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Fantasy Maker

Christina left the hot summer air outside and entered the restaurant with her parents, brother, and uncle. Although she typically wasn’t big on family dinners, at least this was a fancy restaurant with sectioned off private rooms and ornate murals decorating the walls and ceilings. Gleaming chandeliers swayed lightly as the group chatted away, Christina only interested in getting back home so she could catch up on her reading.

She stood back and waited silently behind her chatting mother and her uncle busily scruffing her brother’s hair, as her father went up to the man behind the counter.

“Frank Carpenter, we have a reservation.” Her dad said.

The attendant behind the counter flipped through a book and suddenly smiled. “Yes, we have you in one of our private rooms, please follow me.”

As the group started off, Christina felt awkward. She wasn’t talking with anyone and besides her mother was the only female in the group. That in and of itself wasn’t the problem, it was more the fact that like everyone else, she’d had to get dressed up for such a fancy restaurant. Christina despised dressing up especially as she’d had few options for what to wear. Visiting home from college hadn’t meant she packed a bunch of high class outfits. She mainly wore shorts or t-shirts, occasionally a pair of jeans. However none of these had been appropriate, explained her mother. So together the two of them had searched the clothing she’d left behind when she went away to college last year. After an hour of rejecting one thing after another, her mother finally conceded that only one dress was close to being right.

As the group walked by all the ordinary customers seated out among each other, the girl felt eyes on her and noticed several teenage boys watching her. She rolled her eyes at that and moved to the other side of her uncle. Unfortunately this didn’t stop the stares the girl received, as the college girl got even more looks from a couple of men twice her age. They all wore subtle grins on their face and she turned her eyes down, thankful they at least were headed to one of the small private rooms.

The dress her mother had found was from when she was a freshman in high school. Not only was it a bit outdated looking, it was just too small in many places. Most notably the chest was tight, Christina thought, even now as she walked shifting uncomfortably. Her breasts were nothing stupendous but they were C-cups and had developed late in her high school years. The dress had a fortunately higher neckline so it wasn’t that it showed too much, it just pressed in so tight her every contour was defined and grossly enhanced. In addition to the chest, this dress was a one piece so the waist and skirt were out of proportion also. She just knew that every step she took, her skirt was shifting until it felt like she’d worn a miniskirt to dinner. Not only had it originally been below her knees, it originally hadn’t been so thin. The fabric over the years had been worn and washed until it now looked almost see-through in certain lighting. On top of everything, her mother had insisted she wear heels, which only lifted her legs up even more, making her thin frame look taller.

As the group passed through a small alcove that separated the kitchen staff and front part of the restaurant, Christina attempted to pay more attention to the yellowed murals on the walls instead of the way men and boys seemed drawn to her young legs and full bust. She couldn’t stand family dinners and knew this was a big celebration for her father, but why did she absolutely have to be there at the meal? She could’ve congratulated him and her uncle on their new business partnership at home and spent the night reading or watching television.

“Here you are, please have a seat and your waiter will be in to check on you shortly.” The attendant said, opening a small door.

As everyone filed inside the small walled-off set of tables, Christina felt glad to be out of the prying eyes of those in the restaurant. The walk back to this room had felt like some sick parade where her body was the main float. Everyone else continued talking and laughing in light conversation as she sat down at the far end of the table, happy to have her legs go underneath the table where nobody could stare at them. As her father and uncle began discussing some business details, her mother leaned over and told her brother sitting next to her to stay on his best behavior and use the right silverware.

Christina ignored the conversation, instead distracting herself by focusing on the salt and pepper shakers. She pretended to be reading the labels or studying the basket of crackers beside them, occupying her mind until the menus arrived.

“Hello there folks. My name is Vince, and I’ll be your waiter this evening.” The man said, quietly entering the room and beginning to hand out menus.

