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Evilena and the Angry Red Planet

Fem/Dom F/A mastb

Synopsis : Evilena finds herself in the midst of The War of the Worlds...or is it Mars Needs Women ? A tongue-in-cheek look at alien invasion.

Evilena and the Angry Red Planet

Evilena was finally in bed. It had been a long hard day. Not only had she worked at her office all day, but she followed that with a strenuous Muay Thai, Jui Jitsu workout at the gym, and, as she lowered herself into bed, she sighed wearily . She picked up the copy of the science magazine on the bedside table and began to read.

The headline said, “It’s Prime Time for the Red Planet—Mars heads for it closest encounter with Earth later this month” and further down in the story it said that Mars would come within 34,646,418 miles of the Earth at 5:51 am on August the 27th. This, said the article, was the closest it had been in nearly 60,000 years. The lovely blond sleepily dropped the magazine to the floor and flicked out the light, preparing to close her eyes and sleep.

“What is today’s date ?” she said to no one in particular. The clock on the bedside table read 5:15am.

Later, was it moments or hours, she heard a noise in her bedroom, and struggled awake only to suddenly feel a cloth pressed across her face firmly and slowly her mind fell into darkness, This time the darkness, not of sleep, but of a chloroform induced unconsciousness .

Then for a second time, Evilena felt herself awakening, but this time she was not in her bed , but in some sort of vessel. She was lying on a hard, metallic floor and standing before her was a tall man, who except for unusual height, the red tinge to his skin, and his red eyes , was a human being. He was , however, CLEARLY a male the way he was staring, hungrily, at the comely blond, in repose, on the ship’s impenetrable floor.

Sherlock Holmes once told Watson that one had to " simply remove the impossible and what is left is the truth, no matter how improbable.” The red skin, the nature of the craft she was in, the proximity of Mars, all added up, however improbably, to the fact that she had been kidnapped by a Martian.

“It’s alright, my dear, I speak English. You can talk to me, " the tall being said in a low voice, devoid of any accent. " I’ll explain what has happened to you. The place I come from has long been affected by a harmful radiation that makes our women sterile. So now that our planet has once again come close to yours, we decided to journey here and bring back mates. We chose you and one other by monitoring your radio waves and you , my dear, were spotted on a television show on a broadcast entity known Comedy Central , where you proved that you were strong, and beautiful, two of the properties needed for out mating. I scanned you while you were unconscious and you also have a high intelligence, another desirable trait for mates on our planet. And when monitored you on the program called Insomniac , in short leather pants, I was QUITE attracted to you sexuality. I decided YOU would be my mate .”

“My flight companion’s earth mate will be the weather girl on your local TV channel. ”

“You’re from Mars?” Evilena inquired.

“Of course my dear . Now rest and we will wait for my companion to return to the ship with his mate and we will return to.....Mars” . He grinned.

“And you say you can monitor our radio waves, how did you learn how to do that ?” Evilena asked.

“Three of your decades ago you sent a small device to Mars called The Viking and we studied the transmission devices on it , it was simple after that. ”

Evilena developed a plan as the Martian spoke . She had been taken in her sleep by this extraterrestrial, but now that she was conscious , she would turn the tables. Just who was going to capture who, she thought.

“Are you sure we are..uh...sexually COMPATIBLE? It would be a shame to kidnap females here on earth if we don’t together.” Evilena stood up slowly and looked at her captor, gazing deeply into his eyes. She held her breasts in her hands and moved sensuously toward him. She smiled.

Like any male, he was intrigued by her beauty. And Evilena could see at least ONE difference in earth and Martian anatomy, his male member was ENORMOUS, larger than ANY earthling, and obviously effected by her beauty and sensuality.

“Of....of... of... course we are sure , you aren’t the first earth woman to be taken to Mars.” he said, still visibly distracted by her nearness.

Evilena stood close to the being and stared up into his eyes. He looked down and smiled, assuming this beautiful earthling was already attracted to him.

“What is your name ?” she said softly so he had to draw even closer to hear her.

“Klaatu, " he responded, still looking into her eyes, moving nearer to the blond beauty.

“ can’t look away, can you ?” She said, smiling.

Confusion filled the Martian’s face.

“Your eyes are LOCKED on to my eyes..... you cannot escape from my gaze . I don’t want you to look away from my deep hypnotic eyes... even for a second...look into my eyes....look DEEP into my eyes...”

