The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Eyes of Change

“Choose To See Through
Eyes of Change and
Just May Change Your Life Forever.”

It was a night like any other, the heat that night was very hot, humid, tossing and turning Lisa was having a hard time trying to get some sleep. Like every other young kid she had school the next day and it was her senior year of High School.

Just outside of our Earth’s atmosphere, a small size meteorite was heading towards the ground. Burning through the atmosphere in a ball of fire, it lit up the night sky very brightly.

Lisa sees this illuminating light shining through her window, and gets off her bed to observe the bright ball of fire racing through the night sky. This illumination put her into a trance for about a minute and then it exploded hitting the wooded area about 3 miles away from Redding Suburb California.

“Wow “That was so cool. Maybe I can get some sleep before I start school”. Looks at her Tasmanian Warner Brothers watch next to her bed. “Shit! I have only three hours of sleep left” She sighs, until all of a sudden feeling so drowsy for the first time in a long while, did she fall back on her bed. Crashes her head on the pillow and covers herself with her thick blanket. Feeling so comfortable for the first time in a while, was she then able to fall into a deep sleep.

* * *

A blast of loud music was being played that frightened her to wake from the bed. It was her TV alarm that she set for 6AM. Stretching out her arm and yawning, slides off her mattress, walks to the bathroom with a toothbrush and mouthwash. Brother Ben was across the hall in his room as he just opens the door see her and says.

“God Damn Sis” Lisa looks back with a smile. “Oh hi Ben” She then races her brother to use the lavatory.

They would always argue, bicker about who would go first and use the shower, or rush one another to hurry up. Little brother wasn’t arguing at all because he was smiling at a nice view sister Lisa was displaying. Finishing up, she walks out and just as she heads towards her room. Her brother who was waiting patiently outside was having a ball with a very big grin gawking at her. Noticing, Lisa shakes her head walking back into her room.

“I swear. Sometimes boys are just plain perverts.” Lisa mused.

After brushing her brown hair, putting on light makes up, looks into the mirror and blows a kiss. Just as she’s finished, Lisa then decides to walk down the steps, walks through the living room heading towards the kitchen. For some reason, which she couldn’t put her finger on it? Lisa was feeling confident, energetic, sexy, aroused, invincible and euphoric. This new found emotional bliss she was under couldn’t hurt so why even bother to think about it. That’s how she felt at the moment. Ben was sitting down eating in the kitchen, sees her walking by the kitchen table. Coughs, chokes on his corn flakes when he sees Lisa walk by. Literally chocking on his flakes and coughing for his life. His sister with a concern looks on her face, run up to Ben, comforts his shoulder by padding him on his back.

“Are you ok Ben?” Here let me get you some water. Ok?”

She swiftly gets to the sink, reaches inside the cabinet for a drinking glass, turns on the faucet filling it and hands him the glass of water. Ben quickly grabs the water from her hand drinking it for dear life. As he drinks, Ben looks on with amazement in his eyes. Lisa looks intensely at him then urges to him to finish his glass of water.

“Drink up Ben.”

Drinking his water he never takes his eyes away from Lisa’s breast. She looks back at him with concern.

“Are you going to be ok?”

Ben just shakes his head dumbfounded. Not saying anything. He looked perplexed.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” Lisa asked again with a serious look. Ben just stood there like a deer caught in a head light.

“Ok Ben sees ya later. Have to get to school.” Grabbing her purse and car keys, she walks out into the open air. The air outside never felt better overflowing all around her body as temperatures outside was hot and humid. This weather she was experiencing made her body feel very natural. Most of the time a weather like this she would be exuding marbles from her head, but today for some reason, she wasn’t even breaking a sweat walking up to her own car. Lisa opens the handle door, gets into her car turning on the ignition. Speeding loudly out of the driveway, she drives towards Seven Eleven to get her morning coffee. As she drives on everything around seems so alive on this great sunny morning. There was something in the air that made her entire body feel free, energetic and at awe. It made her entire body skin crawl with goose bumps as she neared her destination. Driving up to the convenience store, she parks her car, gets out of her vehicle and proceeded inside to make her coffee. Everyone around her just looks at her with a surprised shock on their faces. Stunned to see this gorgeous body everyone inside was witnessing, Lisa made the whole world stopped inside this convenience store..Not noticing that she’s been causing so much attention Lisa walks up to the teller with a big smile and winks at him as she handed him $1.45 from her purse.

“Bye MJ” MJ was the Pakistani teller who took her money, looks up into the ceiling and then says.

“Forgive me Allah! I could not help but look on!” He Held his face is disbelief.

What Lisa hasn’t noticed was the fact that she was totally in the buff and really went on her business not knowing her own bare condition. Lisa was driving her car to school wearing nothing but a smile. Her hair style had a cascading waves which were long layers that gave it a bounce down just past her shoulder. Normally she would have her hair up in a pony tail and would wear her eye glasses. Today was different; she was feeling so sexy having a confidence look about her that otherwise at any other time was never the case. Usually Lisa was rather shy, sheltered, and prudish. She wasn’t even wearing her spectacles for school. Stopping at a red light, a car drives up next to her and then a middle age man looks at her with his jaw wide open. Lisa looks back at the guy, winks at him with her nice brown eyes then says.

“Hi there.” Isn’t it a beautiful sunny morning?” In fact it was beautiful day. The sun was shining brightly in a nice blue morning sky. Lisa looks up, sees the light turn green, and floors the gas as her car screamed away leaving him behind in a heap of smoke. He stays there looking on like an idiot, not moving paralyzed with shock. Not believing what his eyes has witnessed. Traffic begins to build, as cars behind honk at him to move along he then hits the gas in excitement because of the unbelievable naked driver he has ever attested.

