The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

Anything for Her

“Jeff? Are you ready yet? We’re going to be late!” Mary asked, the sound of her voice echoing in the almost deserted house. Ever since their three kids had moved out, the Watsons’ life had changed considerably. Now they were just the two of them and a cat named Fluffs that, despite his name, was super aggressive to everyone he loved. More time for themselves meant new explorations, hidden fantasies finally coming out. Unfortunately, his and hers didn’t coincide.

“I don’t want to go,” he mumbled atop the primary staircase, half of his face covered in shadows, the other half contorted in a mix of frustration and embarrassment.

“We’ve already discussed this,” she replied. “I promised we’d go and we’re going, period. Now get down here.”


“Jeff, don’t make me ask twice. Remember the last time you did?”

How could he not? His butt was still sore from the two paddles she had broken. The replacement models she had bought online were even thicker and just waiting for an excuse. He almost tripped on himself as he descended the stairs.

“Oh, don’t you look lovely! I told you that color had your name written all over it and I’m glad to have been proven right... again.”

Jeff lowered his gaze and then closed his eyes to avoid seeing the massive bulge protruding from the satin purple panties she had made him wear. Getting a matching collar to boot had been quite the nightmare but her sister Phyllis had saved the day.

“She will love your progress. And so will everyone else,” Mary noted, cupping his chin. “Eyes on me, sissy slave.”

“This is so wrong...” he shivered. “Please, Mary...”

“What’s wrong is disobeying Your Owner or have you forgotten that part of your training already?”

Jeff nodded, disapprovingly. The suggestions were still fresh, the forceful indoctrination lodged within his cerebral cortex. The awareness of it all was the greatest torture he could imagine.

Mary had never been the bossy type. Never. He had fallen in love with her due to her quiet, demure temper, the passive look of someone who had been conditioned to respect a man’s authority at all times. Phyllis was the one to blame for her complete change of mind. He had many names for her, each one more disrespectful than the rest. Closeted-Dyke-Hypnotist was his favorite.

“I hate her. I hate you too for what you both did to me.”

“No, you love her, and you love me even more. This is what we needed to save our marriage from mindless exhaustion and if you think we’re ever going back to the past, know I had Clara and the boys listen to Phyllis mp3s too.”

“You did what?!!!” He flustered.

“Everybody needs training, and she agreed. Oh, and Clara really liked that pic of yours with the butt-plug. She’s even using it as her phone screensaver now,” Danielle giggled.

God, she was mad with power! Intoxicated by the depth of the conditioning. Phyllis had been training men for a decade now and she had never seen anyone succumb to the programming so quickly. Being an A student had finally come back to bite him in the...

“Speaking of butt-plugs, why aren’t you wearing it like I told you to?” She asked.

“I guess I forgot...” He shrugged.

“And I guess we’re going to be late after all if you continue to talk back to me like that. Get me the new monster paddle.”

“Please don’t...”

“Now, slave!”

“Yes, Mary...” Jeff sighed, thinking about the humiliation of having his own daughter know what a pathetic little bitch he had become. He was on his way to the fetish trunk as commanded when the doorbell rang.

It was her, dressed in patent leather from head to toe, her two college sophomore brothers reduced to wearing completely expressionless latex hoods and stainless-steel cock cages.

“Hi, mom. Quite the improvement on their usual ugly mugs, don’t you think?”

“Oh yes, dear.”

“Are you guys ready?”

“Almost. I need to spank your father first for being a loudmouth.”

“We need to spank him, you mean.”

“You want in on the fun, too?”

“Anything that makes Goddess Phyllis proud,” she smiled vacantly.

“Yes... anything at all...” Mary drooled.

The two brainwashed Dommes exchanged a complicit smile as they closed the door behind them.