The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Evilena’s Nightclub Encounter

Use caution when clubbing—you never know what might happen

Jason and Misti were not stupid, far from it.

They had met when they both were attending a prestigious Eastern Law School. Both had graduated at the top of their respective classes, in undergraduate school. Both had been in the top 5% of their high school class. Both had come from affluent, educated families, that valued education and learning.

Misti had grown up in a culturally rich environment in Greenwich, Connecticut and Jason, an even richer one, in Palm Springs, California.

But their life experience was sorely lacking. Their socializing revolved around school affairs, and society dances.

They were a perfect match, and after graduation, it seemed fitting that they be married.

They had scheduled this, their honeymoon, just after their law school graduation, in Florida, because they thought didn’t have time for a more extended holiday, due to the schedule of the bar exams in New York.

Tonight, which was just the the third night of their marriage, they decided to go to a local Goth club to see what happened there.

In the thirties they would have called it “slumming” , but now the rich, shelter couple just called it curiosity about how the “other half” lived.

Unlike the other patrons of the late night club, they were dressed conservatively, Jason in a suit and tie , and Misti in a cotton, summer type dress. But even these dowdy clothes couldn’t conceal the physical beauty of the couple.

Jason was tall, athletic and blonde. Captain of the Lacrosse team in college and a good tennis player, his muscles appeared tight and his features were fine, and handsome. He was a product of the best personal trainer his dad’s money could buy.

And Misti was the stuff dreams ( at least wet dreams) were made of. Perhaps 5 and a half feet tall, her trim body was accentuated by her surprisingly full breasts and a beautiful face. Her long, black hair was framed the clear, fair completion of her face perfectly. The dues she had paid to the fancy health club and best salons had paid off. She was beautiful.

But , it was obvious they were both out of their element.

In the club, leather and lycra seemed to be the uniform of the day and dancers and revelers surrounding Misti and Jason sported tattoos and body jewelry and sweated as they danced energetically to the chest-pounding rhythms, spun by the DJ.

Just viewing the scene from a distance brought to mind the naive couple in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.

Seated at a nearby table, by fortune ,was ANOTHER interesting couple.

This couple was all female, and both of THEM looke quite at home in the club. The shorter of the two women was a 5′4″ blonde of startling beauty, dressed in black leather shorts , a black leather halter top, and high , shining , black boots. Adding to her leather and silk motif was a flame red, Chinese silk robe with a golden dragon on the back. It was Mistress Evilena, a well known dominatrix.

Alone with her at the table, was an attractive woman of Amazonian proportions, she was dressed in a tight electric blue lycra dress accentuating her full, voluptuous breasts and long firm legs. This vision was nearly six feet tall, not including the high soled black clogs on her sexy feet. Her name was was Kayla, Evilena’s business partner and in her own right, a domme extraordinaire.

All evening men and women had stopped by their table to pay homage to the pair, hoping to strike up a conversation, in pursuit of a romantic encounter,with either of these Goddesses. But none met with any success. It seemed the two only were interested in their own, solitary, company this , particular night.>

At least until Misti and Jason sat down at the neighboring table.

They both looked so innocent, so vulnerable.

So delectable.

Evilena smiled malevolently at Kayla and leaned over to whisper in her ear. " How long do you think it would take to break those two , to the whip? How long before they kneel at our feet ?”

Kayla , a long time member of Evilena’s Coven of followers, was aware of the amazing hypnotic skills her friend possessed. Evilena’s breathtaking beauty, her deep green, hypnotic eyes, and her honey smooth voice made her almost irresistible. So many men and women had fallen under her erotic spell . Kayla had seen her capture and subjugate schoolmates, teachers, even ministers in the past , the sexy blonde had OWNED anyone that she had desired. Everyone, that is, except Kayla. Evilena considered her a special confidant and a business partner . Not even Evilena’s personal lust for sexual domination of others would allow her to add Kayla to her long list of hypnotized slaves ........... today. Business was business least for now.

