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Evilena : Random Acts of Domination

Part Two : Submission


Synopsis of Part Two : Evilena devises a plan to free herself.

Evilena knew she was in trouble.

Shackled to a wooden bed, unable to move, a black clad Asian dominatrix standing above her with a whip. By any definition, THAT was trouble.

Quickly she evaluated her options and started to speak to Gail in a soft, sultry tone that had served her well so many times in the past. If she could just capture her attention she could use her skill in hypnotism to regain control over her lovely Asian captor.

“You may not even NEED that whip, darling , and certainly you won’t need to keep me in irons. This IS all about submission isn’t it ? ”

“Submission........submission ....... submission .... all about submission......” Evilena repeated in her honey and silk voice.

The sultry Asian stood over Evilena contemplating exactly how she was going dominate and punish the woman who was bold enough to try and steal HER property. This blond would pay for her hubris.

Gail was still moving the leather whip up and down Evilena’s body, but for some reason her eyes seemed to focus on the beautiful captive’s soft, crimson lips, as they kept repeating that single word ..... submission.

“It’s such a beautiful word isn’t it dear ... it has such powerful implications .... submission .... submission ....submission ....the word itself captivates you doesn’t it Gail, as you watch my beautiful red lips as they form the word.... submission .... submission ... submission .....Just look at the way my lips move as I say it ......submission .... submission .... submission .... submission ....... " Evilena’s words seemed to be penetrating deep into the Asian’s thoughts.

“Submission makes you weak doesn’t it darling ... no matter how strong you THINK you are submission takes away all your power and makes you SOOOOO weak ... submission ... submission ...submission ... ”

The whip slipped out of the Asian athlete’s hand and dropped to the floor, but she continued to concentrate her gaze on Evilena’s lovely , red lips. Her arms hung limply at her sides, seemingly too heavy to lift.

“ Don’t worry about the whip dear.... just keep staring at my lips as I repeat the lovely word you long to hear ..... submission .... submission ... submission......just continue to look at the way my lips move , my dear .... submission ... submission... submission ....good girl ... just keep looking at my lips and listening to my voice.... submission .... submission ... submission....”

Gail stood silent above the manicled prisoner , her eyes losing focus.... it was all she could do just to remain standing as she continued to stare at Evilena’s sensual lips as they moved, slowly, hypnotically, erotically. Submission.....”

The hypnotist detected a lack of animation, a dullness, in Gail’s eyes and moved in for the kill. " Try saying it yourself , dear.... submission ... submission ... submission ....”

Now it was the sexy wrestler who was repeating the mantra, at first softly, almost silently, then louder and louder, " submission ... submission ... submission ....submission...”

“Good girl, that’s it. Submission to Evilena ... submission ... submission is pleasure ... submission is inevitable .... you can no longer resist.... you MUST submit to me... to my lips ... to my eyes.... LOOK INTO MY EYES....”

Gail’s gaze shifted from Evilena’s gorgeous lips up to her sparkling, hypnotic eyes and she felt as if she were almost blinded by their hypnotic brilliance. The word submission continued to echo deep within her mind. Submission.

“My eyes hold you.... my eyes control you eyes compel your submission ... submission... submission... repeat that dear... tell me that my eyes compel your total eye eyes .... ”

“Your...eyes musn’t..... I ... I .... nooooo”

Gail marshalled all her mental powers in an attempt to resist Evilena’s mesmerizing gaze. “She’s trying to hypnotize me... just like she did the girls at the club .... but if I can just look away from her eyes I’ll be able to resist her , " she thought, " I know I can.... and I’ll do it too just a few seconds .... I’ll look away... but not just right now ...” And she continued to concentrate on Evilena’s deep, green eyes.

“ But you MUST my pet....don’t say no .... my eyes DEMAND your submission.... they compel your submission ... submission ... does no good to resist you must present me the gift ..of ... your ... submission...give it to me ...give your submission to Evilena.....submission is your gift to me....give it to me .....”

The Asian tried to shake her head , then , even to to close her eyes, but remained frozen in place , helplessly falling deep into the mesmerizing gaze of the blond hypnotist. She felt as if she were falling INTO the compelling eyes of the blond hypnotist, spinning, falling...deeper and deeper.

“You may do it now , my pet ...I will allow you to say the word ... you may repeat the word ... you are unable to resist my power any longer ... you realize that you have given in to my power .... you have given me the gift of your submission.... and it is so pleasurable to submit to my may repeat the word now, look at my lips and look at my eyes and repeat the word that you hear , deep within your mind ....say the word ...submission ... submission .... submission ...submission...”

Her visage was becoming blank and her gaze vacant as Gail helplessly stared deeply into Evilena’s mysterious , irresitible, green hypnotic eyes .

“ Submission .... submission .. submission....”