The Martian felt as if his mind was floating on her mesmerizing words and he was spiraling into her beautiful eyes. He could not escape her hypnotic gaze. He was being pulled DEEP into her eyes.

“It’s no use trying to fight MUST keep MUST keep looking deep into my’s so hard trying to think can’t think....your power to think on your own is slipping away...let me think for you......let me govern all thoughts ... let me govern all your movements... let me govern all your desires.......keep gazing deep into my eyes....”

This was not how the plan was supposed to work, Martian’s were supposed to be smarter than earthlings...stronger. But he felt as if his head were spinning as he looked into this woman’s deep compelling eyes trying hard to think. Her words were somehow BECOMING his thoughts.

“ are falling under my have no will to resist me... my will is stronger than yours and you MUST obey.....submit to me ... your will belongs to me... your mind belongs to me.... your body belongs to me... your soul belongs to me....obey me...obey me....obey ......obey....”

“” he stuttered as he felt his will slipping away.

“Don’t fight me does no one can resist my power...look deep into my eyes and want to need to obey... you WILL obey...look into my hypnotic eyes and surrender to my power...obey your new mistress....”

Now the Martian was silent, motionless as he gazed helplessly into Evilena’s bottomless eyes.

“Your eyelids are so want to close them... you need to sleep...let them close... sleep ... and be MINE....sleep...”

No longer able to fight her hypnotic spell the giant’s eyes drooped closed and he fell asleep...and , as he did, his mind surrendered to Evilena. Like all men he succumbed to her erotic, mesmerizing power.

Evilena glanced at a viewing screen on the wall of the craft and noticed another tall, red tinged man walking toward the ship, dragging a protesting woman behind him. Her hands were bound by a rope as he pulled her toward the ship. Although she struggled she was no match for the giant. Evilena recognized her as the six o’clock weather girl on the local cable news channel. Then Evilena heard a hiss as an opening appeared in the space craft , to allow entry to the couple.

The second Martian turned to gloat at his captive, dragging her up the entry ramp, he didn’t notice that Evilena was no longer the captive of Klaatu.

As he entered the ship, the hypnotic blond spun around and planted a kick on the side of his face. Then another to his solar plexus , and as he leaned over, gasping for breath, she brought up her knee into his face. He crumpled to the floor unconscious , dropping the rope he had used to lead his captive onto the ship.

The frightened girl looked at Evilena and blurted out. " Who are you ? Who was HE ?”

“It doesn’t really matter does it? Just do what I say and help me , maybe we can get out of this.”

With that, the blond untied her and used the long rope to tie the wrists of the unconscious and prone Martian to his hypnotized fellow crew member. so that if they tried anything their movements would be severely hampered, but that wasn’t what she expected to happen.She planned to control THIS Martian, too.

“She looked at the terrified red head and asked, " Ever want a butler or a houseboy ?”

“What? " the confused woman replied.

“I’ve got a plan. Answer me ! Did you ever want a big , powerful man to be your house slave ?”

“Well...maybe....” her voice trailed away as it dawned on her what the blond was proposing.

The second Martian was returning to consciousness and Evilena reached out and entwined her fingers in his hair and pulled his head toward her face, forcing him to look straight into her eyes.

She yanked his head back and focused her hypnotic gaze on the hapless extraterrestrial who was just trying to clear his head , barely recovering from the blond’s vicious attack.

“Look at me...LOOK. " Her eyes almost seemed to glow with power and as the Martian stared at her, Evilena’s eyes seemed to enlarge to become his whole universe. He to felt a stirring in his groin from the closeness of the earth beauty, but at the same time his head was swimming, from her psychic attack.

She drew her face closer to his and he felt an irresistible urge to kiss her, he moved his head closer and opened his mouth.

The blond hypnotist stared down at her victim, and then...spit in his mouth and laughed.

“Come here to take ME prisoner will you ? Tell me you are my slaves. Both of you are under my power. MY hypnotized toys. Say it. You are my slaves.”

“We are your slaves.” came the reply of the two mesmerized aliens.

Evilena looked over at the other woman who had been dragged to the ship, “What’s your name dear ?”

“It’s Jessica, from WXTC-TV and WHAT have you done to them ? I was so afraid ! ”

Evilena smiled at her, " I’m an expert hypnotist and just as I hoped hoped , hypnosis worked on these aliens, like it works on humans. And these two are the proof. The question now is what do we do with them? If we call the government our lives will NEVER be the same again, so here’s what I’d like to do.”

