The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

Burn the Ice

When the lights of the pavilion were turned on all at once, Angela couldn’t contain an exclamation of surprise:

“You actually pulled it off!”

Feeling quite proud of himself, Daniel kissed the back of her neck gently and said:

“I told you I could do it, didn’t I?”

“You sure did, but now you’re going to have to tell me exactly how you did it!”

“Nah… that would be ruining the surprise!”

She escaped from his kiss only to wrap her arms around him and bite the tip of his left ear in a very sensual way.

“Please?” she begged, feigning innocence.

“Oh, okay… I have a friend who has a friend whose cousin is a night watchman here, satisfied? A couple of Benjamin Franklins were enough to get us access.”

“And now, we have a whole NHL rink just to ourselves! Oh, I love it! You brought the gear for a game or two, didn’t you?”

“It’s already there by the nearest penalty box. Let’s have some fun!” Daniel said as he bit her ear back and then started running towards the rink.

Less than five minutes later, they were already on the inside, sticks on their hands and the puck in the center. The rules of the standoff were fairly simple: one on one game until one of the players hit the net ten times. He gave her the opportunity to start first and she wasn’t dumb enough to refuse it.

Angela decided to go for a full offensive tactic early on, skating towards him and counting on her natural agility to go around him always keeping control of the puck. It didn’t work, as he saw her rotation movement from a mile away and a quick positioning of the stick intercepted her play even before it had a chance to develop. A simple wrist shot was enough to send the puck flying into its destination.

“That’s one nil for me” he taunted her.

Angela skated around him before proceeding to collect the puck and attacked again, this time trying a surprise slap shot from very far. It almost worked, but the puck bounced off one of the goalposts and straight into Daniel’s stick. Rapidly, he seized the opportunity to gain some precious ground and then, from a very favorable angle, had no trouble scoring again.

The scenario varied a bit in the next moves but the end result was pretty much the same. Angela was already losing by six goals when she finally decided to use her most powerful weapon in the game.

It consisted of a rapid succession of moves, switching the stick from one hand to another whilst making sure that the puck never left her possession. It almost appeared as if she was drawing circles and spirals on the ice as she moved cautiously into the opposing net. Daniel knew she had skills but had never seen anyone being able to do something like that in such a fast and perfect way. The grace with which she danced on top of her rockered blades was comparable only to a figure skater and each motion had a mesmerizing quality he couldn’t possibly begin to understand.

Taking advantage of his distraction, Ashley was finally able to overcome his defensive line and score her first goal.

Daniel blinked as he slowly regained consciousness from the strange stupor that had affected him and tried to attack once more. However, Angela quickly defended herself with another series of controlled movements with the stick to which his eyes were immediately drawn to. He lost focus and all perceptions of his surroundings and didn’t protest when she stole the puck and scored again.

“What’s going on? he thought as he began to feel a bit tired and drowsy. He avoided looking at her as he prepared his next offensive, but she was quick enough to regain her position. Whenever he moved, she moved as well, and the stick kept on whirling and twirling, some of the lights above reflecting off its polished surface and adding to the state of bewilderment he was now caught in.

Angela scored again, and again, and again… and she kept doing so until the game was over. When that happened, Daniel was completely befuddled, his mind filled with the imaginary lines she had drawn, his once rigid muscles now completely soft and pliable. He dropped the stick and felt his legs wavering, but just as he was about ready to collapse on the ice floor, she appeared from behind and held him vigorously. Their eyes met and he saw her smiling cheerfully.

“Feeling tired, dear?” she asked rhetorically.

“It’s… more than that…” he muttered. “My head is all foggy and… Angela… hmmm… what did you do to me?”

“Nothing special, I just induced a slight trance in you, one I’ll reinforce right now. Look at the stick, Daniel, and follow its movements!” she replied, beginning the combination of irresistible spins all over again.

His eyes rolled down and he realized he was completely unable to escape the entrancing patterns she weaved. Because of that, he was also getting weaker and weaker with each passing second, as the control of his body and mind was being replaced by something else: a sense of loss and the consequent need of guidance.

“Angela… why are you…?

“Because you never let me be in charge, Daniel, and it’s about time I get to have a word or two in our relationship. For once, I want to feel the pleasure of being the one who’s pampered instead of always tending to your needs. You understand, don’t you? And that’s why you will obey….” she whispered, each word causing his spirit to sink deeper into her power.

He simply nodded as she started to undress him. Then, the last surge of mental strength came to him in the form of a question:

“Here?! But it’s cold and…”

“You will obey….” she repeated. “That’s all you’ll be doing for the rest of the night. Besides, it will be warm soon enough. I’ve thought of many ways to burn the ice with you already and I want to try them all. You’re going to love every single one of them, I promise….”

As she began to strip as well, he was sure she was right, for only the truth came out of her lips and, whatever she desired, would be carried through.