The two dommes watched and waited as the attractive vanilla couple drank and talked and looked around the club, at the hot, sweaty, dancers in amused amazement.

Finally Jason got up and walked toward the toilets , as he left Evilena stood up, and with a sexy wink to Kayla, walked over to Misti’s table and sat down in a chair next to her.

The dark haired girl looked at Evilena , in awe, struck by her beauty.

Before she could even voice a protest Evilena removed a faceted crystal ball from her bag and placed it on the table between the two of them.

Almost immediately the gold colored crystal seemed to glow from inside and the movement of the light on the many facets of the crystal seemed to cause the sphere to revolve ,quickly capturing Misti’s attention.

“Look at the crystal ball.”

“What? I can’t hear you?” Misti shouted through the sounds of the club.

But as she glanced at the sparkling orb the sounds of the music magically seemed to fade from her ears.

The blonde dominatrix reached out and brushed her fingernails across Misti’s cheek and drew a bit closer. " I’m so happy to meet you, my dear, You will be a good slave to me. You will learn to love the act of submission to me and you will learn to love ME, as well.”

The dark haired lawyer-to-be was totally unprepared for this. Her eyes grew wide and she was frozen in place, with fear ... and god help her, with lust for this delectable blonde woman she had never seen before. Misti had NEVER contemplated a lesbian encounter before this moment , but something about this woman excited her. The light touch of her hand had seemed almost electric.

“I want you to think of me , my pet ... nothing else ...just concentrate on me ... use the crystal ball as a focus to direct your mind so you can concentrate only on me ...... only of me .... nothing else .... not the music ... not the others here ... nothing matters to you, but me .... concentrate only on me..... concentrate on me .....”

And the pulsating crystal combined with Evilena’s seductive voice and sensuous face did blot out all other distractions. Misti COULDN’T hear the music and suddenly it was if they were alone, here in the busy club.

There was only but the sensuous blonde seated across from her. Nothing but her voice. Nothing but her.

Misti felt as if something was wrong here but she couldn’t put her finger on it, it seemed so right to concentrate only on the lovely woman seated across from her. So she continued to think ... only .. of .... her ....

“Think of me ... only of me ..... concentrate on Evilena .... nothing else ..... Evilena’s voice will lead you and you will follow ... follow Evilena ..... OBEY Evilena ...... you KNOW you want to follow me don’t you ... you KNOW you want to obey me .... you want to obey my every command .... you want to be ENSLAVED by me don’t you ... think about it and when you know it to be true repeat the words, My pet ..... you WANT to obey me .... you WANT to be enslaved by me ....... say it .... what do you want.....">

Misti was succumbing to the hypnotic spell Evilena was skillfully weaving and yet found she could not speak. All she could do was look at Evilena’s hypnotic eyes ,staring at her above the golden pulsating glow of the crystal. She felt as if she were falling into those deep , green eyes. Falling.

“You are slipping into a deep . restful, hypnotic trance that Evilena controls and you find you cannot stop your descent . With every second that passes you feel your will to resist me slipping away and your desire to obey me growing. You want to obey me. You NEED to obey me.... You desire to be my slave .. and each second your desire to serve me grows. Every second you look at me and listen to my voice brings you closer to total surrender. Feel your will power disolve , with every word I speak to you. Feel your desire to obey me grow. ”

Misti’s eyes were glazed over and she could not break eye contact with this blonde beauty. What was she saying?

“No one can resist my power ... No one can resist my beauty ... no one can resist my voice .. no one can resist my eyes ... you may try to fight me but you cannot resist me ... I am too powerful .. more than anything in the world you WANT to surrender to me ... to be my slave ....”

Misti nodded in agreement as her mouth fell open, she was so relaxed. She stared deep into Evilena’s eyes , a small droplet of drool formed in the corner of her slack mouth.

“That’s it, my dear ... keep looking into my eyes ... deeply.... deeply into my eyes ... lost in the depths of my eyes ... lost in my hypnotic eyes ... gaze into my eyes ... deeper ... deeper ... helpless ... powerless ... lost in my eyes ... lost .... tell me my pet ... what do you feel...”

