The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Long Ride

“When we met, did you ever think we would end up like this?”

It was an overplayed question, a cliché Luke had heard so many times before, yet the more she said it the more he loved the repetition game. Mandy smiled and the cute little freckles on her cheeks smiled too as her voice faded into a whisper to go for another round.

“When we met…” she continued at a slower pace. “…did you ever think…” her slanted green eyes looked down at him. “… we would end up like this?”

“Yes… and no,” he thought or, at least, he thought he thought… God, thinking about thinking is hard when you’re not used to thinking at all! A lock of rose gold hair massaged the back of his neck.

“When we met…” he panted, warm creamy liquid dripping from his lips. “I thought… we would end up in bed together sooner or later but not that I…”

“… would suck a big black rubber cock instead?” She giggled. “It’s funny how things work out, isn’t it?”

“I am under your control...” Luke justified himself, aching tongue in perfect sync with his engorged lips.

“You certainly are,” she thrusted the phallus deep inside his throat. “but the sixty-four-million-dollar-question is…”

“When… mffff… am I… mfff… not?”

“Not only you know all the answers but all the questions, too,” Mandy concluded. “Just the way I like it… Three, two, one… wake up.”

Luke blinked, his once distant visage becoming focused again. The sound of angry horns all around reminded him he was still stuck in traffic next to his twin sister, the hypnodomme. The gear stick of the Land Rover Freelander they were in was covered in slob.

“Did I…?” he tried to ask.

“Of course not.” Mandy lied, wondering if her new shade of purple lipstick would look good on him next time.

It was going to be a long ride to their mother’s house.