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  • I disparage no lifestyle. If characters are forced into one, it’s the force that degrades, not the lifestyle.
* * *

Inspirations: thrall’s “Willing Subject,” for reasons both clear and less so, and ideas from Tabico’s “Neighborhood Watch,” “A Scent of Malt and Flesh,” and “Kaleidoscope Mind.” Also echoing some visuals from EyeofSerpent’s “Veil of Fears,” and an idea (much more muted here) from Sara H’s “Harmonic Conversion.” Flavors from segments of “Pleasure Cruise” by Wiseguy (especially “Exchange”) and artie (especially “Predator”) but without either author’s technical accuracy, and a safe-trance idea from Wiseguy’s “Busman’s Holiday.”

* * *


That night, Jamie saw the one she wanted before Madame Lorelei’s show had even really begun.

With Belinda, Kim, and Heidi, she stood very straight behind the hypnotist on stage, while Lorelei told the cabaret audience what hypnosis was, and what it would do to the luckiest among them.

Jamie never tired of that opening patter, in Lorelei’s contralto. Like moonlight on waves over the ominous, sensuous music Lorelei opened with, her words snared the ones out there who were ready to play. Lorelei had actually conditioned all four girls to stay awake through whatever she did to the audience, and they needed it.

Jamie liked the power of watching as the susceptible ones softened. It must be what Lorelei felt, too.

“No one,” Lorelei reassured the audience, “can be hypnotized against their will. Or be made to do anything they believe is wrong.

“Hypnosis isn’t mind control.” Behind her, four pretty girls in fetish tuxedos with faraway eyes suggested something else.

“You may feel those who fall into my power tonight are enslaved.”

Jamie kept her gaze locked over the audience, while covertly checking them out as she’d learned to do. Many watched her, and she liked that.

“But I can only do, to any of you, what you let me do to you.”

It helped the show, too. The audience saw Madame, dashing and assertive but urgently female in her white tie, tails, and top hat. Smiling at her ease, moving as she pleased. Utterly in control.

“What you want me to do to you.”

Behind Madame, like erotically submissive caricatures, the audience saw her assistants in skintight metallic black jackets and microshorts over sheer hose and heels, with white silk ribbons on their throats. Lovely and expressionless. Utterly under control.

“What you need me to do to you.” Madame smiled. She always kept it friendly. She never let on whether Jamie and the others were mindless thralls, or just good actresses. Everyone could believe what they chose.

Perhaps these hot young ladies once disbelieved in my powers, she might be saying. Now they believe only in helping me put others in my power.

Any questions?

“You may not know you need it, yet. But you will. And I promise you that you will love it.”

Jamie never had pre-show jitters. Dressing like this each night, and watching her friends turn themselves into sexy decoration, she always got too turned on to worry. Then, under the lights, she dampened to know people out there coveted her body and dreamed of doing things with it. Or dreamed of controlling her. But even that was only a mild hum behind her clit, compared to seeing someone who—

There. Yes. Toward the back. Golden-blonde, blue eyes luminous above the candles. Blinks already slowing. Starting to zone out on Lorelei’s voice alone, when Lorelei was still only talking about putting people into trance.

Mmmm. Drop-dead gorgeous, too. Blonde and busty—oh, yeah. Jamie was feeling very lucky tonight.

“So there is nothing to fear this evening.” Lorelei stepped backward, between Heidi and Kim, and grinned. “Unless you came here for that.”

Through long practice, Jamie kept herself from rubbing her nyloned thighs together. She’d read that predators get tunnel vision when they spot prey. She knew that rush as she focused on the blonde.

You’re mine. I will have you and you’ll beg me for it. She wouldn’t have to beg for long.

She was lost in Lorelei’s words, oblivious to her tablemates. Even from here Jamie could see her body respond to Lorelei’s authoritative purr. Her friends weren’t so transfixed, but none of them noticed what was happening to her. No one would do anything to snap her out of it.

If it didn’t mean breaking pose, Jamie would have licked her lips.

Then Madame Lorelei asked for volunteers, and the hands rose. Some crept up, sometimes halfway. Others pumped and waved. Some, of course, pointed at other people. A few floated upward as if on strings.

The blonde’s hand floated. Her head seemed to float, too. Her eyes never left the stage.

Jamie and the others gazed across the garden of hands without seeming to notice.

The music changed and Lorelei began choosing, one at a time. Only then did each assistant stiffen and then smile. Still staring eerily but acting more aware, each girl strutted to the chosen one’s table. With a slow flourish she offered her white-gloved hand, as if inviting them to dance.

Lorelei preferred these open-plan venues. It was easier to get at people than in auditorium rows, and there was something pagan about leading them up before everyone, one by one, for the ritual.

Jamie enjoyed cabaret format, too. She loved mincing out in her costume under all those covetous eyes to entice the next willing or mmmm reluctant victim into walking to the stage with her. Gently seating the volunteer, looking into eyes that were nervous or excited or even aroused—letting them see hers as blank.

Then straightening, pivoting toward Lorelei. Watching Lorelei point. Stalking back out to fetch another to be hypnotized. Passing Belinda and Kim and Heidi without a flicker of acknowledgement. That was another intense turn-on about being one of Madame’s sexy little henchwenches—she was one of an interchangeable set.

Someday, she’d be the one in control, and the pretty girls would strut out at her command. She hadn’t yet convinced Lorelei to take her as an apprentice, but she kept hoping, and trying.

Taking it in turn, Jamie didn’t get to fetch her half-tranced blonde, but that was fine. It was too early. She did enjoy the matronly but very cute woman who’d been volunteered by her laughing husband and teenage children. The woman held her arm and whispered, “This is really all right, isn’t it? Miss?”

Jamie swallowed a moan. She tensed her ass with how good it felt not answering, and it did nice things to her walk. The woman didn’t pursue it, and she was smiling—nervously—as Jamie seated her.

Presently the chairs were filled in an arc on either side of Madame, and the assistants reached their marks around the stage. Heidi and Belinda stood near Madame to fetch props. Jamie and Kim were at opposite ends of the stage, to shepherd the volunteers. The music changed.

Choosing again from those she had selected, Madame Lorelei began to hypnotize them.

Jamie’s task let her enjoy the blonde, who sat with her thighs primly together but sweetly displayed under a very high-hemmed party dress. The girl swallowed as Madame beckoned her first subject, an athletic-looking collegiate brunette, and watched Madame soothe the girl into a more receptive mindstate. Then the brunette started breathing faster as Madame Lorelei slowly seduced her into focusing on the candles at a table near the stage.

The blonde couldn’t look away as the dark-haired jock fell under Lorelei’s spell. Her body moved so slightly only Jamie could see it, trembling with the hypnotist’s voice as the sound system poured it into her head. God would she be lovely, falling into trance. The mike caught the subject’s responses, and Jamie’s blonde trembled to each whispered surrender. But it was Lorelei’s voice that played her like an instrument.

Jamie wanted her.

Watching her now, Jamie knew she’d have her, too.

The blonde’s turn came and she rose bravely when Madame beckoned. Jamie’s thirst sharpened: the girl knew, and feared, how susceptible she was, and that made her tastier. She might even be trying to resist the urge to give herself to Lorelei.

The audience seemed to sense the struggle, and she looked so vulnerable in her minidress. There was a hush as she came to the hypnotist’s side.

Standing before Lorelei, she trembled. Lorelei smiled at her, almost compassionately, playing idly with the watch and chain she’d just used on someone else.

“No.” The speakers brushed it over Jamie’s skin. “I won’t need this, for you.”

The blonde twitched. Part of her might have wanted to shake her head.

Then Lorelei turned away, her face going harder as it did whenever she silently commanded an assistant. She didn’t even look at Heidi, but Heidi knew the cue and stepped forward mechanically, never gazing away from infinity. Her hands swung gracefully up into a cup before her breasts.

Madame Lorelei held out the watch without looking at it and let it fall into Heidi’s hands. Heidi stepped back and put the watch back on the table among Madame’s other focus tools. On the other side, Belinda never moved.

Smiling once more, the hypnotist took the blonde’s left hand on both of hers. “What is your name, child?”

The speakers carried a gasp, and then an abashed whisper. “Kristy. I . . . I’m Kristy.”

“Yes,” Madame Lorelei said. “You are ready to be hypnotized right now, Kristy.”

They nodded together.

“Look into my eyes, Kristy. Hear only my voice, and you will find yourself thinking only what it tells you. Trust me, Kristy, and I will help you to relax completely . . .”

Jamie didn’t know when Kristy succumbed, but Lorelei kept speaking to her, like an endless lullaby. By the time Lorelei had her performing, Jamie didn’t even really watch. She was already planning.

But she was alert for the cue, and pivoted neatly to walk behind the chairs. Anticipation sang through her but she leashed it and stayed in her role. Like Madame’s well-trained lackey, she came to attention behind stage center. Becoming a statue like Heidi, Jamie waited beside her by the prop table for the next cue.

Madame and Kristy faced each other in profile to the audience. Kristy’s head was bowed in sleep, undisturbed by the crowd’s applause, or any of its reactions to what Madame had made her do.

It had been a long time since Kristy had heard anything but Madame Lorelei’s instructions.

Madame woke Kristy slowly. Like the others, Kristy was still primed to respond to her voice until the finale. But for now she blinked awake and looked trustfully into Lorelei’s eyes.

Then the hypnotist went impassive again. Jamie stepped forward and led Kristy away. She fought to stay blank as Kristy hit her senses: perfume, innocent blue eyes, smooth and soft. So . . . yielding.

Counting steps, Jamie leaned toward the golden hair and whispered without moving her lips.

“Snapdragon.” Kristy stumbled at the trigger. “You will keep walking.” But she was obedient and balanced instantly on command.

Everyone had heard Lorelei implant each subject’s trigger for use later in the show. No one but Kristy heard it now.

She was ready, and so was Jamie.

“Kristy. You will forget this when you awaken, but you will obey.”

“Forget,” Kristy breathed. She was too conditioned to question the new voice. “Will . . . obey.”

The applause continued—Kristy was a very appealing subject—and only Kristy could hear.

“Yes, Kristy. You must leave your friends after the show. They piss you off.”

“. . . friends . . .” Kristy frowned compliantly. Jamie trusted Kristy’s friends to activate her. They’d tease her about what she’d let Madame make her do, and she’d have a reason to resent them.

“Then go to the lounge and wait for me. Alone.”

“. . . leave . . . lounge . . . alone . . .”

They were nearly to Kristy’s chair.

“You desperately need to talk with me. Only with me.”

“. . . only . . . you . . .”

“You will feel the power of hypnosis.”

“. . . I will feel . . . hypnosis . . .”

“Forget and obey, Kristy. Aardvark.”

Waking to the other trigger Lorelei had implanted, Kristy sank into her chair. She smiled up at Jamie, remembering nothing, not yet compelled.

The cute motherly woman Jamie had led up before looked at Kristy with concern, but then tensed. Lorelei had summoned her.

She went up to be hypnotized.


Suiting up in the fetish formalwear turned Jamie on, hard. So did watching the other girls dress. She was positive none of them knew her interest was anything sexual. The hypnotic training in keeping composure helped.

But undressing afterward could be hotter. Belinda and Heidi joked with each other, still in makeup. It added to their dollish blankness onstage, so it was eerie to see them smile and grimace.

It disturbed Jamie, in a familiar way that also made her wet.

Indulging herself, she remembered Heidi’s audition. Heidi had declared she couldn’t be hypnotized. So she’d politely declined Lorelei’s offer to put her under, like the others, and condition her to resist accidental trance.

When Lorelei woke her, Heidi was dancing—very erotically—in just her heels. She’d squeaked, turning away from the other girls’ applause. She’d screamed in earnest at the hooting men Lorelei suggested she’d see. She’d been a good sport afterward. She managed to laugh, too, at everyone who’d tried to hypnotize her before, with or without her cooperation, but failed.

“A very good one tonight, ladies.” Madame Lorelei—Laurel Warnes when off-duty, but still compelling—slouched in the dressing room doorway. She’d lost the tie and undone her collar and jacket, and looked like a rakish, pretty boy pausing between depraved pastimes.

Jamie liked feminine girls, but something in Laurel’s androgyny truly got to her. There were times—like these—when she really wished her boss were a lesbian. She’d be whatever girl Laurel fancied on her arm, princess or streetwalker or Daddy’s naughty daughter. Anything.