Making a right at the at the school entrance, security officer Max who is an African American manning the check point, can’t believe what he sees drive up to him. Reaching into her purse she takes out her school ID and then hands to him. Max looks on with eyes wide open and asks.

“Girl. Is everything ok? He hands back her ID. Lisa takes back her ID and giggles.

“Of course I’m fine. I’m better then fine. Is it hot today or is it me?” She waves her hand at her face fanning herself to cool off. It wasn’t the weather that was hot it was just the constant arousal she was feeling heating up her body.

Max never really bothered to look at Lisa’s ID before handing it back to her so instead decided to just wave her in. He was in a trance after looking at her 36 C breast size in which any man would have hard time laying his off. Parking her car, exits her vehicle, and merrily bounded towards her friend Cathy. Cathy is a gothic girl, with blue streaks on her short black hair, light blue eyes, dark eyeliners with blue lipstick. Lisa is a down to earth girl who isn’t a snob and is somewhat a geek. Her only true friend she has is the total opposite personality is Cathy. Who wore black clothing, had pale white skin, her attitude towards life is that of negativity, and also she rarely ever smiles. Although Cathy is very pretty with a long face, light blue eyes have a nice model nose. Her negative outlook on life doesn’t allow her to see that when she sees herself in the mirror. Lisa isn’t the greatest looking girl around but she is far from ugly. She has a nice round face, cute dark brown eyes with a decent looking perk nose. But her body is by far her best assets with nice round Latin ass that somewhat sticks out and a great deal curviness to it. Lisa’s body was that of an average late teen but had a wholesome quality to it that made it very sexy.

Cathy could not believe what she was seeing running up to her. Before Cathy could say anything, Lisa grabs her left hand with her right and pulls her towards the school entrance. All of the kids filing inside the hall are shocked. Crowds inside begin to whistles cheer, hiss gathering as soon they enter inside their class. They both walk into their first period science class. As Cathy tries to talk to her, the science teacher walks inside while everyone has gathered around them begins to take their seats. Cathy’s face was furious and worried at the same time. Her eyes bulging out with concern asks Lisa.

“Lisa! What the hell do you think you’re doing?”Lisa turns round smiling, faces Cathy who was sitting behind her.

“Last night I saw the most spectacular thing I have ever seen” Cathy did not respond on what she said, but just looked on with worry and trepidation.

“Lisa. Are you feeling ok? Other kids in class were hissing in shock, howling, whistling as they looked on at Lisa’s Nude form. Lisa wasn’t noticing anything while she just looked on at Cathy’s face.

“I’m feeling great .I have never felt better in my life.” Lisa says. Feeling excited, her breast jiggled with delight as she just clapped her hands. Not knowing that her teacher was watching and standing firmly behind.

“Miss Cortez!!!!” Mr. Spalding yells out. Lisa turns around, sees an angry Mr. Spalding looking down at her.

“What did I do?” Lisa looks at him with confusion.

“Are you kidding me?” Is this some sort of a joke? Look at yourself girl!” Mr. Spalding remarked angrily. Staring down at her nude body with his bookish eye glasses on.

“Hey babe nice ass” A student yells out.

“Nice frontal pose” Another yells. Looking at everyone as everyone was looking back at her. Did she only realize then as soon as Cathy points down at her body. Lisa’s head looks down, at that point she notices herself totally bare. Being so shocked confused angry at the same, her face blushes totally because of this great sense of shameful embarrassment. She soon begins to shake her head in disgraceful disgust.

“No! No! No! No! No! This isn’t happening. Oh My God. What the hell! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! “

Lisa wakes up screaming from a naked nightmare. Perspiring allots from her head and tons amounts moisture between her legs from a great arousing nightmare. Just out of breath from her scream, wakes up the entire house. Mother Martha and Step Dad John walks inside her room to see what the hell has happening.

“What happened?” Martha asks as she walks inside. There was a concern look on her face. Lisa realizes that it was all a nightmare. Too embarrassed to explain her mom what kind of a dream she just had. Waves her away and says.

“Just a bad dream Mom.” Looks down, feeling distasteful, she covers her face with her own pillow.

“It must have been a real bad one since you woke up the whole damn house. I thought someone broke inside our home.”John responded.

“Well it’s time for you to go to school lady because it’s 6am on a dot” Martha said as she gets up from Lisa’s bed. Ben was there as well just looking at her. Lisa realizing the dream she just had looks back at Ben and yells at him.

“What are you looking at? Get out!” Ben rolls his eyes as he walks out of his stepsister room and mumbles to himself.

“Nothing much Bitch” As Lisa was getting up she’s startled by the loud sound of punk rock music on her TV alarm. She reaches out for her remote then shuts it off. Gathering her things, Lisa races to the bathroom because she knows Ben may beat her to it. Just as she runs towards the bathroom Ben paces her to it. As soon as they get there at the same time, there’s pushing, shoving, cursing as well as yelling. Although being younger then Lisa he was much stronger than her, pushing her aside with ease. With an angry look on her face she reacts by growling, yelling then calling him. “You’re an Asshole!”

“You better hurry up! We don’t have all day you know!” Inside the bathroom already he just laughs his ass off. After waiting for 15 minutes Lisa begins to lose patients, starts to yell while banging the door. Startled by the noise and commotion Martha comes out of her room to make peace.

“What this fuss about?”Martha asks in her Latin accent as Lisa continues to bang the door.

“He’s been in there for over 15 minutes and I need to go now!” Lisa was very angry. Martha looks into her eyes with equal anger.