Her eyes fixed in a vacant stare Misti searched for her voice and then heard, as if from a distance, her own voice responding. " lost ... in ... your .... eyes .... powerlessss..... ”

“Good girl .. now you know it is true . You have no will of your own.... my will controls you ... my will IS your will.... you are mine to command ... mine ... mine .... mine ..... mine ......MINE ....”

Misti again nodded in agreement.

“Your MIND belongs to me,” whispered as she reached under the table and lifted Misti’s skirt, running her long fingernails across the hypnotized woman’s pussy, feeling the warm moisture already there. “And your BODY belongs to me , as well my little slut ..... You are hypnotized., my pet. Hypnotized and enslaved by Evilena”

Misti’s mouth struggled to form words and finally she found she was capable of responding, " hyp ... no ... tized ....”

“And what do you want to do now, my pet?” Evilena inquired, to test the depth of her trance.

“I want to do any thing you command , " was the immediate response, and Evilena knew another had fallen under her irresistable ,mesmerizing, erotic spell .

“Then,” the dominatrix replied in her honey soft voice, " get under the table and lick my pussy.”

Powerless to resist the dominating blonde ,Misti crawled under the table and started to worship her, kissing her panty covered pussy, there in the crowded nite club.

Regulars at the club had seen this before so they weren’t surprised. They knew no one could resist Evilena.

The sexy hypnotist looked at Kayla and winked. Kayla smiled back.

Just then, Jason returned from the bathroom , and for a moment he couldn’t locate his new wife. Then he saw her head under the table worshiping Evilena.

He was stunned. " What is going on ? “, he shouted.

Evilena entwined her hand in Misti’s dark tresses, holding her motionless and then nodded to Kayla.

The Amazonian Goddess quickly stood up and stepped behind Jason, wrapping her powerful arms around him, pinning his arm to his sides, and forcefully preventing him from moving. Kaya was so strong Jason felt like a rag doll in her grip.>

He struggled but could not break free.

Then Kayla pushed him closer to Evilena and the newly wed was forced to watch his wife, of just three days, on her knees, under a table, kneeling as a sexual supplicant to this leather-clad, blonde dominatrix , a woman he had never seen before.

The blonde roughly pushed Misti to the floor and stood up close to Jason, so close that they could feel the warmth of each others bodies.

Jason was dumbstruck.

He was caught completely off guard, and had no idea what was happening. He just stared at Evilena, confused. The blonde hypnotist focused her eyes on his, just silently staring, holding his gaze with hers. Her hypnotic stare drew him deeper and deeper into her eyes.

He felt so strange, so light headed and continued to stare helplessly as Kayla loosened her grip on him. What was happening? He seemed frozen by those deep, green eyes. He couldn’t move. All he could do was gaze into those marvelous EYES.

He ceased struggling.

He just stared at Evilena’s incredible eyes.

Suddenly everything went black for him as Kayla deftly delivered a chop to the back of his neck and he fell to the floor.

With seemingly little effort Kayla lifted him and carried him in her arms toward the exit, Evilena walked behind the beautiful Amazon, and at a gesture the still helplessly entranced Misti followed behind the blonde.

Applause followed the four as they exited the club.

The entire club knew another couple would soon be willingly joining Evilena’s coven of worshipers, that very evening.

As the long oppulant limousine pulled up to Evilena’s warehouse dungeon, Jason regained consciousness to find he was in the back seat of the huge black car, confined by hand cuffs and leg irons, helpless to resist whatever his fate commanded.

He looked up and saw Evilena passionately kiss his wife, then instruct Misti to follow her , as the blonde domme walked into the darkened building .

Kayla roughly pushed him to the pavement and kicked him once, in the side.

Then he was lifted to his feet and guided to the same entrance. He slowly shuffled into the unknown interior of the dungeon, Kayla pushing from behind.

All he could think of was what was next. Next for him. Next for Misti.

Next for them.