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Evilena : Mistress of Fawcett City

Synopsis : In an erotic comic book universe, Evilena captures a third sexy super-heroine. This story is the third in the series that started with Mistress of the Museum, and Mistress of a Metropolis.

Evilena was driving to a baseball ball game. She had the time.

She enjoyed her afternoons away from the daily grind of planning crime. Although she DID have to admit, crime was much easier since she had hypnotized, seduced and enslaved her two super henchwomen.

In previous lives they had been Amazing Girl, the Amazon Princess, and Super-Girl the blond and beautiful caped crime fighter.

Now they were anything she wanted. Thieves.... sex slaves .... slut toys.... anything.

And she LOVED the magical , hypnotic power she had over the former susuper-heroines. She thanked whatever deities there were every day for her discovery of the ancient Egyptian pendant of power she had discovered in the historical museum. Since she had gained it’s magical powers NO ONE could resist her.

As she slowed at a red light in front of one of the city’s high schools, on the way to the ball park, she glanced over at a group of young students leaving the building. Suddenly she had a strange feeling deep within her chest. Now Evilena did NOT usually stare at high school girls ! But one of them, a tall dark girl in a typical school girl’s uniform made her head tingle. Something about her was just as magical as Evilena’s mystical necklace. Even the red stone in the hypnotic, jewel encrusted, sword shaped pendant was beginning to pulse with light as this cute, vivacious school girl approached Evilena’s car, now stopped at the traffic signal.

The blond super criminal HAD to learn more about this teenager. As the girl neared her Evilena smiled a 10,000 watt smile and asked, “Can I give you a lift dear ? I’m headed toward Fawcett Field to go watch the game. Wanna come along ?”

The youngster smiled, “no thank you ma’am.” she said politely as she continued to walk across the street.

Suddenly a large truck lumbered into view at a high rate of speed and it was clear that the vehicle was headed straight for Evilena’s Trans Am. Before Evelina could react the young student moved swiftly toward the truck. As she ran the pretty girl said something under her breath and suddenly a huge flash of lightning struck her, but instead of being harmed by the electrical discharge she stood, transformed , into a Lycra clad, caped super-heroine. Now seemingly older, wearing a white ,mini skirted costume with a yellow lightning bolt emblazoned across her massive chest, the woman/girl flew toward the truck and stopped it , using only her powerful hands and arms . It was amazing. No, marvelous.

Evilena’s two sex slaves had told her about Fawcett City’s caped super-heroine ,Mary Mar-vel, but neither knew of her secret identity as a young high school student.

Evilena smiled broadly and drove off, plans running through her mind about how she would turn this crime-fighter into a super criminal as she had done with her two other henchwomen.

Instead of heading to the game she parked her car a couple of blocks away and clandestinely looked on as the sexy super-heroine landed in a secluded grove of trees. Moments later a lightning bolt again struck her and there stood the young girl, once again dressed in her school uniform.

“ She’s magical " thought Evilena. " I MUST have this girl. She will join me in my crusade to gain wealth and power. She MUST become my slave .”

Then, the pretty young student ran out from her secluded hiding place and joined a group of schoolgirls laughing , talking and walking down the street, as if nothing had happened.

Evilena , too walked down the street at a discrete distance , and watched as the brown haired teen turned into a small house , listening as her friends shouted “bye Mary,” and giggled , as young girls do. The blond super criminal noted the name on the mail box , “N. Bromfield” , and then returned to her car to develop a plan.

The game would have to wait. She drove straight back to the large penthouse apartment she was renting, here in Fawcett City.

When she opened the door and walked in she saw Amazing Girl and Super-Girl locked in a passionate embrace ,rolling on the thickly carpeted floor....both were covered with sweat and moaning. Evilena smiled. It was obvious her influence over the two had resulted in their submission to their lustful feelings for one another.

“Stop it you two, " she laughed , " we’ve got WORK to do, and work comes before play.”

The darkly beautiful Amazon and the sensual blond alien beauty rolled over and looked up at Evilena. " Yes Ma’am " they responded and got up to stand, almost at attention, like soldiers , before the sensual hypnotist.

“ I found out Mary Mar-vel’s secret identity today and you won’t believe it. She’s a schoolgirl ! Her name is Mary Bromfield and I know where she lives. And her powers come to her by magic. She says some kind of a magic word, I didn’t hear what it was, but when she says it , she is transformed into Mar-vel by a bolt of lightning. It’s amazing.”

