The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Evilena : Enlisting Lady Blackhawk

A blond , sexy, leather clad , comic book heroine falls under Evilena’s spell.

Zinda Blake turned her Lockheed F-94 Starfire jet toward the long runway on Blackhawk Island, the Pacific Ocean secret hideaway of the Blackhawks, a small, elite, paramilitary unit associated with a super secret intelligence agency of the US Government.

The pretty, blond , aviatrix often worked with the team and usually wore a uniform which was an erotic reflection of the military style costumes of the Blackhawks , themselves. She sported a dark leather tunic ,with the golden hawk emblem of the team , prominent on her ample bosom , but instead of military trousers like the male members of the squad, she wore a short, leather micro mini skirt, and tall leather boots, an all together erotic variation on the standard flyer’s uniform.

Zinda , herself, was a beautiful blond, with clear blue eyes. She stood 5′ 7″ and was a trim 117 lbs. A skillful pilot and a fearless fighter, Zinda fit right in with the seven men who formed the original Blackhawk fighting team.

As she guided her red and silver plane down onto the landing strip , on the small island which was not listed on any navigational charts, she taxied toward a hanger , which normally housed the jets of the other members of the squadron, but was surprised to see it empty.

She was unaware that a false plea for help, broadcast on the international emergency frequency, had lured the other members of the team away from their Island headquarters for the express purpose of leaving Zinda alone and unprotected on the island. She had yet to learn that she had been targeted by Evilena, an international criminal dominatrix, to be the newest member of her all female criminal team. Evilena needed a pilot to shuttle her from city to city, in relative secrecy. Flying with other mesmerized members of her gang, like Super Girl, or Mary Mar-Vel proved to be an all together too public way of traveling . But a private business jet, piloted by the attractive blond pilot, would afford Evilena all the anonymity she required. She needed only to convert the heroine’s thoughts from impossibly pure to erotically evil to recruit her to the criminal organization of femmes fata le , led by Evilena.

Evilena had hypnotized and enslaved many other super heroines, previous to Zinda, and felt she would be no different. This sexy ,leather clad, blond would soon be enlisted into Evilena’s service. And there was NOTHING Zinda could do about it.

But Lady Blackhawk saw no one as she confidently climbed down from the cockpit of her jet . She walked, boot heels clicking on the concrete floor of the hanger, toward the barracks to see if she could locate any of the other members of the Blackhawk team . She felt safe in the knowledge that no one, besides a few highly secretive government agencies, even knew where the island was located.

“If no one is in the barracks, I’ll head over to the radio room and try to contact Blackhawk, " she thought to herself as she strolled toward the squadron’s sleeping quarters. She was oblivious to the fact that Evilena lie in wait in that very building.

The gorgeous blond moved gracefully down the hallway and peeked into the dorm room marked " Lady Blackhawk” , anarea set aside for Zinda’s privacy , when she slept on the island, an area none of the other team members had ever entered. She noticed the full length mirror against the far wall of her room , and is the want of many beautiful girls, decided she would check her appearance, just to assure that she was still just as attractive as she desired herself to be. She wasn’t a narcissist, but she DID like the way she looked, and so did many, many others.

She stood in front of the mirror and gazed at herself. Her make up was perfect, her outfit sexy and wrinkle free, and her silken blond hair perfectly arranged.

But as she turned, to continue her search for Blackhawk, a figure suddenly appeared in the reflection of the mirror, startling the young aviatrix.

But, WHAT a figure. She didn’t know who the well proportioned woman was, but she was GORGEOUS. Blond, muscular, sensual, with an amazingly beautiful face, the erotic reflection stared back at Zinda, from the mirror .

Then strong arms snaked around Blake’s uniformed body, one hand holding firmly about her waist and the other on her shoulder. Lady Blackhawk’s eyes widened in fear. She felt overwhelmed by this erotic vision. But she was Lady Blackhawk. She would NOT be taken.

She reached down, trying to free herself from the amazingly strong grip of this erotic vision.

The sexy assailant whispered hotly into her ear. " Look into my eyes my dear. I will soon be your Mistress. You will serve me Zinda. All you need to do is look into the mirror and gaze into my deep green eyes. To gaze into my eyes is to fall under my spell, and once under my spell you will OBEY my every command .”

In spite of her fear, the uniformed beauty stiffened. " I serve NO ONE ! I am Lady Blackhawk !You are making a big mistake, whoever you are, the Blackhawks will be back soon and it is you who will be a prisoner, not me.” She fought to break the hold of her muscular captor.

