The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.


You want me to hypnotize you? Oh, I wish I could. I wish I knew how to do that but sadly, I don’t. I just like to wave this pocket watch around, pretend that anyone that looks at it once feels inclined to keep on doing it.

I do it for fun, you know? It’s a little kink I carry inside and like to indulge in as much as possible. I’m playing a game here and many choose to play the game with me. Mostly men but, sometimes, women, too. They like to stare, they like to listen, they like the fact they like it because I tell them they do. This game of mine has many rules, some you’ll probably never know, yet they’re there. The most important one is, of course: what I say, goes, and if you play with me long enough, you’ll soon realize that goes without saying, too.

What makes this game so special is how good of an actress I am. It’s true. I can make people believe in my performances so deeply they constantly ask for an encore, one more look, one more spin... one more trigger.

Hmmm... Trigger. How I love the way that word sounds, the ideas it can evoke. I really wish I could hypnotize you right now, trigger you into seeing this pocket watch in your mind. I wish the image of it would forever be engraved in your sleepy thoughts even if you don’t remember it or should I say, especially if you don’t? Because that’s hot, and hot things make me hotter, wetter, so eager to go even further down and be played like the mindless bitch you know you are.

Look at it in your mind’s eye, see the space between my hand and the watch’s chain, see the space between the watch’s chain and your soul. It’s getting smaller, compressed, blurry lines for a blurry present while the future keeps getting clearer. With each word, with each swing, your thoughts are fading. They can go to sleep if you want, I don’t mind. If you imagine yourself sinking deeper, you can dream of me, and if you believe you’re in a deep, deep trance, I’ll believe it, too. A shared belief is always stronger than a lonely one if you keep staring, accepting to remember the things you don’t want to forget and forgetting to remember what doesn’t matter. You don’t need to remember what came before me and so you won’t for that’s what we both believe in.

You want me to hypnotize you? Always, my dear. Hypnotized already, unable to resist? Always as well. Now let’s say otherwise once more.