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Evilena : The Marvelous Mistress

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Synopsis : The Big Cheese, the World’s Mightiest Mortal Man , arrives to rescue his sister and the other super heroines. Hmmmmmmm wonder if the mightiest MAN can conquer the most hypnotic WOMAN ?

Evilena : Marvelous Mistress

As Evilena drove out of the radio station parking lot, the radio in her red Trans Am convertible was turned to that very same local frequency , WHIZ-FM. The news was on. A young boy-reporter, Billy Batson was broadcasting the local news and was talking about how a local girl’s school student, Mary Bromfield had gone missing and no one had heard her since . It was a big story in Fawcett City.

It was even bigger for Billy. Bromfield was his sister, who had been adopted by the Bromfield family after their parents had died, and both of the youngsters shared the secret of SHAZAM, a mystical elder who granted both Mary , and her brother magical super powers. What he DIDN’T know was that his sister had become a villainess herself . A henchwoman of the amazing Evilena, hypnotic dominatrix and master thief.

Evilena had earlier in the day met the boy announcer , by chance, at a coffee shop near the radio station, and had quickly convinced him to let her on the station the next morning . Perhaps it was her beauty or her outrageously sexy outfit that made the young broadcaster want to see her again. But whatever it was, he had played right into her hands. She was planning on foisting a cruel joke on the people of Fawcett City, but something about Batson, a feeling she had during their meeting, had also tweaked her interest in the young man .

“And tomorrow we will be interviewing a woman named Evilena , who CLAIMS she is a psychic and has helped the police find MANY lost and kidnapped people, She will be explaining how her psychic powers work and how she will be trying to help locate Mary Bromfield, be sure and tune in the Billy Batson Show on WHIZ, 10:00am, tomorrow ... and I’m .... Billy Batson.” he said in his best radio voice as he signed off.

Evilena smiled as she drove her red auto to the rented penthouse where she and Mary were staying. Batson had NO idea that the blond hypnotist knew precisely where Bromfield was every moment of the day. She knew because she had captured and hypnotically enslaved the lovely young woman. The devious blond touched the red, Egyptian talisman suspended on a chain around her neck, the magical gem that had given her such amazing powers, and smiled. Mary and a number of other super heroines had fallen prey to it’s astonishing dominion over the minds of hapless victims..

As the lovely blond entered her posh residence she quickly located Mar-Vel in a bedroom.

The dark haired super heroine looked up and smiled. " Oh Goddess I’m SO happy you are here. I’ve missed you SO.” Then she fell to her knees and crawled over to the sultry blond mesmerist and started to obsequiously lick her shoes, groveling on the floor , like the helpless love slave she had become.

“Stop it baby, " Evilena muttered as she entwined her fingers in the young woman’s hair and pulled her face up near her own, " I want to learn more about Billy Batson . I was at the radio station today and I FELT he was your brother, and that he was a superhero, too . I set up an interview to be broadcast tomorrow and I want to know EVERYTHING about him . Tell me about his powers and THEN I will let you worship me. Tell me my little pet, tell your Goddess everything.”

Bright and early the next morning Evilena again arrived at the radio station, dressed in an all black , leather outfit. She had decided to leave her super-villainess “uniform” in the pent house, and wear this enticing outfit to befuddle Batson with her sexuality. She rode the elevator up to the sixth floor , where the studio was located and knocked on the thick, plate glass window overlooking the broadcaster’s console .

Both Batson , and his producer looked up at the gorgeous goth goddess standing outside their studio and were immediately struck silent.

Dead Air

Dead Air

Finally ... Billy snapped out of it and laughed, " Well it DOES look like my guest has arrived. And what a beauty she is. Producer Matt, would you let Evilena in the studio ?”

The staffer got up and walked to the door and opened it , allowing the gorgeous blond to enter. She smiled, noting that the young producer’s pants were tented, just from looking at her.Slowly, sensuously she walked to a chair next to Batson’s and gracefully sat down. She looked into the teen age broadcaster’s eyes and smiled.

“And what, my dear boy, would YOU like to talk about?”

“ ...I ....” he stuttered. He was an experienced radio broadcaster , but the presence of this gorgeous woman, was overwhelming and he could hardly speak.

Batson’s gaze was focused on her beautiful red lips and he was TRYING to think of something to say.

