The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Friendly Ghost

Karl woke up from a dream only to be greeted by the most unexpected of sights. A once raven-haired woman hovered next to his bed, cheeky smile marred by the transparency of everything else.

“Y-y-o-o-u’r-r-r-e-e… a-a-a… g-g-g-gho….”

“… ghost?” She completed. “Yes, I am. Thank you for noticing even though I already knew that. Don’t worry, I’m friendly,” she smiled before adding. “Unless you call me Casper.”

“Y-o-o-u… l-l-o-o-k… f-a-m, f-a-m-iliar…” he continued to stammer, a mix of fear and half-sleepy muscles exacerbating the speech impediment.

“I do? Not surprising. I used to live a few blocks from here so it’s possible we ran past one another on the street sometime or something like that. Sorry to barge in but your dream was so delicious that I had to.”

“W-w-h-a-a-t… d-d-o… y-y-o-u… w-w-a-n-t-t?” He pulled the bed sheets upwards, the white linen covering most of his face as if he were a ghost, too.

“Honestly?” She moved to the other side of the bed. “I’m feeling to fucking horny right now that I would love to take over your body and force you to jerk that cock for my entertainment. But like I said, I’m friendly, and I’m also polite so what do you say, big boy? Do I have your permission to turn you into my flesh puppet for a few hours?”

“Fuck yeah!” He gloated, cheeks turning red after the realization that one of his innermost fantasies was about to come true.

“Look who stopped stammering. It’s amazing what a little arousal can do, huh? You’re sweet, so I’ll be sweet, too. I promise you won’t even know I’m there. Open wide!” she grinned.

Karl’s wet lips parted, creating a miniature vacuum eager to suck in everything living and dead but she chose another hole. The night was long and full of cum. He ate most of it.

Two weeks after her visit, his memories of the event are as hazy as they can be, a fragmented web of illusions words aren’t able to describe. The friendly ghost kept her promise, at the expense of a permanent lock on his soul. He’ll never know she’s still there.