The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

Close Encounter

The creamy blob laid on the floor in utmost silence, an alien creature expelled from a hostile environment and cast into an even weirder gathering of sounds, drinks, and drugs.

Luke Walker wasn’t living up to his name, instead sitting next to the thing, accompanied by his best friend, Jay. Both men held half-empty beer bottles in their right hand, and both had perfected burp synchronicity to a tee. Their state of confusion and bewilderment wasn’t solely because of excessive alcohol intake though.

“Is it talking?” Luke asked, fixated on the white, quasi-gelatinous creature.

“I think so,” Jay concurred, tongue dry despite all the booze.

“But how if it has no mouth?”

“Telepathy. I can hear it inside my mind.”

“You’re probably right but it’s so…”


“Yeah. I can’t quite catch the words but hear them, too.”

“I think it’s saying, ‘eat me’,” Jay nodded. “Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.”

“I don’t want to eat that!” Luke winced.

“And yet, we should.”

“I agree with Jay,” Mandy Walker, Luke’s twin sister and a skilled hypnotist intervened, heels clicking. “We have a guest in the house and the guest wants you to eat it. It’s impolite to refuse a guest, don’t you agree?”

Yes, it was impolite, however never in a million years would have Luke imagined that his first close encounter of the third kind would end an unexpected meal and that seemed even more impolite.

“But the poor thing is clearly lost!” he tried to protest.

“And he has found just the one to save it,” Mandy whispered. “Go on.”

Luke glanced at his friend and then at the alien goo. His legs quivered, his lips trembled. Feeling his muscles stiffen all around a throbbing erection, he reached for the outsider and swallowed it whole. It was salty. The bitter aftertaste awakened him from trance right away, and he choked.

Mandy grinned and collected the bet money from everyone else at the party. Convincing her brother to eat the cum of his best friend had been even easier than making him masturbate.