“Missing amazing psychic powers ... my face ... my eyes .... what do you want to talk about Mr. Batson, I’m sure your listeners want to know, and unfortunately .. they CAN’T see me like you can, AND they can’t HEAR you ! ”

Suddenly , at the mention of his listeners, he realized he WAS on the air. " Oh yes, Miss Evilena, or can I just call you Evilena? I’d like to help our listeners understand how you have helped the police in the past, in finding missing persons.”

“ Well, Billy, I prefer being addressed as Mistress Evilena, and I never said I HELPED the police , I said I worked NEAR the police in their search for lost souls. I use my amazing mental powers to visualize exactly where the lost women are ... and then I locate them. Would you like me to demonstrate ?”

“Sure” he replied with radio—star enthusiasm, " and I’ll describe what is happening to the listeners,er .... Mistress Evilena.”

Evilena became perfectly still in her seat and took on a blank visage and stared, blankly into space. Moments passed. Then she groaned in an almost possessed voice, " Together....why would Bromfield be together with crime fighters ?”

“The police, the FBI, Secret Service ? " Billy queried . " I wish you listeners out there could see this, it’s like she’s in a trance . What crime fighters Mistress Evilena ?”

“ Costumed Crime Fighters, " the beautiful blond intoned. " Super-Girl, Amazing Girl .....Mary ..... Mary .....”

Billy was startled. NO ONE knew that his sister was Mary Mar-Vel, and he dare not have this woman reveal any more on the radio . Even HIS secret identity was at risk. " OK that’s all folks, costumed crime fighters ? It’s obvious this is some kind of a publicity stunt for this woman. Let’s go to a commercial,” he joked weakly , as he popped a cartridge a tape player, and an advert for a bank started playing.

He shook the blond to try to awaken her. " Wake up. Wake up. I KNOW you are a fraud. Get out of here. Matt get her the hell out of the studio .”

Evilena smiled at him, in a taunting sort of way. " I’ll call you when I see more Billy, I’ll tell you EXACTLY where to find your sister..”

Batson coughed, and look startled , he hadn’t TOLD her that Bromfield was his sister.

“Matt...NOW get her out of here.” he almost shouted.

Billy’s producer took the woman by the arm and led her back to the studio door and opened it.

Evilena looked down and laughed at his still erect penis bulging in his trousers, and lightly brushed her hand across the front of his tented pants. “Maybe I’ll come back for you, my pet....if you are lucky .... and good. Give me Billy’s cell phone number.”

Transfixed by her beauty and excited by her erotic touch he felt he had no alternative but to write Batson’s phone number on a yellow sticky note and hand it, obediently to Evilena. Had she desired he would have become her slave that very second.

She smiled and ran her fingers across his lips , ALMOST making the hapless assistant cum in his trousers. Then she turned and walked away, toward the lift to head to the parking lot and retrieve her convertible. Matt stood slack jawed as he longingly watched her swaying hips , ALL the way to the elevator.

“Well that was something, " intoned Billy, speaking directly into his microphone, " I got THAT nut-case out of here, and now we’ll devote the rest of the show to call—ins; The number is 866-555-WHIZ, gimme a call NOW! ”

Once down to street level, Evilena returned to her automobile and guided it out of the lot, toward her penthouse hide-out , listening to the callers on her car radio, as she drove. Most were remarking about how amazingly beautiful her voice was ,as Billy tried to change the subject to baseball or football or anything else , EXCEPT, what Evilena had said.

That afternoon, after the show was over Billy was in his office , preparing to head for home, when his cell phone rang. He thumbed the send key and put the phone to his ear. " Batson” he answered.

The melodious voice of Evilena was speaking, " Billy—you KNOW I can read the secrets in your mind. Mary Marvel is your sister and you are Captain Marvel. She is being held captive with all the other missing super heroines, and if you come to my apartment I can take you to her. Perhaps you can save her. Can you meet me in half an hour ? ”

“Of course I can Evilena, I mean Mistress Evilena. I’m sorry I was so rude on the show today but I couldn’t let you reveal her secret identity. I just COULDN’T,” Billy confessed.