“ I think we will ALL visit that sweet little girl and recruit her into our little band of thieves. And I think we will do it tonight. Now lets get dressed in our work clothes,” Evilena commanded.

The three super criminals dressed in their sexy costumes and were ready to confront Mary Mar-vel . Amazing Girl was dressed in her red , yellow and blue costume , Super-Girl in her blue outfit and red cape and Evilena,in her black tight fitting Lycra cat suit. But as a nod to her power over them Evilena made her two submissive henchwomen wear little black masks,as well, not so much to hide their identities, but for the fetish impact it had on their victims.

As they started to leave the apartment Evilena gave each girl an intimate squeeze on her breasts and kissed both of them. Their eyes glowed lustily. Evilena had not only become their Mistress but their lover as well, and there was no way either could resist her sexual allure. They were totally under her spell .

A couple of hours later the trio of beauties stood outside the modest bungalow and Super-Girl’s x-ray vision confirmed that the young student was at home alone. At Evilena’s command one stood by the back door of the residence , one to the side patio door, and Evilena herself stood by the front entrance . At a signal all entered the home at the same time.

Mary was sitting at the kitchen table reading a schoolbook, eating milk and cookies, but as the three women entered her house she stood up as if to confront them.

But then she smiled , “Amazing Girl ... Super-Girl.... I’d heard you had turned to a life of crime but it must not be true. You’ve come to visit me , it’s so good to see you BOTH.”

Then she turned and spotted the hypnotic seductress , Evilena.

“But you are with HER ! The rumors must be true. You’ve turned into criminals. And I guess those masks prove it. But you won’t capture me !.”

Mary turned and faced Evilena and formed her lips to shout the word of transformation, “SH.....” she started to say just as her eyes were captured by the gaze of the hypnotic blond.

Evilena looked down, into the diminutive girl’s eyes and whispered....“OBEY....”

But the words, though softly spoken ,resounded in the young girl’s brain and captured her very thoughts . The fire disappeared from her eyes and she stared blankly into the beautiful green orbs of the super criminal. Her hands dropped to her sides and she was frozen in place.

She felt something reaching into her mind and manipulating her thoughts, and then, as if it were the most normal thing in the world, she dropped to her knees before the blond hypnotist.

“I will obey Mistress Evilena,” were her only words.

Super-Girl stood on her left and Amazon Girl to her right , and each took one of Mary’s arms and lifted her to her feet as Evilena approached.

Mary’s eyes never wavered from looking deep into the mesmerizing green orbs and each second she did, she fell deeper under the criminal’s evil spell.

As the blond hypnotist reached out and pinched Mary’s nipples with both her hands, Evilena repeated over and over, “Obey.....obey .... obey.....”

The teen moaned in a mixture of sexual excitement and surrender. Both feelings she had never experienced in her young life.

“Ohhhhhhh...bey ... obey...obey....” she repeated moving her hips lewdly toward her captor.

“ Oh my little are SO cute ! But SO naive . Surely a young girl like you CAN’T be a powerful crime fighter. Tell me about yourself.” the hypnotist said as she continued to softly caress the schoolgirl, still dressed in her plaid skirt and white blouse.

“ I..... I.... transform into a super being with the grace of Selena , the strength of Hyppolyta , the fleetness of Zephyrus, the beauty of Aurora , and the wisdom of Minerva when I say the magic...ohhhhhhhh....word.......MMMMMMM”

“And what word is that dear girl ? " Evilena whispered softly as she leaned close to the girl and tenderly kissed her lips, swirling her tongue as the girl tried to free her arms so she could embrace the erotic criminal. Mary wanted her so badly. These new, erotic feelings filled her mind and excited her body.

And at a gesture from Evilena the two masked super criminals released the youngster and she DID fling her arms around Evilena , tightly embracing her, thrusting her own tongue into the hypnotist’s mouth, moaning with excitement. She ground her pelvis into the blond’s body and lewdly licked her face, unable to control her powerful erotic reactions.

“The word dear.... the word... tell your mistress the word and she will allow you to taste her pussy.....tell me....tell me my little slut “Evilena said hotly into her ear, licking the girl’s neck.

“MMMMM.... it’s SHAZAM " Mary mumbled in her little girl voice , now a helpless captive of her own lust.