Christina looked over, her eyes widening and her heart actually speeding up. Wow, the girl thought, what a hottie. She felt a little flushed as the incredibly cute waiter handed out menus to her mother and brother. He came to her and smiled right at her. She almost fell out of her chair as she leaned back and really studied his chiseled features. Vince seemed to be of latino descent, either that or he maintained a very natural looking tan complexion. He obviously worked out, as Christina had no difficulty making out all his bulging arm muscles beneath the white shirt he wore. He held the menu out and for a moment she did nothing, simply smiling at him in a way she probably hadn’t done in years.

“Christina honey, take the menu.” Her mother suddenly said, looking her way.

Shaking off her embarrassment, the girl reached out and took the menu, her fingers lightly brushing those of Vince. She mumbled out some kind of thank you and immediately looked right down, feeling her heart race slightly. It had been awhile since a man struck her in such a way. Sure, given the current attire she’d been forced to wear, Christina already had some sexual images floating in the back of her mind. But what she thought of when she saw Vince was downright pornographic.

Staring at the menu, she pretended to be reading it but actually kept picturing the buff form of Vince taking her into his arms. She imagined his lips on hers and could almost feel them. She imagined his hands on her body, holding her tightly, but strangely she couldn’t seem to stop imagining progressively more serious contact. Her belly clenched and she felt her thighs warm with the direction her mind was taking her. The conversation in the background seemed to fade away as Vince’s voice filled her mind. She fantasized about the man she’d only just met and suddenly felt a little better about coming to the restaurant with her family.

A few minutes passed and still Christina stared blankly at the menu, her fantasies really taking over her thoughts. She was a little stunned when someone tapped her on the shoulder and tore her away from her mind.

“Mom needs to know what you want to drink.” Jake, her little brother said.

Looking up from the menu, Christina realized he was back, the object of her daydreams. Vince stood behind her father looking at the girl. He held a pen in one hand and a pad in the other, everyone else at the table looking her way.

“Um... I’ll have water.” She said hoarsely.

Vince wrote down the drink order and looked back at the men seated next to the head of the table. “Thank you, I’ll have those sent right out. In a few minutes I’ll check and see if you’re ready to order.”

Christina hated to see Vince leave. He was so hot and just his being here made her hot. The private room had very good air-conditioning but even that couldn’t suppress the heat the college girl was feeling flow throughout her core. She went back to staring at the menu, her eyes only picturing the scenarios she played out in her fantasies with Vince, the hunky waiter.

When at last the water arrived, Christina was again lost in her fantasies. In them she was grabbed roughly by Vince. He tore at her clothes like an animal and groped away at her young body. She breathed heavy with her imagination running away. In her mind, the girl pictured Vince taking her right here in front of her family, doing her from behind like an animal, sliding his masculine body up against her and mounting her like a bitch in heat. She jumped and nearly threw her menu across the table as Jake tapped her on the shoulder again.

“What? huh?” She stammered.

Everyone was looking at her and she realized she’d actually let a small gasp out as Jake had gotten her attention. Looking at them and then over to Jake as he handed her the glass of water, Christina blushed and felt deeply shy all of a sudden.

“Are you okay honey?” Her father asked from the end of the table.

“Yes, yes I’m fine, sorry I guess I got distracted.” She mumbled, sipping from her water and wondering what was wrong with her.

Her fantasies seemed to be taking over, Christina thought. Never before had she been so unusually focused and aroused in public, especially around her parents. She tried to shake off the sensations and stare at the table, keeping her mind on dinner and not Vince who’d most likely return at any moment to take their orders. Unfortunately even the table made her break into daydreaming about the man she’d only just seen for the first time.

Christina clung to the cold water glass, sipping away slowly as she pictured Vince grabbing her and taking her over this very table. She could almost imagine the table shaking and the glasses spilling as the two of them rutted away like horny beasts, him sinking into her over and over, eventually flooding her hot body with his seed. Her legs, pressed tight together, couldn’t contain her desires as the young girl felt her face break out in a light flushed sensation. Her eyes were wide and her tight dress felt even tighter as Vince walked back in, pad in hand and pen at the ready.