“ Hers or yours, my little pet ? I understand my dear little one, just meet me here at my penthouse and I will search in my heart for the kindness forgive you ... then I will give you EXACTLY what you seek. I will tell you where your sister is. Just ... Come to me ...” she said Her a silk and honey voice. " Come to me.”

Twenty—nine minutes and thirty seconds later, the always punctual Batson, was knocking at Evilena’s door.

Evilena KNEW he couldn’t see that the super prisoners were lounging in a back bedroom in the penthouse, Billy had NO super powers, and even his alter ego The Big Red Cheese, had no X-ray vision.

“Come in my pet, and sit here on the couch , as I sit next to you , then we can begin our search for your sister, Mary Bromfield. It seemed a command, NOT a suggestion when uttered by Evilena’s full , red lips, and he immediately down on the large, soft sofa as she moved closer to him. So close he could feel the heat of her body. So close that her mesmerizing perfume filled his senses.

Billy Batson was no super hero, Evilena knew, he was just a young man. Just a hormone frenzied young man, intoxicated by the nearness of a beautiful woman .And as she slid closer, she counted on her erotic affect weakening the helpless adolescent . Proving her right, he immediately became erect, and then blushed at his condition. " I’m so embarrassed” he struggled to say.

“It’s OK my dear, I know the effect I have on men. I’m used to men becoming ... hard ... when I am near them . Just try to ignore my beauty as we speak. Just keep sitting where you are, as we try to go into a trance state, a state from which it will be possible to LEARN everything you wish to learn... to KNOW everything you wish to know. Just look into my eyes and we will enter trance together. Look into my eyes, deep into my eyes..... so deep into my eyes... deeper and deeper Billy ... you want to look deeply into my eyes .... you need to look deeply into my eyes ... all you need to do is look deeper into my eyes to learn what you need to learn and know what you need to know.... Billy .... my eyes are so beautiful ... you must look deeper and deeper into my beautiful eyes...deeper....deeeeper....”

Billy had never ever even conceived feelings like those he was experiencing now. Out of balance, emotional feelings. He felt as though he were falling into her deep, green, eyes. He seemed very vulnerable, and highly excited all at once. What was this woman doing to him ? For the first time in his life he felt actual fear. He always had Captain Mar-Vel to fall back on, but now he didn’t know if even the Captain could resist these erotic, helpless FEELINGS.

“Noooo....don’t....I can’t ....” he managed to mutter. Languorously , he tried to stand.

Evilena held his hand and pulled him back on to the sofa.

“Yes you can, Billy. In fact, you MUST. You must keep looking deep into my eyes.... so deep .... into my beautiful eyes ... deeeper .... deeeper can’t even look away can you, darling ... deeeper and deeeper feel yourself growing weaker and weaker ... you are loosing your will to resist as you look deeper and deeeeeeper.... no will to resist me as you gaze deeeper and deeper will to resist ....”

“I ...i ...i....”

“Billy ... my pet ... as you gaze ever deeper you can hear my voice INSIDE your mind... and you cannot resist my voice ... my voice controls your every thought ... your will power is crumbling .... crumbling to dust , as you listen to my voice.... gazing deep into my eyes and listening to my voice... deeper and deeper under my control each second passes... deeper and deeeper .....helpless to resist my voice ... and my glorious eyes ...”

“No...must ... fight ....against ...” he struggled to say, feeling weaker with every passing moment.

“But you are unable to fight against Mistress Evilena , my pet. She is SO much stronger than you. You are just a mere boy . She is a woman. It does no good to resist ... you can’t resist know you are losing your will to me.... to your Mistress you gaze deeeper and deeeper .... all resistance gone weak .... so helpless ..... under my power ... under my control .... under my spell.... deeper and deeper every second....say it my dear little boy ... tell me you are under my spell... tell me.....”

“ No please ...” was all he could manage.

“ You are under my spell my pet .... gaze deeper and deeper and LEARN that you are under my spell.... KNOW that you are under my spell... under my spell...say it Billy ... admit it to yourself ..... you are under my spell....”

“Under your spell..” he repeated dully as his eyes glazed over. His eyelids remained half closed and his head drooped as he fell completely under her control.

“ Now we will begin to help you learn my pet, to help you know. To know that you are a slave to Evilena. ”

Billy nodded his head in agreement.

“Yes.....under your spell ...”

