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Evilena : Sweating in the Doctor’s Office

f/F mc hm

Synopsis : Young EVILENA dominates her beautiful Chinese physician.

Evilena hated going to the doctor. He was an old, ugly man who clearly was becoming feeble minded. She knew any man who didn’t fall on his knees in worship and awe when she was in the room, MUST be feeble minded. But, at least, it WAS a day off from school. She had just entered her Junior year of high school, and district rules required that she have a medical examination to enroll in class. She knew it was a good idea to take care of her health, so she decided to follow this particular school rule ( she DID however, pick and choose which other rules she would follow).

She thought this time when she visited the doctor she would really bring out the big guns and dress as enticingly as she could for the old doc , in hopes she could pierce his feeble mindedness. She had often thought would be nice to have a physician under her hypnotic control. Medications and consultations, would all be free, and she wouldn’t have to wait in his office . She would be in control. And young Evilena LIKED being in control.

The sexy blonde coed decided to wear black spandex shorts and a matching low cut short tank top, which allowed a tantalizing view of her perfect breasts and rippled abs. She topped the outfit with a sheer white blouse tied closed at her slim , well muscled waist. She put on a wide black leather belt angled low over her sensual hips, so that the big shiny silver buckle rested just over her pussy, directing the viewer’s eyes to the source of her erotic power. A jeweled , sword shaped pendant hung down in her luscious cleavage. She finished the sexy outfit with high heeled black ankle boots.

She was irresistible.

When she arrived at the office the white haired nurse told her that Dr. Solomon had recently retired and that a Doctor Yuen had taken over the practice.

EVILENA smiled to herself, maybe this guy would be younger, and he HAD to be better looking.

After 20 minutes of waiting she was lead into an examining room and the doctor joined her almost immediately.

But it wasn’t a younger man. It was a younger woman, and QUITE a younger woman. Doctor Mai-Lin Yuen was a 30ish, very attractive Asian doctor, dressed in blue surgical scrubs emblazoned with Chinese characters, covered by a traditional physician’s white smock, seemingly designed to conceal her body even more demurely . Her face, however was very attractive and her dark brown eyes sparkled with intelligence.

Evilena’s eyes sparkled too, with a predatory light. She had an almost super-natural understanding of people and somehow sensed when her considerable physical charms had an influence over those near her. She had previously used her startling beauty and innate psychic power to control many of her fellow students , her teachers, and even a few of the more attractive parents of her schoolmates. Evilena got a perverse pleasure from subjugating and enslaving older men and women. If they showed even the slightest emotional or psychological weakness, Evilena had the ability to turn them into her willing submissives. More than one instructor had been fired over submitting publically to Evilena’s skillful mental manipulations. Masturbating in class and undressing in public had gotten two teachers fired already, this year. Evilena knew , as she looked at the beautiful doctor, that soon she too would fall under her erotic influence. She detected, in the way the doctor looked at her, that the Asian woman was strongly attracted to her. She could tell that the beautiful physician was so weak willed that she would be able to make her do ANYTHING, even before she was placed under Evilena’s hypnotic control. Already the attractive medico was looking at her in a way that would not ever be considered as professional detachment.

“Miss, you will have to undress for me to examine you. Could you please take off your clothing and put on this gown. I will leave if I make you uncomfortable.” the doctor said, trying to maintain her composure.

“No doctor, you can stay, in fact I think it is I makes YOU a little uncomfortable isn’t it ? Maybe even a little excited ...sexually excited ? Isn’t THAT why you want to leave? ”

Evilena moved a step closer to the pretty Asian and fixed the woman’s dark brown eyes with an erotic stare that seemed to transfix the petite Chinese woman . The doctor seemed to shiver, then moved back. She knew this erotic feeling she was experiencing was not supposed to happen to physicians , especially due to the nearness of a young, pretty, female patient , like this one .

The sultry blonde teen observed that Mai-Lin was already having a hard time resisting her smoldering sensuality and moved even closer. She had detected the doctor’s hidden lesbian desires and intended on taking advantage of them.

“ I’ll undress for you in a moment dear , but don’t you think you should examine me a little more closely before I show you my naked body? Look at these .” She cupped her ample breasts in her hands and lifted them as Yuen breathed in sharply, a combination of a sigh and a whimper. She was fascinated by Evilena’s perfect breasts.

“Ohh,” Yuen groaned, " Maybe I should let you undress alone, Tyler, my husband is scheduled to phone me now and I should be my office in case he does.” The lie was told to try to re assert her heterosexual bent, but the teenager knew that even if the sexy Asian WAS married her husband would not be in her dreams tonight. Mai- Lin would be dreaming of Evilena.