By now, Kristy would be headed toward the lounge, as programmed. Or maybe still with her friends, shouting very regrettable things when they tried to keep her with them, for whatever evening they’d planned. That would just reinforce Kristy’s compulsion.

It might be worth giving up a night with a hypnotized plaything, even one as gorgeous as Kristy, to sleep with Laurel.

Sadly, Laurel was straight, and too careful to date one of her assistants. Hardly a prig, though: she’d looked at one subject, a husky fratboy type with a forelock that shouted I plagiarize classy poets, the same way Jamie’d eye-stripped Kristy. She’d whispered to men like that before, and they’d left her bedroom next morning, smiling blankly, remembering nothing. Jamie wasn’t the only one hunting tonight.

She wondered if Laurel would consider that, if she ever realized what Jamie was doing with those involuntary volunteers.

They discussed the show. Onstage they might act like her puppets, but anywhere else Laurel treated them all like equals, less experienced but cherished like younger sisters.

Heidi mentioned Kristy’s responsiveness, and Jamie felt a proprietary twinge, but no one dwelt on it. Another male subject, who’d channeled an almost scary inner Elvis, dominated the chat.

“Not even a fan,” Belinda mused. “He kept making up lyrics he didn’t know.”

“They were clever,” Jamie said, not wanting to be too quiet, calming herself. Kristy needed to see her, and she’d wait. If the compulsion wore off, maybe Kristy wasn’t tender enough prey after all.

“I thought he was adorable,” declared Kim. “Well, he was. I think he was trying to do the cape thing, too.” She grinned up at Laurel, who spread her hands.

“I sometimes think hypnosis is Socratic method on steroids,” she said. “You draw out what’s already there. But what’s there can be . . .” Now she threw her hands up, and they laughed.

A beauty like Kristy would get hit on, a lot. But the posthypnotic suggestion would keep her on task until she was where Jamie told her to be.

“Hmm. I’d wanted this to be a dinner night for us all, but there’s someone I need to see.” Her face was neutral, as if they were to think it was a business meeting.

Jamie nodded without interest. Aha! She did program Fratboy. Wonder what she’ll make him do.

Laurel cocked an eyebrow at Heidi and Belinda. “And you two can use some study time.”

The two younger assistants pretended to groan. Laurel wholeheartedly supported their college extension classes, and she’d even done shows with just Kim and Jamie so the other two could cram for midterms. Sharing a glance, they suddenly stood, putting out their arms like sleepwalkers.

“Yes, Madame Lorelei,” they chanted, “we must study. Then we w—” They cracked up.

Laurel clapped. “I knew there’d be side effects,” she observed. “Oh well.” She looked over at her other two girls.

Kristy waited. Yearning.

“Jamie? Can I rely on you to keep Kim from going wild? Well, -er than usual?”

“Just you try,” Kim grinned.

Jamie wiggled a pinky. “Fear my wrath!”

“That,” Laurel said, slipping off the tuxedo, “just fills me with confidence.”

Jamie finished changing, avoiding from habit more than casual glances at Laurel. The hypnotist’s toned body would look very good in an assistant’s costume, and for a moment Jamie imagined Laurel stiff and lovely at attention, eyes wide, waiting for orders.

Maybe I could challenge her! A hypno-duel. Her experience against my—hunger. The loser stares into the winner’s eyes, and forgets she ever wanted to win. Controlling Laurel onstage . . . maybe then she’d just be “Lori” . . . no more wanting toys, for her—or wanting boys . . .

Too intense.

Jamie slid into her jeans. It wasn’t as though she’d win. Even if Laurel didn’t exploit her hold on Jamie from the conditioning sessions and other training, she was probably just better at it.

Jamie might not have the will to win, either. Not over Laurel.

She wondered, not for the first time, what she’d do if Laurel made her choose what to become—a platonic apprentice training in earnest as a hypnotist, or a girlfriend and stage garnish.

It was a good thing Laurel didn’t sleep with women, or employees. Jamie suspected she’d end up as Laurel’s willing slave. Laurel wouldn’t even have to hypnotize her into it.

Hiding a shiver as she shimmied into a tank top, she filled her bag and went with Kim. Calling goodbyes, they headed to the lobby for a cab.

“Um, c’mere.” Jamie pulled Kim into a payphone alcove.

“What?” Kim was curious, up for anything. Jamie almost regretted they wouldn’t actually slip out for some fun. She let her bag slide off her shoulder. Kim looked at her.

“Kim, hold still for me.”

Kim swayed as the first trigger hit her, eyes widening as if she knew, despite the suggestions, what was happening to her.

Jamie embraced Kim and kissed her. Kim moved against her, each sensation another tumbler falling into place, unlocking Kim’s mind. When she pulled back, Kim’s eyes were glassy, her breathing even.

“Remember the dancing flame,” Jamie whispered. It was lame, but speaking it to Kim’s tranced face turned her on, again.

Kim’s eyes rolled up and her hips jerked. She moaned very softly, under the touch Jamie’d taught her to feel between her legs when she was triggered. Then she straightened, arms falling away from Jamie’s, face blank.

“I remember and obey the flame.”

She’d known Kim was bi early on. Kim wisely tried to avoid workplace relationships, but she was only human. Jamie had seduced her. By the night she suggested sex by romantic candlelight, Kim wasn’t even thinking of hypnotic focus points. By the moment she was staring into one, Jamie’s voice had already told her to forget Laurel’s training. They weren’t on stage. She wanted to listen, and sleep.

After that, Jamie kept brainwashing her. Sometimes they were friends and co-conspirators, sometimes lovers, and sometimes Kim was just a slave. It was good practice for both of them: each session left Jamie more confident, and Kim more conditioned to obey her. The relationship was secret from everyone—even Kim, as was often convenient—but it was smooth. Since it only had to satisfy Jamie, nothing ever went wrong. Or stayed wrong for long.

More to the point, Kim was always helpful when Jamie hunted. And Jamie didn’t have to share.

Jamie programmed her friend to return to the hotel and remain there quietly. Smiling, Jamie instructed her to play one of her porn DVDs and masturbate. It was the nearest Kim had gotten to mansex lately, but Jamie was feeling generous.

She wasn’t feeling chatty, though, so she primed Kim not to awaken until she was at the door. She almost relented when Kim leaned down and took her duffel, ready to bear both of them back to the hotel. But Jamie just hugged her and kissed her again, then turned her by the shoulders and sent her on her way.

Then she went to the lounge.

Jamie savored the suspense. Once or twice, a woman she’d prepared hadn’t been there. She knew she risked more than disappointment: she might find an angry friend or husband, or even a tableful of would-be rescuers. But she felt safe enough. Between her own knack for spotting weak-willed women, and what a session under Lorelei’s spell did to them, none could really resist. The ones who’d managed to flee would barely know why.

Few of them would want to tell anyone, if they did remember.

But here Kristy was, and almost ideally located in a separate sitting area, on a sofa between wide columns shielding it from the rest of the room. And she sat directly in front of a poster for the show, losing a struggle not to fall into Madame Lorelei’s eyes once more.

Jamie’s last instruction dominated Kristy’s mind. Helpless to think of anything but the power of hypnosis, Kristy fell into the gaze of the woman who’d conquered her with it.

For a few moments Jamie just enjoyed watching her fight its lure.

“Hypnotic, isn’t she?”

“Oh!” Kristy blinked, looking up and jumping a little.

Jamie read her submissiveness, and sat beside her without asking. She anesthetized Kristy to it by wreathing her features in friendly concern. “You look a little out of it.”

She reached for a hand, teasing herself by not touching the warm thigh below it, or pressing closer on the couch.

“I was just in the, um, show.” Kristy’s eyes flicked up to Madame Lorelei’s on the poster, then back to Jamie’s, almost desperately. She clung to Jamie’s smile as tightly as her hand, as if she feared the picture itself would mesmerize her into looking again.

“I know.”

Kristy blinked. “You’re—her assistant. You were with me. I think.” She smiled feebly.

“Yes. I’m Jamie.”

“Kristy. But you knew that.” She smiled again.

Jamie chuckled. “I understand. But you should be careful who you tell, Kristy. About being hypnotized.”

“Really?” Now Kristy could consciously fear the power of hypnosis. “Who could—?”

“Have you been hypnotized before?” Jamie liked how readily Kristy let herself be interrupted. Taught that her own ideas were not worth completing.

“Um. Once, at a party. Except we were all just playing along. And he was pretty drunk.” She smiled fleetingly.

“It didn’t feel—like this.”

“Are you OK, Kristy?” She stroked Kristy’s shoulder.

Kristy moved under it, letting her. “I feel so strange. Like there’s something I must do.”

“It’s OK. Some people stay . . . suggestible, afterward.” She tightened her thighs: Kristy winced, but accepted that she was such a natural slave.

“They do recover. But until then, they’ll obey anyone who commands them. Even to let themselves be hypnotized again.

“With more permanent instructions.”

Kristy’s eyes widened. “Can they—?”

“Never with us. But at other shows—women have disappeared. So Lorelei has us ‘patrol’ after performances for anyone who’s still partially under.” She nodded outward, but Kristy’s hopeful eyes never left her.

“Jamie—?” The blonde was lovelier than ever in her anxiety.

“I’ll stay with you, Kristy.”

She’d come here on command, but it was Lorelei’s power that had made her such easy meat. Jamie was still the jackal, not the lioness. She’d have to ride that a bit longer, too. But what she did to Kristy then would be all hers.

After that, so would Kristy.


“There is something I can do, Kristy. Lorelei’s trained us in hypnotic resistance—it’s how we stay out of trance, onstage.”

Kristy nodded.

“I can use that to help you.” She looked earnestly into the big blue eyes. “If you trust me.”

Kristy trembled. “I . . . do, Jamie.

“I trust you.”

Jamie gasped softly. The blonde’s submission took her by surprise, like a soft kiss on her pussy from someone unexpected. Kristy made a quiet sound in answer. Maybe she thought Jamie was being emotional.

She wasn’t entirely wrong. But as Jamie stared into those receptive blue eyes, what consumed her was knowing she didn’t want to seduce Kristy, or charm her mind away.

Jamie wanted to enslave her.

For now, Kristy needed the soft touch. Velvet would win her, then steel could bind her.

She looked at Jamie. “But how—?”

“Just relax.” Jamie stroked her hair and Kristy did, as if grateful to be interrupted again. “It’s easier if you just follow my instructions.”

Her newly authoritative tone tightened the leash inside Kristy, whose eyes widened. Jamie smiled to ease it. “OK?”

Kristy smiled back. Jamie stroked her hair again, waiting until the blue eyes fluttered with pleasure before speaking. “Can you follow instructions, Kristy?”


“Of course you can. I saw how easily Madame Lorelei put you into a trance. You responded to her commands very well.”

Kristy looked the tiniest bit uncertain. Her susceptibility was the problem, wasn’t it? But Jamie’s praise moved her more.

And just hearing about how Lorelei’s spell had overcome her opened her to the siren lure of falling under it again. Kristy sighed, and her gaze went unfocused. Her head swung back like a compass needle to look into Lorelei’s eyes on the poster again.

Jamie didn’t let herself smile the way she really wanted. Kristy was even readier than she’d thought to lapse back into trance. The blonde’s face was blanker than before, when she’d been trying to resist the poster’s attraction. Now she seemed to be waiting for Lorelei to command her.

Jamie let her float for a few breaths, then delicately touched Kristy’s chin and guided it toward her. Kristy blinked, but now her big eyes—such a pretty sky color—focused on Jamie’s.

“Yes, Kristy. You were falling back there again.” Her tone was low and relaxing. “Into Madame Lorelei’s eyes. Into her power.

“It’s all right, Kristy. It’s very nice. Go ahead and relax and remember what it felt like when Madame Lorelei . . . hypnotized you.” Kristy inhaled sharply at the word and her eyes widened, but a shy smile began to claim her lips.

“You’re safe now, Kristy. I’m here. Listen only to my voice as you slip back and remember. Slip back into the hypnosis. You’re safe now, Kristy. You will not hear any other voice, Kristy. No one else can tell you what to think. You’re safe now, Kristy. Hear only my voice.” She drew her fingers downward, caressing Kristy’s soft throat before withdrawing her touch.

Kristy was sinking into the cushions. Jamie could feel the other girl’s body loosening.

“You’re there again, Kristy. Safe and relaxed, letting Madame Lorelei hypnotize you. It feels sooo nice to let her hypnotize you, Kristy.”

“So nice,” Kristy whispered, looking awed. She was nearly there. She no longer even remembered to wonder how this would help her resist being enslaved by a stranger.

