The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Fall Of Women

by Alecta’s Shadow

Added 29 October 2022

Updated 31 October 2022

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A diabolical conspiracy simultaneously delivers a malicious app to the smartphones of all women worldwide, compelling them to seek a male master. Law student Audrey and her girlfriend Leah are horrified and begin to despair as women’s rights begin to unravel all around them. They plan to ask their trusted friend Reinhard for a nominal collaring, leaving the rest of their lives intact. Except, Reinhard has his own plans. And they are extremely detailed…

Chapter Length Added Updated
1 — A War In The Mind 4355 words 29 Oct 2022
2 — A Leathered Splendor 2477 words 29 Oct 2022
3 — A Tamed Gender 4863 words 29 Oct 2022
4 — A Certain Technique 2331 words 29 Oct 2022
Epilogue — A Fallen Woman 1884 words 29 Oct 2022 31 Oct 2022