“Don’t worry about Tyler, dear, I’m sure he’d understand why your eyes are fixed HERE.” She gestured toward her delta. “Of course they are drawn to my beautiful belt buckle , you can see it as it sparkles with every movement I make..”

Evilena locked her thumbs in the wide black belt that accented her black shorts and shifted her hips causing the large buckle to flash as she moved. . Mai-Lin’s eyes first roamed over Evilena’s beautiful legs, then at her tight shorts, then hesitated at the big, shiny silver belt buckle, and then finally moved slowly to the tan, well muscled structure of Evilena’s abs as the blonde’s sensuous body continued to hold Yuen’s attention . The doctor nervously tried to walk backwards out of the cubicle, but backed right into a partition in the examining room , her body now trapped by the wall itself.

Evilena smiled at the unsettled woman as she sensuously moved her hips slowly, almost like a belly dancer would, but much, much slower.. The erotic movements seemed to capture the rooms lights and concentrate it in the shining buckle of her belt as she moved. Mai had never been attracted to women, but something about this blonde girl held her attention and aroused a warm feeling deep in her pussy. She continued to watch closely as Evilena’s hips moved sensuously.

Yuen moved back... then almost helplessly TOWARD the beautiful young blonde.

Evilena moved no closer, but continued to stare into the woman’s eyes and slowly swing her hips. Then she stopped. “Or maybe you are attracted my sexy legs and feet doctor. Or my black boots. Or is it my eyes that fascinate you? Why don’t you look into my deep green eyes while we talk.” The young girl’s voice was so soft and erotic, Yeun loved the sound of Evilena’s sexy voice. It washed over her like a soft, war ocean wave.

The Asian physician first looked down to the boots ,trying in vain to resist Evilena’s suggestions, then slowly, like a bird captured by the stare of a snake her confused gaze lifted toward the coed’s beautiful face , and then was held by Evilena’s deep, emerald eyes. Yuen shivered again, in spite of her useless attempts to resist the young blonde, it was obvious she found the teen amazingly erotic.

“I said look into my eyes while I talk to you, Mai-Lin.”

Silently the Asian woman nodded in agreement and stared at the young blonde’s beautiful eyes. It was obvious that the girl’s nearness was distracting to the doctor, but she wasn’t strong enough to move away.

Her voice quivering, Yeun tried to speak, " Uh. I’m a bit busy now, perhaps we can reschedule your appointment for a later date ,” ( with some other doctor she thought).

Evilena reached up and ran a moist finger across Yeun’s red lips. " But I don’t want to leave now, my dear. I’d like to stay right here with you, and I can tell you want me to stay too , don’t you?”

“Uhh... your belt buckle and ....your eyes....and YOU ... are very beautiful...but I don’t have time just to look at you ... I must be..... be... going...” she stuttered, finding it hard to form a coherent sentance.

In spite of her stated intent to leave, the rapidly weakening doctor stood there motionless, trying valiantly NOT to look at Evilena’s eyes. She didn’t want to be feeling the way those eyes made her feel, to be thinking the way those eyes made her think . But Evilena’s deep green eyes indeed held her attention. And the doctor’s confused mind again felt excited by the slow , graceful movements of this gorgeous young woman.

“What did you say?” she whispered weakly, her throat dry.

“I said, you WANT me to stay here with you don’t you dear.” It really wasn’t a question, it was more of a command.

Evilena could tell the doctor was torn between allowing her erotic feelings toward the blonde take over her actions or following what she knew SHOULD be her professional behavior. The young hypnotist knew that even without hypnosis Yuen would soon be hers, but her complete surrender would be so much more delectible when she finally sucumbed to Evilena;’s hypnotic skills.

Please...w...what do you want from me?” she said trembling, half from fear, half from desire. Yuen had led a sheltered life, first at her home in China, then at school, and now at home with her husband. But these new feelings were overwhelming her. Evilena was so beautiful. But Mai-Lin was no lesbian... or is that JUST what these feelings meant?

Evilena leaned closer and whispered in her ear, " I want YOU dear, I want to own you. That’s what I want, my dear little pet.”

Once more the physician struggled to break free of the helpless feeling that was holding her prisoner to this beautiful girl. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t.

