The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Before Dessert

Her skin was a paradise of ink where dragons played with unicorns, bar codes emerged from a sea of spiraling chains and black and white flowers bloomed between rainbow-painted toes. The most curious design was on her back though, rows upon rows of melting candles, each one slightly different than the others.

Readying the tattoo machine for another iridescent masterpiece, Harold admired his client’s exposed epidermis and asked:

“Is there a story to this set?”

“Plenty...” Jacqueline replied, open smile gracing her cherry lips. “... but only one that matters.”

“I would love to hear it.”

“One for each birthday of mine.”

He laughed. The beautiful bubble-gum-haired girl with more piercings on the left ear than the right couldn’t be more than twenty-years old, but the lit torches staring back at him reached the hundreds.

“Three-hundred and thirty-two, to be exact.” She hissed as if she had read his mind. “And, yes, I’ll be wanting another one... before dessert.”

“Mother of God!” He cried when he noticed the piercing canines glisten inside her half-open mouth.

“Neither of them was invited to this party. You’re the lucky one. Now please hurry up.”

Lavish blue eyes burrowed into his soul...