“Ok listen. You guys. Both of you are to share this bathroom. Ok? Ben? Get out now because Lisa needs to get to school too you know?’ Ben rolls his eyes as he gets his robe on and then moves out. Giving a wise ass smile to his older stepsister, all while he walks away to his room, Martha points to Lisa to go inside. She goes to the Kitchen to set up breakfast, as cry baby Lisa enters inside the shower and opens the faucet. Quickly strips off of her PJ, enters the shower room and starts to take in the water showering over her face. Washing with soup nice, slow thoroughly all over, Lisa stretches her legs out as she lathered it with liquid soap. Running her hands all over her nice C breast size, going down between her nether lips, oh my how thorough she was all over. Her ass was the best asset by far as well as her were nice wide hip. Her hand was moving all over that sexy abs is nice and, flat. Any old healthy man would have died of a cardiac arrest had he witnessed this beautiful creature. Her curvature body was a great sculpture of beauty, anyone willing to pay to see this great magnificence would wind up broke and penniless in a strip club. Soon as she was finished, she hops out, dries herself off with a towel and stands in front of a long dress mirror. Secretly she admires her sexy body, how much it made her feel with pride and joy. If she was only brave enough to show it off for the whole world to see. While Lisa was blushing herself in the mirror, she would never have the courage to show herself off to anyone because Lisa was shy and nothing but a prude. Having a sheltered upbringing can do that to any girl. After brushing her teeth, puts on her robe and heads to her room.

After getting dressed, walks down the steps heads to the kitchen, sees Ben Mom and Step Dad. Breakfast was ready. On the table was waffles, toast, cereal, and OJ but wanted no part of it because she never eats in the morning. Martha always offered and asked Lisa.

“Aren’t you having breakfast?” Martha offers.

“Yuck. No Thanks. I’m having coffee at Seven Eleven. That is all I need” Just as Lisa is about to leave. Ben looks at Lisa’s ass with hidden desires in his eyes. He looked at her quickly so stepmom and dad would not notice. Deep down inside this 15 year old step brother of hers had a crush on Lisa. Many fantasies had gone through his mind getting it inside his step sister’s jeans. Just as Ben’s mind was racing in fantasy the phone rings snapping him out of his fantasy trance. Martha picks up the phone and then calls for Lisa. Lisa was standing outside of the door.

“Lisa! It’s Cathy. She told me to tell you to pick her up”

“Ok Mom. Tell her I’m on my way.”Lisa gets inside her car, turns the ignition, and plays her R&B rock music she likes. But before she drives off, she sees smoke on in the distant where the meteorite just struck early that morning and then decides to drive off.

* * *

Deep inside the woods near a river stream. There was fire and smoke everywhere. An impact crater the size of a wide pot hole was depressed inside. It wasn’t so deep at all. Looking inside the crater carefully, one can see a round rock shape. All of sudden the rock began to break up and disintegrate. From this rock two Leech like creatures emerge, its appearance was black and slimy. Four inches across and six inches long began to move slowly through the ground. Nearing the water’s edge at the stream, it then decided to enter inside and make a swim. Both creatures moved inside the water with great speed. After swimming for a while, they decided to settle under a huge rock’s edge. These two creatures stood there like if they were waiting for something, waiting for their victims to arrive.

Cathy and Lisa were sitting down together waiting for Mr. Spalding to start Class. Lisa looks at Cathy and asks,

“So what did you do last night?”Cathy looks back at Lisa with a sadness look on her face.

“Hung out with my friends boozing, you know. Smoked weed. There’s nothing else to do in this lame town. What did you do last night? Oh. Don’t tell me, nothing right?” Cathy rolls her eyes with an attitude.

“Hey! Why are you being so mean?” Lisa remarked with a hurtful look. Cathy sighs and feels sorry for being an ass.

“I’m sorry Lisa. I’m just a miserable bitch. It’s just that I have bad home to go to. My father is an alcoholic and it all started when my mother passed away four years ago. There is always an argument between him and me. I don’t mean to take this out on you.” Lisa looks back at her with sorrow as she then holds Cathy’s hand.

“It’s ok. I Totally Understand. My father left my mother when I was 5. All I know is that he is from Chile. I hardly knew him and my mom wind up marrying a white guy.” Now I have an annoying step brother who is such an ass and a pervert. He thinks I don’t notice him looking at my ass.” They both laugh out loud. Hey listen I have to tell you about this crazy meteor that fell from the sky and about my embarrassing dream I had last night.” Just as she was about to tell the story, Mr. Spalding yells out.

“Ok guys. Today’s lesson is Symbiotic Mutualisms. Any questions?” A Student raises her hand. Mr. Spalding points to her. All the students turned around, while gathering themselves into full attention. This teacher was the kind of man that demanded full interest from everyone in class. He doesn’t tolerate mind wondering or daydreaming.

“Yes?” What is your question?”

“What in the world is Symbiotic Mutualism?”

Just as Xavier Spalding AKA Mr. Spalding was explaining the definition of the question. Lisa looked on with great admiration. For 2 years she had a secret crush on him. It wasn’t just an ordinary teenage crush. Oh No. It was love, lust and affection she had for him. She looked on as though she was in a trance. While she stayed in her day dream state, It wasn’t until the teacher finished the definition that he clapped his hand loudly to snap her out of it right in front of her face. Lisa shook her head as the clap snapped her out her blissfulness trance. Of course everyone in class laughed out loud at her. Xavier was not amused. He looked at her intensely as to see if she paid any attention to what he was defining before .So he asks her.

“Well Lisa, since you decided to day dream on this subject. Maybe you can explain the rest of us in class what is Symbiotic Mutualism.” Now if this was just any other ordinary student. There’s no way in hell he or she would have the intelligence of answering this question. Lisa is no ordinary student; this young bright sexy lady is very intelligent. This would prove to be an easy task for such a geek as her to answer this particular question. Miss Geek sits up, looks at her teacher and then answers the question.

