The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

I Need to Fuck My Cousin

I need to fuck my cousin. I need to. Fuck her in the master bedroom, curtains wide open for all neighbors to see. Fuck her on the kitchen counter, pointy knives left to abandonment, eager to draw blood in the throes of our passion. Fuck her in the bathroom, ass bent over the toilet, shower on spewing water all around. Fuck her on the black carpet by the living-room until it becomes white. I need to fuck her.

I need to fuck her so badly and have her fuck me, too. Fucked in the porch by her twenty-inch black cock. Fucked in the doghouse, silver collar choking my thoughts. Fucked in the basement where the old toolbox finally gets to have use. Fucked in the park under the shocked gaze of our parents. I need it! God, I need it so much!

I didn’t always need it. At least, I don’t think I did but if she says otherwise, I... my cousin is so smart, so beautiful, her eyes are like rare pearls swimming in an ocean of bliss. She made a poet out of me by having me stare and relax, our breathing in perfect sync. I love her. I worship her. It is the right thing to do. Nothing feels better than worshipping her except... fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

I need to fuck her. I need to. I need to fuck her now, and not one of those pitiful fucks that come faster than the blink of an eye. No, it needs to be a long, drawn out, and rough fuck, a fuck with all capital letters, a super-sized, gigantic, out-of-control FUCK! Fuck her like she has fucked my mind to be what she needs me to be, pet, slave, bitch, furniture. I need more of her. So much more. More than the Universe can handle, another Big Bang in the making.

I need to fuck her by the freezer, ice cubes dripping on my flaming cock. I need to fuck her in the back of my car, hood wide open, cold rain on my drooling tongue. I need to fuck her in the supermarket, cereals laced with cum for the perfect breakfast. I need to fuck her in the theater because all romantic comedies need more porn, not less. Denise? Denise? Where are you? Come here, please! Play me silly one more time and let’s fuck.

Fuck me in front of your friends while you laugh at my insignificance. Fuck me in the garage using the hose as a rope. Fuck me with all the fruit I hate, there’s a pineapple in the bag. Fuck me without ever touching me, electricity coursing through my veins. Fuck me, please! Fuck me! FUCK ME!

What? No, I... Yes, I understand. It’s wrong to make demands, to even suggest I’m ordering you to do anything. I wouldn’t do that, I... I’m just so horny, and desperate, and dying to be trampled until my brain lays squished on the ground. I... Yes, Denise. You’re a Goddess. Believing anything else is a sacrilege. I pity those that still haven’t seen the beautiful light in your eyes.

Yes, Denise, I think my friend Peter is hot, too. Yes, Denise, I’m sure he’ll love to meet you, and play with us over the weekend. Yes, Denise, I’ll blow him off for you if that makes you happy. The only thing that matters to me is making you smile. Even a dumb slave like myself always remembers that. Yes, Denise, I’ll make the call right away. I will obey.