“ My name is Evilena, my pet, but you may call me Mistress , now look into my eyes.....”

Zinda tried to avert her gaze from the mesmerizing image in the mirror and once more struggled to free herself, but to no avail , the blond hypnotist was so much stronger than she. Pulling the blond aviatrix closer, Evilena pushed her firm breasts into the military woman’s back, sending erotic shivers through Blake’s body. The sensuous movement of her hand on Zinda’s shoulder added to the eroticism. The sexy pilot was startled by her own erotic reaction to this dangerous woman. She was no lesbian , and yet, the feelings caused by the touch of her captor were so sensuous.

Evilena’s tongue flicked out and touched Zinda’s ear. " I said...look into my eyes my dear. You are not strong enough to resist my powers. Look .....”

Momentarily , Lady Blackhawk’s eyes returned to the reflection in the mirror and she felt the full impact of Evilena’s hypnotic power. She willed herself to look away again. She took a moment to gather her breath before she could answer. She struggled to speak.

“ Let ... me .... go ... bitch ... let ... me... GO !”

Evilena smiled, " Bitch ? Oh my ! Don’t even TRY to pretend you don’t feel it. You know you want me already. Lezzy ... lezzy ... lezzy .... Zinda is my little lezzy..... LOOK INTO MY EYES....”

A feeling of helplessness filled Zinda’s mind, she forced herself to speak , " STOP ! Don’t ! Let me go... what did I ever do to you ? Let me go, NOW.”

“ I don’t think you WANT me to let go my dear. I think you LIKE the way I am touching you. Why don’t you just admit to yourself that you want to serve me, my pet ? Just let your mind absorb my hypnotic words, my mesmerizing voice, stop fighting me, my pet, just look into my eyes, and follow my voice......see nothing but my eyes .... hear nothing but my voice....obey Mistress Evilena.... you are helpless to resist my commands.... you hear my words and they are becoming your very thoughts... my voice MUST be obeyed.....”

“Please......please let me go .... I want....I want........” Lady Blackhawk felt her will to resist crumbling under the physic onslaught of this gorgeous villainess, she felt so powerless, so weak.

“ You WANT whatever Evilena commands you to want my pet. My voice is the most hypnotic ... most compelling sound you have ever heard .... and you can’t resist it... you must need to obey my voice...obey ... obey ....”

“Yesss... no ... NO....I WON’T !” Zinda shouted.

Zinda reached down into the depths of her mind and drew on all her strength, she fought these evil commands with all her will power. First she looked away from the mirror, then she shut her eyes. But she still wasn’t strong enough to pull away from the immobilizing grip of her erotic captor. A feeling of helplessness washed over her.

“ Nooo, " she pleaded, " please let me go....pleeease....“sotto voiced.

Now Evilena sensed it was just a matter of moments before Zinda’s mind totally melted. " You MUST look into my eyes, my pet, " she whispered as she again flicked her tongue in Zinda’s ear, breathing hotly as the blond shook with desire. " Look ... into ... the ... mirror.”

Evilena’s hand moved from Zinda’s stomach, up to her breasts, touching the hawk emblem , and then softly moved back and forth finally in gentle circles around the stiffening nipples of her weakening victim..

“ Ohhhh ..... Ohhh.....please.....please .... PLEASE....” Zinda’s knees buckled.

“Please what, my little pet....please let you go.....or please don’t stop ?” the hypnotist whispered. " You have lost all will to resist my dear little girl, lost your will in the depth of my beautiful, hypnotic eyes.... irresistible ... green ... eyes....”

“ Please ..... please .... please ... please .....” Zinda moaned. But all sruggle had gone. Her eyes started to glaze over as she stared at Evilena’s refelection in the tall mirror. " Your .... eyes ....your ... eyes ....”

Evilena’s words ,whispered so hotly in Zinda’s ear were now becoming her very thoughts.....“Yes Zinda .. just look into the mirror and stare into my eyes and fall under my are mine weak .... wanting to be mine ... NEEDING to be mine...”

Lady Blackhawk’s arms fell limply to her sides, “Oh ...y ...yes Evilena ... I...I’m yours....” she softly moaned.

“Indeed , you are dear, totally mine. Now listen to me closely . Evilena is a word with so many powerful meanings. Evilena means Mistress.... Evilena means power .....and when YOU say Evilena , dearest Zinda, it means you are begging to be mine... just repeating my name means that you love me ... you worship are mine ... you are my slave ....every time you say my name you will fall more deeply under my turn around and look deeply into my eyes....obey Evilena and look ... LOOK .”