As the schoolgirl spoke the word thunder shook the room and a bolt of lightning crackled across the room. A strange smoke that was not smoke obscured Evilena’s view of the teen.

At the same time the room seemed filled with a palpable mystical energy and Evilena’s long, blond hair seemed almost to stand on end.

Scant moments later the smoke cleared and there , in the young woman’s place, stood the tall, muscular, and very sexy woman Evilena had seen stop the errant truck, earlier in the afternoon. This woman, this Mary Mar-vel, still had a look of confusion on her face. She was shaking her head gently , her dark hair swinging back and forth, as if she were trying to break loose from Evilena’s hypnotic spell.

Swiftly, she turned and punched Super-Girl , rendering her unconscious then spun around and kicked Amazing Woman in the stomach and left her paralyzed, gasping for breath on the floor.

Then she looked angrily at the blond hypnotist. " What were you doing to that poor little girl ? She’s just a child ! " she said in a deeper , richer voice, no longer that of a young girl. " She’s never even kissed a BOY ! ”

Now the woman’s blank stare was becoming clear and bright, not at all like the mesmerized eyes of the young girl who stood in the same spot moments before . The lightning had brought some sort of mystical change to Mary and she was clearly breaking free of Evilena’s influence.

Evilena knew she must do something quickly.

The blond looked up into the super heroine’s face. In spite of all the physical changes that had taken place in her, Mary’s eyes seemed the same. Evilena narrowed her gaze and focused the full effect of her hypnotic green eyes on the angry crime-fighter.

She spoke softly.

“Look into my eyes Mary. Do it NOW ! Look deep into my eyes.”

Mary was momentarily stunned by the hypnotic power radiating from Evilena’s beautiful eyes.

“That’s it Mary. Just like before, you must look into my eyes and obey me. Look. Deeper and deeper. LOOK INTO MY EYES.”

The red sword shaped pendant around Evilena’s neck pulsed with power and her deep green eyes seemed to glow.

“No one can resist my hypnotic power.... not even a magical being like you. Amazon Girl has fallen under my spell....Super-Girl too, now it’s YOUR turn Mary. It’s so easy.... all you have to do is keep looking into my eyes and listening to my voice until I become your whole world ... nothing else matters ... nothing but listening to my voice ... gazing into my eyes... and obeying my commands .... already you feel so dizzy ... almost as if you are falling INTO my eyes... and you find it impossible to tear your own eyes away from mine ... look deeper ... deeper.... and feel yourself falling under my spell.”

In her mind Mary thought if she could only look away, or break eyes contact she could escape, but she could do neither. She continued to stare helplessly into Evilena’s mesmeric eyes.

Still, Mary tried to fight, summoning up all her mental powers, trying so hard to resist THOSE eyes. Trying.... so .... hard ....

“Don’t fight me dear girl, I am too powerful to resist. Look into my eyes and let me take over your thoughts. Can’t you feel my will power overwhelming yours ? My thoughts becoming yours ? Mary..... don’t fight me .... become mine ... my slave ... you KNOW you must obey Mistress Evilena.....obey .... obey ....”

Mary’s body began to sway as if she were losing her balance and she kept falling deeper into those green eyes... they seemed to have enlarged .. they were all she could see.

“” she mumbled summoning her last vestiges of resistance...” please don’t....”

Evilena smiled, knowing Mary was losing their psychic battle. She felt her weakening.

“You can’t look away my dear, your gaze is locked on my eyes are falling under my power ...there exists nothing but MY will ....feel my mind inside yours ...capturing your very thoughts are feeling SO helpless now... so powerless...”

“Obey me Mary.... if you do I will allow you to kiss me again ... to hold me... what pleasure ... pleasure you have never before known ....surrender to me ... give in ... obey me.....OBEY ... ”

Mary Mar-vel, filled with he mystical power of Shazam stood, towering above the blond hypnotist. Her muscular body tightly filled out the colorful costume , her firm breasts jutted out proudly. Evilena looked at the yellow boots, the white cape, and the lightning bolt, symbolizing power emblazoned across the dramatic curves of Mar-vel’s voluptuous breasts. She was the world’s mightiest woman, physically. Her knockout blows to Super-Girl, and Amazing Girl had proved that. But no one in the world, not even a superheoine with mystical strength , was immune to Evilena’s hypnotic power. The power given to her by the Egyptian pendant of power.