“Ah. It means a relationship between two species or organisms in which both benefits from the association. In other words both species benefit from one another. Like Bees and Flowers or Humans and Crops.” Mr. Spalding was very impressed, shakes his head and then says.

“Good. Very Good. I’m going to keep my eyes on you.” In fact he was keeping an eye on her alright. He too had a deep desire for this young lady. Looking directly at her bosoms and eying the rest of her curvy figure quickly as for anyone else to notice. But his profession could not allow an unethical or better said his own deep down perversions to risk his career over a nice young piece of ass. He started to get a bulge between his legs. Before anyone could notice turns around and quickly runs to his desk as he sits down.

Any more questions? Ok then let’s move on” Open your text books and go to page?”All the students including Cathy Lisa open there text books and began to study today’s lesson in class. Although most of them had no clue what today’s lesson was about anyway?

Five hours later it was Lunch time. Cathy and Lisa are sitting together eating their meals. They were discussing about today’s class about what they might be doing the rest of the day.

“Can you believe the ton of home work we on our biology class?” Lisa looks at her assignments stacked on in her binder then looking at the Tex book. Cathy looks back at her and sighs.

“Don’t remind me. I’m not even going to do this homework. What were we covering today? I didn’t even pay any attention.” Cathy just rises up her hands. Lisa puts on her bookish spectacles and defines.

“Mutualism symbiosis Is when two species cooperate with one another for survival . Each species has what the other has to offer. It’s like an exchange. Both benefit from each other. You get it” Cathy looks at Lisa with a grin.

“You have always been a closet Nerd. Who gives a shit about this stupid class anyway? So tell me about the nightmare you had last night? Lisa looks back at her with wide a smile.

. “The thing I saw last night was a meteor that fell from the sky. It brightened up the whole night like if it was day light. What was funny about it was as soon as my eyes looked into it. I felt like I was in some sort of a fog. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. Just as it landed a explosion could be seen inside the woods outside of our town. Was I able to snap out of it.” Cathy takes a sip out of her punch looks up to the ceiling then looks back at Lisa.

“What does that have to do with your nightmare?” Lisa looks into Cathy’s eye trying to get her full attention.

“Well you see. I was having a hard time trying to get some sleep. I think I suffer from insomnia. But just as I saw that meteorite fall. I felt very tired and for the first time in a long time did I fall into a deep relaxing sleep. I couldn’t put my finger on it. But I blacked out into a deep sleep that knocked me out cold.” Cathy eyes roll, starts to place her hand on her mouth and yawn because her nightmare experience was boring her.

“HAAAARGH. This is getting boring. Are you going to cut to the chase or what?”

“ Ok Ok. I’m getting there. Jesus! It gets better. Where was I?

“You’re in deep sleep?”

“Oh Yea. Right. Anyways I dreamed that I woke up getting ready to go to school. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Although that is how I felt. The dream felt very real to me. So I wake up I walk to the bathroom just as I hear my step bro say. Damn sis. I looked back to him and I felt like I was high or something because I normally would have told him to get bent or piss off. I felt nice and outgoing. Like a bimbo I said. Hi Ben. I didn’t know what came over me. As I walked down the stairs I get to the kitchen and then I see him look at me funny. As I walk up to him he stares at my chest, he starts to choke on his corn flakes.” Cathy and Lisa both laugh.

“Guys are such perverts. You know?” Cathy shakes her head in disgust.

“Wait. It gets better. I give him a glass of water after for some funny reason I felt very worried about him. I never gave much crap about him before. After that I get into my car and drove to my Seven Eleven to get my coffee as everyone was gawking at me. Cathy interrupts her by asking.

“Why were these guys staring at you?” Lisa rolls her eyes as she covers her face.

“I’m about to get to that right now. At the time I didn’t realize it. But I was butt as Naked” Cathy looks into her eyes and laughs out loud. Almost falls out of her seat.

“You were but as naked!”Everyone looks directly at the table because of Cathy’s instant loud remark. Lisa’s face blushes red with embarrassment and looks at Cathy angrily.

“Jesus Cathy. Can you say it any louder? Cathy continues to laugh.

“ hahahahahaha. I’m sorry hahaha. You can continue with the story.” Lisa sighs, and then she stared straight into Cathy’s eyes. Lisa’s eyes were glowing brightly lit inside her own eyes as she continued to tell her nightmare. Cathy was entranced at that moment without even knowing about it as Lisa continued to tell her story. For Cathy, it was getting very excited and erotic while she listened to her friend’s story. Lisa told her everything about her euphoric naked nightmare. Once she was finished, Cathy looked down as she began to shed tears from her left eye, then made eye contact with Lisa. Wiping away her tear, she smile, grabs both Lisa’s hand to say.

“Wow Lisa. To me that was great sexy dream.” Lisa frowned with a surprised look on her face.

“What? Are you kidding me? It was very embarrassing to me at the end. It also felt so real.”

“But Lisa, you said it yourself. It was euphoric, great you also felt invincible. Don’t tell me you didn’t like this arousing dream?” Lisa blushes from that last question. She looks away because she feels shy and ashamed to answer.

“C’mon Lisa. Be honest. It wasn’t really a nightmare. I say you had an erotic sex dream.” Cathy Teases.

“To me it was a nightmare because what I was dreaming is not in my nature. Ok. Normally I don’t go walking around in the buff and act as if I have no modesty what so ever.” Cathy looks up at the school watch.

