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Evilena : Mistress of a Metropolis

Synopsis : Another superheroine falls prey to the magical hypnotic powers of Evilena. This story is a sequel to “Evilena : Mistress of the Museum” There IS areal Evilena, but this story is a fantasy She and I share. None of the people in the story are real EXCEPT Her. And she is VERY real

Evilena : Mistress of a Metropolis

They could have been models. They could have been actresses. The two stunningly beautiful women walked down the street in downtown Metropolis and looked into windows of the giant department stores of the city, as they strolled past.

The taller of the two had long dark hair and a sensuously muscular body. Somehow in mufti, wearing the dark rimmed glasses and the slightly slutty outfit, no one seemed to recognize that that she was Amazing Girl, the Amazonian Warrior. Formerly a crime fighter she was now totally subservient to her attractive companion, a short , comely blond , who was walking a few paces ahead of the darkly beautiful Amazon.

The fair haired beauty , known in the criminal underworld as Evilena, had been a petty criminal who used her natural skills as a hypnotist to help her in her nefarious activities. That is until one night when she recovered a stolen jewel encrusted sword shaped medallion , known as the Egyptian Pendant of Power. She realized it’s great historical value and tried to return it to the museum it had been stolen from . Amazing Girl, thought the blond thief was stealing the artifact , not returning it, and tried to take Evilena into custody. But the magic of the pendant magnified the sexy thief’s hypnotic powers and martial arts skills a hundred fold and it was only moments until the wonder woman was completely under the mesmerizing power of Evilena.

From that day on Amazing Girl had served as accomplice, servant, and sultry sex slave to the blond Super Villianess, and was totally in her thrall. Her will had been totally subjugated by Evilena.

Today the two beautiful women were taking a vacation from their “work” as criminals. They had taken a trip to Metropolis, a city near their own and , like everyday women the world over , they were engrossed in shopping. Metropolis was known for it’s wonderful designers, and haute couture stores, and the two were enjoying every moment of their holiday.

Amazing Girl, especially , was looking forward to the coming evening in the plush hotel suite they had rented, to show Evilena some sexy lingerie she had purchased.

As they walked by one of the city’s famous jewelry stores, Evilena looked in the window and saw a large and expensive diamond ring in the window. She wanted it. And whatever Evilena wanted, she got.

Theft had not been the purpose of this vacation, but the opportunity had arisen and Evilena was going to take advantage of it.

The blond stopped, whispered into Amazing Girl’s ear and walked into the jewelry store.

Moments later the tall, dark beauty followed but acted as if she didn’t know Evilena. Amazing Girl WAS beautiful. She strode sensuously to the center of the store and started fumbling with the buttons on her blouse.

EVERYONE started looking at her.

She lowered her and to the hemline of her short skirt and lifted it, exposing her thong panties and her exquisite body. Then, as if to some unheard music she started to do a sexy, bump and grind dance moving her hands first to her huge breasts, then to her pussy and back again.

Now, every eye in the store was riveted on this sexy woman.

All but Evilena’s.

She simply walked over to the window displaying the ring she had wanted and took it. With a smile on her beautiful face the blond slipped the ring into her small bag and walked out the door, and no one even noticed.

Amazing Girl stopped a few moments later, shaking her head as if coming out of some sort of trance, looked down at herself and with a look of shock straightened her clothing. She spoke to the group surrounding her.

“What are you perverts looking at ?” she barked.

Then she turned on her heels and walked out the door.

Before her capture by Evilena she had been one of the most powerful crime fighters in the universe. Now she was just a slutty diversion for a jewel theft. Oh how the mighty had fallen.

No one noticed the theft for hours.

Later that evening, in preparation for a night on the town the two sexy thieves were alone in their plush hotel suite. Amazing Girl was doing the same sexy dance for Evilena that she had done in the jewelry store. This time she was dressed in the red lingerie that they had purchased during their shopping spree.

This time Evilena DID watch.

The dark Amazonian was doing her best to seduce her mistress.

She was succeeding.