Jamie smiled. “Kristy, tell me what you felt as you were hypnotized.”

Kristy began dream-whispering about Lorelei’s eyes, and her voice. The blue eyes glazed over as she spoke and remembered. Obeying Jamie’s instruction, Kristy began to relive what she described, and neatly put herself back into the trance, as deep as Lorelei had led her.

Jamie didn’t interrupt as Kristy entranced herself. She only waited for the pauses, as Kristy sighed and stared and fell deeper, to make suggestions.

“This really feels wonderful, Kristy.”

“You want to feel like this again, Kristy.”

“It feels good to give up control, Kristy.”

Soon, Kristy was lying back on the sofa as if poured there, dutifully hypnotizing herself. She was almost unbearably sexy, slack and soft in her minidress, face innocent and blank, urgently whispering about how good it felt to obey someone else’s instructions.

Jamie’s self-discipline held. She couldn’t just take Kristy right here in the lounge, however secluded. More than that, though, she was getting more turned on by how far she’d gotten in fucking Kristy’s mind. The blonde was more receptive than ever to suggestions.

She was repeating them now as Jamie inserted them, making them part of her stream-of-unconsciousness narration.

“You enjoy submitting to control, Kristy.”

“A girl must obey her hypnotist, Kristy.”

“You need to let someone think for you, Kristy.”

Lorelei’s induction had never been remotely so dominating, but Kristy accepted it without question. Maybe she really was a natural slave.

Born a slave or made one, Kristy—you’re going to be the real thing when I’m done with you.

Jamie listened to her whisper, watched her breathe, eye-traced the contours of her full breasts and tapered waist, the way her thighs curved . . . god. A lovely face, a body made for bed, and a will learning to crave control. The word for Kristy was mindfuckable.

Swallowing hard, Jamie got back to work. She gently stopped Kristy’s narrative, which had served its purpose. The girl was thoroughly primed to feel submissive whenever Jamie even suggested it, and already trained to believe whatever Jamie told her. She’d be an apt and eager pupil.

She’d submitted deeply to Madame Lorelei, but she’d transferred that need to obey to a new mistress, with no resistance. Jamie smiled. Mmmm natural slave. It won’t matter who holds your leash—just that you go where it leads you.

“My work here is done,” she whispered and smiled again. Kristy was ready for deeper conditioning, and she’d be a good girl now and behave while Jamie took her somewhere more private to do it.

She began telling Kristy what to think and remember, after she was told to wake up. Kristy would awaken with a serious jones for being hypnotized, and she would want Jamie to do it. The need would build, and Kristy would find it controlling her, like an addiction.

And find herself loving it.

Kristy had been such an obedient subject that Jamie started to feel daring, as if she could all but put the collar on the other girl right here, clothes still on. She could lead Kristy out on an invisible chain to her clit, programmed with sexual compulsions she’d never want to be free from.

But she fought against letting her power over the blonde make her high and careless. She’d learned that implanting sex controls could disrupt a woman’s trance—it had been fun, that time, subduing the unexpectedly virginal med student who’d snapped out of it and entrancing her again, but dangerous. She didn’t even know what adjustments Kristy would need to crave sex with women, especially as a bottom.

Soon enough, she’d learn Kristy’s pussy and what made it purr. Then she’d train it to worship her.

She did the next best thing. She instructed Kristy that submitting to her, especially when it went against Kristy’s own desires, would be the next best thing to being hypnotized.

Kristy opened her eyes when told to, and immediately looked at Jamie. “Thank you.”

“For what?”

Kristy looked puzzled, then smiled. “I don’t know. But I feel wonderful.”

“Do you have any plans for tonight, Kristy?”

Kristy looked confused, then upset—but not very. “I was supposed to go dancing with some friends after the show, but we . . . had a fight. They went on without me.”

“Do you want to go to them?”

The upset returned. “The mood’s kind of gone, but . . .

“Shan told me to call her. She tried to calm everything, even when I . . .” Kristy shook her head. “I really should call. At least Shan, anyway. I think—”

“No, Kristy. You will go home and rest.”

“Go home and . . . rest . . . b-but . . .” Jamie’s sudden firmness confused her. She wasn’t resisting, or even angry at being bidden, but she could still wonder why.

Briefly. “Of course, Jamie. You’re right—I’ll go home. And rest.” She wriggled as she surrendered.

Jamie held her eyes. “I can see that being hypnotized tonight had a very powerful effect on you, Kristy. You feel it. It will take you longer than most people to be free of Madame’s power.”

She let Kristy writhe in the perilous attraction of being that weak. “I’m sure Shan and your friends would be glad to see you if you join them. But you’d still be in danger. Even if you just met someone in a club, you’d find yourself doing whatever they want. Dancing, hallway sex. Going away with them, alone.”

Kristy moaned softly. The images scared her and seduced her and she didn’t know which she wanted.

“Shan will think you can take care of yourself. Or will you be able to tell her what’s happened?” Confess that you’re a natural slave who’ll submit to anyone?

Jamie watched the other girl, suddenly curious whether Kristy had some fantasies about the mysterious Shan that could erode her will further.

“No, Jamie. I trust you.” Kristy smiled appeasingly. “Would you please come with me?

“I mean, what if some homeless guy just wants to squeegee my windshield, and I end up as his love toy?”

She meant it jokingly but her eyes suddenly flashed with real fear. Her new needs focused on submitting to Jamie. Other masters only frightened her.

Jamie was ready to take care of her.

“Do you live with anyone, Kristy? Who can keep an eye on you tonight, until you go to sleep? Or anyone we’d better not leave you with in this state?”

“No, Jamie.” Kristy seemed oblivious to the question’s other implications.

“I can take you home.” She stood and drew the blonde to her feet. So gorgeous. She waited, almost able to read Kristy’s fantasy in her eyes—Jamie hypnotizing her in her own home.

They left the lounge and the cabaret side by side. Jamie found herself still in the tunnel-vision she’d entered when she spotted Kristy, aware of other people in case she needed to deal with them but really thinking only about her prey. Who was even more rapt in her.

In the parking garage, she let Kristy prance ahead to her car and blip the locks open.

“No, Kristy. I’ll drive.”


Jamie didn’t offer a rationale this time. Kristy’s slow smile told her the blonde didn’t really want one.

Instead, she stepped to Jamie and meekly held up the keys. “Of course, Jamie. You’ll drive.

“Thank you!” she fawned. She might have been mocking her own subservience, but the joy in her eyes was real. With no way to know why obeying Jamie made her happy, Kristy was rubbing herself on it. Basically masturbating.

Jamie only spoke to ask directions. Kristy gave them softly, while her rapid breathing betrayed what she might have wanted to say. Her car had a stickshift, and Jamie’s hand kept brushing the other girl’s thigh, bare and cool and tense with her need.

Holding in her smile, Jamie just let the need keep melting Kristy.


As they rode the elevator at Kristy’s building, Jamie actually put an arm around her, and Kristy leaned against her. They met no one on the way to her flat, and Jamie held her by the shoulders as she guided her through the door. She was tempted to sidle in ahead of the other girl and check the place out like a protective cop, but stilled the urge.

Kristy stepped in and went to the center of the living room, almost posing as she turned to face Jamie. Whether or not she knew she was doing it, Kristy was showing off her body stunningly in that marvelous minidress.

“Jamie?” Kristy startled herself with how moist and almost sexual it sounded, but seemed hooked on it. “Would you please—stay with me?”

“Are you still afraid, Kristy?”

Kristy looked even yummier trying to devise a pretext. “What if someone comes by while I’m still this suggestible?” She pointed. “Or even a telemarketer?”

Jamie smiled indulgently. “It’s after ten, Kristy. They probably figure there are no more dinners to interrupt.”

Kristy’s alarm became more genuine. “Well, what about the kind of stranger who does call at this time of night? When they tell me to undress and touch myself and I do and they realize they can control me and they . . .” She hugged herself, caught again between worry and wanting. “How long am I going to be like this, Jamie?”

Now Jamie crossed to her and held her, enjoying the other girl’s curves and softnesses. Kristy’s golden hair smelled wonderful. “It never lasts past waking,” she whispered. “I can certainly stay with you until you’re ready to go to sleep.”

Then, as if it just occurred to her, she leaned back, still holding Kristy just as a lover would. Kristy relaxed in her arms, too blissed in yielding to her to feel odd. “Of course someone could still call much later—and they’d catch you before you were fully awake.” She savored the fresh worry in the girl’s eyes, and the way Kristy pressed against her.

“Or, I could just hypnotize you now.”

Kristy gasped and Jamie felt her thighs tighten. She seemed like she’d be very receptive to sex programming, after all.

“Hypnotize me?” Kristy tried not to pant. “But won’t that—?”

“Not the kind of deep trance state Madame Lorelei put you into. But you’d be able to obey some basic suggestions.” At obey she felt another twitch. “You’d turn in early, go to sleep as soon as your head hit the pillow, and awaken refreshed—well, whenever you wanted me to program you to.”

Before Kristy could get too excited about being programmed, she went on. “Actually, you’d just wake to your alarm, or the sun, or whatever you use. I’d just instruct you not to respond to anything else, like the phone or the door, so no one would be able to start talking to you in the first place.

“You could still respond to emergencies. The smoke detector, the building fire alarm. Like that.

“Then you’d be OK. Does that sound like a good idea?”

Kristy was smiling dreamily, stroked inside by every reference to Jamie programming or instructing her. “Ohh, yes, Jamie. I’d love to let you hypnotize me!

“I mean, um . . .” She pulled out of the embrace hesitantly, and Jamie let her.

“I know, Kristy.” She gazed deeply into the girl’s eyes, and it seemed to stun Kristy again.

“I also know how much you like how it feels to be hypnotized, Kristy. There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way, and I understand. You can’t help it.”

Kristy nodded, shyly.

“But we can have some fun with it, if you want.”


Grinning conspiratorially, Jamie stepped away and looked around the room. “Well, we could just have a quiet little session with low lights and me speaking to you sooooftly and soooothingly . . .”

Kristy giggled. She also rolled her hips a little, imagining Jamie doing her that way.

“Then, you’d just go to bed, and I’d catch a cab back to the hotel, and all would be well.

“Or . . .” She watched Kristy writhe. She considered something dark—maybe suggesting they act out the very scenario they prepared against. Jamie could be a stalker hypnotizing Kristy into her helpless victim.

Kristy might just be ready to want that, if she felt safe.

No. Not yet.

“Or, I could be the alluring lady hypnotist instead of the assistant. The Amazing Jamie. You could be my breathtakingly beautiful stage assistant, Miss Kristy. And, in my show, assistants get hypnotized before anyone else.”

She grinned at how excited Kristy was. “By the time you’re sent out to fetch the volunteers to me, you won’t just look entranced.”

Jamie flinched a little at giving up that little trade secret of Lorelei’s. But Kristy didn’t seem to have noticed—and she wouldn’t remember much of what happened to her tonight anyway. She was wriggling again.

“Sound like something you’d—?”

“Yes, Jamie. Yes. I’d love it! What should I—?”

“You’ll need a costume.” Jamie very deliberately checked the other girl out, watching Kristy blush. “You’re a little overdressed now.”

“I don’t have anything like—yours—”

Jamie leered. “Oh, no problem, Miss Kristy. The Amazing Jamie features more hypnotized assistant, and less assistant coverage.” Then she winked. Kristy gasped and grinned and scurried off into the bedroom.

As she looked around for some props, Jamie wondered what Kristy would come up with. She might try to make something like the hotpants-and-tails ensemble that Lorelei dressed them in, maybe with something from aerobics.

Jamie smiled. In a little while, Kristy would be eagerly naked, but before that it would be fun to see what her influenced mind thought she should look like as a hypnotist’s henchwench.

Jamie looked at the furniture for a while before nodding. Then she selected a long yellow candle still in its plastic, a pair of tongs from the kitchen, and after some thought, a squat little pistol-grip spray bottle by Kristy’s plants. It was empty when she shook it, and she unscrewed the top and popped out the feed tube. She arranged everything on the coffee table, and waited as patiently as she could, looking away from the bedroom to let Kristy make an entrance.

Presently, heels clicked across the hardwood. “Ta-da!”

Jamie turned, and then let herself gape. For a moment, she considered just staring Kristy into a trance and raping her where she stood.