“But not only you my little slave boy. Your OTHER self, Captain Mar-Vel is also under my command. In a very few moments we will change into that identity but both you AND the Captain will remain totally under my control , totally enslaved by my eyes, and my voice. TOTALLY ENSLAVED. Do you understand , my pet ?

“Totally enslaved, " was the monotone response.

“ Come to me girls, " Evilena commanded , and her enslaved band of submissive super-heroines sexily strolled into the room.

Amazing Girl , Super-Girl and Billy’s sister Mary Mar-Vel stood in a semi circle around the sofa, with obedience and lust for their mistress burning in their eyes. She had instructed them all to wear their sexy costumes, and took in the effect of the colorful, tight, Lycra uniforms firmly hugging their voluptuous bodies.

“ Super-Girl, Mary, each of you take one of Billy’s arms. We are going to make him change into Captain Mar-Vel, and I don’t want him to free himself from my hypnotic control. You hold him tightly.”

With a hypnotized super heroine holding each arm, Billy couldn’t move, even if he had wanted to. But at this moment he didn’t WANT to. All he wanted to do was to keep staring into Evilena’s eyes. Just as she had instructed. " Deeper and deeper” kept echoing in his brain. Batson knew he belonged to Mistress Evilena. Beautiful Mistress Evilena.

“What is the word you say to transform into Captain Mar-Vel, my slave boy ? ”

This was Batson’s best kept secret. No one save the members of the Mar-Vel family knew the secret word entrusted to him. Every shred of resistance left in his mind screamed at him NOT to reveal the word. But as he stared into Evilena’s eyes he knew he would do anything she commanded.

The blond hypnotist ran her fingers through his hair as is he were a mere pet, and saw the helpless expression on his face. " Say the word my pet...say it.”

“SHAZAM” he shouted and immediately lighting flashed an thunder shook the room. Held immobile by Mary and Super-Girl , young Billy transformed into a caped hero, the World’s Mightiest Man, Captain Mar-Vel. But he didn’t struggle or fight against the restraining grip of the two women. He just looked down into the irresistible eyes of his real captor, Evilena.

She smiled wickedly, immediately recognizing that his eyes remaining totally glazed, he was still under her hypnotic spell. Captain Mar-Vel was hers.

“Let him go,” she commanded. “Let him go.”

Both gorgeous superheroines stepped away from the hulking, red caped male held in their grip, as the Big Red Cheese looked around the room, confused. He knew he was no longer Billy Batson, and that usually meant he was ready to confront some sort of evil doer. But all around him were women he recognized as crime fighters, just as he was. Amazing-Girl , Super-Girl, and his own sister, Mary Mar-Vel stood by looking at him and all were seemingly suppressing their urges to laugh at him ,but he couldn’t understand why.

Then his eyes fixed on her. A short, amazingly gorgeous blond, with huge, deep green eyes, just standing there , in front of Cap , staring at him. Staring INTO him. She looked like the woman who Batson had interviewed earlier. Then the memories came flooding back, the phone calls, the apartment. It must have been some sort of a trap. He SHOULD reach out and grab the villainess. He should capture her and arrest her for kidnapping the others.

He should.

But those eyes, those amazing eyes just continued to burn into his soul.

“ Captain Marvel , eh ? The world’s mightiest mortal man ? Yet no match for the world’s most hypnotic woman. I want you to keep looking into my eyes, my pet. Just as Billy did. Just look deep into my eyes. Become LOST in my eyes. So lost that only I can find you. Only I can save you . Lost, deep in my eyes. LOOK INTO MY EYES !!! ”

The magical hero tensed his muscles, as if to fly away, but then as he stared it on Evilena’s powerful gaze, he felt SO weak. Then , once more, he felt his gaze being drawn into her deep, green, hypnotic ...... It did seem like the right thing to do, just to look into those glorious eyes..

“No. I won’t, " he said. " I’m .... I’m .... I’m ........”

“You’re what my big goofy pet ? You’re falling into my eyes ? You’re losing all will to resist ? You’re becoming my slave boy, just like Billy Batson was ? ”

“ Noo ... I ... i ... i...”

