The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

No Matter What Happens…

“No matter what happens, always remember the mission. You are our only...”

Hope. The voice of Samantha’s mother echoed in her ears as she walked towards the center of the once derelict building, ghostly lights illuminating the winding pathway. She repeated the words to herself to remain focused, something that was getting increasingly difficult now that she was in the heart of the enemy.

“No matter what happens, always remember...

The mission. How could she forget? The Order of Hakat had taken everything from her family. Land, titles, reputation... She had trained for this moment all her life. Their ideals of Female Supremacy were nothing more than twisted machinations of a soul-devouring demon. The false Goddess that claimed to be its embodiment had to die and return Darkness to where it belonged. That was her fate, regardless of consequences.

The corridor ended in a pivoting marble door that slid open as she approached. Beyond the threshold, stood a wide rectangular division punctuated by an improvised throne and a skylight bathing it with blood moon glow. Of all the people that had taken the mantle of High Priestess in the past, Rebecca was the first to forgo any security detail such was her confidence that no harm could befall her.

Samantha half expected to see her sitting regally, right hand holding her chin, sensual gaze beckoning her in. Instead, the dark redhead hid behind the corner of her eye, purple cape dress flowing over her slender legs.

“And you are...?” She purred.

“My name is Francine. I hail from the European Branch. I have come purposely to meet you, Mighty Priestess, so you can lead us and Hakat to undying victory.”

“Is that so? Not a new acolyte then but an old one who has finally seen the truth?”

“Yes, that is exactly what I am.” Samantha replied. A gust of wind swept her long black hair and though she couldn’t see them, she felt Rebecca’s impossible dragon wings descending over her.

“I like the sound of that. Do you like the sound of my voice?”

“It is very enticing.”

“That is the first truthful thing you have said since walking in. Turn around and look at me.”

“No matter what happens...” She thought. “No matter what happens...”

Samantha spun in her heels to face the all-powerful Priestess. Immediately, corrupted jet-black eyes pierced her thoughts and pushed her to her knees. All preparations shattered in the face of true power. “No matter what happens... no matter what happens...”

“What do we have here?” Rebecca grinned. “A mantra? Are you trying to remember something that should never be forgotten? True acolytes only keep their owner’s words in mind, not someone else’s. You are a liar, ‘Francine’, but even liars learn new ways and can hope to become whole again. Hakat speaks through me and she wants a word with you.”

“No matter what happens...”

“No... matter what happens....”

“No... mat...ter what... happ... ens...”

Mistress comes first. There is nothing in this world and the next more important than carrying out her bidding. Her will is your will. Her enemies are your enemies. All must be brought to heel, forced to accept their natural inferiority, starting with your treacherous family who tried to keep you away from the euphoria of enslavement.

Time to serve.