The very tiny white bikini, Brazilian cut or skimpier, the “assistant” had on was something Jamie suspected vaguely Kristy had never dared to wear. She wouldn’t have had a quiet day if she had: it showed off how magnificent her body was. She’d also found a tiara and necklace, and with the black pumps and white opera gloves she was the picture of a sexy stage assistant.

She pirouetted gracefully to show off her thonged ass, and Jamie wanted to lick even the adorable dimples above it. Kristy peered impishly over her shoulder. “How do I look?”

“Beautiful,” Jamie said, so softly that Kristy looked concerned, and touched. Jamie pointed to her head and Kristy adjusted the tiara. “Halloween costume,” she explained. “I was a princess.”

Jamie smiled, in control again. “Mmmm. Perfect as an assistant.

“Let’s see . . . one day, I performed at your father’s castle, and you volunteered to assist me. When I left, you fell into a trance and followed me.” As Kristy smiled, wide-eyed, she spun more. “I’d put you under my spell for real. You obeyed my summons, forgetting your past life and everything else but your devotion to me. I let you keep your crown, but I took away your memory of what it was.”

Kristy let her arms fall and stepped daintily toward her, eyes shining. “I just know it’s a pretty thing you let me wear. Mistress,” she ventured, and Jamie almost assaulted her again.

It was turning Kristy on, too—her nipples contoured the white lycra as they rose.

“Good girl,” Jamie said, and Kristy preened. “Then let’s do it—my child.”

She turned to face the wide front wall, and Kristy pivoted too, cocking her hip in a pinup pose. “Ladies and gentlemen! I am the Amazing Jamie, and this is my lovely assistant, Miss Kristy.” Kristy curtseyed.

“One of the best parts of stage hypnotism, of course, is when you the audience get to participate, and we see what secrets and mysteries you carry within you which only the power of hypnosis can reveal.” She saw Kristy stiffen, and heard her breathing change.

“But before that, what I always like to begin with is showing you all the power of hypnosis itself. You will all see what it shall do to the mind and will of this young woman, who will put them in my care.

“My dear Miss Kristy, are you prepared to experience the power of hypnosis?”

She turned to the blonde, and saw her bikinied assistant at attention, eyes wide. Kristy wasn’t under, even if the phrase still dazed her. But Jamie liked her take on how an oft-hypnotized helper would act.

“Yes, Mistress,” Kristy said solemnly. “I am ready.”

Jamie moved to her much more abruptly than Lorelei ever did, almost swooping like some of the male hypnotists she’d seen. Kristy didn’t flinch, already method-acting the sort of person who worked for that kind of grandstander.

Jamie stalked around the rigid girl as though about to tango, caressing her lightly all over. She swung her hands liquidly, partly like a magician showing there were no wires, partly like a pianist possessing her instrument. The imaginary audience watched her claim the girl’s body, before taking her mind.

That smooth body was a delight under Jamie’s fingertips, and as it aroused Kristy it reminded her how nearly naked she was.

Suddenly, almost embracing Kristy, cupping her head gently but firmly, she stared into Kristy’s eyes.

She spoke to the imaginary crowd, but watched only the girl she held. “Ladies and gentlemen, I beg your silence. Not because you might distract this beautiful girl from her submission to my control. Nothing can save her from my spell.

“But grant this brave girl the silence of respect. She is going to surrender something precious to me, before your very eyes, unable to stop herself. Simply because I command her to.

“Witness that sacrifice in the silence it deserves, ladies and gentlemen.”

Kristy gasped. In the quiet apartment, they both almost heard the breathless hush.

“Give up your will,” she demanded quietly.

Kristy shivered and nodded. “Yes, Mistress. My will is . . . yours . . .”

“Obey me,” Jamie said, and repeated it. She began to sway, holding Kristy to her, back and forth, stroking Kristy’s head. Their eyes were locked, and Kristy let Jamie move her. She whispered “obey, obey, obey,” and soon Jamie saw she was no longer pretending. Kristy had let herself be hypnotized again.

“Sleep,” she said, suddenly still, and Kristy’s head lolled forward. She held Kristy against her for a moment, then quietly told her to stand. Kristy came pertly erect but kept her head bowed, sleeping as she’d been told. She was still aware they were playing a game.

But now she’d feel it intensely enough to imprint her mind.

Jamie stepped away. “Can you hear me, Miss Kristy?”

“Yes, Mistress.” It was so sweetly submissive from this girl in the princess’ tiara.

“There are things you must do for me, child. Raise your head and your eyelids now.”

Silently Kristy looked up, blank and wide-eyed. She looked more than ever like a puppet.

A toy.

Jamie started to play with her.


She passed a hand across Kristy’s gaze.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Kristy is helpless now, completely under my hypnotic control.

“She has no will, and can only do as I tell her. But in my power, my sleeping beauty will be able to do what the waking girl never could. She will perform feats of strength and endurance beyond herself . . .

“. . . just to please the hypnotist she obeys.” She watched Kristy tremble.

“She is now nothing more than a slave to the power of hypnosis. And to my every command.”

Sweeping her hand again over the girl’s solemnly empty face, she said, “You are only a slave.”

“I am only a slave.” Kristy’s chest rose in the skimpy lycra top, and her voice was husky.

“You will obey my every command.”

“I will obey your every command.”

She stepped around Kristy and walked to another part of the room. Kristy stayed as she was, stiff and staring. When Jamie reached a rattan chair with a velvet cushion, she gestured imperiously, leaving her hand extended toward the girl.

“Slave. Come to me.”

Kristy turned in place, then sleepwalked toward her. “Yes, Mistress.”

Jamie ignored her for a moment, making a show of inspecting the chair, grunting as she failed to lift it or even to move it—careful not to shift the lightweight wicker thing for real. “As you see, ladies and gentlemen, this chair is solid and quite heavy. It took two stagehands to place it here, and they took a break afterward.

“Miss Kristy—rather, the obedient slave I have turned her into—will show you what someone can do, under my hypnotic domination.” She stepped back toward where they’d begun the “performance.”

“Slave. Lift the chair for me.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Kristy bent down, picked up the chair, and slowly lifted it to chest level like a smooth robot. It did look impressive, but what made Jamie wet was how Kristy stared right through the chair, as if—like a robot—she would simply hold it there until her controller gave her a new order.

When Jamie bade her set it down, she obeyed just as fluidly, and returned to attention, staring over it and away from Jamie. At the coffee table now, Jamie summoned her again, and Kristy marched blankly to her side.

She accepted the suggestion that the candle was a red-hot bar of metal, when Jamie held it out to her with the cooking tongs—she was too frozen under command to do anything but stand and obey, but the pupils dilated in her unblinking eyes. They shrank again as Jamie tightened control, telling Kristy her obedience made her immune to the heat and to pain.

In a moment, Kristy was stroking her bare skin with the “glowing” bar wherever Jamie commanded her to, hearing the shock of an audience she knew was unreal.

When Jamie let her put it away, she stood still again, neither hurt nor relieved, just a slave awaiting her next orders.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very real .38-caliber revolver.” Jamie held out the pistol-grip sprayer, flat on her palm.

“I have no fear about giving it to my hypnotized slave. I control her completely. Completely helpless under the power of hypnosis, she is incapable of doing anything but what I tell her to do with it.

“Right now, she will obey without any resistance when I tell her to play Russian roulette, my way.

“Slave. Take the gun.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Kristy hefted the plastic sprayer as if it were metal, but held it steady.

Jamie held out her other palm. “There are six bullets, slave.

“Load them all.”

Without hesitation, Kristy carefully slid each invisible round into the invisible cylinder, never shifting her gaze from its mooring above the audience. Then she lowered the gun to her side and waited.

“There is no need to spin the cylinder, is there? No.

“Put it to your temple, slave.”

As she obeyed each command, Kristy seemed to tighten and fall deeper into it, breathing hard. Now she stood rigid, a pretty puppet holding herself hostage.

“Pull the trigger.”

Kristy squeezed and barely flinched.

“Click,” Jamie said, finding she’d stopped breathing. Kristy froze as if she’d been switched off.

A tear started down one smooth cheek.

“Ladies and gentlemen.” Jamie went to her and covered the pretend-gun with her hand, gently forcing Kristy’s arm down and taking it away. “As you see, I removed the firing pin. This slave was ready to shoot herself, just to obey an order.”

Tossing the spray-grip aside, she held Kristy’s shoulders. Then she kissed the hypnotized girl.

“Obviously,” she said, surprised by the lump in her throat, “my beautiful and obedient assistant Miss Kristy is far too precious for me to destroy.”

Kristy held still, locked in trance. But as she gazed back into Jamie’s eyes, Jamie saw another tear well up and start to fall. She leaned in and feather-kissed it away.

“Far too precious.” She moved aside, swallowed, and faced the “audience.”

“By carrying out my commands so obediently, Miss Kristy has earned a rest. In a moment she awaken refreshed and alert. But for now . . .” She turned to the blonde and waved her hand dramatically across her eyes. “Sleep.”

Kristy’s eyes fell shut again, and her head dipped submissively. Jamie caressed her for a few moments, imagining others watching the girl sleep. Then she curled her fingers in front of her, and snapped them.

Kristy raised her head, smiling and bright-eyed.

Jamie let her take her bows, and then stared at her again. When Kristy saw it, her smile became charmingly nervous as she found she couldn’t look away. This time, after dropping her into trance, Jamie woke her the whole way.

She knew Kristy was herself again when she watched the blush spread over her body. Jamie’s lips wanted to follow.

Mindfuckable. Jamie enjoyed controlling that sweet body as much as she wanted to give it a ride.

“So,” she said, watching the other girl squirm. “Hmm?”

“God, Jamie, that was intense! I felt so—controlled! I knew I just had to obey you. I even tried to resist. But I couldn’t.” She smiled and moved a little, and Jamie guessed she was already learning to resist just to enjoy yielding instead.

“Someone’s high on it, I think.” Jamie smiled.

“Oh, I am. I am.” Kristy was almost giddy, and being that way—still in costume—in front of someone else seemed to make her crazier. “Oh god. Oh, Jamie, I’m so glad Madame Lorelei didn’t do that to me, or I would’ve—oh!” She nearly parodied being mortified. “Did she? And program me to forget?

“Or can you tell me?”

Jamie grinned and shook her head.

“No, Kristy. She has to worry about a real audience full of finicky people. There’s a lot she could have made you willing to do, but not as . . . drastic.”

“It was just so hot, Jamie. I loved it.”

“You were hot, Kristy. You’re a fox, and your responses were very erotic.” She stared the girl down as she blushed even more. “If you auditioned for Lorelei—for any hypnotist—they’d snap you up in a minute.

“They’d trance you into forgetting any other job offers. And you’d obey.”

It was arousing Kristy, but she didn’t know how to say it, yet.

“You are just a very sexy girl, Kristy. Especially when you’re obeying orders.” She smiled only slightly.

Kristy’d unconsciously slid into attention before she caught herself and folded her arms. She lowered her eyes but kept them on Jamie’s. “Yeah, well. My ex-boyfriend would really have liked that. He really wanted someone obedient.”

“He didn’t stay with you,” Jamie said. “He let you go.

“He’s a fucking idiot.”

“That’s so sweet.” Kristy smiled, but then shivered. “Jamie, I . . . I realize you . . . and I think . . . I’m just not ready. With. With—”

“Another girl?”

“Yeahhh.” Kristy didn’t look so certain.

“Not ready to make love with another girl?” Jamie asked it softly, seeing Kristy swallow and keep looking back at her.

“You seem OK enough with another girl checking out that hot bod, Kristy.” She licked her lips openly and watched the girl squirm. “At least you’re in no hurry to change out of that semi-legal suit. You like me seeing you like that—’kini and jewels and come-hither look. Don’t you?”

Kristy’s eyes watered as she tried not to admit it.

“Or maybe you just get hot for anyone who can control you.” She grinned at Kristy’s look. “You did say you’d have been putty in Lorelei’s hands, if she’d played with you like that.” If you had a cock, Kristy, she might be molding you right now. “You like being someone’s puppet.

“Well, Kristy, the one you’re with now is me.” She didn’t move toward the other girl. “And the fact is, we’re going to be in bed together.

“The only real question is whether I hypnotize you into seducing me with a lapdance, or into begging me for it on your knees.”

They stared at each other.

Jamie enjoyed the girl’s body. She thought about how Kristy would rub it against her like a desperate stripper.

How it would look writhing on the floor as Kristy promised her anything, just to be fucked.

How it would throb passively under Jamie’s touch, as she took Kristy while Kristy lay deep in trance, each new orgasm melting a piece of her mind into a link of its own binding chain.

