The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

Twenty-One Days

Unlike her closest friends, Lena never smiled. Prone to episodes of depression that could last from just a few hours to several weeks in a row, she saw Life as a constant parade of disillusions. Everything was a drag, there was no fun anywhere around. She had tried therapy before, but nothing changed. Her last doctor told her it was because she was unwilling to become a better version of herself, so she flipped him off, returned to her flat and sat down, whining. For over a month, she did nothing noteworthy, mind wandering in labyrinths of self-pity, contemplating the void as if it were the only way out. When the first thought of suicide became more than a whisper in the night, something exploded inside her brain. She called her sister Agnes asking for advice. What she got was not what she expected.

“Femdom Hypnosis? That’s a joke, right?”

“No joke, sis. You need to feel empowered once again and I have just the thing you need. I’m sending you a file. Listen to it twice a day for at least twenty-one days and your thoughts will change. Trust me.”

“Is this something you’ve tried already? Because it feels so... weird.”

“Yes, I’ve tried it and it did wonders for me and my marriage. It’s only weird if you believe it to be. Don’t. Just open yourself to the possibility for me, okay?”

“Yeah, sure... whatever.”

“Sent. Now open your email and go listen to it.”

Lena did as she asked. The 15 minutes .mp3 was entitled Dominant and the artist’s name behind it was a mysterious Mistress S. A brief description attached to it read: become the Goddess you were always meant to be. The world is waiting to kiss your feet.

“Okay then,” she shrugged, unconvinced. Her knowledge of hypnosis was sketchy, but the tropes were familiar. She knew she needed to find a comfortable position, so she snuggled in bed, cocooned by the warm duvet. She knew she needed to focus, so she closed her eyes even before the recording played. She knew she needed to listen closely, so she emptied her mind and her senses as much as she could so that the warm voice seeping through the headphones became the center of her world. A soft arpeggio echoed in the distance as the mysterious Mistress S. welcomed her into the depths of her own mind.

Lena slept like a baby for the first time in ages, lulled by the looping triggers that were a source of energy, strength, and sexual liberation. Dominant. Dominant. Every time she heard the word Dominant, she was to become just that. A Dominant controls her emotions. A Dominant irradiates charisma. A Dominant sees despair as an opportunity to grow stronger. A Dominant enjoys herself and the company of those helplessly drawn to her. A Dominant is always a woman. Men are slaves. Men are pets. Men are possessions. Men should serve at a Dominant’s feet.

The last suggestions felt awkward at first almost as if they had originated from another recording and added to that one at the midnight hour, but she accepted them. The first night was amazing. The second, pure bliss. The third, beyond words.

Twenty-one days later, Lena bought all of Mistress S’ online catalog. Twenty-one days after that, inspired by everything she had heard and felt, she made her first hypnotic recording and called it Dominant Feet. Another twenty-one days have passed since then and now she is speaking with Agnes on the phone again.


“You were right, this is amazing. I finally discovered my true calling.”

“I’m glad to hear that. No more sadness for you then, I hope.”

“Never again.”

“Good. What are you doing right now?”


“For what?”

“I’ve been playing my recording on the building’s speaker system for a while.”


“I already have three men kneeling by my door waiting for the chance to worship my feet but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of more. Feel like coming over and have fun?”

“I thought you would never ask.”

Lena has plenty of reasons to smile now. It will be a kinky Sunday.