The blond captive smiled, " You feel your will power slipping away....I am taking control of your mind .... repeat the words ....Submission to Mistress Evilena... submission ... have no will to resist.....”

“I ..... submit ... to ... no ... woman ... I .... I ....I ....” gasped the wrestler in a last effort to break free from the deepening trance Evilena was so skillfully weaving about her.

Evilena smiled, " Too late dear, even now I can tell you are doing so well, submitting to my power. You are a perfect hypnotic subject my pet. Awake, alert, but unable to look away from my wonderful eyes. Let all your thoughts of resistance rest my pet, let those thoughts rest, safely, in my eyes. I’ll hold your thoughts. I’ll CONTROL your thoughts. All you have to do is keep looking into my eyes, and soon you will be under my spell. Helpless, powerless, so compliant , so obedient , falling deeper and deeper under my spell.”

Evilena continued her erotic induction , “Gail pet ... don’t fight it .... you feel so docile ... so weak ... so powerless... you may now look into my eyes and submit to me ...and repeat my command... tell me of your your surrender ... say it dear ... say the word .... submission ... submission ... submission..... you WILL surrender to my power MUST surrender to my power ... say the word KNOW you want to ..... submission ... submission .... ”

“Submission,” Choi finally echoed, " submission ... submission to Mistress Evilena...” Her will had crumbled .

Evilena smiled at the vacant eyed woman and softly commanded. " Now find the key, my pet and free your mistress , quickly . Do it now , my little servant girl. Get the key. Do it . ”

Moving stiffly, almost like a marionette Gail walked over to a counter and removed a set of handcuff keys and then returned to the bed. As instructed , she loosened all four sets of cuffs and released Evilena , who stood up and patted the Asian wrestler on the head as if she were a puppy.

“Now my dear, get my clothing , we can’t have me catching cold can we ?” smiled the hypnotist.

Again the helpless , mesmerized puppet-girl walked to a distant corner of the room and retrieved her mistress’ clothes as she had been commanded, all the while only one word filling her thoughts. Submission.... submission .

Evilena pointed at the clothing and then at Gail and then snapped her fingers. Immediately the entranced girl started to help her mistress dress, she knelt submissively before the sensual blond in order to help put on her high , black boots and the hypnotist laughed.

“While you are down there, my pet, and BEFORE you put my boots on me why don’t you kiss my feet. You KNOW you’d love to worship my sexy feet and toes, don’t you , my little slave girl. Kiss” Evilena wiggled her toes under Gail’s nose and gently rubbed them across her lips.

No longer able to resist any commands from this blond goddess , Gail started to lick and kiss Evilena’s beautiful peds, running her tongue between her toes, then sucking them hungrily, finally licking her heels and arches, then kissing the tops of her feet.

“ Good girl,” Evilena murmered, and Gail was filled with joy. knowing she had pleased her mistress.

As The blond hypnotist pulled on her own tight, black, shorts outfit , which she had been wearing at the club, she spoke to the Asian athlete, “Now, my little slutslave , stand up and walk toward the cage.”

The entranced Asian beauty walked to the metal cage that had been planned as a cell for Evilena, and stood at it’s open door.

“ I think you should remove that cat suit dear, it is clothing that a dominatrix might wear, and you are no domme.... you are my slave.” Evilena remarked.

For a few moments the Asian hypno-slave looked at her mistress, as if she were trying to free her mind from the hypnotic stupor she felt, then she began to remove the leather suit. As the costume fell to the floor , in front of her, she stood totally naked and vulnerable to her new owner.

Evilena held the girl’s face between her hands and gave her an open mouthed, lacivious kiss and even in her mesmerized state Gail moaned in sensuous surrender

“ Now you may kneel before me and demonstrate your total submission , dear... you ... may ... kneel.”

The entranced hypnoslave fell to her knees and looked up, longingly at Evilena.

Slowly, erotically Evilena moved even closer to the kneeling woman and when she was right next to Gail the blond turned, and pushed her beautiful backside toward her raven haired vassal , " Time to learn your lesson, pet . Kiss my ass ! Try to capture me, will you ? Worship my ass, my little slut slave. You belong to me now ! You are MY bitch ! ”

Powerless to resist Gail worshipped the ass of her mistress.

“Where is the woman you were with , my pet ? ”

“She went to buy some vodka.” Gail whispered.

“Remember dear, I own you , my pet . Every time you speak to me, you MUST call me mistress.”

“She went to buy some vodka, Mistress.”

“Good girl. ”

Just then Evilena heard the sound of the scraping of the key in the apartment’s front door.

“Shhhh, " she commanded, " Crawl into the cage girl. Quickly. ”

The naked woman crawled silently into her cell as her captor closed the cage there was no need to lock it, Gail would stay EXACTLY where commanded, even without a lock and key..

Then Evilena walked confidently toward the door to confront her remaining antagonist.

Slowly, the door swung open.

—To be continued