When it hardened, Kristy would belong to her.

Nothing would stop her. No one else was here, no one knew that Kristy was already becoming addicted to her. Kristy wouldn’t resist.

Jamie could have her cake, and make it eat her out. Kristy would be her prostitute and her ingénue and her houri and her blowup doll, forgetting each one and becoming the next. Jamie didn’t have to make any choices.

Because Kristy would no longer be able to.

Kristy would belong to her.

Jamie could almost taste the blonde, but the sheer thrill of dominating her was stronger. More than she wanted to feel Kristy’s body yield against her, she wanted to feel Kristy’s will soften and break. Fucking her would be fun and sweet and Kristy would be a lovely ride.

But first, Jamie was going to enslave her completely.

Kristy stirred. Her own desires, after Jamie’s tampering, had almost put her in a trance. She knew she was prey, and wanted to be taken.

“That—thing you did to me, Jamie.” The whisper was urgent, ragged. “Putting the gun to my head.

“God help me, Jamie.” She was panting. “You had me so hypnotized, part of me believed it was real, that you could make me willing to do it, and oh god help me I was. I was. I wanted to do it in front of everyone, for you.

“Just to please you.”

“Just to obey me, Kristy.”

“Yes.” Kristy shut her eyes, in shame or ecstasy. “To obey you.”

“Come to me.”

Kristy’s face lost expression and she stepped deliberately nearer. She was a shapely gazelle sleepwalking away from safety into the tall grass, seeing the slitted golden eyes but under their spell.

She stopped, and moaned a little. She might long to hold Jamie, or drop to her knees at Jamie’s feet. But she was already submitting, doing nothing until she was told, surrendering initiative to the woman who had already tamed her.

Jamie decided her slave would not even make that choice on her own.

“I will—” Kristy whispered.

“—obey me.”

Kristy tensed, then nodded. Whatever she’d meant to say was nothing now.

“I will obey you.”


Kristy slumped in the richly upholstered easy chair, spread for display under a light that made her skin glow. Except for the pale silk ribbon Jamie’d made her fetch and tie around her neck, she was completely nude. The tiny white bikini was on another chair.

Jamie had put her into a trance with a cold, commanding induction this time. She’d dominated the blonde like a vampire taking a victim, and Kristy had submitted meekly. She’d been wet when Jamie first touched her.

Kristy’s thighs were sticky now, as was Jamie’s hand between them as she reinforced each command. Kristy’s cunt had few secrets from Jamie now, and in her hypnotized mind Jamie’s voice, prolonged orgasm, and obedience were already welded into a shackle that would hold her for a long time.

If Jamie woke her right now and did nothing more, Kristy would still essentially be her pet. She might even know why, but knowing wouldn’t free her. It might even be fun to have a woman fully aware she was pussyleashed that way.

But Kristy would go deeper. A slave would be more than a pet, and less.

Kristy’s breathing had slowed, as Jamie let her latest lesson harden. Her wide eyes gazed up at nothing, but she’d been told to see Jamie’s eyes above her. By now that was enough to make them real, and she couldn’t look away.

“You are an excellent hypnotic subject, Kristy. You were born to be a slave. Your only real purpose, the only thing that really makes sense to you, is to do as you are told. Everything you are told.

“Only what you are told.

“Do you understand, Kristy?”

“Yes,” Kristy whispered. She wasn’t blinking.

“What kind of hypnotic subject are you, Kristy?”

“I am an excellent hypnotic subject.” Even the pliant whisper shivered with delight. And pride.

“What do you do, Kristy?”

Kristy had learned well. “I do only as I am told.”

“Obedience makes you feel good, Kristy.”

“Obedience . . .” Kristy’s breath caught. Jamie had spent quality time with her clit as they discussed that word, searing it into the blonde’s mind. It literally pushed Kristy’s button.

“Madame Lorelei trained you to obey, Kristy. It was easy for her to do. Some people are hard to condition to give up their wills, and try to resist.

“But not you, Kristy. You are naturally obedient.”

“I am naturally oh!bedient.” Kristy said it firmly even as she gasped.

“You will obey my commands from now on and always, Kristy. You will hear only my voice. You will feel very good to obey my commands.” Jamie repeated it a few times.

“What will you do from now on, Kristy?”

“I will obey your commands. I will hear only your voice.”

Jamie squirmed against the tight crotch of her jeans. This felt better each time she made a woman say it. This time she’d make it mean more than a night of willing tongue.

She smiled in a way that would have withered Kristy’s trust, if trust had still mattered.

“You are deeply hypnotized, Kristy. You know, and do not question, that being hypnotized actually means being completely without willpower. Completely under the domination of your hypnotist.

“You hear and obey only my voice. From now on, I will tell you what to think. You will feel no desire to think anything else.

“Do you understand, Kristy?”

“Yes. I understand.” Kristy’s eyes were dull, but they widened a little and her breathing hitched at each obey as the idea etched itself further into who she was.

“Your mind is very still now, Kristy. All your fears and worries are gone. All your concerns are gone. You like it when your mind is quiet, Kristy.”

“Yesss.” Kristy’s face grew slack and her body seemed to have been poured into the chair.

“You like it when those pesky thoughts just disappear, Kristy.”

Kristy nodded again.

“I will make them all disappear and let you enjoy the peace it brings, Kristy. I will tell you what to think, and those thoughts will be harder, firmer, quieter. They will be like my commands. What do you do with my commands, Kristy?”

“I obey your commands.”

“So I will think for you, and decide for you. All you need do is hear and obey the commands. That will feel very nice, Kristy.”

“That will feel very nice,” Kristy said, blissfully. Her pussy already knew what that phrase felt like, and anything she was told to associate it with.

“It means that I control your mind, Kristy. That feels very nice too.”

“Verrrry nicccce.” Kristy pleasure-conditioned herself.

“Deep inside you will always know that this is all true, Kristy. That you no longer have any pesky little thoughts of your own. That the only things in your mind are my commands and your obedience. That I control your mind.”

Enslaving Kristy did feel like fucking her. She realized it had been that way with Kim—maybe she’d missed it because she really had been fucking her friend while she converted her.

This was wilder.

“In your mind there are only my commands and your obedience. I control your mind. You will only remember this consciously when I command you to. Otherwise you will forget.

“But even when you forget that I control your mind, Kristy, you will still know without any doubt that it feels good—it feels wonderful—to obey me.”

“When you are like that, Kristy, I will sometimes want you to become even more obedient by remembering that I control your mind. When it is time to do that, I will tell you to let me hypnotize you into obedience.” Jamie decided not to use something obscure. It was fun and sexy to put a woman into trance with a nonsense phrase, but she was feeling carnivorous now.

She already looked forward to Kristy’s expression, for those waking seconds, hearing that from her dominant new friend Jamie. The friend she’d invited across her threshold to guard her from hypnotic predators.

“Now that your mind is quiet, Kristy, you can go to sleep. You will still obey me. You will be able to sleep all the time now, even when your eyes are open and you move and speak. You will be asleep until I tell you to awaken.

“Sleep, Kristy.”

Her eyes closed instantly.

Jamie considered her prize. Each time before, with each woman she’d whispered to after Lorelei’s induction, she’d just had them bring her home like this. Even once or twice, when there was a husband or roommate, to her hotel, after she’d hypnotized Kim over the phone.

Then she’d fucked them long and thoroughly, wiped their memories, and left them.

But something felt different now. She wanted something more from Laurel, from Lorelei, and she needed to be more than a scavenger to win it. Lorelei had brought down this lovely gazelle once—and then let her go. Jamie would show her skill by taking sweet Kristy again, then binding the girl to her permanently.

It wouldn’t be like brainwashing Kim. She’d had access to Kim every night, and hours of sex and hypnosis to reshape her thoughts. But she’d had to play it safe, doing nothing to Kim’s behavior that two other coworkers, and a sharp-eyed hypnotist, would notice.

Kristy she’d have only for the nights Lorelei played this town. But if she left Kristy’s main personality alone, she could use those nights for things much more intense than she’d dared do to Kim. She could implant a slave persona in Kristy she could activate again, whenever Lorelei’s show hit town.

Even order to fly anywhere to meet her, just to be her eager fucktoy for a night. Jamie licked her lips and inhaled Kristy’s scent. There would be no limits with this girl.

“Kristy, listen to me and obey.” The blonde straightened like a good student, eyes still closed.

“You no longer fear being captured and enslaved by someone while your will is weak and your mind is soft.”

Kristy nodded slowly.

“You have surrendered your will to me by letting me hypnotize you, Kristy. You have no will, and no reason to worry about what I control.

“What is your mind like now, Kristy?”

The blonde sighed happily. “You control my mind. It has no pesky thoughts. There are only your commands, and my obedience.

“I must obey your commands.”

“Very good, Kristy.” Kristy looked even happier. “Now I can awaken you, and let you forget for a little while that I control your mind. How will you feel then?”

“I will know without any doubt,” Kristy whispered, “that it feels wonderful to obey you.”

Jamie took several deep breaths before she started to wake Kristy up.

Kristy rose up smoothly, face calm, eyes closed. Her full breasts swayed.


She opened her eyes and focused instantly on Jamie. Feeling her nudity with the air on her skin, she closed her eyes for a moment and inhaled, then looked down and smiled.

“Wow,” she said softly. “You really did it to me, didn’t you?” She looked back up at Jamie. Docile didn’t begin to describe how submissive she was. “Jamie? Am I still . . . hypnotized?” She hissed a little as she said it, and her eyes rolled up a bit, but then she was all attention.

“Why?” Jamie surveyed the body she no longer had to covet. “Don’t you feel awake?”

“Yes. But . . . I just want to do something for you.”

“Like what, Kristy?”

Kristy moved sinuously on the chair, purring at how it felt under her bare softness. “Anything, Jamie. If it’s what you tell me to do.

“I feel so . . . obedient.” She gave a little cry and jerked on the cushion.

“Do you feel like having sex with me now, Kristy?”

“Mmm.” Still quivering from obedient, Kristy looked at her urgently. “I’ll do anything for you, Jamie. Do you want me?”

She looked at Kristy’s body, wondering who else had enjoyed it before her. What they’d taught her. “Kristy, have you ever been with another woman?”

Slowly Kristy shook her head. “No.” A smile bloomed. “You’ll be my first, Jamie. My very—”

“Women are gentler with women, aren’t they, Kristy?”

Kristy cupped her breasts and nodded. “Ohhh. Yes, Jamie. You’re right.”

“Is that why you’d like to go to bed with me?”

“It’s part of . . .” She trailed off, uncertain now what Jamie wanted. Then she was placid again. She’d be told what to want, and why. Jamie would speak, and she would obey.

“Some women,” Jamie said, “like to make love with other women. Some of the rest of us, though, like to fuck hot horny hungry little sluts. That’s what I want, Kristy.”

She transfixed the naked blonde with another stare. “And you are my slut.”

For a second or two, Kristy looked shocked and a little sad. She was already in love with Jamie, and now she felt dream that spasm and die.

Then she nodded slowly, as if actually feeling it slip into her mind. She gripped the arms of the chair. “Yes. I . . . oh. My. God it’s like something . . . softly . . . just stroking inside . . . Jamie, I’m not a lesbian, I’m not, but . . . it . . . please?”

Jamie leaned back and smiled.


“Please? Jamie, I need—”

“You do.” Jamie waited for it to devour Kristy from inside. Reduce her to crawling across her own living room floor, just to earn the privilege of putting her mouth to Jamie’s crotch. Other hot buxom blondes had worshipped her like that, after she’d hypnotized them into it.

Kristy slipped to the floor, to her knees, trying to move seductively and not just stroke herself. Her lips worked, as if she were already trying to taste Jamie, or showing Jamie how good she’d be when she did.

I can do more with her. To her.

“Kristy. Be still.”

The girl froze.


Shivering, Kristy straightened and spread her thighs, then pulled her hands behind her back. Remembering a boyfriend’s paperback covers? She’d confess later. But she seemed to know a slave position, and gazed up hopefully.

Jamie smiled. “Good slave.”

“Thank you—Mistress.” Kristy shook as she spoke, her eyes more naked than her body. Submitting again.

Jamie backed away and sat on another chair. “Come here, slave.”

“Yes, Mistress!” Kristy came on hands and knees. The ribbon was harder to see, but Jamie was already imagining Kristy in fetters and chains. There was the rest of her—shapely arms, the taut spheres of her ass waving gently, her tits swinging.