“Well we only have about 5 minutes left before we go back to class. I have gym next period. I’m going to fail that class. Anyways before we leave I want you to listen to me for a sec. You have always been a prudish sheltered girl.” Lisa looks back angrily at her.

“Oh Yeah .You’re always depressed, you never smile all that much. Talk about being prude. You rarely talk to anyone, also when was the last time you had a date. Look at yourself in the mirror. You’re a beautiful sexy young babe. Yet you hide yourself with funeral clothing every day.” Cathy looks back with equal anger.

“Ok. When was the last time you had a date. You’re not so bad looking yourself and yet here you are like a nerd reading that text book. Just because you’re going away to college, having a great family doesn’t make you so damn righteous about you being so pure, noble and having a well educated background. You don’t have the right to talk down on me. I was going to educate you about the dream you had but since this has turned out to be an argument. Let me know when you decide to grow up.” You know what! Fuck you! See you later.”

Cathy gets up as everyone in the cafeteria looked at them like huge soap opera play. In fact Cathy was right. Lisa Cortez is a prudish girl who grew up sheltered at best. She was born in New York City, hardly knew her father because he left her mom when she was 5 years of age. Mother Martha raised her strict and had help raising her with grandma. Martha met John as a house keeper in NYC while he was there on a business trip. She was 12 the rest was history. After graduation Lisa was going to go away to College back to her home town of New York University. Her major in college was going to be medical biology. Her Victorian view about sexuality would mean that as long as she lived no man would violate her virginity. One day her virginity will be saved for the right man. This Latin catholic girl would marry a prince one day who will always protect her personal conventionalities. Her view about the world is strictness and uncompromising. But she had a huge heart the only person who could tolerate her attitude was her best friend Cathy Wine. A Californian native of San Diego is the daughter of a Navy man who use to be on an aircraft carrier USS Kittyhawk. Her mother died when she was 14 years of age. Since her mom’s death, her father had been drinking heavily would look at his only daughter with regret and disgust. As far as Cathy was concern, she had no future other then the fact that after high school she had no idea what will happen with her life after graduation.

As Cathy was walking away angry, all of a sudden she felt very drowsy and exhausted while she coasted down along the hall way. Everything around her was getting hazy, blurred, she was feeling very disorientated. Lisa could see from a distant that Cathy was wavering side to side as she was walking away alone. Something was wrong because it looked as if her friend was about to fall flat on the floor. Just as Cathy was about to take another step, her legs started to give way. At that point her legs were wobbling, no longer steady on her feet, she tries to hold on to the walls. Cathy looks around once more and everything goes dark. Lisa panics, runs over to where her friend had collapsed. When Lisa gets there, she sees her already fainted on the floor. Crowds gathered around to see what happened. A middle aged school nurse, who was nearby runs up to check, takes her pulse and places her ear near Cathy’s Mouth. Lisa scared out of her life looks on at the nurse.

“What happened? Is she going to be ok? The nurse looks back up to Lisa.

“Of course she is” She is just knocked out cold. In other words she is in a deep sleep. Nothing I would worry about. I’ll take her to my room where she can lie down on a bed.”

* * *

A Blue and White Bell 212 Heuy Chopper full of its crew was flying over the forested area where the meteorite struck early that morning. It took off from its Helibase 15 miles away. Piloting the aircraft was a 27 year old hot Filipina American Woman by the name of Brook Sanchez. Her pretty face had a serious look as she was observing the seriousness of the situation. The fire in the wooded area although small could easily spread and affect or threatened the town houses nearby if the fire was not controlled in time. They are known as the Helitack. Her Mission along with her crew is to become the early warning systems of managing the fires by using helicopters and crews by initially attacking the fire before it spreads out of control. Flying along with her is an old veteran of woodland firefighter the name is Sam Philips. An old gray bearded man is the chief man of the operation. Brook turns around tells him.

“Look I think we should land there near that river stream. It’s flat there, an open area for us to get our crew and get our equipment going. There isn’t much fire around to get in your way. So what do you think?”

“Yes. Let’s land there so we can lighten the load. That will be our drop point. You know what to do.”

Just as she lands the chopper, everyone exits along with its equipment and formulate a plan on how to begin to combat the fire. Once everyone was out of the helicopter, Brook takes off again into the air. Her piloting skills was excellent, as she takes into the air very quickly so Brook can maneuver towards the river, hover low over it and suck up the 300 gallons of water needed to douse the fire. After gathering the amount of water required, she took off straight into the air and dove with tremendous speed in dangerously low altitude, right over the hot spots like a stunt pilot you see on TV and doused the flames with ease. She repeated this flying execution seven more times targeting her spots, her face grunting with sweat while she jolted the fly stick in high G turns, weaving and making incredible maneuvers time after time. This talented flying skill she acquired was none other than flying for the U.S.Army. Brook is a veteran of the Iraq War who flew Blackhawks and later on Combat Apache Helicopters. With many aerial combat experiences under her belt, many soldiers’ owe their lives to her service fighting both in Afghanistan and Iraq. She lives for flying choppers, which is all she knows and while she was back home from Army Reserve duties Brook would fly for Radio Station Traffic Report back in Oakland Bay Area. But In hard economic times her hours were cut back so instead decided to join the California Department of Forestry to make ends meet. In California there is always fire here and there. Once her last dousing was finished, it was time to land at the drop point. The fire by then was pretty much under control. Shuts off the engines, exits the craft, takes off her flight helmet, she shakes her head so her smooth black medium bob cut hair fall out naturally as she walks up to the Chief with a nice smile.

“Well everything is finished up here. You boys should be able to handle the rest” Chief Max Williams acknowledged her statement shaking her hand of gratitude for a job well done.