Evilena now knew she could easily place this woman quickly under her hypnotic control if she just told her to go to sleep , but she enjoyed the feeling of power that this erotic cat and mouse game was giving her. The blonde knew she could overcome the doctor’s will power any time she wanted. Evilena’s will was so much stronger than the petite Asian’s. But Evilena could also see in Yeun’s eyes that her erotic desire for the blonde was growing as each second passed. She decided to wait a moment longer.

“Please don’t....please leave now, " Yeun begged, yet she moved still closer to the sexy coed. Evilena could see the conflict in Yuen’s eyes. Run away or surrrender? She was so confused .

The blonde girl smiled her most seductive smile, “Do you really want me to leave ? I will if you want, but of course you’d never see me again then. Is THAT what you want, dear?” As she spoke she reached out with her hand and ran a fingernail across the diminutive doctor’s nipple.

Mai-Lin stared at her enchantress and a tear started to roll down her cheek. “ I don’t want you to leave. I...i...don’t know WHAT I want.”

“Of course not my dear. It’s SO hard to think isn’t it. What you really want is to please me, to please little Evilena. Let ME think for you, dear. Do you know what would please your beautiful new patient ?”

Mai-Lin’s eyes opened wide and stared at the sensuous blonde questioningly.

“ what ? ”

“I want you to take that lab coat off so I can see more of you . Do it for me now , dear.”

Her breathing quickened as the doctor slowly removed the lab coat and dropped it to the floor. The loose fitting surgical scrubs still concealed her lithe body. Why had she done exactly what the girl had asked?

Evilena reached out and tweaked Yuen’s nipple and it illicited a tiny whine from the doctor’s lips, then a huge sigh. She had never felt so vulnerable, so excited.

“Now the scrub tops lover. Take them off too, I want to see your pretty little titties.”

Fear filled Yeun’s face as she screwed up her courage in a last attempt to resist the erotic power of this beautiful young girl. " No.... no I won’t.”

Evilena placed her hands on the doctor’s shoulders and forced the woman down to her knees. " Yes you WILL my dear. Little slave girls shouldn’t EVER say no to their Mistress. TAKE OFF YOUR TOP....NOW!”

Yuen dropped to her knees.

Now the Asian was crying almost uncontrollably as the devilish teen smiled down at her. Yet, slowly, helplessly her hands went to the collar of the blue surgical scrub and she started to remove it.

“Why are you doing this to me ? " she whispered meekly as she removed the top and held it modestly in front of her pert breasts.

“Because I CAN . Because I love controlling grown up slaves like you, my pet. I love the idea of a young sexy girl like me controlling EVERY thought and action of a helpless little plaything like you. And you love that thought too, or you wouldn’t be on your knees in front of me with your pussy dripping with excitement. I can see the wet stain on your pants dear, you can’t hide your excitement from your new Mistress Evilena. You can conceal NOTHING from me. Not you pretty little titties, not your wet cunt, not even your thoughts, NOTHING. And because I know this is what YOU want. ”

Mai-Lin was staring directly into the shining belt buckle as Evilena spoke, but then the blonde slowly lowered her shorts showing off her little blue thong panties. Yuen was again transfixed. She brought her head closer to Evilena’s sweet pussy, then buried her nose in her bush. She dropped the blue top to the floor, no thoughts of modesty left.

“You want to eat my pussy don’t you my pretty little slut ? I know deep inside this is what you want. I know you only offered to leave while I changed my clothes because you were afraid of the feelings you had for me. Doctor’s aren’t supposed to feel like this about their patient’s are they Mai-Lin? But I won’t hurt you my pet. you have nothing to fear... trust Evilena... I will give you what you want most. What you have wanted from the moment you first laid eyes on me. I will let you PLEASE me. I will let you SERVE me. Isn’t that what you want my little one? You KNOW that is what you want now, don’t you ?”

Yuen extended her tongue and Evilena pushed her back. The doctor fell over, on the floor.

“What do you WANT? I’m humiliating myself for you already, my husband, Tyler would kill me if he knew what I was doing.”

“I TOLD you, my dear. I want you to belong to me . I want you helpless to resist me. To be my property. To do everything to please only ME. I didn’t SAY you could taste my pussy, yet ... so you can’t ! But you can kiss my boots you slut. Lick them. I don’t care what your precious Tyler thinks, Mai-Lin . You belong to me now. ”

Yuen had passed her last stages of resistance and fell immediately to kissing and licking Evilena’s boots, tears still streaming down her face and forming little wet puddles on the floor. This IS what she wanted from the second she had first seen the beautiful blonde.

