The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

Lacey leaned against the bedroom wall, a golden key dangling from her neck. Sitting across from her, both hands buried in his dark brown hair was Jim, her boyfriend-turned-servant. He was on the verge of tears.

“Please...” he begged.

“Please what?” She made the key twirl, heightening his despair. “Speak up!”

“Please, Mistress Lacey, I need to cum!”

“Need to or want to? There’s a difference, you know?”

“I need to... Please, it’s been so long!”

“How long?”

“Sixteen days, Mistress.”

“You call that a lot?” She scoffed, blood red fingernails tracing her warm, inviting breasts. “Denise’s husband has been locked for two-and-a-half months and not once did he whine like you’re doing right now. Are you telling me he’s a better man than you? Because we can’t have that, can we?”

“No, Mistress, but I thought...”

“Ah yes, that old vice of yours that keeps creeping in. Everything is better when you don’t think but it’s obvious you need a reminder so... eyes on me.”

Jim raised his weary eyebrows to confront the green pools of seduction shimmering in her gaze. It always started with them, the perfect invitation to yet another unforgettable delight.

“So you want to cum tonight? How badly do you want it? How far are you willing to sacrifice and humiliate yourself for the chance of release? It’s easy to say you’ll do ‘anything’ unless ‘anything’ involves something you don’t like so don’t. Instead of saying ‘anything’, make a stand for yourself by showing me you’re willing to do ‘something’ you didn’t consider before, ‘something’ that can grow into ‘something’ else to give you the liberation you so desperately crave. How desperate are you? Desperate enough to be hypnotized by this key?

“Because I’ll do it, you know? I’ll use it to distract your conscious mind and capture what truly matters, those tiny intervals between awareness or non-awareness, the root of true self. I’ll hypnotize you with this key, twisting it and turning it inside your droopy mind. Wouldn’t it be simply divine to cease all tribulations, to let yourself go? This key can open all doors that matter and close the ones you don’t need for good.

“Tell me: do you need a door that says Free Will? No, you don’t. Do you need a door that says Independence? No, you don’t. Do you need a door that says Dominance? No, why would you when Submission is so much more satisfying? Time to close what’s irrelevant, time to forget how to open what no longer suits you. You can simply stay locked in. Yes, locked in perpetual obedience, locked in feverish enslavement, locked for your Owner. Cumming is selfish. Deny yourself for me, let my ‘no’ become the only ‘yes’ you’ll ever hear. You do not need to cum. I repeat you do not need to cum. What exactly is it that you need from me?”

“Anything but cumming...” he muttered.


“It’s only been sixteen days. That’s not good enough.”

“You’re right, it isn’t. You should give Denise’s husband a run for his money.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Six months minimum, here we go,” she smiled as she pocketed the key.