Her face, simpering and eager. Hopeful that she was learning to please, worthy of tasting her Mistress, skilled enough to be allowed to keep serving. Her eyes, wide and trusting.

Her mouth.

Kristy was before her, kneeling again, showing off that superb body. She knelt up proudly but bowed her head, so Jamie had to reach down and tip up her chin.

“Take these off me, slave. Then, we will train your mouth.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Jamie held still as the girl fumbled with her belt, her jeans, her panties. They were still draped off her left leg when Jamie croaked a command and Kristy put her head down, eyelids fluttering. Her hot breath nearly fired Jamie off on the spot.

Jamie held out. Kristy was ardent but awkward, almost endearingly clueless about what to do with her first pussy. But her lips were soft and her tongue was supple—and she was a hypnotized slave under her Mistress, the best possible student and completely responsive to coaching. Beyond that, Jamie could actually feel the wanting.

Then she didn’t want to coach anymore, or wait. She tightened around Kristy’s head, wrapping her legs against the girl’s back and pushing into her face. She came, and her slave’s slurping was louder than her cries.

When she relaxed and Kristy swayed upright again, her face as shiny as her eyes, Jamie could feel the difference. The physical need had been sated, but her desire to own Kristy was as powerful as ever.

Now, she could think a little more clearly. Enthrall the other girl a little more deliberately.

“You did that well, slave.”

Kristy’s eyes focused and she beamed. “Thank you, Mistress!”

“It’s like you’ve been licking pussy forever. Did your dorm roommates make you their tongue-puppy?” Kristy blinked. “Or maybe you earned money on the side as an ‘escort’ for women.”

The blonde shook her head, dreamily licking Jamie’s honey from her lips. She closed her eyes and opened them, as if unable to resist the images.

Jamie thought about putting her under and then waking her with the memory of being chained in a sorority attic. Kristy was a smart girl, and she was already so conditioned that she’d probably turn herself into the woman who’d actually been trained that way.

“You enjoyed being my appliance just now.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You can do it again, slave.” Jamie looked at her. “While people watch.” As Kristy’s mouth fell open, she followed an instinct. “Maybe when your friend Shan sees how much you like licking my cunt, she’ll want me to have you lick hers.”

Kristy was blinking and breathing hard.

“Or do you think Shan might want to kneel and do it with you?

“If Shan doesn’t, I’ll just hypnotize her into a good girl.”

Kristy trembled, but then twitched like a flybit horse and knelt still. She let her hands fall to graze her hips, and stared into Jamie’s eyes. Her own were strange.

“Yes, Mistress.” She blinked slowly. “I must obey, Mistress.

“Shan . . .”

For an insane but delicious moment, Jamie thought about how to get Shan here, and whether to leave her free or program Kristy to help capture her. How Shan’s resistance would collapse, seeing Kristy totally obedient to a stranger. Believing Kristy had fought it and been overwhelmed. Knowing soon, however hard she fought, she’d be just like Kristy . . .

Jamie pulled herself back from her slave’s gaze and its temptations. It was so intoxicating to control a girl this way, this much. Kristy’s glazed eyes and parted lips made anything seem possible.

Deep breath. Jamie couldn’t overreach and try involving someone new. She didn’t worry at all that Shan could break her hold on Kristy’s mind—Kristy was hers now. But Shan could bring friends, or her panic at what she found could be stronger that the spell Jamie tried to weave.

But someone not so new . . .

She shut her eyes. She couldn’t look at Kristy, kneeling and moist, without wanting her mouth again. She was ready to jump Kristy right on the floor. She had to keep from looking as she felt for her panties and jeans and worked them back up her legs. When they touched her lower lips it was all she could do not to drop them again and grunt a command for Kristy and her tongue.

At least Kristy, being a slave, was too subservient to beg for another taste. Eyes shut, Jamie couldn’t see the deeper plea on her toy’s face. Wanting it would be good for the girl. Every breath spent yearning for her Mistress’ cunt was another level deeper into slavery.

She owned Kristy, more than any other girl she’d done this to. Other blonde prizes had just been lost in a daze of submissive lust for her, or had been caught in amber illusions of loving her. For the few she’d overtly dommed, it had been a game they’d found themselves unable to resist playing, and falling deep into, before she erased the night from them.

She’d never made a slave, like this.

It was something to bring Laurel to show her own power that wasn’t a challenge. Laurel would see what her assistant could really do.

Jamie could show her Kristy. And Kristy would show her what Jamie could do with hypnosis.

Cinching her belt, she stepped closer to Kristy. It aroused her to be dressed and standing over the girl, and Kristy’s eyes glowed with adoration as she felt it too—turned on to kneel naked and used before her Mistress.

“Rise, slave.”

Kristy rose smoothly, and Jamie’s heart hammered at how erotic she made it. Even hotter than kneeling. Every straightening inch of her radiated submission. Erect on her feet, smiling softly, Kristy looked even more slavish than on her knees.

“It’s time to remember that I control your mind.”

It wasn’t Kristy’s trigger, and for now it just seemed like a wonderful idea to her.

“So you must now let me hypnotize you into obedience.”

Kristy gaped at her as it hit her. Jamie could almost see her mind go blurry.

“Your thoughts are gone. Your will is gone. Obey me.”

“Obey,” Kristy said. Her new trance was colder. It froze her voluptuous softness into sculpture. Still the sweet-bodied toy, but with nothing playful or horny left behind the stunned blue eyes. Nothing but obedience.

Jamie thought about her pretty doll. The doll would have nothing to say about being played with as a toy soldier. Kristy with a real gun, triggered in her target’s bedroom by something the woman said. The woman she’d been aimed at would see only the cute blonde she’d pulled in the club and taken home. She’d see Kristy’s empty eyes, maybe even realize the robot behind them, while Kristy disposed of her as programmed.

She shook the idea away. Even she didn’t have that much control over Kristy. But she was still caught seeing Kristy as something sleeker, harder.

Cleaner, anyway, if she were going to put her through her paces before Laurel. She could have Kristy shower. She’d made another girl do that, with a posthypnotic suggestion that the girl was washing the rest of her willpower away. When she was done the girl had crawled to Jamie openmouthed, dripping and too limp-witted even to plead. That one Jamie had fucked on her floor.

Frowning, she decided to do Kristy differently. Kristy padded silently after her to the bathroom, and after taking away the ribbon Jamie had her stand in the tub while she hosed her off herself. Her frown left her as she realized she was waiting on her own slave, even if Kristy was too blank to register the irony.

But she was really just cleaning her prize animal before the show judge saw her.

Jamie got the collar from her purse. She carried it for luck, and sometimes for opportunity, and now she put it on Kristy. After that, she just put Kristy back in the white bikini and heels, then had her get a trench coat.

Kristy stayed doll-like on the way to the hotel. They caught some stares there. Few people were around at this hour, but they did notice two good-looking young women—one wearing a coat on this warm night. Jamie hoped they’d take Kristy for a stripper on outcall, or someone Jamie’d rescued from a sexy predicament.

No one was on the floor where Laurel and her assistants were staying.

Jamie stood in front of her boss’ door and breathed.

Laurel—Madame Lorelei—appreciated bold gestures, and Jamie felt she respected her, even if she’d kept trying to discourage her from making a similar career instead of “doing something worthwhile” like grad school. So Laurel would admire her for daring to come here to show what she’d made.

Of course, Laurel might still be taking her fratboy stallion on the steeplechase, and might not want company now. She did seem to think none of her girls knew about her dalliances, and perhaps Jamie was the only one to have figured it out.

Jamie grinned. All right. This all might put even the unflappable Lorelei into a more diplomatic mindset. Fratboy wouldn’t be a problem—Laurel would drop him into trance and he’d spend the conversation as blissful furniture, as passive as Kristy.

Not a duel. A summit. Each of them with her slave on display. It might make explanations unnecessary—even show that they’d prey on different food groups.

She quit stalling and knocked.

No one called out, but she heard footsteps on the carpet inside, and the spyhole darkened. Hmm. Laurel made an early night of it?

The door swung open, triggering Kristy to slip the coat off and stand blankly in her bikini. Jamie took the coat.

The suite’s sitting room was candlelit, and Jamie stepped in curiously. She dropped the raincoat just inside the doorway and turned to see why Laurel had let her in—with a guest—without speaking. But Laurel hadn’t opened the door.

Belinda had. She closed it now and came to attention, prim-hot in her stage costume again, staring past Jamie with her hands flat to her hips. Her lipstick was smeared, but it took Jamie a moment to see she wasn’t in full stage makeup. To see her faraway eyes.

Belinda looked now like she did on stage, because she was hypnotized.

“That took longer than I expected, Jamie,” Laurel said from behind her. “But I know it was worth it.”


For a second, Jamie couldn’t look away from the two tranced girls. They stood at attention, Kristy in her ‘kini and Belinda in the metallic tux and hotpants, close enough to touch but ignoring each other.

“Did she resist? Or did you just get carried away?”

Then she turned, and was too stunned even to gasp.

Completely nude, Laurel lay back on the couch, stroking the neck of the equally naked girl lapping at her pussy—a pretty, curvy girl Jamie recognized as a waitress from the hotel restaurant. Beside her stood Heidi, costumed and hypnotized like Belinda. Something attracted her dangerously, seeing her friends bewitched into playing slave in their off time. Jamie tried to stay horrified instead of . . .

“L-Laurel?” Dread felt more remote than Jamie expected. “But you’re not—”

“I always like this part,” Laurel confided. “And the thing is, Jamie, right now you’re making me feel as good as she does.” She stroked the waitress.

Jamie didn’t know what to do. She just tried not to panic.

“But you like men!” she blurted.

“Hardly. You’re all just programmed to think so.”

“Then have we—?”

“Many times, Jamie. You’re fantastic in bed.”

They’d probably done this many times. All those girls she “remembered” enthralling. She’d really brought them to Laurel, then forgotten. How many . . . ?

Jamie swallowed. “I’m not just hypnotized, am I.”

“No. It’s long since become brainwashing.”

Watching Laurel use the girl almost idly while talking, Jamie shivered at her self-control. It almost pulsed in waves over the two younger assistants, locking them into their stage obedience for real. Over the pussylicking waitress—Jamie recalled her now, shyly seeking a word with Laurel their first day here, seeking advice about hypnotherapy to help her diet.

Over Jamie. She’d felt like a huntress, but she’d only been Laurel’s puppet, told to forget the strings. Unfair—but it was exactly what she’d done to Kristy.

Kristy. Something twisted painfully inside her. Laurel would take Kristy now. It was so raw in her she couldn’t tell if it was rage about losing prey, or if she were actually guilty at pulling Kristy into this and leaving her defenseless.

It didn’t matter, she thought bleakly. In a few moments, she and her slave would both feel whatever Laurel told them to.

“Did I always like girls, Laurel?” Her steady tone surprised her.

Laurel nodded. “A lot.” At least that wasn’t programming.

“Sorry. Do I call you ‘Mistress’ now instead?”

Chuckling, the hypnotist petted the girl in her lap. “In another life, Jamie, you must have been a knight or something. All conquest and protocol.” She looked up, smiling with a kindness that weakened Jamie’s knees.

“When you do, you’re as asleep as they are.” She flicked a hand at Heidi without looking. “Call me what you need to.”

Jamie tensed. “Laurel? Why am I still awake? Are you playing with me?” There was still anger in her fear.

“No, Jamie. I only play with pets.” She pushed the girl’s face from her crotch and looked at her empty eyes for a moment, then let her bend back to her task. “You’re my bird of prey.

“You know how it feels to make a woman obey. It’s better than sex, isn’t it? It’s one way I control you.

“But it means you understand. I can talk to you.”

“I—” Half-shocked that her gaze wasn’t nailed to the hypnotist, Jamie turned. Kristy was still behind her, blissfully unconcerned with the conversation of the stronger-willed. It was long past any apology, but the regret was sharp enough. She would have taken care of her slave.

She didn’t hear any such regret in Laurel. She wasn’t a lapdog like the waitress, but she was still one of Laurel’s beasts, just where Laurel wanted her.

“Are we all like this—Laurel?”

“You all belong to me. Under my control, mostly posthypnotic.”

“We get conditioned more often than we remember.” Jamie earned a nod.

“Sometimes you think it was, oh, girl’s night in, with videos and beer. Other times I just leave it blank. You’re all trained to accept missing time.”

Laurel smiled, watching her words hit home. “But you’re not all alike, Jamie.

