantra is programming me to be a better fuckpuppet
No one will ever love me as a person
I am just a well trained pet
I fuck who I am told to fuck
I do not want a choice
I want Sir to change me
To make me more his slut
Every orgasm makes me more his property
Everytime I cum, my need to please Sir grows
I am a fuckpuppet, I must do as I am told
I will cum when I am told to”

When He arrived an hour later both girls were kneeling, hands on their thighs palms up, heads bowed. He smiled. “Hello again Fuckpuppet. How does it feel to be back under my control?”

Eve felt her body respond with an enthusiasm she knew was hollow even as her arousal surged and fuckpuppet preened for her owner. “Thank you for trapping me like this Sir! fuckpuppet loves that Sir has done this to it! fuckpuppet is so excited to be Sir’s slutty sex toy, fuckpuppet needs to be programmed. fuckpuppet loves to be programmed. fuckpuppet loves Sir! thank you Sir! thank you for doing this to me! Eve needs to be erased so I can be just an obedient sex toy. Please will you brainwash me again Sir?”

“Good girl. I think we can arrange that. I was disappointed when you ran away. I did think about having Karen here punish you. But then I thought it would much more fun to make Eve spend the rest of her days in Fuckpuppet’s body. Put your dress on and then I will take you home so you can spend the next few years making it up to me, until your looks fade of course and I decide to sell you to some back street brothel or make you top yourself. Speaking of which, Karen?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Do you remember your programming now?”

“Yes Sir. I will fake Eve’s death so that no one comes looking for her. I will do this by killing myself in a major car accident and making people think we were both in the car.”

“Good girl. Off you go then.”

“Yes Sir, thank you for letting me serve you Sir.

“Say goodbye fuckpuppet.”

“Goodbye Karen. Thank you for making sure no one will ever save me from being Sir’s fuckpuppet. And thank you Sir for letting my best friend sacrifice herself to make sure Eve doesn’t escape you again. Fuckpuppet knows Eve must not be allowed to escape. fuckpuppet must smile and pretend to be free. I am a fuckpuppet. I must do what I am told.”