The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

Her Cookies

Sitting at the kitchen table, Brian looked at the tantalizing plate filled to the brim with freshly baked gingerbread cookies and sighed. Vanessa’s orders had been clear, and in their relationship, her word was law. He could look—in fact, he had to!—but he couldn’t touch them or eat them. If he did, she would punish him, and she was quite inventive in matters of discipline.

“I’ll be back in two hours so be a good boy and do as I commanded,” she said, blowing him a kiss on her way out. “Oh, and don’t forget I have a camera pointing at you so don’t move from that spot while I’m gone. If you stop looking at the biscuits, I’ll know. Bye.”

“Bye,” he muttered, wondering to himself what he had done to deserve such torture. She knew how much he loved her cookies so perhaps that was the point. A test of obedience, a minor... “sacrifice”. However, there was nothing minor about his gluttonous urges.

Brian kept one eye on the plate of cookies and the other on the camera. It was an old baby monitor, almost as if saying he was a baby himself. He wasn’t, and he would prove just that. He would be the submissive slave his girlfriend deserved and not let the mouth-watering delicacies distract him from his true purpo...

“Mouth-watering...” he thought, the wetness washing over his lips. “Delicious mouth-watering gingerbread cookies. It would feel so good to take one and...”

God, how he loved them so much! The rich texture, the sweet and spicy flavor, the way they crumbled between his pearly teeth. There they were, still warm, calling him by his first name. “Come and eat us, Brian, you know you want to!”

Yes, he did. He wanted to eat them so badly, but she had told him “no” and he had to obey. If he didn’t, what sort of servant would he be? He had to stay strong. It shouldn’t be this hard to fight the temptation. How many minutes had lapsed already? Ten? Fifteen?

“Fuck! Only two?” he said in disbelief as he glanced at the wall clock. “Two minutes and I’m already sweating, here. Why am I doing this? This isn’t natu... Wait, she didn’t, did she? She couldn’t have because that would be...”

Vanessa excelled at many things from web design to painting but one of her favorite pastimes was hypnosis, namely planting little suggestions in people’s minds and watch them unravel from a distance. The fact that Brian was prone to bouts of spontaneous amnesia after being triggered made him the perfect candidate for her mind games. He loved gingerbread cookies, true, but not so much that he couldn’t stop himself from eating them at will so the million-dollar question was: had she hypnotized him before leaving? Was that why his hands were shaking, his knees trembling, his heart racing like a speeding train? It couldn’t be because that was unfair. so fucking unfair, so fucking...


“Oh God, she did it, she made me crave the cookies more than ever. I... shit! Calm down, Brian, her suggestions aren’t that strong. You can fight them. You must...”

“Eat us,” the cookies cooed, and it was funny how they all had her voice. Vanessa, the kitchen siren, Vanessa, the one true goddess.... don’t reach for the plate, don’t you dare to...

Resist, Brian. Don’t you dare. Resist, Brian. Don’t you dare. Resist, Brian. Don’t you dare. The two conflicting sentences quarreled for a slice of mind pie, their continuous repetitions becoming something else before he realized it.

Don’t you dare resist, Brian. Hypnosis is better than anything else, isn’t it? Being a mindless servant is better than being a conscious one. Eat the cookies. Gobble them all. Do it. Do it. Do it!

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he jumped from his chair and pulled the plate to himself. “I must... I must...”

“How disappointing...” Vanessa grinned by the kitchen door. She had been standing there the whole time, but he was so absorbed by his rampaging desires he didn’t notice her until that moment. “Only three and a half minutes gone by and you’re already disobeying me.”

“No, I...” he muttered. “The suggestions... I...”

“Suggestions? Why would I hypnotize you over a plate of cookies, dear? Unless you believe I wanted to punish you all along either way. Is that what you really think about your Mistress?”

Brian gulped, a piece of cookie stuck in his throat. At a loss for words, he laid down on the table and lowered his pants, waiting for her to spank him with her perfectly manicured hands. Vanessa snapped her fingers and grabbed a rolling pin, instead. He only screamed the first time it went up his ass.