The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Gas

Darren grinned as Jessica untied him and removed the metallic helmet from his head. Just like expected, she had failed once again which meant….

“It seems I won the bet,” he declared, whilst spreading his legs. “I said you couldn’t control my mind, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did,” she grumbled, not looking him in the eyes. “I didn’t believe you, but it looks like I was wrong.”

He could tell she was having a hard time admitting it, which was understandable coming from someone usually so confident, but he was thoroughly enjoying it, especially because she got sexier than ever every time she bit her lower lip.

As for her, the thoughts she was having were anything but polite. Losing that stupid bet meant that she had to serve him as her obedient slave girl for six months straight and that was something she had never thought possible.

“Damn it!” shouted the inner recesses of her consciousness. “There must be something else I can try, but what?”

Lost in deep meditation, she took no notice of Darren walking across the room to fetch a collar and a leash. It was only when he was about ready to place the instruments of submission on her neck that she glanced at him and raised both hands in protest.

“Hold it right there, stallion. I just thought of something I would like to try before we call it a day!”

He frowned. “That’s not what we agreed, you know?”

“Perhaps not, but you’ve seen me fail ten times straight already. With this kind of record, what are you afraid of?”

“Absolutely nothing, my dear!” He smiled, wickedly. “I know very well the strength of my will. There’s nothing you can do that will make me submit to your every whim.”

“Okay.” She said, pushing the collar and leash aside. “Just stand still while I play my last card.”

And so he did. For a minute or two, nothing happened. They just stood there, looking at each other, though it gave the impression she was focusing hard in one thing alone even though he couldn’t perceive what it was.

After another minute went by, he felt inclined to break the awkward silence, yet something else did it for him. Suddenly, there was a loud noise that resembled the sound of one thousand bottles of champagne bursting at the same time. A slight tremor reverberated beneath his feet and then… then…

“God… Jessica! Did you just…?

She interrupted his sentence by saying:

“Yes, I did.” And then, there came the smell, as foul and vicious as imaginable, perhaps even more. It was something that seemed to have sprung from a primordial ooze of horror, nausea in its pure form that made him want to puke on the spot:

“What the hell? This is completely…”

“Intoxicating?” Jessica concluded, moving towards him like a victorious Queen after a fierce battle.

“Disgusting is probably the best word for it!” Darren responded, his hands covering his nose and mouth in the best way he could.

“Is it really? I think you’re mistaken… This is the scent that’s capable of tearing everything asunder. It’s a force that no one can ignore. The more you inhale it, the dizzier you seem to get, and with dizziness comes frailty… the frailty of body… the frailty of thought… you’re finding it hard to keep your mind focused at the moment, aren’t you? Yes, you are… You can’t hide it from me!”

“Now you’re completely out of your mind!”

Au contraire, chéri… my mind is just fine, but yours seems to be shrinking, withering… The odor does this to you, leaves you powerless, and yet so aroused, so eager to obey me no matter what I ask.”

She continued closing in on him, transporting the cloud of vaporous rottenness no living creature should be able to produce, let alone a ravenous woman with dark red curly hair and lustful amber eyes. The dizziness became even stronger, involving him in a hallucinogenic cocoon that would spell his demise.

“This is impossible…” he muttered time and time again as he trembled, wobbled and eventually faltered, collapsing on the ground with his arms open wide and his vision partly obscured by a wall of tears.

“From now on, the only thing that’s impossible is your disobedience!” Jessica concluded as she sat on his face, smothering his senses until he was completely devoid of all forms of rational thought.

It was ironic, really. After so many failures using advanced neuro-programming and hypnotic drugs, she had obliterated his mind with one big, noisy, and smelly fart!!! This was a new form of natural weapon she would need to study deeply for future use whenever necessary.

“I think I’m going to call it The Gas!” She laughed whilst heightening the pressure of her ass over the nostrils of the one who had believed to be unbreakable. He would serve her well for way more than six months.