The sexy hypnotist droned on, never glancing away from Mary’s gaze as she drove her deeper and deeper into a submissive hypnotic trance. A trance only Evilena could control.

The words resounded over and over in her mind, “obey ... obey ... obey...”

Mary continued to try to resist, muscles that could rend steel flexed impotently , as she tried weakly to avert Evilena’s gaze, to look away from those powerful green eyes. But she felt so weak,so helpless , and try as she might Evilena’s voice was echoing deep within her mind, caressing her thoughts, like a soft, sensual touch... urging, tempting, cajoling , commanding her to continue staring into the depths of those hypnotic green pools, knowing that to do so meant her total enslavement. Yet she continued to stare, helpless to do anything else.

The light slowly went out of her eyes. She gazed vacantly at Evilena, her mouth hanging slightly open. She had no independant thoughts, only those Evilena placed in her mind. She was defeated. She belonged to Evilena. She was powerless. Her mind and body were Evilena’s to command.

The beautiful blond reached out and sensuously cupped Mary’s left breast in her hand and rubbed, feeling the nipple harden.

“What must you do Mary ? Can you tell your mistress what you must do ?

“ I....I ... I must obey.... obey Evilena... obey ... obey....”

“Good girl ... now kiss me...”

Evilena’s tongue darted out and lightly flicked over the lips of the entranced super-heroine, then she placed her hands on the brunettes shoulders and pushed, driving her down to her knees. Even Mary’s super human strength did not allow her to resist the genle push of her new mistress. Evilena turned around placing her sensual ass in Mary’s face.

“ Kiss it. Kiss my ass, my little fuck toy. Worship my ass....”

Mary helplessly obeyed kissing and worshiping the lovely bottom of the blond criminal. She kissed, she licked,she massaged with her fingers, each action exciting her more. The mere act of submission was so erotic to the hypno slave. She moaned.

“Good girl Mary, now help the other girls up, you were kind of hard on them,” she smiled.

Mar-vel assisted the two prone former super-heroines to their feet, as they slowly regained conciousness.

“Now ladies, lets go back to the me.” With that Mary helped Evilena into the air and Super-Girl lifted Amazon Girl and they flew to the penthouse that had become Evilena’s Criminal Headquarters. Upon arrival Evilena ordered them into the huge master bedroom with the large round bed and commanded that they all disrobe.

Even she was amazed by the beauty and voluptuousness of her three super-slaves. They were gorgeous. They were hers.

Now naked , she merely pointed to herself and commanded, “Love me....”

The entranced super-sluts combined in an erotic attack on their Goddess . as instructed.

Mary kissed Evilena’s lips swirled her yearning tongue in the hypnotist’s open mouth as Super-Girl’s hands cupped the blond Goddess’ breasts and rubbed her thumbs erotically across her distended nipples.

Amazing Girl worked her tongue down to the Mistress’ gorgeous delta and began to lick.

Mar-vel pulled her lips from Evilena’s and worked her tongue down the pale skin of the hypnotist’s neck and throat, ever so lovingly, as Super-Girl continued her erotic assault on her tender nipples. She pushed the two firm globes together, then she too began to lick and kiss, targeting the tender nipples, pinching and flicking them with her thumb and forefinger, at almost super speed, then alternating with her lips and tongue.

Amazing girl licked up to her belly buttton, swirled her tongue around it then plunged in, then retraced her route down to Evilena’s delicious pussy.

Even Evilena, a woman ALWAYS in control was beginning to moan and squirm as these three beautiful sex slaves attacked her lustily.

Amazing Girl’s tongue made tender, circular movements across the hypnotist’s swollen clit and Evilena felt the tingling sensations growing in her body.

All three super-slaves increased the speed and tenderness of their assault to almost unbearable rapidity.

Again and again the tongues, lips, and fingers of her slaves rubbed and served the goddess until the unbearable erotic sensations of three women finally reached a cresendo and Evilena’s body was suffused with crushing orgasms. Wave after of pleasure cursed through the blond beauty. So intense were the feelings, her body went limp and she slowly slipped into unconciousness.

Languid moments later as she opened her eyes she smiled as she saw Mary Mar-vel and Super-Girl entwined in an erotic embrace in the air ABOVE the bed as Amazing Girl fingered herself......

It was GOOD to be the Mistress .