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Evilena : Random Acts of Domination

Part Three


Synopsis of Part Three : Evilena gets her revenge

As the door swung open Lydia stood in the doorway with the unopened bottle of vodka in one hand. She stepped forward and then noticed that it was not Gail , but the blond hypnotist from the club, who was standing in front of her. Her Asian friend, was standing motionless in the cage in which they had planned to imprison Evilena, and she was naked.

Lydia gasped in surprise.

The sexy wrestler dropped the liquor bottle to the carpeted floor, and took a classic wrestlers stance, leaning over, hands extended, in order to confront the intruder. She didn’t understand exactly how Gail had been defeated , but she knew SHE wouldn’t be.

This blond bitch was going to suffer.

But Evilena was no television wrestler and the finale to THIS confrontation wasn’t scripted. The sexy hypnotist was also an experienced practicioner of Muay Thai kickboxing, a dangerous and deadly Asian martial art. The blond kickboxer yanked the Latina close and brought her knee up violently , into the woman’s vulnerable stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Then, she stepped back and delivered a powerful kick to the right side of Lydia’s head, and the grappler crumpled to the ground.

Evilena rolled the woman’s inert body over, so the hispanic beauty lay flat on her back. She pulled her arms up over her head and then straddled the woman with her legs pinning down the grappler’s outstretched arms. This position placed her full, round backside firmly on the girl’s upper chest and Evilena’s crotch just touched Lydia’s chin.

She lightly slapped Lydia’s face, bringing her back to conciousness.

The grappler blinked reluctantly awake and her eyes widened as she discovered she was trapped in the most humiliating of positions. She struggled , but Evilena easily rode atop her hapless victim and kept her pinned. She haughtily laughed at the imobilized woman’s futile attempts to free herself. Evilena’s eyes sparkled as she watched the fear growing in the helpless wrestler’s eyes.

Angered by Evilena’s derisive laughter Lydia attempted to struggle even more violently. She tried to bridge her body and then suddenly dropped back to the floor and lifted both legs in an attempt to capture the blond’s arms , but the martial artist just slid further up on Lydia’s chest to avoid the futile effort. Then she leaned over and kissed the surprised wrestler on the lips , invading her mouth with her probing tongue, and then scooted even further forward so her still clothed crotch settled over the struggling woman’s nose and mouth.

If the Latina luchadore was angry and frustrated at her inability to escape before, her anger increased geometrically as she was trapped in this new, even more humiliating , position. But she was not only being held down now, but she felt as if she were being smothered as well, as the sexy blond’s firm body settled down , cutting off her air. . She struggled not only for her freedom , but now for her very breath .

Evilena cruelly smiled down at her captive and laughingly taunted her. " What’s the matter cutie ? Having trouble breathing ?” Then she wiggled down further so Lydia’s nose settled yet deeper into her leather shorts, cutting off even more air.

After more than a minute of not being able to breathe Lydia started to get light-headed from lack of oxygen. She had long since stopped struggling, confused and helpless under this humiliating , yet erotic confinement.

The blond kickboxer lifted herself just a bit , from her smothering position, and the wrestler gasped and coughed , trying to take a deep breath .

“ What’s a matter honey, do you need some air ?” Evilena laughed. Then she settled down on the woman’s mouth and nose again. She could see the panic in her prisoner’s eyes as she once again cut off all her air.

After a few more minutes, she again lifted her ass from the Latina’s face.

This time the woman struggled to speak, " please ... please get off... I can’t breath ..... please. You’re smothering me ! Gail ! Help me. I can see the cage door isn’t even locked. HELP ME ! ”

Evilena slowly lowered her ass down onto Lydia’s face again.

“Aren’t YOU the one who wanted to trap ME, Lydia ? To put ME in a cage ? To make ME a sex slave? Now what bitch ? Now BOTH of you belong to me ! I hypnotized your weak willed friend , and she’s my hypno slave , she won’t help you . She belongs to me! And you are just about to give up and tell me you are my slut too, huh ?” taunted the blond kickboxer.

“Go to hell ! Get off me or I’ll ..... I’ll ......” the grappler sputtered.

“Or you’ll what , baby ? Cry ? Beg ? Get off or what, Lydia ? " Evilena mocked as she reached back and pinched the wrestler’s nipples through her blouse.