“Okay everyone, do we all know what we want?” Vince said, casually looking at everyone.

As his eyes met hers, Christina licked her lips and gave him a sultry stare the girl wasn’t even aware she knew how to give. For several seconds the two looked right into each other’s eyes, Vince’s face sinking and suddenly appearing confused or sleepy. He slowly grinned back at the girl and Christina found her hands wandering up and resting lightly on her chest, her fingers toying with the high neckline. She tossed her hair forward so it framed her face and only added to the intensity of her focus. Never in her life had she been so sure about what was coming and she knew Vince was just as sure. It was her fantasy, she thought, her every wicked dream come true.

“Excuse me, hello.” Frank Carpenter said, trying to get Vince’s attention as he seemed lost in focus. He followed the waiter’s eyes and saw his daughter staring back with equal intensity. Something wasn’t right about that.

Vince allowed the pad and pen to drop from his hands, his body feeling suddenly immensely aroused and his mind telling him exactly what to do about it. He kept his eyes on the girl and made his way towards her, ignoring her family for the moment.

“I know exactly what I want.” He said, grabbing Christina and yanking her hard up out of her chair.

There was a mixed gasp as Vince groped Christina roughly, pulling her to him and squeezing her ass. He let his hands roam up and down her body, pulling her short dress up so he could study every milky white bit of her thighs and hips. He shoved her back so she sat with a thud on the table, her eyes only sparkling with the brutal force he used to show his dominance. Grabbing the young girl’s swelling cleavage tightly in his fists, Vince squeezed it so her tits both popped out into view, stretching her neckline into an obscene opening. As soon as her nipples were visible, another collective gasp went through those watching. Jake, the girl’s younger brother laughed and seemed entertained by the whole thing. Her father looked to be boiling over in anger, but none of them moved or did anything to stop what was happening.

Vince leaned over and sucked a hard nipple into his mouth, licking and biting lightly as Christina only moaned in pleasure. He lifted her legs on either side of him and stroked the smooth flesh, feeling her skin prickle with anticipation. Her face was focused like a predatory animal as she allowed him to fondle her openly, her tits actually heaving up and out with every deep breath the girl took. For a second or two, Vince and Christina stared into each other’s eyes, her mind replaying her fantasies come true.

In a sudden and violent move, Vince grabbed the girl by the hips and lifted her up rotating her entire body so she lay on her stomach over the table. He pulled her back towards him so she leaned over, her ass pressed against his prominent erection. As Christina braced her fists on the table, staring down at the knocked over basket of crackers and spilled salt and pepper shakers, Vince quickly ripped her panties off, actually tearing the delicate material completely in half. He flipped her thin dress up over her ass and grunted as he pressed into her. His pants were still on, but Christina could clearly feel how aroused and ready the waiter was. She grinned and bit her lip as she heard him lowering a zipper.

“OH, Oh yesssss...” The girl shrieked as Vince slammed his hips forward driving his cock all the way up into her guts. He slammed in so deep, she felt her stomach jump, her mind melting in pure unmatched pleasure. She’d never before experienced anything like what she did now. Her cunt was full and Vince seemed to like it that way. He began thrusting fast and hard, ramming the girl over the table. He crammed his dick at every angle inside her young cunt, reaching around and gripping her by her tits as they fucked.

Frank Carpenter stared, his face red, his blood boiling, as his only daughter was savagely fucked right in front of him. He felt he should tear the bastard off and give him a free trip to the hospital, but somehow he remained in his chair, watching. Beside him, his wife watched with strange fascination as Christina took the man’s huge dick way up inside her body, her mouth hanging open in one long guttural cry. Across from Frank, his brother watched with undisguised lust as the girl took quite a pounding, her tight little body really undulating and bending in sexual fulfillment as the waiter screwed her little brains out. Jake stared in complete amazement, his eyes never leaving his sister’s impressive tits as they bounced and shook below her. He wanted to reach out and just grab one of her dangling nipples but like the others found himself simply watching the enjoyment Christina was experiencing.