“Great work Brook. I really don’t know where we would be without you. Any other pilot would have taken up nearly twice as long to get this shit under control. Let’s hope the army doesn’t whisk you away from us any time soon.” She smiles at him and says.

“Well let’s hope not. I’m enjoying this job far better than the last traffic report chopper stint I had last. So unless there’s a wider war somewhere in this planet, I won’t be deployed anywhere any time soon. Ok if there is anything else you need for me. Let me know.”

“It’s Ok. We have it covered from here. More help is on the way along with local fire department assisting us with man power needed.” Brook looks around curious to know how this fire started.

“Does anyone know how this started?”

“Someone said they saw a meteorite fall from the sky and strike this location early before dawn this morning. Anyways. Take a break and join us later on for lunch. Ok?

“Ok. Catch you guys later. If there is anything else you need. I’ll be right here waiting” Little did they even notice that a large size pot hole was ten feet away from their location. Inside near the stream bed flowing by laid two leeches like creatures under a rock deep enough so one will even notice.

Xavier was eating lunch in the faculty lounge. Until his cell phone rang with the symphony sound of the disco song of the Symphony number 5 of Beethoven. He answers. Hello?

“Hi there sexy. What you been up too? Xavier responds with a huge grin to the lady’s sexy seducing voice.

“Oh hello there my love. Where the hell are you so I can squeeze those nice melons of yours and have my morning diet of calcium?

“Hahaha. Hmmm why don’t you come over here and get some as I’m eating nice huge banana thinking about your manly hood muscles between your legs.” Just as the lady on the other line, was utter ring those words through. Xavier went to rich for his coffee and as soon as she said manly hood muscles he lost his grip on his hot liquid drink, falling right over his lap.

“Woo. Woo Woo. Ah shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!” Everyone in the faculty looks back at him. Xavier’s face turns red. On other line the lady laughs out loud. He gathers his wit and dries himself off with a napkin. Takes his cell back into his ear and hears giggles.

“Hahaha. So did my boy have an accident?”Xavier then remarks as he sighs very deeply.

“Oh baby. Where are you now? Stop torturing me this way. You know I missed you so much..

“Take a guess, my Satyr.”

“Aren’t you in Wyoming fighting fires.”

“HMMM no. I’m about 3 to 4 miles away from you baby. Xavier’s Eyes lit up.

“Where are you Brook? It’s been like 3 weeks since we last spent time together. I’m getting very restless you know.”

“ Hey X Man. I’ll see you today ok right after my shift is over. I’m getting 3 weeks off for my first break in a long time. So you and I can spend time all we want. Ok? Bye love I have to go now and finish up my shift. I love you.

“I love you too Brook”

“Hugs and kisses from me. See you soon. Bye Love.” She hangs up the phone.

Xavier and Brook’s relationship goes back from the military when they met in Ft Benning Georgia. He was a medical officer just visiting and inspecting the local Military Hospital when he met her as a new recruit in the Army. She suffered a fracture injury on her left four arm when she was running during a combat drill. Brook had a beautiful smile that mesmerized Xavier way back then. She was and still is the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on. With nice brown eyes, black shiny strait bob cut hair and a nice sensuous smile. Being 12 years her senior back then he was captivated by her fierce independence and free spirited mind. He knew then that she was on her way towards greatness. Brook in turn when she some him then was love at first site. She loved the way he looked so confident and so reassuring he was and still continues to be. They never married because even though they go back 10 years both of them led very busy lives. Two years into the army she transferred from secretary clerk desk job to Army Aviation at Fort Rucker Alabama. While there in training she fell in love with her new profession. Brook always wanted to be a Chopper Pilot did what she had to do to make it and went on to have a distinguished military career. As for Xavier things did not turn out so well. He was kicked out of the Army 6 years ago when he found out about a Top Secret project known as Moon Shot that goes back 1970. Xavier was one of the greatest Biologist minds the Army has ever had. Moon Shot is about a Space craft that crashed landed back in April of 1970. No one, not even the Presidents we had in office since then till now knows nothing about this project until Xavier stumbled upon it while sifting through a file. Looking into the file he found out about a craft shapes. Tons of highly confidential photos were found in the sensitive material portraying the space craft. As he sifted through the file he noticed the craft to be charcoal black, its shape was that of a long thin triangle with no opening, flat on the bottom and it was oval on top. Xavier shouldn’t have been sifting through top security government files. An MP Officer in found him snooping through the file before he could go any further. Six months later a court martial was held. Although he wasn’t convicted on anything he was dishonorably discharged from the Army. As long as he kept his mouth shut he would not be prosecuted by Uncle Sam. Since then all he could do for a living is teach biology now in Redding High School. Till this day he always wondered, who bucked him off the Army. If he wasn’t so dumb back then being so nosey and stupid, he would have had a great career working for the CDC. Xavier never told this to Brook as he never wanted her to worry about his career and personal life. He wanted Brook to have a great career and he would never want to infringe upon her own destiny. Although Brook and Xavier has had an on and off relationship, they both needed each other. Both of them thought about each other through good times and bad. They always loved each other and always would till the end of time.