“You’re finding it so hard to think now, aren’t you my little pet ? The harder you try to fight me , the more you fall under my power. You feel dizzy, weak, helpless. You want to be mine. Just as all the others have fallen before me. You want to be mine. Look down at your tight, red uniform. What is that giant bulge right there ? " she said as she brushed her hand lightly across his crotch . " Could it be that you want not only to be mine, but that you desire me ? Am I THAT beautiful, that an asexual superhero like you is finding himself so aroused , so full of lust that you can think of nothing else but ME ?”

The red clad giant just stared, wide eyed , into the deep, emerald , mesmerizing orbs of the sensuous blond and became more and more confused.

“Submission... that’s it isn’t it my pet. The very act of submission to me excites you. The more you give in to my power the more excited you become. Surrender.... surrender to me, my pet. Give in....obey ....obey ....obey me completely .....”

The Captain moaned.....“MMMMMoooobbbbbbeeeeeyyyyyyyy.....”

“That’s it my helpless hero .... keep looking into my eyes... it’s my eyes that hold you captive.... every passing moment forcing you to look deeper and submit more fully and desire me even more....your will crumbling ... your lust growing stronger .... every passing moment making you more obedient ... more defenseless against my superior will ... every passing moment making me stronger and you weaker ..... the very thought of your submission making you SO excited ... so full of desire ....your desire making you weaker ... your need to submit making you weaker ....NEEDING me ..... NEEDING me to control your every thought ... your every word ... your every act .... the need to submit to me filling your mind.....WANTING me..... NEEDING me ..... my helpless little pet... so helpless... so weak before Mistress Evilena.....too weak even to stand ... wouldn’t you feel much more at ease kneeling before your mistress, looking UP into her eyes.... kneel before me my big red puppy.......KNEEL....”

“How foolish of you to even TRY to resist my power.Be a good lackey now and kiss my boot, Captain Slave Boy.”

As the red clad superhero knelt before his goddess he grew more and more excited. Evilena placed her finger under his chin and lifted his face so once again his eyes were captured by hers, and she softly spoke to him. “To obey Evilena is to feel happiness, my pet obey Her is to feel pleasure ... you are now my helpless little slave ... you have no strength left . no power ... no will to resist my commands ... no thoughts of your own ... I have drained you all your will power ... you will do just as I command, my little slave . Your mind, your body and your will belong to me... YOU belong to me ... and that make you so happy ... so feel your cock growing ... full of lust ... full of desire ....”

“Yes ... Miss Evilena ... Must ... Kiss ... Boot ... " the kneeling hypno slave whispered.

The hypnotic villainess gestured to Amazing Girl and Super-Girl and pointed at the kneeling hypno slave . Then she reached down and pushed him over, onto his back, as he moaned with desire, just from her mere touch on his shoulder .

“When you cum, my pet, you will be totally broken, a helpless toy who will obey me or ANY of my minions. You will be a slave to women, Evilena’s Women.”

At her command the two Lycra clad heroines turned villainesses approached Mar-Vel and both started to manipulate his turgid member with their feet, rubbing, pushing and manipulating his erect cock as he moaned in ecstasy.

“No... stop... please...” he weakly begged, as he bucked his hips helplessly.

But Amazing Girl and Super-Girl laughed and continued just as Evilena commanded them.

“ Now CUM !” Evilena shouted and Mar-Vel’s prick shuddered and shot load after load of jism into his red tights.

“As his tremors slowly subsided Evilena leaned over and whispered in his ear. " Who do you obey, slave ?”

“You Goddess Evilena....”

“And ? " she giggled.

“And Super-Girl, and Amazing Girl, and Mary Mar-Vel....all of Evilena’s women. I am a servant to all evil women... a slave to women...a slave ...”

“Good boy,” she said, as she pinched his nipple through his uniform,” good boy.”

She gestured hypnotically at all the super slaves in the room and their eyes slammed shut. They stood helplessly before her, awaiting her commands. Slaves to Evilena..super slaves....

“Now,” she said to herself,” I need to think up a crime that DESERVES the attention my legion of super slaves, with this gang of hypnotized puppets I can do ANYTHING. Nothing is beyond my reach.”

She walked around the room touching each of her slaves as they stood , motionless, before her. A stiff nipple, an erect cock, a dripping pussy, an open, hungry mouth ... all owned by Evilena. A fleeting vision of the future flashed before her eyes. And she smiled.