For a few minutes, Christina was silent, her mind focused on the driving force of Vince, filling her again and again with thick cock. Her cunt was battered over and over as her eyes blankly stared over at those of her family. This was her fantasy, she thought, and somehow it came true. The girl allowed Vince to rip at her dress, allowing even more of her full tits to escape, now swinging all over below her as he humped her like a dog. She didn’t care what people thought of her, she didn’t care what her family thought, all she cared about right now was having Vince fuck her little cunt until he filled it up with everything he had. Only then would her fantasy be complete.

Vince grabbed the girl by the hips and really began packing his dick into her. He slammed in faster and faster until the entire stability of the table seemed at risk. The two of them grunted and gasped with every blunt meeting of their middles. He grabbed Christina by the hair and pulled her up towards him, sinking his cock right up into her womb as he roughly grabbed at her tits. Instantly he began injecting her with sperm, shooting more than ever before as he flooded her insides to capacity and felt it begin to leak back out.

“Ohh oh yess, ooohh, wow.” Christina groaned as her belly felt so warm and full. She breathed heavily and almost felt ready to collapse as Vince held his cock inside her, holding her warm body against his.

Vince finally released the girl and pulled out, slowly tugging his pants back up. He looked at her as she collapsed forward, catching herself and leaning over the table. Her thighs were covered in thin streams of semen escaping her pussy. Her dress was ruined, ripped right down the middle in the front, each of her heaving tits moving slowly from side to side as she attempted to catch her breath.

Looking up, Christina stared right into her mother’s eyes and suddenly everything hit her. This was no fantasy, this had actually happened. She panicked, looking down and seeing her exposed breasts. She grabbed her torn dress and pulled it up over herself as she stood back, looking over at the fascinated stare in Jake’s face and the even more disturbing look in her uncle’s eyes. What had happened, she asked herself? How had this happened?

Without even looking back, Vince grabbed the pad and pen off the floor and took off out the door. Christina watched him go and suddenly became aware that his cum was leaking down her legs. She looked down and then back at her father’s angry face. What was going on, she questioned? Why was this happening to her?

“I trust you enjoyed that demonstration?” The older man said walking up behind the other who watched the closed caption television display.

The room was dark, only the light from the monitor exposing the men’s faces as they met. On the screen the family had broken in chaos, the girl seeming to sink embarrassed and humiliated back into her chair, the mother and father visibly arguing and the others simply watching what went on.

“How does it work, the process you described?” The one man asked.

“The process is actually more of a device. You see we placed the device under the table there. It could have affected anyone at the table, the fact that it seemed to affect the girl first is completely random. To answer how it works would violate our secrecy clause with those who invented it. Let’s just say it takes whatever daydream or innocent sexual scenario one’s mind might play out and causes it to come true in whatever way possible. Clearly our girl there had a thing for the waiter.”

“Amazing,” The other man said, still watching the screen as the family were all on their feet in heated discussion.

The older man lit a cigarette and stepped back grinning. “Yes, yes it is amazing. We call it the Fantasy Maker, and you can clearly see how this could be quite the investment for you. Its applications are limitless at this point.”

As the younger man stood and turned to his new business associate, he smiled and firmly shook his hand. “You’ve convinced me, I’m in. So what do we do next?”

Flipping on the dimly flickering office lights, the older man turned off the monitor and studied the younger man’s face appraisingly. “We do anything we want, that’s what we do next.”

Laughing, the two men left the office and headed down to the restaurant to retrieve the device that would make them both very powerful. This was just the beginning of something very lucrative and enjoyable for the both of them.

The End?