The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Diana and Frank sat in front of one another, eyes locked. She exuded unnatural confidence from the top of her head to the bottom of her nine-inch stilettos. He was trying his best to maintain his composure and not tremble like a frightened schoolboy. It wasn’t enough.

Silence had been going on for a while. “Too long,” he thought. “Not long enough,” she smirked. The waiting game was fun, especially for her. And yet, human patience has limits, a balance must be struck at all times. If she said nothing, he would spiral down into despair and that was not part of the plan.

“So...” She crossed her legs, the shredded pantyhose tantalizing him with an impression of her wet sex. “Do you want me to put you in a deep hypnotic trance?”

“Y-yes.” He mumbled. The fetish embarrassed him and so did his hard-on. It was too late to back away though.

“Do you want to absorb my commands like a human sponge and become totally powerless to resist them?”


“Do you want to lose all inhibitions and have a whole new set of kinks permanently imprinted in your weak mind?”


“Do you want me to use you and abuse you while under, and be forced to kneel naked in my presence while I put my vast collection of toys to good use one after the other?”


“Do you want my lady friends to come on over and do the same to you until we either have enough or you simply run away crying because you’ve had enough?”


“Do you want me to do all these things to you right now?”

“God... Yes! Fuck, Di! Yes means yes! How many times do I have to say it? You’re such a tease... please, just do it already!”

“Oh, but why should I? It’s so much better to see you beg for my control... I gave you a taste of what’s in store, now it’s your turn. Make me happy. Go on... Beg! Beg for more!”

Frank whimpered. He should have been more careful revealing his darkest fantasies to his baby sister. As he rushed to his knees, he knew there would never be any more secrets between them.