Jessica looked at her and listened intently.

Hypnosis can be reinforced by having the subject identify pleasure with obedience. If you think you want to , I can give these two to you as house boys IF you follow my instructions. After all males, alien or human, SHOULD serve women. Are you up for it?”

The red haired woman thought a moment, then laughed. " Yes..I’ll DO it! What do you want me to do ?”

Evilena moved even closer the two Martians, helplessly tied together, staring vacantly intp her eyes .

“This is your new Mistress Jessica, " Evilena said in her hypnotic voice, " She can control you. It gives you great pleasure to obey her. Do you understand ? Jessica can give you great pleasure if you obey her...”

Both men nodded.

“Stand up now and take off your jump suits, stand naked in front of your new owner Jessica. And think about how this beautiful earth woman is the only one who can give you pleasure.”

In spite of the rope still connecting them the two prisoners were able to take off their flight suits and stood naked before Jessica and Evilena, huge male members bobbing, obviously thinking about Jessica and pleasure.

“OK Jessica..I can’t train you to be a hypnotist this quickly, but if they cause any trouble after you get home, you can call me. I HAVE associated your power over them with sexual pleasure and now it’s time to reinforce THAT suggestion. Gently grab their pricks. Go ahead, they won’t hurt you, as long as you keep them docile.”

Hesitantly the weather girl reached out and softly grabbed the two huge cocks. They immediately became even more firm and erect. Jessica smiled.

Both Martians moaned.

Why don’t you have them follow you ? See if that works.”

The red head backed up, tugging on the aliens’ turgid members. " Follow me boys....doesn’t this feel good to obey and follow your Mistress ?” Jessica purred.

“MMMM. Yes Mistress...” the obedient extraterrestrials mumbled as Jessica led them all around the ship, warm hand surrounding and exciting them more than they had ever been excited on their home planet.

Evilena smiled at her protege’s success, seeing that even Martians could be led around by their pricks, just as women had done to earth men for centuries.

“Time to encourage their complete surrender, dear.” Evilena said, " OK boys, soon you will cum for your new Mistress , because of the great pleasure ONLY she can give you. And when you cum you will forever be Jessica’s slave. Forever. In fact when you cum you will shout , as loud as you can, that you are Mistress Jessica’s slaves. Do you understand me ?”

“Should I make them cum now ? " Jessica inquired of the erotic hypnotist.

“Yes, stroke them until they climax dear. Let’s see how long it takes.” Evilena commanded.

Jessica firmly began to move her hand up and down the engorged pricks of her former captors, watching them enlarge even further. Slowly at first, then faster she coaxed their excitement to higher levels. The aliens’ heads tilted back and almost simultaneously they screamed.

“I’m your Mistress Jessica.”

“ I’m your slave! ”




Then both collapsed unconscious on the deck of the ship, still ejaculating huge quantities of red tinged cum.

Once again Evilena laughed, " Guess they do have a lot in common with earth men after all ...they cum and they turn over and go to sleep.” She kicked at the two unconscious bodies who seemed totally drained of their physical strength.

She continued to repeat her hypnotic commands as they hovered just below consciousness re inforcing Jessica’s power over them and their new roles as slave to the beautiful earth woman.

“Jessica. Tell them to program the ship to destroy itself in the upper atmosphere, and get them dressed. Let’s get out of here.”

After a few moments the strange quartet left the ship and it automatically took off towards it’s destruction. The group had taken a large quantity of diamonds with them which apparently was a common substance on Mars which was utilized to power the ship. The jewels would come in handy to help maintain a household for Jessica with the two Martians as her houseboys. Obviously she couldn’t let them work outside the house to avoid inquiries about their unusual appearance, But they would be good servants ( and sex slaves Jessica privately mused) .

The group walked the mile to Jessica’s home and Evilena prepared to head to her own residence.

“At least let’s eat before I take you home.” the redhead said.

“ No...not necessary, dear. I’ve still got to get some sleep, and I think I’ll jog home. It’s all in a days work for Florida’s most powerful hypno-domme.” and she smiled at Jessica and jogged out the door.

Jessica looked at the two huge pricks that were now hers and said, " Come here boys, let’s see how often we can get these guns to shoot, " and smiled.