“You’re special. You could be a mistress—could have been, if you hadn’t met me and fallen. If you’d developed your powers in time to defend yourself . . .”

Her smile softened. Maybe she felt the what-if sting. Her own destiny neutered, if someone had enslaved her before she made herself into Lorelei.

“Heidi, here, might have a little domme in her. Has the I-want down, anyway. But she hasn’t the talent to lull a victim into surrender—to hypnotize.”

“Belinda, on the other hand, is a sub. That’s why she came to work for me—all she wants is to parade around in a sexy outfit, and obey someone powerful. She didn’t know that consciously, but it came out in trance. I adjusted it, and submission isn’t just an itch for Belinda anymore—it’s part of her metabolism.”

“What about Kim?” Jamie was holding her breath.

“Yes. Your Kim.” Laurel nodded admiringly, and even now that warmed Jamie. “Kim is—or was, before she met us both—just a normal girl. Not an enslaver, not a submissive. But she’s a good subject, smart and imaginative and trusting. And normals are easy enough to enslave.”

Her laugh was low and healthy and ran up Jamie’s spine like a loving hand. “When I found out you’d started brainwashing Kim, right under my nose, I wasn’t even angry. It was so wonderful to see what fire my little falcon still has, slave though she is.”

“How did you find out?”

Laurel smiled. “You mean, which of you surrendered it to me? Does it matter?” Jamie shuddered, but Laurel’s gaze into her eyes didn’t put her under. “I’m sorry, Jamie. I should have known it does, to you.”

You’re everything I am, little falcon, the hypnotist’s sad smile told her. Except free.

“Kim told me. She struggled a little first. You had that much of a hold on her mind.”

Jamie nodded. Laurel might even be lying, but it still felt nice that she cared to.

“It does make you special to me, Jamie. Not only do you fly out and bring me delicious blonde morsels, stunned and obedient and ready for me to enjoy . . .” She stopped to admire Kristy, still innocently posing and waiting for a command. “No.

“Fucking you, Jamie, feels different than any of the others.” Laurel’s tone didn’t change. “When the girl beside me isn’t just beautiful, but another hypnotist—and still my helpless, eager bedpet—the orgasms are different. Better. They really are.”

“I know.” Jamie surprised herself again by speaking. She remembered how fantasies of enslaving Laurel made her wet—and nervous. “It’s hottest when a mistress obeys.”

Laurel nodded, pleased. “You’ll forget this, too, Jamie, like everything else tonight. But yes, the wetdreams about collaring me are yours. The inhibitions you feel about them are my conditioning.” She grinned. “Without my soothing influence, the things you could think of, to do to me, are so—savage.” She licked her lips.

“Sometimes when I have you under, before I reinforce the blocks, I indulge myself and let you dream-speak your deepest fantasies about me. I just lie there and masturbate.”

She slid her pussy against the waitress’ lips again and groaned delightedly. “So sexy, too, hearing it in that sleepy voice. If you’d gotten the chance to be a hypnodomme, Jamie, you’d have been a serious bitch. Maybe the world owes me something for saving it from you.”

Jamie managed to raise an eyebrow.

Laurel looked at her fondly. “I’m feeling generous, but I can afford to.

“I’ll tell you this, too, Jamie. Your mind is in my chains to stay, but you fought those inhibitions harder than anything else—harder than anyone else has resisted my will. The falcon at the heart of you did not want me to hood her.”

Closing her eyes, Jamie wondered if this was generosity or torture. But Laurel was right: she was another hunter. She refused even to say Just get on with it.

“The other thing you really struggled against was changing your preferences.”

Her eyes opened. “But you said—”

“No. You are as much a lesbian as I am, for real. But your fixation on pneumatic blondes, like—” Laurel paused, then smiled “—Kristy here, is an aftermarket option I installed.”

Jamie stared at her. Just talking about it now, even with life as she knew it spinning into a hypnodisk, she wanted her hands and lips and pussy all over Kristy’s curves—that wasn’t real?

“When I enslaved you, Jamie, you had it bad for muscular redheads, or sometimes Goths. Something about all that pale skin, under hair of fire or night-dark.

“Your pussy really knew what she liked.” Laurel grinned. “Altering that was part of training you into my raptor. Inducing hunger, and for something imposed, just broke your will further and bound you more closely to mine. Now you alert on a blonde like a missile seeker, and look for my cue without knowing. If I activate you, up you go to get her for me.

“Every twitch in your cunt when you think of the blondes I prefer is partly because your subconscious knows I want them. That you’ll capture them for me.”

Her smile was less comradely now. That made it easier for Jamie to take the gloat. “It’s also a good gauge if you reverted. If I saw you at a show swooping on some raven-haired vampiress, I’d know you needed some reinforcement.”

She arched her own eyebrow, seeing the flicker of hope Jamie tried to hide. “It’s never happened, Jamie. You’ve never broken free of me, all this time.”

She tapped the waitress’ head, and the girl crawled away to kneel beside Heidi. Laurel curled more comfortably on the couch.

“But now, Jamie, I want to play with the new toy you made. Transfer her obedience to me, and then relax and await command.” She smiled, then raised her spread fingers toward Jamie, slowly closing them.

The Hood. Jamie shivered. She barely had time to know it was happening to her. She always . . .

The hypnotist’s fingers closed, and Jamie stood still, closing her eyes. The Hood was settling around her head, tranquilizing her. She tried to fight the docility and the blankness, but her reflexes died against the conditioning.

Not again! No! But she’d been addicted long since to how the Hood darkened her mind and emptied her thoughts. How the jesses bound her, forced her body and mind to another’s design until she learned to want it.

She was an owned hunting bird on her Owner’s arm, peaceful and harmless until loosed again. All she could dream of was the high air, empty and clear like her mind. The speed of flight, thoughtless and focused like her mind.

Her Owner’s voice and touch, stilling even those dreams, making her obey.

She stripped unhurriedly, and in a few heartbeats was naked again. Now she saw the narrow leather bands on her wrists and ankles for what they were: the jesses that bound Mistress’ falcon, as collars marked Her weaker pets.

Jamie looked at Her, stepped to Her and proudly genuflected, raising her hands in homage.

“I brought You a slave, Mistress.” She sighed as Mistress stroked her hair.

“I see her, my falcon. She’s lovely.”

Surrendering prey was pain that melted to dark joy and ran warm from Jamie’s pussy. “May I give her to You now, Mistress?”

“In a moment.” Mistress leaned down and soul-kissed Her falcon. Jamie forgot jesses and slaves and everything but Her.

Then She wanted Her toy. Jamie stood to give Kristy the last orders she’d ever hear as Jamie’s slave.

They began, “When you awaken, you will know me only as another slave.” Jamie was allowed to masturbate now, and she always did.

Kristy listened.


Jamie stood on display beside Belinda on the stage, waiting for Lorelei to invite volunteers. Jamie wished, as always, she could convince her boss to let her train. She couldn’t seem too eager, or let her rapacious desires seep out. Lorelei wouldn’t want to get sued for being the one who trained her. Because—

Oh. Ohhhh yes. Jamie sobbed a breath, hoping Belinda wouldn’t hear, but the other girl didn’t move.

Tonight’s entrée sat by herself off to the side. A spun-gold mane framed an oddly delicate face. Her cleavage was deep and kissable. What riveted Jamie about her was how she kept trying to drag her eyes from Lorelei, already spellbound by her voice and suggestions.

When it was time, the blonde’s hand drifted upward—and then she snatched it down again. Her eyes were suddenly wide awake, guiltily averted, hoping she hadn’t been caught. She even held her hand with the other one, as if it might sneak up and betray her. Jamie might have laughed inside, if it weren’t making her crazy with wanting.

On the floor, halfway to a table of whispering Asian tourists, she actually turned and smiled a little less glassily at the blonde to tempt her. The blonde hugged herself and blinked, fearing even a mere assistant’s gaze might capture her. Her resolve didn’t waver. By the time the chairs were full, she hadn’t let herself be led up to any of them.

There was another blonde onstage, someone’s trophy wife probably hoping to interest him—or someone else entirely—with a hypnotic striptease. Jamie didn’t feel as hungry for her, but waited to see how Lorelei’s control would affect her. In the meantime she watched for cues as the show got underway.

Lorelei did something.

It flickered and disappeared in Jamie’s mind.

Jamie looked at Trophy Wife again, and wondered what she’d seen in her.

Unfortunately, her mark on the stage faced her away from the blonde’s table for most of the performance, but each chance she got, ushering a newly dazed subject to their seat, she glanced over to see how the woman was faring. The glances almost made up for their rarity.

Her blonde was struggling against trance, especially when Lorelei was actually hypnotizing someone. But even just the sound of Lorelei’s commands to an already-entranced subject seemed to pull at her. Her fear teased Jamie like the scent of arousal, but it was nearly too much. The woman seemed to dread being seduced into hypnosis, almost to hate the idea.

If she really feared it that much, though, she wouldn’t have come to see a hypnotist. Jamie stopped worrying and just enjoyed. She let herself wish the woman had weakened and let herself be drawn up to submit.

After the show, as they changed and talked, Laurel drew Jamie aside. “Something I’d like to ask you about later,” she said, and Jamie hoped for a microsecond that it was about training her as a hypnotist. Laurel leaned down and whispered something in her ear.

Jamie blinked and enjoyed Laurel’s scent, perfume and sweat. She blinked again when they leaned apart. None of the others even looked at them.

“OK,” she said, and finished changing. “I’ll catch you guys later.” Waving to their varied goodbyes and leaving her duffel, she trotted out of the dressing room.

She didn’t remember whatever Laurel had told her, but didn’t worry about it at all.

Maybe her blonde was still here.

There weren’t a lot of people left, and the woman wasn’t among them. Jamie widened her search, quietly hissing in frustration. If she didn’t score, then when she got bacl to the hotel Kim was in for a very interesting night, and probably some mild bruises and other boo-boos she’d be programmed not to notice tomorrow.

But there she was—Jamie’s blonde for tonight.

She was leaning against a car in the parking lot, ass against the door, holding her head. Jamie liked what she saw as she came nearer. The woman’s skirt wasn’t as short as that girl’s a few nights back—Kelly? Kristy, mmm Kristy—but it showed a lot of very nice thigh, above heeled boots that molded her calves up to the knee. She was slimmer than Kristy, making her look a delightful bit topheavy with those breasts.

“Are you all right?” Jamie’s soft question dripped concern.

“Umm. Yes.” The blonde shook her glorious hair and forced a smile. Her eyes were dark and very, very pretty. Jamie decided to study them carefully when she’d emptied them of thought. “I just—that stuff really gets me, you know? Watching people let themselves . . .”

“Why come, then?”

The girl crossed her arms, unconsciously displaying her breasts. “I don’t even know. It’s like I have to, or something. I’d say it’s like facing a fear, but—”

Jamie nodded, and inside she was licking the girl’s throat, hearing that.

“Wait—wow! You were one of her assistants! My god!”

Bowing a little, Jamie nodded again.

The girl stared at her excitedly. “God! I never would have gone up and asked one of you, but—”

“It’s OK.” Jamie smiled. I’d love to talk with you about becoming hypnotized.

Looking around, the girl pointed to a restaurant/bar across from the theater. “This is no place to chat. Can I buy you a drink or something? There’s just something I really wanted to ask.”

They didn’t say much until they were seated in the booth Jamie asked for. “It sounds like you’d rather have some privacy.”

The blonde, who’d said her name was Robyn, agreed. “I won’t go into why hypnosis—scares me as it does. But I’ve wondered if maybe stage assistants have or learn some way to resist it. I mean, just to be up there with someone like . . . her . . . I’d be a zombie before the first show was over.”

She looked at Jamie. “Or am I assuming things? Maybe you guys are hypnotized up there.”

Jamie considered. “No. Madame trained us all to be able to resist her voice and the standard inductions she uses. Plus, her inductions actually have keywords that help us stay alert.”

Robyn nodded, impressed. “Even while they’re putting us—I mean, the subject to sleep?”

“Ironic, I know.” Jamie didn’t react to the slip. “But it’s not foolproof. We still have to watch out for each other. If Kim saw me go under, say, she could signal Madame, and Madame would add a wake-up trigger for me. If I actually started obeying a command for a subject—she’d ad-lib.” Jamie grinned. “Luckily, she’s good.”

Robyn looked at her, feeling the peril.

Jamie held her eyes. “It really is hard, sometimes,” she said much more quietly. The fine-featured blonde leaned closer to hear it, offering her chest even more.

