The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

Time to…

Of all the things Matt Dawson thought he would do that Wednesday morning upon, having his tongue stuck on the water cooler was not one of them. He had arrived early to catch up on some delayed paperwork so at least no one was watching. Well, no one except his boss who had the same idea and was standing right behind him, happily chirping on the phone.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it worked!”

“What worked?” He thought. Surely that couldn’t have been anything else other than a freaky accident unless... no, what were the odds of that?

“What else can you tell me, Karen?” His boss continued.

Karen? As in Karen Donovan? Oh, shit! He had gotten rid of her ages ago, or so he believed. Every man has an ex-girlfriend in his life he would rather forget, and she was his, a cute brunette who spent most of her college days studying hypnosis, NLP, and other conditioning techniques. He had been her unwilling subject on multiple occasions, his thoughts rewired to accept the strangest things as true. He felt a sudden pang on his ass cheeks as he remembered the moment, she told him to insert a butt plug for her amusement. It was the first of many, much to his shame. As the months went by in their relationship, she discovered more and more layers of a closeted sadism dying to get out and when it did...

His current boss—Melinda Haynes—was the opposite of her. Professional to the core, stern but fair. Though she ran the Department with an iron fist, following her lead was always an agreeable experience. Not once he felt threatened by her natural Alpha femininity but now he did for Karen infected everything she touched with her mellifluous voice and if she had told her some of his dormant triggers...

“Is that so?” Melinda laughed. “I never thought he would be the type to do that but... Yes, he’s still frozen. It’s hilarious, really!”

So it was true! His unfortunate predicament was no accident but the result of a lingering post-hypnotic suggestion still haunting his mind. With it, a stream of past mantras came rushing in and questions... oh, so many questions...

How were they talking on the phone? How had they met? What would she tell Melinda next? Would he be able to fight the programming from taking over again? Probably not seeing such a simple trigger had already caused so much damage. Was he doomed to become a hypnotic puppet again?

“P... plea...” he tried to mutter, an honest and desperate beg muzzled by the ridiculousness of it all.

“Unfreeze!” Melinda commanded, and he fell backwards, like a turtle flipped on its shell. “Now freeze again!”

He did, no resistance whatsoever. Despite her boss being twenty-years older than his ex, their voices were very similar. How come he hadn’t noticed that until that day? Fuck!

“You know, that’s not a bad idea,” Melinda laughed again as if she had read his mind which, given the whole situation, perhaps wasn’t that far off from the truth. She turned his way and tapped her left foot on the floor. “Unfreeze, stand up, and follow me, pet!”

Pet. Such a delicious word that melted his innards more than he consciously admitted. He had been a pet once, silver collar around his neck, a lovely stainless-steel cage tucked away in a corner of Karen’s dorm room. Her friends loved the way he licked their toes and whined for attention when they walked away. Pet. He was a... he was a...

Silence. All ideas fading from his mind. Pets had no thoughts. The gift of consciousness was reserved to humans and Melinda was the only one in the company. Pets followed their owners and obeyed their commands. It would do as it had been told.

It entered her office, and it smiled as she closed the blinds and locked the door on the inside. “Kneel,” she demanded, and it complied. She rubbed her tight blue skirt on its aching nostrils, swollen cock defying her orders yet still submitting. Pre-cum dripped on to its gray pants. It should get rid of them, anyway.

Melinda sat in her favorite chair and opened her legs far and wide, the silky voice of the hypnotist on the other end of the line, prompting the inevitable outcome.

“Let’s put that tongue to good use,” she smirked. “Time to...”