The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Goddess Kandie

The succubus stretched her dark wings, an inviting finger heralding the most delicious of temptations. As her legs parted, fresh pussy juice squirted at her horned feet.

“This is hot!” Jackson muttered, one hand fighting furiously against a stubborn zipper, and the other meandering across the desk looking for an elusive vial of lube. He was so aroused he lost both battles quite easily, finally succumbing to the need to stroke like an uncontrolled madman. The friction on the jeans burned the tip of his fingers, but he did not care. He had to cum for her.

“That’s it, baby... give me all you got! Stroke yourself silly for your Underworld Goddess!” The supernatural vixen demanded. Her voice was as sexy as ominous, a slight reverb effect echoing in the distance as if it were coming straight from the fiery pits of Hell. The vanilla scented candle behind his desk went out as she hissed, plunging the bedroom into mesmeric darkness. Jackson pumped, and pumped, and pumped, unable to stop.

It was nothing short of amazing, really. He had only discovered this porn star the week before, and he was already addicted to her clips. The curvaceous Double D bombshell that went by the stage name of Goddess Kandie played every role to perfection, but she felt more at ease going beyond the borders of reality. Her vampire persona was more magnetic than any of Dracula’s sensual brides, her original latex clad super villainess made every comic book geek squirm with delight, but her demon in female form was echelons above anything else, the only creature of the night worthy of his oblation.

“Your time is running out...” She smirked. “And when you cum, you will eat your seed for me, and revel in the fact that you no longer have any control over your actions. You will be my slave for eternity.”

“Hmmm... yes...” He moaned, fingers slipping on the shaft. Almost there, the fountain of ecstasy ready to explode.

“CUM! Now!”

Jackson’s chair spun and so did his mind. He fell backwards on the floor, scaring his cat away. The laughter that followed was of a junkie who had just gotten his fix.

“Well played, Goddess Kandie. Well played.”

He got up and looked at the spiraling stain on his trousers. A messy sight, but worth it. Of course, there was no way he was going to go through with her final command. That is where the fantasies ended, and his unshakable masculine pride began.

A single drop of semen landed on his right index, shimmering with an otherworldly light. Jackson glanced at it. Hanging at the tip of the nail, it was like a mountain climber caught in a fierce blizzard, hanging desperately to his life. He tried to stop the fall, but it was too late. The spherical blob lost its grip, oozed in free fall across the room. It landed on the wooden boards with an impossible splash, and so did his rational thoughts.

His deflated penis pulled his legs to the floor, the laws of gravity took care of the rest. Jackson kneeled, half-open mouth dying for a new meal, wiggling tongue pushing through the dirt and grime.

He gobbled his spurt. It was divine. And there was plenty more from where that had come from.

Had he looked at the computer at that precise moment, he would have seen Goddess Kandie weaving fire sigils on the screen, an incantation to break the threshold between spiritual and physical worlds. Playing the part of a human sex worker was fun, indulging on her true mystic nature, even better. Men were so easy to play with, flesh suggestion boxes waiting to be filled by whatever addiction she saw fit. Mindless cum guzzler was just the first of the many irresistible transformations she had planned for him.