“Just so hard to fight Lorelei’s voice. It’s so soothing, like a lullaby, it just pours over you and relaxes you, and slows down your mind so you want to listen to what she says, making you sleepy but not letting you sleep . . .”

Robyn’s face lost expression, and her eyes were glazing over as the induction slipped into her.

“So easy to listen to what the hypnotist says, think what the hypnotist says, obey the hypnotist and let her voice just take control, so soothing, so pleasant, so very pleasurable.”

Robyn’s eyelids drooped and she caught herself, but Jamie kept droning on. Instead of snapping out of it, Robyn reflexively returned to paying attention to her, and was snared instantly.

“You felt it yourself tonight, Robyn. How soothing her voice is, how hard to resist, how easy it was for those people to surrender to it and obey the hypnotist. You dreamed of surrendering and obeying the hypnotist. You wanted to surrender and obey the hypnotist. Surrender and obey the hypnotist, Robyn . . .”

The blonde’s smooth lips were moving now. The bar’s door opened and the street noise swelled, but Robyn didn’t blink. Jamie kept murmuring, easing the new repetitive thoughts into her, and Robyn had at least surrendered to her, not resisting at all.

Jamie got a rush from seducing this woman’s mind in a roomful of people, but stayed focused on doing it.

“I have to submit and obey. Hypnosis is too strong. I’m too weak and sleepy. I have to submit and obey . . .” The mantra seemed to enthrall Robyn, so Jamie let her repeat it. She began to recite it with her to drum it into Robyn’s consciousness. In a little while, when she brought Robyn fully awake and then suggested the girl let herself be hypnotized, there’d be this to undermine her resistance. In the place’s steady clatter, no one noticed. No one broke Robyn’s spell.

Robyn herself broke the rhythm, introducing new words into her deepening chant. She wasn’t resisting. Other things, from the show and Jamie’s suggestions, were capturing her mind like breezes playing with a balloon, and Jamie let, watching Robyn’s mind bounce and float into trance.

The girl’s eyes were steady, unquestioning. She was a natural. If she’d gone onstage, Lorelei would have played her like a Stradivarius. Jamie chanted with her, and dreamed of what they’d do.

Jamie stared into Robyn’s eyes, repeating how much she needed to submit and obey and be hypnotized. It was barely surprising to learn that she couldn’t stop herself, and too seductive to whisper one repetition, then another, before she could spare some of her dwindling attention to worry about it.

Robyn had such dark, pretty eyes. So steady. Staring into hers.

Oh shit . . .

It was a lick on her pussylips. She’d lost control, and let herself be trapped in her own induction.

She was being hypnotized.


Jamie struggled to make herself stop reciting. But it was like masturbating: it felt too good and she needed it and being helpless to stop just made it better, easier, hotter. Harder to resist.

Even realizing that the link with jilling off was a new idea, that Robyn had suggested it and she had obeyed, didn’t rouse Jamie from the lovely compulsion. It didn’t matter that she was the only one chanting now. Robyn watched her, eyes focused and clear, and whispered new instructions that Jamie absorbed.

It all became more true as she said it. She didn’t remember if she’d implanted that while she’d still been in control, or if it was a wonderful new Robynthought she must think. But it was true.

Jamie tried, once, to remember why it was such an awful thing to have her own induction turned against her. Or even having a stranger control her mind. She couldn’t remember. She stopped trying.

She’d gazed into Robyn’s transfixing eyes for a while before she knew she’d gone quiet, too. Robyn had let her stop speaking. Jamie spent a breath being happy that Robyn felt she’d absorbed that last Robynthought correctly and made it part of her. Then her mind was quiet again.

“We’re going now,” Robyn said.

They were going now. Robyn told her what to leave for the bill and Jamie followed her out. Each step she took, she noticed, made her more obedient. She marveled at that, until they came to a car Robyn told her to get into. It wasn’t the same one Robyn had leaned against to be found, but Jamie didn’t think about that. Her mind was quiet.

As they drove, Jamie relaxed while Robyn spoke to her. She let herself enjoy the memory of being tricked and enslaved by her own victim: that was what she’d really wanted, Robyn’s voice instructed her, and it felt even better than being hypnotized itself. Robyn told her that if she ever started to want to disobey Robyn, or to escape, or remember something she hadn’t been told to, she’d feel this way, and let herself lose and submit and feel nice again.

Jamie whispered her obedience. She couldn’t imagine not wanting to do anything Robyn told her, but Robyn thought she must accept this. Jamie knew all Robynthoughts were true. She accepted it.

When they got where Robyn wanted to be and walked from the car, Jamie started getting more obedient again as they walked many more steps together. She stopped, feeling very very obedient now, outside an apartment. Instead of unlocking it, Robyn just waited, smiling faintly, until the door opened.

She led Jamie inside and turned to the one who’d opened the door.

Jamie felt a dull sense of déjà vu. The woman in this apartment was nude and collared, and stood still, looking into Robyn’s eyes without expression.

“Goddess,” she whispered.

“Go to your station and sleep, cary. If I need you, I’ll trigger you.”

“i obey, Goddess.” The short, curvaceous woman pivoted and walked past Jamie without reacting to her. She went to a corner of the living room, came to attention, and closed her eyes.

“There,” Robyn said. “Now to modify your behavior.” She stepped over to Jamie. “And some core beliefs. The night’s still young.”

Jamie waited for command. Part of her tried to be concerned, and to learn why her mind was so empty. But there was nothing left in it to think with.

“You will think for me,” she whispered to Robyn, knowing she was giving herself away.

Robyn grinned. “Still trying to use your mind? That won’t last, Jamie, and you’ll feel much better when you stop.


Realizing how much she wanted Robyn to see her naked, Jamie was out of her clothes quickly. There was more déjà vu about that, but Jamie was already learning not to let it tempt her to think. She was just happy that her body seemed to please Robyn.


It felt even better. She glanced at cary, asleep on her feet, and her thighs tensed pleasantly. It was good to know they both obeyed Robyn, and that Robyn was the only one really awake here.

Robyn reached up and took off her blonde hair, throwing the wig away with a moue of distaste. She ran her fingers through her own dark, almost boyishly short hair. Then she stepped out of the skirt and tossed it onto a chair with a bit more care than the wig. Her top came next, with the bra and breastforms.

Jamie knelt to the petite brunette who stood before her in a sheer thong, black boots, and an ominous smile.

“Maybe it’s something about blondeness itself,” Robyn commented. “But the people who follow them seem even easier to fool than normally.” She shrugged. “The blondes I’ve hypnotized don’t seem to know why.

“But in your case, Jamie, I’m pretty sure that’s not your fault. Not the helpless credulity, anyway.”

She raised a forefinger, then went off into the kitchen. “Where does she keep those—? Ah.” She reemerged with a glass of water, draining half. “Are you thirsty, Jamie?”

Jamie shook her head.

“Let me know when you are. I want you to stay hydrated.” She inclined her head toward cary. “No need to wake her just to serve. It complicates the tableau.”

She set the glass down and folded her arms. The gesture looked entirely different under her perky, handful-size breasts. “This won’t matter to you. Not later tonight when I send you off to do my will. Certainly not later in your service to me. I think you’ll be calling me ‘Goddess’ most of the time, and no one else around will be in any condition to worry or remember.”

Jamie reeled. Robyn had already made her feel fantastic by stealing her thoughts and making her more obedient. Now she was going to let Jamie be one of her worshippers. She wanted to touch herself, but Robyn was talking.

“But I’ll clarify something. I fibbed about my name. If you got spooked before I could control you, I didn’t want you to know it.

“robyn is a slave of mine; I’ve taken everything else she has, so I can use her name in vain.” Her smile became lighter. “Don’t worry, Jamie. robyn is as thrilled about that as you’re starting to feel.” She nodded as she saw Jamie respond.

“My name is actually Joss.”

Jamie nodded, staring at Joss’ slim body and wondering why she’d ever wanted to seduce a blonde.

“I took a risk, but I’ve been watching your Madame Lorelei for a while now. I finally figured what she was using you for, in particular. I wanted to get inside one of your pretty heads, but it was easier to hypnotize one of her buxom blondes afterward.

“Recycling Lorelei’s empties, if you will.”

Joss seemed resigned to spending her wit on mind-numbed hearers. Jamie vaguely wished she could laugh—it did seem funny, and she desperately wanted to make Joss happy. Instead she stared and listened.

“If you felt like a scavenger, Jamie, I was more of one.” She stepped over and crouched, her breasts close enough to lean over and suck. She touched the leather jesses that bound Jamie, though something blocked the thoughts Jamie suspected she was supposed to think about them.

Joss would think for her and then tell her how she felt.

Now Joss stood, her thighs smooth and tempting. “Anyway, I know I can do things to you tonight without hazard. I’m going to open up your mind and see what she’s done to it, and then I’m going to do things to it. One or the other of us will own you and use you after this, Jamie, and you’ll be too brainwashed to want a say in it.

“I admire Madame Lorelei. Her blonde thing leaves me a bit cold, at least the always aspect, but she may be experimenting. A single target may just be to give her obedient recruiter hypnobot”—she pointed at Jamie—“a simple task avoid confusion, limit the variables. Maybe I can ask her.

“I’ll want to have drinks with her. Before I do that, of course, I need a reliable little windup toy that she trusts completely, who can put something in her drink.”

She ran affectionate fingers through Jamie’s hair. “Cheating? Maybe. So what? I’m not above preparing the battlefield.

“I’m going to hypnotize a predator-mistress who as far as I know hasn’t been tranced by anyone but professors and a mentor or two. None of whom did anything underhanded to her. That’s not at all the same proposition as hypnotizing . . .” She cupped Jamie’s cheek.

“. . . say, a young woman she’s already mindsoftened into her slave, and trained to submit like an automaton. You really are a dangerous hypnobot when you have the advantage, Jamie. But you’re almost criminally susceptible to someone stealing your mind if they get you first.”

She peered down into Jamie’s wide eyes. “Though maybe it isn’t really your mind, much. Anymore.”

Joss turned away, and for a moment her tight ass mesmerized Jamie. “Come,” Joss said, and the command pulled Jamie to her feet.

In the bedroom, Joss had her lie on the bed, and knelt beside her. She put a cool palm on Jamie’s belly and then caressed her in slow circles. It wasn’t an induction. Joss was just enjoying her. Jamie relaxed and enjoyed it too.

“Yes,” Joss said. “I’m going to like owning you, Jamie. You won’t belong to me completely tonight. But soon.

“Look into my eyes, Jamie.”


Robyn was as pretty as she seemed. Jamie’d copped a feel, and her breasts were lovely.

She’d nearly succumbed, but too much had kept Robyn from letting herself be fully hypnotized: her own skittishness, the ambient noise, a couple of nearby conversations.

It had been worth a try, but she hadn’t panned out.

It was sad that she couldn’t bring another pretty slave back for Mistress before she was Hooded, but Mistress knew Her falcon always tried.

Jamie stared through the windshield and said it all aloud, feeling its truth. Her Mistress would suspect nothing—the story was synthesized from things that had really happened when girls had slipped from Her falcon’s talons. Joss had selected carefully and used Jamie to test them.


Robyn was as pretty as she seemed. Jamie’d copped a feel, and her breasts were lovely.

She’d nearly succumbed, but too much had kept Robyn from letting herself be fully hypnotized: her own skittishness, the ambient noise, a couple of nearby conversations.

It had been worth a try, but she hadn’t panned out.

Too bad about Robyn the bodacious, but with a touch and a whisper Kim would be her houri and the night was still young. If only she could get Laurel to let her apprentice . . .

Jamie stared through the windshield and recited, admiring its cleverness. One more reason to be happy Joss was thinking for her. It was too complex to understand, but Jamie just had to obey.



Jamie turned. Joss sat beside her behind the wheel, lithe and dark and not at all what Jamie thought she dreamed about. Jamie wanted to go to bed with her, though. A lot.

“Yes, Joss. I’m ready.”

“All right.” Joss reached up to touch Jamie’s cheek for a moment.

Jamie was programmed now, and would forget until events triggered her. She just knew that and didn’t need reassurance. Joss offered none.

She opened the door and stepped out into the night, seeing the hotel ahead.

The warm night breeze flirted with her, and took memory away with it. A car started behind her and drove off, and she didn’t bother to look.

Jamie whispered “I will obey” and then forgot it. She walked casually toward the hotel. With each step she took, she considered what she could make Kim do for her in bed.