The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Your Favorite

The four friends gathered around an old calendar, three of them in complete ecstasy at the pictures before them while the other one bit his nails, thinking there was something awfully wrong going on.

“Look at this shit!” Victor pointed out, half-empty beer can in hand. “She’s perfect!”

“Miss February? Give me a break!” Andrew retorted. “Anyone that isn’t a cross-eyed insurance salesman, knows she doesn’t hold a candle to Miss June! I mean, what can be better than THAT ass?”

“Bah,” Victor grumbled, rotating the picture to get a closer look. Before he had a chance to, Jay snatched it from his hands and drooled all over Miss September’s latex-clad tits.

“You’re both insane, but you already knew that, right?”

“You and your redheads...” Andrew rolled his eyes. “Black all the way, baby!”

“What about you, Luke?” Victor queried, beer foam dripping from his scarred lips.

“Huh?” The last man of the group blinked, the unmistakable feeling of disconnection still present in his troubled mind. “Did you say something?”

“What’s your favorite? Remember, there can be only one!”


“Come on, don’t leave us hanging!” Jay insisted. He had never seen his best friend so gloomy, and that was never a good sign.

“I don’t know.” Luke blurted.

“How can you not know?” Andrew looked at him with visibly infuriated eyes. “Come on, buddy. Twelve gorgeous women over here, but you can only get one in the sack. Which one is it? It’s Miss June, right? It has to be!”

“Guys...” Luke tried to articulate his thoughts coherently. “... just one question...”

“Yes?” The other three asked in almost perfect unison.

“When did we find this calendar? Because I don’t remember it at all. Do you?”

Victor laid down the empty can and scratched his head while the other two looked at each other, quizzically.

“Now that you mention it...” Andrew noted.

“... I don’t remember it, either.” Jay completed.

“And you know what that usually means, right?” Luke sighed.

They did. There was a name for strange memory phenomena, and it was Mandy, Luke’s sister and one of the most deviant hypnotists in the business. Playing with their heads at any given opportunity was what she did best. He was sure she had done it again.

“I’m not hypnotized.” Victor shrugged, though he was not the most appropriate person to admit such a thing. Everyone still remembered the day when he had shown up for poker night, wearing nothing but his birthday suit. He still didn’t believe that had happened, despite seeing countless photos and videos to the contrary.

“The last thing I remember is us watching the football game...” Luke continued.

“Me too.” Andrew nodded. “Fuck, is your sister in the house?”

“Let’s find out. Mandy!”

As if she had been there all along, Mandy’s silky voice ringed in her brother’s ears. She sat on the sofa between him and Jay who had always had a soft spot for her luscious breasts.

“Hi. What are you looking at?”

“You tell me. Did you do something to us?” Luke grumbled.

“When have I ever done anything to you guys?”

“How about all the time?” Andrew replied, he too now more agitated than usual.

“Don’t pretend you don’t love it.” She batted her curved eyelashes at him.

“You didn’t answer my question, sis.”

“Oh, fine!” She snapped her fingers. “Which one is your favorite now?”

Awakening from their altered state of mind, the four of them looked in disgust at the pictures of an Australian rugby team leaving nothing to the imagination while she laughed.

“Gross!” Victor spat beer all over the sofa.

“Hmmm... Can we pretend not to talk about this ever again?” Andrew buried his head between his shoulders.

The deafening silence that filled the room told him everything he needed to know.