The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Birthday Present

Ten were the reasons Steve’s cousin invoked to convince him not to call a hypnodomme on his birthday. As stubborn as he could be, he ignored them all.

Nine were the minutes he was on hold, waiting for Mistress Tatiana to answer. The wait was annoying but, at least the background music was pretty.

Eight were the times he yawned until he finally heard her voice. He counted them out of boredom and promised never to do that again.

Seven were the instances of the word “imagine” she used in the first minute of their conversation. He lambasted himself for breaking his earlier promise, but the harm was already done.

Six were the finger snaps he thought he heard as she giggled gently. He wasn’t really sure, and that was a good thing.

Five were the blinks after the snaps, each one taking longer than the one that came before, as if his eyelids were being slowly covered in honey. The impression was sweet, the feeling even sweeter.

Four were the common words she asked him to think about, though she gave new meanings to all. Her definition of ‘pleasure’ was unique, and it surprised him to never have looked at things that way.

Three were the passing references to gifts she would love to get even though it was his birthday, not hers. He didn’t hesitate to offer them all, and she gladly accepted.

Two were the permissions given to stroke as she began the awakening process. Whether slow or fast, they were both enjoyable.

One dollar was how much he remembered paying for the wonderful session. The other nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine were and will always be irrelevant.

Zero were the orgasms he had for an entire year after they said goodbye. He never complained.

And now, if you’re thinking everything you’ve just read was but a ruse, a not-so hidden countdown to put you under and ultimately control your sexuality, let me assure you everything was true...

... except the fact Steve had a cousin.