Just then a whooshing, wind-like sound could be heard and a mighty thud was felt on the hotel room’s balcony. The French doors burst open and there stood a tall, muscular blond dressed in a red and blue costume.

Evilena looked over and immediately recognized the new visitor.

“ Oh my. Super-Girl, What are YOU doing here ?” she laughed.

“Don’t be so arrogant , you bitch. You know why I’m here. The only thing I can’t understand is what you’ve done to Amazing Girl. She’s no thief. At least she wasn’t until this afternoon at the jewelry store. The cameras caught everything you two did. It was pretty easy to patrol the city and use my x-ray vision to find you two.”

Evilena smiled confidently, as Super-Girl stood in that famous hands-on-hips pose with her obnoxiously supercilious expression . The blond thief KNEW the power the magical pendant gave her. Super-Girl didn’t. So Evilena took a few steps closer to the blue eyed superheroine and spun, launching a powerful kick at the caped heroine’s head. Her foot landed solidly. And Super-Girl didn’t even blink.

Invulnerable meant invulnerable. Evilena was for the first time since her trip to the museum, afraid.

Then she thought, perhaps I can’t harm her PHYSICALLY, but my hypnotic powers can overcome ANYONE. She raised her hands and pointed toward the smiling crime fighter and once again golden bolts of magical lightning flashed from her fingers, directly into the eyes of Super-Girl. This time she DID blink, and shake her head, and her expression changed from one of confidence to one of confusion.

What was happening ?

Why did she feel so .......strange ?

“W... What do you think you are doing?” the superheroine stuttered, as she tried to back away.

“I’m putting you under my spell, Super-Girl. You can feel my power already ,can’t you ?”

“ ... you can’t. I’m invulnerable. I’m ....S..s.s..super....”

“Perhaps, my dear but no one can resist my magical mesmerizing powers. Not Amazing Girl. Not you. Now focus on only my eyes, Super-Girl. My eyes. Look into my eyes. LOOK INTO MY EYES.”

“no I won’t ....”

“But you must dear. Look into my eyes and feel my will overcoming yours. Nothing but MY will. You can’t look away dear. You SAY no, but you find yourself gazing deep into my eyes. And you feel your will power slipping away.”

“I ...i...i...i....”

“It IS hard to speak isn’t it Super-Girl? You find you can’t look away. Your gaze is locked helplessly on to my eyes. You have no will to resist. You are falling under my spell.”

“But...but ... I’m .....”

The blond crimefighter’s own eyes widened as she gazed into Evilena’s hypnotic orbs. At first she couldn’t look away ....moments later she didn’t WANT to.

“You are falling under my power Super-Girl you can’ fight it any longer. Obey me. Just as Amazing Girl has become mine, YOU will become mine. Keep looking deep into my eyes.”

It was so hard for her to form thoughts now, the superheroine just continued to stare. Her lips moved to form words but no sound came from her beautiful mouth.

“You no longer feel any need to resist , my dear. Resistance is pointless. You knew you belonged to me from the moment your eyes met mine. You must obey. You will obey.”

Now the super human extra terrestrial being’s hands fell limply to her sides and she stood motionless in front of Evilena. Her body seemed to go limp and although she remained standing, all her powers seemed to desert her.She felt so helpless against this beautiful foe. So powerless.

Now, it was Evilena who assumed the arrogant, hands-on-hips posture , continuing to gaze deeper and deeper into her increasingly pliable foe’s eyes, draining the superheroine of all will to resist. Penetrating deeper and deeper into her weakening mind.

Evilena’s voice assumed a commanding , hypnotic, monotone as she continued to speak. " You are my slave Super-Girl. I have disabled you of all will. You can no longer challenge me. Your obedience is compulsory. You have no defense against the influence I exert over you, and MUST comply with my every instruction. You may signify your acceptance with a nod.”

The blond crime fighter stood motionless for a few seconds then her head nodded, she accepted her defeat silently. Her wide, unblinking eyes were fixed on the hypnotic gaze of her conquerer, Evilena.