Evilena gently turned the mesmerized woman around so she would be forced to gaze directly into her irresistibly hypnotic eyes.

“Ohhhh,” Zinda involuntarily moaned as the full impact of Evilena’s stare struck her. After just a few moments under Evilena’s Svengali gaze, her eyes fully glazed over and she dropped to her knees, eyes still helplessly locked on Evilena’s irresistible green orbs, unable to look away.

“Keep looking deeply into my eyes , my dear. Deeper and deeper into my eyes . Deeper and deeper under my control. Unable to break free from my eyes. Unwilling to try. Say my name and fall even deeper under my control. Say my name Zinda. Say your Mistress’ name. ”

“Evilena, " she whispered, the repetition of the word itself drawing her more deeply under Evilena’s spell. More and more in love with her captor with each repetition of the name. " Evilena....Evilena....EVILENA, " she repeated as a mantra, louder with each repetition. " EVILENA .... EVILENA ... EVILENA.....”

The sexy hypnotist ran her hands through Zinda’s blond hair, then softly massaged her breasts through her dark uniform. " Take off your tunic my pet. I want to touch your skin, and you NEED me to touch you.”

“Yes Evilena,” the hypnotized heroine responded as she tugged at her uniform until she knelt before her new owner clad only in her short leather skirt. her tunic, bra, panties, boots and stockings had been thrown aside. " Yes .... need ... you .. to ... touch .... me...”

“That’s it my dear, keep looking into my eyes and relax.... give in ... keep looking into my eyes... my power pulling you deeper and deeper into my gaze.... my eyes own you Zinda... keep looking as you feel my soft hands caress your breasts and it feels so good ... so erotic ... so sensual ... you don’t want it to ever stop.... too good to stop ... the touch of my hands....the sound of my voice drawing you deeper under my power.....surrender to the feelings that I bring to you ... surrender to the feelings ... surrender to me .... complete ....surrender.....say it Zinda....say it and know it is true...”

“Ssssuurrennnndeeer ... tooooo ... Eeeevilenaaaaaaa.” she moaned as she slumped against the hypnotist’s legs. " Surrender.”

This was fun, Evilena smiled down at the kneeling blond. The hypnotist deepened the trance, Zinda would never escape her control. The entranced aviatrix continued to helplessly stare into Evilena’s eyes, each passing second draining any thought of resistance from her pliable mind .

“ Repeat my name Slave Zinda, and with each repetition fall further and further under my control. You mind is mine, your body is mine, you will is mine......”

“Yours Evilena....I belong to Evilena .....I worship you ... I am yours ... I am your slave.....”

Over and over Zinda repeated the phrase as she had been commanded and with each repetition a little more of her will to resist was destroyed.

Evilena turned so that her back was toward the kneeling woman. " Kiss my ass,” she commanded.

As commanded , Zinda crawled the short distance toward Evilena’s perfect ass and kissed it. And licked it. And worshiped it. She BELONGED to Evilena.

Evilena turned again and held the kneeling woman close to her. " Obey me Zinda. You MUST obey me....I am your Mistress.....”

Blake nodded in agreement and clung closely to the mesmerizing blond, as Evilena pinched her exposed nipples causing the kneeling woman to moan in erotic pleasure.

“ I worship you ... I am yours ... I am your slave,” these were the only words Zinda seemed capable of saying as she continued to kiss and lick the boots and legs of her hypnotic Mistress.

“Cum for me Zinda .... cum for your Mistress .... the most poweful orgasm of you life ... no one else can make you feel this way ... only Evilena.....”


Evilena chuckled to herself as her newest minion groveled on the floor in front of her, lost in passion’s grip. Totally under her power.

Finally , as Zinda’s breathing slowed to normal , Evilena reached down and placed her had under Zinda’s chin lifted her face so she was once again gazing into the hypnotist’s deep green eyes.

“ Now you must get dressed before the rest of the Blackhawks return. I want you to become MY pilot. My flying chauffeur , and you will LOVE that, won’t you ?”

“Yes Mistress Evilena.”

And I will introduce you to the rest of my gang, Amazing Girl, Mary Mar-Vel, Super Girl, and Miss Masque. We are the most powerful criminal gang in the country ... in the world, and you will LOVE being a part of that and serving me. Won’t you, my dear girl ?”

“ Yes Mistress Evilena....I will love it ....”

“And me....”

“And I will love you.......”

As Zinda pulled her uniform back on, Evilena walked toward the hangar, she was excited by the prospect of flying home in Lady Blackhawk’s jet. Blake ran to catch up with her Mistress.