The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Hello. Today, I would like to talk to you about vampires, those fascinating creatures that seem to be all the rage once again.

These supernatural predators have manifested themselves throughout History in many forms. Of course, the most famous are the blood-sucking type because of all the lore and literature written about them. They’re usually portrayed as diabolical beings although, in recent times, many efforts have been made to humanize them a little, make them less scary and somewhat more alluring in the process but I prefer the classic tales myself—they simply had more charm to them!

But there are also other kinds of vampires that people usually don’t talk about, for instance, those that feed exclusively off the fluids of sexual rapture. They like to stalk young couples, drawn by their pheromones and lust, lurking in the shadows until the moment is ready to strike. They’re quite vicious but their numbers have dwindled considerably so, most likely, you’ll never have to worry about being attacked by one.

I could go on babbling forever about all the species and sub-species, but I’ll speak only of one other type, my favorite of them all.

These vampires have none of the traits and weaknesses usually associated with the word. They don’t have fangs, don’t turn into bats or smoke, and certainly aren’t afraid of the sun! They’re regular people in every aspect except one. They can attack from a distance and they slowly take control of their preys by absorbing the mental energy required for simple, innocent tasks like clicking a mouse button or taking the time to read a short story such as this one.

Thanks for the meal.