* * *

Cathy awoke with a sigh as she stretched and yawn from the nurse school bed. Looking around as she tries to get her bearing. She pulled herself up from the bed, gave another stretch and holds on to her face. Realizing that she was in the school nurse’s office, Cathy decides to look for the nurse. Looking around for anyone who could give her any explanation on what happened. “Hello. Is anyone out here? Hello”

Nurse Jill Stettler was sitting on her desk signing some papers. She didn’t hear Cathy call out.. Cathy sees the nurse and walks up to her. “Ah Hello. Mrs. Stettler. Why am I here?” But The Nurse doesn’t even respond to her. She looks on at the nurse with confusion and concern as if the nerve this bitch has to simply ignore her. Jill just sits there continuing on with her duties for the day. Cathy frowns and shakes her head as not believing that she is right in front of this middle age hag and still she doesn’t even notice her presence. So she slams her fist on the desk really hard as to get this lady’s attention as she yells. “Hey Bitch. What the Fuck do I have to do get noticed around here?” Still neither answer, nor any response came from Nurse Jill as she still went on with her business of the day. Cathy lifts both her arm, smiles in disbelief looks back at her and says.

” You know what? Fuck this shit. I’m Out of Here” She exits the nurse office without even bothering to look back that she was still asleep on the bed back in the office. Not noticing that she was having an out of body experience, she kept walking along down the hall and decided to head towards the Gym class she had after Lunch. The hall way was empty, devoid of anyone then as she makes a turn to the right, a security guard walks right by her. Looking back at the security as to wonder why he never even bothered to stop her right then. He would have asked her for a permission pass to be in the hall way or ask if she was heading to a class she had that moment. It was why they patrolled the hall ways so they can catch any students cutting class or if they’re up to no good. Again Cathy looks back and shrugs her shoulder as to why the security guard didn’t even acknowledge her presence. Another thing was beginning to fill her head with dread was how she was all of a sudden feeling very aroused, excited and full of euphoria. It was like the more she walked, the more she was aroused, happy and was all of sudden brimming with sweat. She smiles while crossing her right four arm over her front head as to wash away her sweat. “Wow. Is it hot in here or is it me” All these feelings was racing through her head and although feeling euphoric, happy, arousing. Still she was full of anger and confusion as to what in the world was going through her mind. As she was about to enter the physical education class, she tells herself. “Ok girl. Control yourself. We don’t want an accident here” Entering the class, she notices everyone around gathering together. Before she walks up to her Gym teacher she notices everyone standing at attention being called by last name.







By the time they came up with her name, Cathy sat on the bench as she never even bothered to go to the locker room and change. Gym just wasn’t her thing and neither had she cared much about it. Her name was being repeated again and again. Noticing she responds.




Again and again her name was being repeated and she was yelling from the top of her longs. Yet no one was even hearing her loud screams. “I’m here! Are you all fucking blind and deaf as well?” Then she sat back down as she couldn’t believe that the whole gym class was just simply ignoring her as well. All this yelling, heavy breathing was making her feel very sexually aroused just as she sat back down did she then even notice her bare feet and then her bare legs. Continuing to look up even further towards her mound as well us looking at her bare stomach, did she continued to look up towards her chest and then noticed how totally starker she was. Cathy quickly jumped off of the bench as she ran for her life towards the locker room. Running across the basket ball court her huge D Cup chest was bouncing with glee and she started to smile, giggle, with great euphoric arousal. One thing she could do is ascertain all this feeling going through her but what she just couldn’t understand why was this happening to her. Once she made it into the locker room, Cathy began to giggle with a wicked smile then asks herself.

“How the hell did I end up totally naked in this gym class? Oh My God! That pervert Nurse stripped me while I was knocked out. Oh God!. Wait a minute that security Guard walked right by me and he didn’t even notice me at all. Everyone around me has been totally ignoring me. Oh no. Oh no. Am I dead or am I in a coma?” Oh God what is happening to me? Then a voice from thin air spoke with a low deep sound. Almost sounding like an authority voice from another place and time.

“No not dead and no you’re not in a coma” Of course this startled Cathy out of her bare ass. She looks around in haste.

“Who’s there? Who are you? I swear I’ll scream.”Covering her breast to retain her modesty all while looking around in a state of frenzy.

“Go ahead no one will hear you. Now if you just calm down I’ll explain everything to you. Now I will appear as flesh in front of you but you must promise me not to freak out. Understand? Cathy just shakes her head trying to make sense of the situation. He appears from behind a huge locker closets and then looks down at Cathy who was sitting up against the door she just entered. Her reaction was of shock, confusion and dismay. Tears was rolling down her eyes as she must of figured that she went to hell because the creature she is witnessing is 10 feet tall, huge horns on his ford head, muscular all over and the biggest penis any human has ever account, looking human in every way except that he was like a marble black statue with horns on his head. In return what the creature was salivating in front of him was a beautiful specimen. She was fully developed in front for an 18 year old; having a 34 D , nice narrow hips, long slender legs and has beautiful sky blue eyes one has ever seen. Cathy was afraid but at the same time was getting use to his presence. Rationally knowing her own predicament, she should scream for help or make a run for it. But deep down inside within her soul knew he did not intend any physical harm towards her. Even though she had no idea where that notion came from, any other time she would have run for her life or scream from the tip of her long even though this was hell in her mind. Just as she looks up at his sculpted chest, he lends his hands out to help her stand.

“Here take my hand. I swear I won’t hurt you.”Cathy for some strange reason reached out and allowed him to left her up from the floor. Her modesty, fear, evaporating before his eyes she then decides to look up to him. Her mind full of questions asks with a little nerve in the back of her spine.

“What is going on? Why am I naked in this sick perverted dream?” Even though in the back of her head she knew what this dream state would foretell the outcome. A big smile grows across his face showing off his huge white sharp teeth.

“Oh My sweet child, so many questions need answering. For the first question my dear is you’re my key for escape and for the second question in time you will understand that a beautiful creature such as yourself will learn to do without modesty, inhibition and moral virtues. Cathy looked on with great intent focusing like she never had in her life. She paid more attention to this creature than any other pathetic school work, teacher or anyone else in her entire life time.