“You feel weak now , my dear. So weak. In fact you feel so weak you are unable to stand. Your legs cannot support your weight... so weak.” With that Evilena reached out an placed her hands gently on the caped beauty’s shoulders and pushed downward.

With a grimace, she fell to her knees.

“I ... i ... feel ... so .... helpless ... so ... weak...”

“Of course you do, my pet I commanded you to feel weak and you cannot resist any command I give you. You are mine.” Evilena smiled.

Then she had another delicious thought. " You will feel pain when I kick you. As you have never felt it before, you WILL feel pain.” With that the blond villainess spun once more and placed a powerful round kick to the side of the head of the still kneeling woman. It was no stronger nor any more vicious that the previous kick, but this time Super-Girl winced in agony , and fell to the floor. Pain shot through her, a sensation that was indeed new to her. She gathered her strength and lifted herself to all fours, like a crawling baby.

A cruelly smiling Evilena put her foot directly in front of the alien beauty’s face. “Kiss that foot my dear. Kiss it because you feel so excited by my mere presence. It makes you feel sexy to worship my foot. Touching me makes you SO hot. KISS MY FOOT.”

The crawling heroine looked at Evilena’s feet and involuntarily her nipples hardened. She was excited. She had never felt this way about a woman before, but the blond villainess’ closeness was exciting her beyond belief. As Evilena tantalizingly waved her foot in front of Super-Girl’s face ,she was powerless against it’s seductive call.

She followed the movement back and forth and finally stuck out her tongue to lick Evilena’s shoes. Just touching Evilena almost brought her to orgasm.

“ MMMMM,” she moaned is a sexual frenzy.

Evilena laughed.

“Good girl. Would you like to kiss my hand ?”

“ Oh God yes....YES ...please....”

The blond hypnotist gracefully extended her hand to the crawling heroine.

Super-Girl was wet with excitement. She kissed the smooth skin of her new owner’s hand. Lovingly. In worship. Then she reached out and turned it, licking Evilena’s palm, erotically.

She looked up at her captor with lustful eyes.

“Good girl, now you feel so excited you are beginning to tingle all over aren’t you ? Your pussy, your nipples all crave my attention. Beg me. Beg me to love you.”

As the alien beauty looked up into Evilena’s eyes, and it was clear carnality was in control of her mind. She was helpless to resist Evilena’s sensuality.

Oh God Mistress. please touch me....kiss me...please ....... PLEASE....”

The beautiful mesmerist was happy to hear that her sexy captive was already addressing her as her mistress. " Tell me what you want to be, dear pet, as my mind enters yours and adjusts your thoughts, tell me what you want to be.”

“I.... I.....” she stuttered in confusion. Then it suddenly became clear to her. “A Slut ... I want to be your super slut. Please let me worship you and let me be your super slut.”

Evilena bent down entwined her fingers in Super-Girl’s blond hair and roughly pulled her face toward her own. Then she kissed her, an open mouth, tongue swirling, spit swapping , lustful kiss and super slut moaned in total, abject surrender.

“MMMMMM... oh Mistress. I am so glad to be yours. I only want to serve you. What is your command ?”

The sensual hypnotist pulled away and pointed to Amazing Girl. " Have her get you some more appropriate clothing. Do it now, super slave. ”

Broken, Super-Girl crawled to the feet of the sexily clad Amazing Girl and the two sultry slaves withdrew into the bedroom of the hotel suite.

Moments later the two returned now both clad in lingere of the sexiest type, Super Slut in blue, and Amazing Girl in red. And then , at a gesture from Evilena they BOTH danced as if they were strippers on a stage, trying their best to excite and entice their Mistress.

Evilena just smiled as first Amazing Girl then Super-Girl gave her lap dances. Somewhere in the back of her mind she remembered a phrase, “Two Superheroines are better then one,” and she knew why.

She kissed Amazing Girl’s open mouth as she fondeled Super Slut’s breast.

They both sighed.

Alreday Evilena was planning on another vacation .... in Gotham.