Evilena waited a few moments and grabbed her by her long black hair and pulled her face up and then leaned over so the two were eye to eye. Evilena flicked out her tongue and lightly touched Yuen’s lips. " Now BEG me. Say please Mistress Evilena, let me eat your pussy.”

“P..p..please let me eat your.......your.... ”

“PUSSY say it slave girl, PUSSY.” Evilena smiled as she said it.

“PUSSY...PUSSY ......PUSSY...PLEASE let me eat your Pussy Evilena.”

Mai-Lin was not yet hypnotized, but what was happening to her was so far out of her normal frame of reference that she already was totally at the mercy of the erotic teen dominatrix. She would do anything to worship at Evilena’s beautiful shrine.She felt so powerless as the teen looked at her tiny naked breasts, she felt so helpless.

Evilena reached down and captured the doctor’s nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and pulled the unresisting woman toward her pussy. Yuen was breathing faster and whimpering louder . She felt so lost and helpless.

“Lick dear, lick it. Make me happy and lick it.”

Mai-Lin worshiped at Evilena’s sexual delta in earnest, licking, sucking and kissing the erotic shrine. She was lost in the sights, smells, and tastes, of the beautiful young dominatrix.

Evilena’s legs quivered as the excited physician completed her humiliating yet exciting task.....

“Now come here, pet .” she said as she pulled the raven haired slave by the nipples, forcing her away from her pussy and back again into a face to face posture. Yuen was groaning and whimpering almost uncontrollably now.

“Look into my eyes dear.... deeply into my eyes....”

Now Mai-Lin felt as if she were actually being drawn into the deep green eyes of the blonde dominatrix. It was like her mind was melting under the hot green light of Evilena’s eyes. All she could see were those large, emerald , mesmerizing eyes. Evilena’s eyes had become her whole world. Nothing else existed.

“Deeper and deeper. I’m going to hypnotize you now and you know you can’t resist. You don’t want to resist. You have wanted to serve me from the first moment you saw me, and now you will be under my wonderful hypnotic spell and be able to serve Evilena. Your Mistress Evilena.”

Yuen’s eyes were wide open and her gaze was vacant, still held by Evilena’s eyes. More and more open to any suggestions the blonde implanted. Her mind was becoming a black slate, waiting to be written on by the erotic teen.Her lips parted slightly.

“Have you ever been with a woman before, my dear?”

“, I haven’t.”

“How many men have you slept with besides your sweet little Tyler ?”

“None Evilena, that is a crime in China.”

This 30 something doctor was practically a virgin! Evilena smiled and licked her lips.

“Stand up for me Mai-Lin and drop those blue pants, do it for your Mistress. You know you have to obey her.

And it was true, Yuen harbored no thoughts of resisting Evilena’s commands, and deftly dropped the cotton scrubs, now standing with her hands at her sides, fully exposed to the gaze of sultry Evilena.

It had only taken a few moments to change this mature doctor from a respected medical professional to a pitiful slut slave. Evilena had done it before, and like anyone Evilena desired, Yuen was unable to resist either her hypnotic OR erotic powers. She was totally under Evilena’s spell.

The blonde coed reached over and picked up her purse, and after rummaging around a few moments she pulled out a sleek, silver, battery powered dildo, and handed it to the entranced physician.

“Turn it on, my pet.”

Yuen flicked the switch and the vibrator began to hum.

“Rub it on your tits, slut slave.”

The doctor moaned as the buzzing shaft rubbed across her nipples.

“Now fuck yourself with it, doctorslut.”

Mai-Lin plunged the vibrator into her dripping cunt, shaking with passion as she moved it in and out.

“Who owns you doctorslut?

“You do Evilena.” the Asian cried.

“What would you do to belong to me slut girl?”

“Anything you command....ANYTHING .......ANYTHING,” she shouted as an orgasm wracked her body.

The helpless Asian beauty fell to the floor, overcome with a passion instilled by the mesmeric power of the young hypnotist. She was no more than a helpless puppet for the blonde dominatrix to manipulate.

As she lay on the floor Evilena leaned over and turned Yuen’s head toward her and flicked her tongue across the doctor’s lips. " I want you to call Tyler and tell him you must see him, now. When he gets here you will help me enslave him too, won’t you.

“Yes Mistress Evilena” she replied, wanting only to serve her new owner.

Evilena smiled as she pushed Yuen’s head into her moist pussy and the doctor began to lick. Another helpless adult had become her slave. Tyler would be next.... then , she thought, who will be my next victim?

Mai-Lin continued to lick..... helplessly.....