The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Creative Writing

Creative writing. For years, I struggled against the idea of attending a course, convinced I knew all there was to know about words and the proper ways to use them. Yet, as time went by and ideas began to dwindle, I realized my mistake and took the chance to seek out new ways of expressing myself. I was the first to sign up for Deborah’s classes and that changed my life.

She was really something: attractive beyond comparison and an exceptionally talented writer. I had never seen a more committed person to her craft. The exercises in character creation and plot development I learned from her opened up new avenues of inspiration and, despite hating intense scrutiny, it was always a thrill to have her read my papers and correct my flaws on the spot. Whenever she looked at me with her piercing brown eyes and told me I needed to fix this and that, I could never argue anything to the contrary. I guess I did not want to, really.

The final exercise of the course consisted of writing a short story using all the techniques at our disposal. Feverishly, I embraced the challenge, and came up with something different from everyone else, a piece slightly erotic in nature. I was not sure it would do the trick, but I hoped it would.

A couple of days after submitting the story, she called me to her private office, greeting me with a scorching gaze that made my heart skip a beat.

“I have just finished reading your work,” She began, “And I have to say I was quite surprised with it. I never had anyone produce a hypnotic femdom tale before! I enjoyed it immensely, but I found something strange. As I was reading it, I could swear that the leading female character was just like me and that the helpless victim she ensnared was a carbon copy of you but, in the end, it is all a fantasy, right? Even if we both wanted it to become true, I could never take control of your subconscious mind by locking your eyes in mine (or could I?). If you were to stare deep and attentively into my eyes... deeper and deeper... would you feel the haziness of trance slowly wrap around your thoughts, causing you to want to follow my lead, no words, no desires, nothing but the sound of my voice deep inside your mind? It could not be that easy, right?”

It could. It was. It was happening just like I had envisioned it. Even the words she was using to ensnare my thoughts were an adaptation of mine. I had only one chance to get away...

... but I let it pass me by as the written fantasies came alive. Transfixed, I found myself drawn to the call to slavery and, if you are still following these lines and smiling sheepishly without knowing why, that can only mean one thing: You are next! You will look for her website, you will sign up for her most expensive course, and you will sink into her lessons just like I did. If you are lucky, she may realize how weak you are, capture your mind, and make you her little horny bitch, too. You will love it, trust me. It is not like you will have a choice not to.