The hispanic beauty struggled again to free herself from her predicament, but lack of air and Evilena’s well honed combat skills left her exhausted and defenceless in only a few moments.

Then, suddenly , she stopped fighting. A tear of frustration formed in the corner of her eye.

“ Please.... let me go, " she whispered.

“ Not until you tell me that you want to be my slut. Not until you beg me.”

“ No .. please .... just let me more ... I can’t breathe. PLEASE. ”

“Ready to give up slut ? Ready to admit I’m the better woman. Ready to say you are Evilena’s slut ? Ready to grovel for me ? ”

“No .... YES. " she choked out , almost unconcious from lack of air.

“ Tell me you are my slut. My bitch. TELL ME ! ”

“I’m your bitch.” she replied obediently.

“Not humble enough sweetums. Say I am Evilena’s slut and bitch. She is SO much better than me. Stronger. More beautiful. I’m Evilena’s bitch. I’ll do anything she says. ”

As tears ran down her cheeks, the woman sobbed and repeated all the humiliating words, she concluded , " I’m Evilena’s bitch ... I’m Evilena’s bitch.”

“LOUDER, cunt.”

“I AM EVILENA’S BITCH ! I AM EVILENA’S LITTLE BITCH, " she screamed as loud as she could ,as the blond kickboxer laughed.

In just a few minutes she had totally broken the woman’s will.

Evilena stood up but placed one foot on each side of her new slave’s head, each foot standing on long clumps Lydia’s hair. She was immobilized and every time she moved her head she yelled out in pain ,as her hair was yanked out by the roots. The desperate woman was forced to look straigt up at Evilena’s beautiful ass.

“ Tell me you’d like to kiss my ass , Bitch. Beg me.” she challenged.

“ Please,ma’am , may I kiss your ass ? Please ?” the broken woman responded.

“You ! Gail. Get over here and kneel down. Lydia ! Get up on your knees. Next to each other . NOW!” Evilena commanded.

The entranced hypno slave hurried to comply with the command.

Evilena stood in front of the two kneeling grapplers and pointed her glorious ass toward them.

“ Kiss my ass you two sluts. Worship my perfect ass. " she ordered.

“Yes ma’am, " Lydia sobbed.

“Yes Mistress Evilena,” Gail echoed, sotto voce.

And they both started to lasciviously lick and kiss Evilenas leather clad ass, in abject servitude.

The blond dominatrix look at her watch. " Shit ! It’s time to go ! Both you two bitches KNOW that you are my slaves, don’t you ? You BOTH belong to me. Accept it, sluts. You are mine. When I get back tomorrow morning I’ll explain how you will serve me from now on , and what your new submissive roles in life will be, but right now, I have to go. Gail, you may stand up and let Lydia lick your pretty little cunt. In a few minutes you will wake up from your hypnotic trance, but you will remember you belong to me when I return tomorrow morning. And Lydia, you will lick Gail until she cums three times, EXACTLY THREE, NO MORE ,NO LESS, then get in bed, go to sleep, and wait for my return.

Gail rose and pushed her naked cunt into Lydia’s face and started to grind, wantonly.

Lydia replied simply, " Yes ma’am ,” and fell to her task.

Evilena turned and left her two new slaves to themselves as she walked out the door.

As Evilena approached the street there was a red camero parked at the curb, waiting for her.

In the car were Adoncia and Brandi, the two girls Evilena had hypnotized at the night club. The beautiful blond dominatrix slid into the car, and patted each girl on the cheek.

“ We are here, Mistress, just as you commanded, " Adoncia declared .

“We waited exactly one hour for you. If you had not come out we would have called the police.", Brandi affirmed, in sotto voice, as you ordered.

“ Good girls, " Evilena whispered , passing her hand over each of the girls eyes , in turn , in a hypnotic gesture, watching as their eyelids drooped closed and their heads fell forward .

“ You did JUST as I commanded in the club when you left. You followed us here and you waited patiently for my return. You are VERY obedient servants. For THAT you will be rewarded. Let’s go to my place. We can play there. AND you will love it, and ME !”

Evilena snapped her fingers and the two were again wide eyed and alert.

“Yes Mistress Evilena , " they responded in unison and Brandi put the car in gear. Then she stepped on the gas , and steered the Camero toward Evilena’s dungeon. SO much of the night was left to play.

And play, they would.