“You see my child, I know that deep down inside your miserable. If you go one like this you will eventually kill yourself. You’re looking for excitement, action, thrill and sexual bliss all into one. I alone can give you that and far more then you can imagine.” His eyes were in red glow burning deep into Cathy eyes as she stared into his. It was remaking Cathy into a new being far more than anyone could ever imagine. He was right her life had been nothing more but misery and depression. Cathy had nothing more to live for so she focused on her past life experience until now. This huge creature could give her everything she ever wanted and more. Much more than money or any material things this world could ever offer. But deep down inside there was one thing this creature could not give and may not deliver. He knew this so she asks.

“Oh My Lord there is one thing I love so much in this world and I Can’t live without” His grin only widens.

“Ah yes my dear I know exactly what you’re after and seek for. But that is why I need your mind body and soul. But first I’ll help you acquire the love of your life.”

“Oh My great Lord. You will?”

“I will. She will be one tough soul to corrupt who is very pure and noble but once we get her to our side. Her soul will be so sweet to conquer.” Cathy gave a wicked smile and then asks.

“Oh my Lord. This Slave wishes to know your name my sweet highness.”He smiles broadly.

“I’m King Zarek. Of the Planet Arzu and I have escaped away before he could kill me so that is why I’m here now. My brother, who has betrayed me, deposed me of my throne, will pay for his great betrayal. That is why now that my two pleasure worms have arrived here on earth, I can now make my return to Arzu. It is 5000 light years away from this planet along with this long nap I have been under. It is time for me to escape now so that I can reclaim my rightful throne!” Cathy at this point was fighting a deep losing battle within herself as she was being corrupted and that much she knew. Her defenses were in reality being shattered while all this was going on around her from the beginning. Although she understood how her life was being transformed before her eyes all she could do is wait until her soul was completely enthralled by him. The life she had before this was dull, depressing and empty so she decided that even though she loses her free will she would gain total pleasures of bliss in return. That was a trade off she was willing to live for. Yet she had more question in mind as her defenses was waning. Cathy looks into his eyes like a lost poppy.

“What are the pleaser worms? Who is this brother of yours that has betrayed you?” He also had question of his own so he asks.

“Before I answer your question my dear child, can your master know your name?”

“Oh sorry My Lord Zarek my name is Cathy. Cathy Wine my lord.” She bows her head in respect. He smiles back looking down towards her nude flesh before his grey eyes which glowed in red from time to time.

“My brother’s name is Shad in which he will pay for the crime of treason. He is of great danger to this world of yours. That is why I will need the help from you and your friend to help me escape. This is where the pleasure worms come in. In time you will know what to do when you find them. Cathy was already looking back into his eyes; she didn’t really know what he was talking about. Somehow her doubt and confusion of all this would explain itself away when the time came for her new purpose in life. Zarek quickly grabs her by the west, flips her over with great speed. This huge alien manifestation was very powerful indeed even in this out of world experience as he then lifts up Cathy and then places her on his lap. Cathy at this point was still in state of fear, confused as well as breathing hard was starting to get her sexual engines going. Never in her life had she felt anything like this. His touch alone was sending stimulus energy all over her body. Her skin was crawling being overwhelmed with so much sensation all over.

In Cathy’s mind she was more than willing now she just wanted this huge monster spear between his legs to just break down the door already. As much as her impatient was now flaring he took his time and always enjoyed his subjects like savoring the taste before a good meal. Shadrach open his mouth, sticks out his long snake like form tong, slithering it licks Cathy’s back all over from top to bottom. At that point Cathy felt the most pleasurable sensation in her entire existence. She was in heaven as far as there was any concerned now. The King then places her vaginal view on top of his huge member. Cathy felt it pop into her as he grabbed her erect nipples simultaneously just at the same time she began pumping him slowly at first. His huge monster cock that was penetrating her at this point was the most fulfilling pleasure She ever experienced. By no means was she a virgin. Cathy has had sex in many places before; inside cars, in the woods; many places before but they were all amateurs compare to this huge monster of a creature. Cathy couldn’t believe her eyes what she was feeling from her master. It has been a while for him as well to take great rapture he was under at this point.

They began to pick up their paste as both Cathy and Zarek was breathing hard. Slap Slap Slap Slap Slap.Shlop Shlop Shlop Shlop. Was the sound as he pounded this beauty before sitting on his lap? Miss Wine couldn’t help but notice how wide and deep this hombre was penetrating her. Another surprise was although she knew how huge he was erecting himself inside her. No pain was ever being inflicted while he enjoyed his morsel babe. At any time they could both climax. But only the master had the final say when they would finish and so they went on for another while until he picked her up off his mount of his own prick. He then decided to masturbate in front of Cathy’s face with her mouth opening up with the anticipation of an explosion about to erupt any time. Jolts his fist three more times, and then shoots his load into her face washing her in yellowish cum all over face, chest and stomach as she also came from this wonderful climatic sex. Cathy has never seen someone shoots so much cum as the amount was covering her from head to toe. Zarek lifts her up, places his finger on her four head then tells her.

“You will know what you must do my foot soldier. Although when you wake in reality of your world my pet, shall you know what to do? Cathy shook her head in agreement. But knew nothing of what how and where this would all play out. He taps her head with his finger and says loudly.

“Awaken!”Cathy eyes snaps open in a flash, looks around finding herself in the bed of the nurse. Moving her head around to see if what she’s witnessed was all real or fantasy, her fear had returned. Although her unconsciousness was of great pleasurable dream it was by no mean fun. This was a nightmare for her, but something very fundamental deep down inside her being has changed forever. Cathy was in a state of mental shock and also knew that the world she lived now in was never going to be the same ever again.