The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

Femme Fatale

Alexandra Ryder snapped her fingers and the security guard came to his senses, while still adrift in the haziness of hypnotic trance. Despite not having any ropes binding him, he imagined himself tied to a wooden chair, erect cock springing from his boxers, just another puppet for her to use in any way she desired.

”3, 2, 1... wake up. You may look at me now. That’s right look at me, and gaze upon the true meaning of the word ‘perfection’. I’ve really enjoyed getting inside your tiny little male brain. Thank you so much for the security codes and all extra info needed to breach your employer’s facility, but I’m afraid this is where we part ways for now.

“Unlike what you might be thinking right now, this isn’t personal, it hardly ever is. It’s just that, in my line of work, I simply can’t allow you to retain the actual memories of what transpired lest you become a liability for me in the future. Don’t worry though. Since you told me you love old espionage movies so much, I’ll be kind enough to leave you with an image of my own design, an impression of Noir if you prefer, your very personal Femme Fatale forever haunting your mind, but first... stop struggling. Those knots will never be untied, you can’t possibly fight them just like you can’t resist me. You will listen, and you will accept everything I tell you as the absolute truth for that is what you do.

“Focus on my dark cherry lips. These are the lips that hypnotized you, these are the lips that have taken complete control of your mind. These are the lips you’ll dream of every night even though you’ll never kiss them again. You can remember them, but you will forget everything else. This is what is going to happen: you’ll take the fall for the breach, you’ll take the fall for the missing papers, you’ll take the fall for everything. You need to because you’ve fallen madly in mesmeric love with my lips and you’ll keep on falling the more you think about them.

“One day, when you’re all alone in your cell, and no one is around to see what you’re doing, you’ll fall to your knees, and hear my name on a loop. You’ll hear my name on a loop, but keep it to yourself, its silky whispers drowning your docile intellect even further. And then, when you think you can’t possibly go deeper inside the rabbit hole of your mindfucked thoughts, my name will become stronger, like a divine prayer you’ll never be able to free yourself from. Hear the mantra already building up, nine heavenly letters repeated nine times in a row: Alexandra, Alexandra, Alexandra, Alexandra, Alexandra, Alexandra, Alexandra, Alexandra, Alexandra... Hmmm, how positively intoxicating this is. Each time my name plays out, you’ll feel a kiss on your cock... kisses upon kisses upon kisses breaking every ounce of refusal you may still harbor inside. My name rides your cock, my words control your actions and your life. You will always be my pet, especially when you’re not aware of it. Forget everything now in 3, 2, 1...”

The security guard’s head slumped as a geyser of warm cum hit his face. Alexandra grinned at her new masterpiece and exited the darkened hotel room. She had a mission to fulfill.