The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

One More Time

Hans lay on the cold marble floor, naked, eyes rolled up, restless fingers playing with his cock. He was on the verge of carnal rapture, so close to the climax that he could already feel some of its effects coursing through his body, the first wave of an unstoppable tsunami of pleasure.

But, alas! Something was amiss, something was borderline wrong! As the feverish anticipation intensified, his actions became jittery, erratic, as if all energy was being sapped from him at an alarming rate. No matter how much he tried, he was powerless to stop his arms from going limp and useless, denying the ecstatic bliss he so desperately sought.

“Mistress, please…” he moaned, a hint of drool escaping his aching lips.

In response to his plight, a tall woman stepped out of the shadows of the bedroom, eyes glowing with a power beyond comparison.

“So you thought you could escape, did you?” She hissed. “You thought you could get up and leave? Look at you now…”

For what seemed an eternity and a day, She towered over him enjoying his sexual debasement. Hans tried to beg once more, but he was so tired and drained that he no longer had the strength to articulate a single word, let alone a complete sentence. The edginess of before had fallen prey to the rigid immobility of a human-sized toy.

As silence conquered all, the Mistress bent down and touched the back of his neck, deliberately. One, two, three circular motions… an imaginary wind-up key being twisted and turned…

“Oh, Mistress… thank you…” he sighed, and eagerly jumped back into the thrills of masturbation.

Now, he could resume the original programming. This time around, nothing would stop him from drowning in seminal fluids before Her eyes just as instructed! He would cum and cum hard over and over and over aga…

In utmost silence, the Mistress grinned as his newfound stamina faded away, even faster than the time before. Seeing him squirm like that was the ultimate adrenaline rush, and She wasn’t ready to see it end just yet. This was Her retribution, Her divine justice, and it sure had a wonderful taste.

“One more time, my fucktoy,” She whispered whilst reaching for the fictional key that bound his mind and body to Her will.

Yes, one more time.

Followed by another…

… and another…

… and another…